15 false fireplaces do it yourself: step-by-step instructions with photos and videos

In the post-Soviet space, a real fireplace is rare. Yes, and install it in most apartments is technically impossible. It's much easier to make a false fireplace to do it yourself. The main thing is to choose a detailed step-by-step instruction with photos and videos, as to make a decorative focus on the first attempt correctly and beautifully very difficult.

Types and sizes of false fireplaces

All existing ljekamines can be divided into several criteria.

From the point of view of practicality, three types of fireplaces can be distinguished:

  • Decorative. These models are made only to decorate the room, and can not be performed any other functions. When they are created, it is commonly used inexpensive and not particularly durable materials, for example, cardboard or foam;
  • Semi-functional. For this specification, more durable materials are used: MDF, drywall, etc. In this case, the fireplace can be used as an additional shelf for storing decorative trifles, or a secret niche for embedded lockers, a bar or safe;
  • Functional. Durable materials (brick, wood, etc.) used in their manufacture, allow not only to use a false fireplace as a full-fledged shelf, but also apply it to heating the room. Of course, the logs in it can not be lit, but to place inside the heater, or the heating radiator is quite real.

You can also consider fireplaces, only from aesthetic point of view . In this case, their classification will look somewhat different:

  • Conditional. The fireplace as such is not, there is its image on the wall, or the nominal denotation of the borders of the hearth, for example, with the help of decorative moldings;
  • Standard. The most popular variety. In this case, there are all the necessary components: a fireplace shelf, a niche for firewood, protruding side walls. The decor can be diverse: painting, wood trim, wallpaper or "under the brick";
  • Maximum realistic. In this case, preference is given to natural materials. This respected real proportions and sizes so that the finished fireplace seems extremely real.

The conditional fireplace is unlikely to be functional, but standard or realistic can be used in any way.

In addition, false fireplaces can be divided, pushing out them Forms and size :

  • Minikovna. This species is very rarely a separate independent decoration. Usually they are made part of a decorative composition, for example, Christmas;
  • Corner. Suitable for small rooms, as they take less space. At the same time, at the expense of attachment, immediately to the other walls are more stable and reliable;
  • straight. May take up to a third of the wall (dimensions and proportions are approximate to the real fireplaces). It is remarkably suitable for organizing photo sessions and decorating premises.

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It should also be understood that all types of fireplace portals need to be considered also in terms of durability . In this case, they can be:

  • Disposable. Most often, this decor is manufactured for New Year holidays and Christmas. This form of the fireplace is performed from short-lived and inexpensive materials (paper, cardboard, boxes, etc.). After graduating from festive events, the cauldron is sent to the pit;
  • Folding or portable. Can be manufactured from both cardboard and boards or MDFs. Are established if necessary;
  • stationary. Rigidly attached to the wall and floor on an ongoing basis. Are an integral part of the interior of the living room, bedroom or children's.

Before making the manufacture of a fireplace, you need to clearly think over the final result. The construction of some varieties of false fireplaces requires the serious costs of finance and time.

To avoid errors, you need to pre-create a detailed sketch indicating the size.

For clarity, you can make a "pattern" of old newspapers or wallpaper.

Such an approach will help "see", as the finished design will fit into the interior. At this stage it will be easier to adjust the dimensions and the appearance of the crafts.

What can I do?

For the manufacture of a boutoform fireplace, almost any materials will be suitable: from cardboard to brick. The whole question in the cost of strength, finance and time.

From boxes

The easiest and budget option. Such a decorative fireplace portal can be done in one day, spending only PVA and finishing materials.

New Year's fireplace

For the manufacture, any boxes are suitable for manufacture: from berththechniki, building materials, food, office paper (A4), etc. From the number of boxes, their shapes and size will depend on the final type of finished product.

For manufacture, you will need:

  • boxes;
  • glue (PVA or carbon black);
  • stationery knife;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • Scotch;
  • Press (pack of books or something heavy, but compact);
  • level.

For the first time it is better to choose the models of the simplest forms, without arches and complex elements. But in the presence of confidence in our own power, you can swall ash on an exclusive design.

Step-by-step instruction

Pre-drawing is drawn. It should contain all sizes, seats of folds and glukets. To facilitate the work of the box, it is better to mention and note in the drawing where which one should be.

First step

Making side pillars. They can be made of one narrow, but long box, or from several glued together. Here you need to understand that the entire design will be held on these columns.

If the false fireplace will take only a decorative role, then such columns will be enough. If there will be anything on the fireplace shelf (massive figurines, candles, a fruit basket, etc.), then the pillars should be strengthened by an additional layer of cardboard, slats or other materials.

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Second Step

Forement facilities. If lzkine is fastened to the wall (using a painting tape, or in another way), then you can use one or more flat boxes as the basis. In the absence of boxes of the desired shape and size, a piece of foam of a thickness of at least 10 cm can act as the basis.

In the case when the fireplace is impossible to securely attach to the wall or floor, it is better to place counterweights inside the foundations (cargo). Its role can perform a stack of old magazines or several books. So the product will be more stable.

Third Step

Fastening columns to the base. It is not enough to attach the side walls to the bottom of the PVA glue. For additional stiffness, all joints need to be glued with a wide scotch. This should use the level so that the pillars stood vertically.

A more reliable clutch can be achieved if the column must be under full drying under the press (inside the box-pillar you need to put a suitable heavy object, thereby pressed the column to the base).

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Fourth Step

Installation of the posterior wall. It is not necessary to take a full-fledged box for it. A fairly simple sheet of cardboard. To reduce the consumption of materials, the box can be deployed (but you need to ensure that the back side is smooth without folds).

The rear wall is glued to the side columns using PVA or adhesive gun. For a stronger fixation of the joints can be secured by a wide scotch.

Fifth Step

Production of the facade. It is easier to do lzkamin without arches. In this case, for the facade, only one narrow and long box for the upper part will be required (or several smaller boxes bonded between themselves).

From similar packaging, you can make the bottom of the facade, but the fireplace grille looks better in this part.

In the manufacture of the arched hole under the hearth, it is better to take a one-piece tight cardboard sheet. For example, the front of the box from a large plasma TV.

Draw a smooth circle for the arch can be three ways:

  • with the help of a large circulation;
  • Cut the round item of the desired radius (pelvis or large pot);
  • With the help of a rope. A pencil is tied to it from one end, and from the other - a nail or needle. With the help of a nail edge, the rope is fixed in the right place and the cutting line is planned (it is better to prepare better).

The circle is needed only at the top, the lower parts are placed using a ruler. The slot is made by a stationery knife.

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If the volume arched facade is needed, then two identical cardboard sheets with arched slots are made. Between themselves, they are connected by the cardboard strip of the desired width (when the connecting bar is, you need to consider the bending and gluing allowance).

The facade is attached to the side walls as well as the back.

Sixth Step

Fireplace cover. The design of the top plate will be directly dependent on the required functionality.

If on the fireplace, except for the New Year's decor from garlands and cones, there will be nothing to be located, then for the manufacture of the lid it will be a fairly ordinary emptiness box.

If it will be stored for photo frames, candles and light decoration items, then it is better to put the rigidity ribs inside the box. To do this, cutting cardboard or sheets of thick paper need to be folded "accordion" and arrange inside horizontally.

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For storage of more massive things, a sheet of foam, plywood or drywall is better to use as a fireplace shelf. But in this case, you need to pay attention to the mass of the finished craft. The modulia of the fireplace from the boxes cannot be called a solid and reliable design, from a large load it may be formed.

Seventh Step

Decoration. Decorations for a false fireplace from boxes must be as easy. It is best for these purposes. Wallpaper, paints, polyurethane moldings or false bricks from foam are suitable.

Corner fireplace

For the manufacture of a corner fireplace, it is best to stock at least one box of large-sized equipment: a refrigerator, a washing or dishwasher, etc. The rest of the list of tools and materials is similar to the list of blanks for the New Year's fireplace.

Step-by-step instructions and drawing

When drawing drawing, it is necessary to repel from the size of the angle (free distance to the nearest window or door opening, or furniture) in which the future fireplace will be located.

The upper and lower shelf is manufactured similar to the direct fireplace from the boxes, and only their form changes. But the scheme of the framework of the frame is different.

This part of the design is made whole from one large box. It carries out one side. The rest is collapsed by a triangle, as shown in the photo. The joints are fastened with a scotch and adhesive pistol.

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In the facade part, the hole of the desired form under the portal of the fireplace is cut. In order for the design to look more accurate, smaller boxes are fastened in the inside, to give an angular fireplace volume (walls and base).

After the niche under the hearth was formed and securely fixed, the upper part is covered by a fireplace shelf. It is better attached to the help of a glue gun.

From the remaining cardboard you can cut the same rectangles. They can enclose the entire facade or make an edging around the portal. Such a decor made of paper bricks will add naturality finishing.

If you need a texture "under the stone", bricks can be wrapped with glue and sprinkle with sand. After drying, the workpiece is painted in the desired tone of aerosol or acrylic paint.

With the right selection of shades, imitation of brick or wild stone is very reliable. By adding the Heat "Scoot" with the help of ferrous paint, you can achieve a convincing effect "under ancient".

Due to the use of flammable materials, such a false fireplace is better to do without heating. Inside, it is permissible to place non-registered firewood or candles, soft toys or thematic decor (Christmas chips, New Year's toys or garland, etc.). On the back wall you can draw a hearth with fire.

From paper or cardboard

It is not always possible to cut a fireplace from a large box if there is no suitable consumables at hand, you need to turn on the fantasy. There are many options for the manufacture of false fireplaces from submitted means with minimal costs.

The office will revive a small paper false fireplace before the new year. It can be installed directly on the desktop, in addition to a small artificial Christmas tree or a bouquet of needles.

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A fireplace from paper should be miniature. Large-scale crafts will not keep the right shape. Usually, such a decor is not on the floor, but on the table or windowsill. Also false fireplaces made of tight paper or fine cardboard can be excellent furniture for a doll house.

Larger models are better made from corrugated cardboard or dense materials holding form.

From paper

For the manufacture of a small craft, it is better to find the scheme on the Internet on the principle of "cuts and splashes". Available options mass: straight and angular, with chimney and without.

Find the desired design can each. But here you need to take into account the scale. When printing on a conventional A4 sheet, the finished handicraft will be sized with a pack of cigarettes.

And if you plan to glue the fireplace with a pipe with your own hands, then the portal will not be more box from matches. This format is only suitable for decorating a dollhouse, or as a New Year's craft in a kindergarten or school.

If the sketch is used to use the A3 format, then the product will turn out to be larger. For the manufacture of larger crafts, the drawing is better to transfer to a dense cardboard, so the fireplace will be better to hold the form.

Necessary materials

List of materials in this case is minimal:

  • Lost design from the Internet. But here it is necessary to take into account that when choosing a picture of low quality or using a large scale, the drawing can "swim". In this case, a similar sketch can be used only as a draft workpiece that will have to be additionally painted and decorating;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • Paper or cardboard (if the fireplace is quite large).

In addition, it may be necessary for decoration materials.

Step-by-step instructions and drawing

Master class "Cut and Sklai" are still in elementary school, so such an exercise will not even cause a child.

The scheme is cut, if necessary, paper parts are pasted into cardboard. The billet is folded along the fibe lines and gluits in a solid design. Additionally, it can be painted, decorate with trim from corrugated, cardboard bricks or any other materials (main lungs).

In the presence of due skills, you can independently develop the pattern of the false fireplace of the original design.

Since, as a result, the craft is obtained very fragile and light, to the table or the windowsill it is better to attach it with the help of bilateral tape.

From cardboard

Their cardboard can be reproduced any fireplace model. The main thing is that the material is tight enough.

The list of necessary tools and materials may differ depending on the selected fireplace model, but the main set remains unchanged:

  • stationery knife;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • Finishing materials.

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The fireplace scheme from cardboard is compiled and thought out in advance. Based on the selected design and size, the required amount of materials is calculated.

Next, the pattern (taking into account the scale) is applied to the cardboard. The closer the details of each other are located, the less waste will remain.

Details are cut and glued together. Additionally, all joints are fastened with scotch. For greater reliability in areas with the highest load, the cardboard can be glued in several layers, or to build a frame from the rails.

The material is not necessary to buy - out of the box from the TV or refrigerator can exit wonderful blanks for details. It is enough to neatly deploy and align.

But here you need to take into account the selected type of finish finish. So, make a white fireplace from the boxes will be much more complicated than with the trim "under the tree" or "under the brick". A bright drawing can be bought through a layer of light paint or white paper.

In order for not to suffer a question, than such as the fireplace from the boxes, so that the advertising inscriptions do not appear - such a cardboard is better to have drawing inside.

Foamflast, Polymphax

For the manufacture of the fireplace, it is better to use the transport foam. It is stronger and less crumbs. The problem is that the sheets of such foam cost more than the usual. And when using free residues from packaging (life equipment, etc.), the workpieces have a complex form with which it is hard to work.

Important moments when working with foam

It is necessary to use for cutting foams that you need a hacksaw for metal (with small teeth). When applying a conventional joinery of the edge, the edges will crumble, and the items will look very inaccurated.

With a knife, this material is not worth cutting. With such a large thickness, there is a high probability that the sheet will crack in the process of cutting. It will be impossible to use the workpiece with such a marriage.

Option: Slap only the top layer, and the bottom broke through the cut line - also does not work. There will be no smooth fault, and the sheet will go to scrap.

When heated, the foam and penplex can highlight toxic substances that are harmful to health. Therefore, ljekamines from these materials should not be contacted with heating elements.

That is, inside the focal can not install heaters, heating radiators, candles, etc. If you need an imitation of fire in the fireplace, then it is, either draws (with your own hands, or the finished image), or the light elements are used, which are not heated during the operation (diode tape, etc.).

The false fireplace, which is planned to be used only in decorative purposes, is usually done at a depth of no more than 30 cm. If the fire regiment is used to store a variety of trifles, and inside the firewood or other decor will be located inside, then the total depth of the product can reach a half-meter.

Also when working with these materials, it is necessary to pay special attention to the selection of glue and putty. The surface of the foam is quite smooth, and its structure practically does not absorb such compositions. Therefore, the usual PVA and similar types of glue will not give a reliable clutch of parts.

On putty and adhesive composition it should be indicated that they are intended for working with foam and penplex.

Necessary materials

The manufacture of such decorative fireplaces requires high costs, but the result is more effective and more durable. The list of materials in this case is much longer:

  • Polyfoam (a thickness of at least 10 cm);
  • glue composition;
  • Hoven for metal;
  • level;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • Paint mesh;
  • primer;
  • finish putty;
  • Spatula and tank for kneading.

In addition, it may be necessary for decorating materials.

Step-by-step instruction

The foam sheets are transferred to the drawing and is cutting out the material according to the necessary measurements.

Depending on the model and destination of the false fireplace, such a design can, or simply stand in the corner or along the wall, or inpatiently attached to the floor and walls per solution. Regardless of the installation method, massive items on such a design are better not to have.

Details are collected in a single design and glued. With a stationary installation, they are in parallel with the floor and walls. But before applying the adhesive composition, it is necessary to clean from pollution and brew.

If after gluing the edges turned out to be not even, it can be fixed using a special corner (counter sufficient).

All surfaces are placed by the mounting mesh and aligned with the finish putty (without a grid it will not hold onto the foam).

Next, it remains only to decorate an improvised fireplace in the desired style. For decoration, it is possible to use wallpaper (contrast or on the color of walls), acrylic or water-emulsion paints, or finished polystyrene elements.

Penoplex and polyesterol have a more dense structure, so products from them are more durable, and the technology of work remains the same as in the manufacture of a fireplace from foam.

Foam fireplace based on

Though the foam and refers to inexpensive building materials, its price per square meter lies in the range from 250 to 400 rubles. (with a thickness of 10 cm). With such rates, the final cost of the false fireplace can reach several thousand.

It is possible to reduce the financial costs by two times using a simple trick. Previously manufactured by the crucible tools.

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The most budget version of the base is ordinary cardboard boxes. Of these, lzkine gluits, as in the MK above, and it is already placed by the cooked sheets of foam. In this case, it is not necessary to spend money on deciment meters, it is enough to take a minimum thickness foam (1-2 cm).

This design will be more reliable than just a stove of the boxes, and the view will be more even and aesthetic.

Next, it remains only to sharpen and decorated the finished fireplace.

From drywall

Hypzart shutters are usually done during the repair process in the form of stationary false fireplaces. Such work requires the availability of skills to work with this material and the minimum set of tools.

Before switching to the purchase of materials, it is necessary to decide on the finish finish of Lzhekina and its functionality. It will affect the desired type of drywall.

If the fireplace will perform only a decorative function, then quite ordinary drywall (gray). But here you need to take into account the final finish.

Paint or pasting decorative brick from the foam. An ordinary plasterboard will withstand, but when finishing with a tile, it is better to take moisture-resistant (green) sheets.

If inside the decorative portal will be hidden heating radiator or bio-fireplace, it is better to take fire-resistant (pink) plasterboard. It will reduce the risk of fire.

After studying the drawing and calculating the finished sizes, you can proceed to the purchase of materials.

For the manufacture of a false fireplace from drywall, you will need:

  • plasterboard;
  • aluminum profile;
  • Self-tapping screws or dowel-nails (for fastening the design to the wall);
  • putty;
  • primer;
  • glue;
  • Finishing materials (the list may vary depending on the selected view of the end decor);
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • Stationery knife (for cutting drywall);
  • Bulgarian or hacksaw for metal (to work with the profile);
  • Wet towel or sponge (if the focus will have arched design).

It should be borne in mind that the design of the fireclock fireplace is usually larger than the boxes or cardboard. This is usually not a modest decorative design, but a practically functional 3D-fireplace, quite overall and practical.

The reliability of the materials used in the manufacture allows the use of an artificial fireplace as a stand under TV, or equip inside the side columns hidden storage boxes for storage of various trifles.

One of the most popular options: a false fireplace with chimney, in the niche of which is located TV. This solution is usually implemented in the interior of the living room or bedroom.

Below is a drawing of a false fireplace with dimensions that are suitable for the standard room of 18 mq.

The master class on the manufacture of such a fireplace includes the following items:

  1. Calculation of the number of necessary materials. Depending on the diagonal of the TV and individual nuances of the design, the number of consumables may differ.
  2. Cutting materials according to the drawing:
    • The profile is sawing with a grinder or handcraft for metal;
    • Plasterboard is cut by a stationery knife (the upper layer of cardboard is cut, and the sheet is cleaned on the part along the cut line).
  3. Preparation of space for installation (If a TV, a heater or backlight will be placed in a niche for a plasterboard fireplate - the outlets, brackets, etc.) will be mounted.
  4. Assembling aluminum design. At this stage, the frame for a fireplace fireplace is attached to the floor and wall. After performing this work with your own hands, you should ensure that the screws do not break through hidden communications (wires, pipes, etc.).
  5. Saving frame of plasterboard.
  6. Aligning corners with a contrag.
  7. Putty. Do not apply a thick layer immediately. It is better to do somewhat thinner, following the previous layer completely drying, before applying the subsequent.
  8. Finish finish.

Separately, it is worth stopping on the facing of plasterboard curvilinear surfaces. If the top of the focus is made in the form of the arch, then Glk need to be bend . This can be done in three ways:

  • Buy special flexible plasterboard. Different manufacturers produce various variations of this material, differing in value and the maximum allowable bend radius;
  • Bend with a dry method. This method is suitable only for foci with a large radius of curvature (light arched bending). In this case, the sheet is simply screwed to the frame from the profile. To prevent the cracking of the Cardboard layer, you can slightly moisten on both sides;
  • Cut the wet method. To do this, in the cardboard on the inside of the sheet (the one in which it will bend) should be needed with a needle roller (pierce cardboard coating). Then the wet towel is put on it (it should not flow from it, but it should be well wet, and not a slightly wet) for 5-10 minutes. Either you can smoke several times with a wet sponge - so that the surface cease to absorb moisture and start to glisten (the procedure will take the same 5-10 minutes). After that, the sheet bends over the desired radius.

Further, the resulting arch from GLC can be immediately fixed to the profile, or fix the clamps per day on the template.

If you build a fireplace in plasterboard, then you can get a very natural effect, practically not distinguishable from the original.

It should be noted that we are talking about electrocamine, or a bio-fireplace with a fully closed flame. It is impossible to contact open fire with plasterboard.

From plywood, chipboard

This material is perfect for the embodiment of any design: from classics to modern and minimalism.

The design is obtained reliable, durable and practically completely natural. Therefore, suitable for use in children's rooms and apartments of allergies.

The list of materials and tools for the manufacture of a false fireplace from the chipboard is exactly the same as when working with plasterboard. Differences are observed only in two points: the actual plasterboard is replaced by plywood or chipboard sheets, and the stationery knife is an electrolovka. The rest of the rest remains unchanged.

In order to avoid mistakes with string, you can order crucified materials when buying chipboard sheets. This will make it easier not only to assemble the fireplace, but also the process of delivery and lifting blanks.

First option assembly

If the thickness of the sheets is large enough, then you can make a false fireplace without a frame, strengthened the billet joint into the joint. The drawing presents the design and sizes, and in the video under it - a step-by-step instruction for assembling in this way.

It is worth noting that with such a fastening the details you need to act very carefully. The likelihood of cracks in the workpieces is great, if the holes for fastenings are drilled crooked.

Second version of manufacture

This method of assembly can be considered classic. The design is assembled on the frame, by analogy with the fireplace from GLC.

  1. Initially the frame is preparing. It can be collected from aluminum profiles, or a wooden bar.
  2. Then the resulting design is trimmed Crawled sheets of plywood. The corners are aligned, the surface is sweeping and decorated.

Since the chipboard and Panear bend is much more complicated than plasterboard, when working with these materials it is better to choose projects with straight lines. To give preference to complex forms with a large number of curvilinear elements, it is worth only in the case of great experience with chipboard and plywood.

From plaster

The popularity of this material does not subscribe for centuries. A huge number of advantages, with more than a blocking minor number of minuses, long ago and firmly displays gypsum into the leaders of the list of materials for the manufacture of false fireplaces.

By the way, plaster refractory and is suitable not only for creating imitation, but also for the manufacture of full-fledged fireplaces with open fire.

Due to the considerable weight of the finished design and a rather laborious process of manufacture, such portals are made only in the form of stationary durable structures.

There are two ways to manufacture ljekamine from plaster: monolithic and on the frame. The first option is more reliable and looks solid, but requires large spending time and finance for production. You can buy a ready gypsum fireplace, but such products are quite expensive. It is much cheaper to make a gypsum facade with your own hands.


This option requires serious time and strength. At the same time, it is desirable to have a separate well-ventilated room for casting individual parts and the furnace for their drying.

In addition, you will need:

  • Smooth surface. It can be a table or workbench, the main thing is that there is no skew in the horizontal plane (verified by the level);
  • Tight polyethylene. To strange all surfaces. In the process of manufacture there will be a lot of dust;
  • Filling forms. They can be bought (under the order make any options and sizes) or make yourself;
  • soap. They cover the shape before the fill so that the parts are easier after frozen;
  • Capacity for breeding gypsum mixture;
  • Tools for applying and reclamation (brushes, spatulas, etc.);
  • gypsum;
  • water;
  • sandpaper or grinding;
  • knife;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • The furnace (hairdryer or heater is not suitable if there are no furnaces, it is better to leave the parts to dry by the natural method).

There are several basic rules that should be observed when working with plaster:

  • It is impossible to pour bulk parts immediately. Such elements are filled with layers. The thickness of each layer must be no more than 1 cm. Each new tier is poured only after the frozen of the previous one;
  • In the process of filling, you need to ensure that there are no emptiness and air bubbles inside the layer. Small forms can be shaken several times to remove cavities. By large-scale parts should be needed with a needle roller;
  • If the form is made of soft material (silicone, etc.), it needs external support. In the process of drying, the blank can be deformed under its own weight;
  • The temperature in the furnace should be at least 160 ° C. Dried time depends on the size of the part, but at least one hour. With natural drying, each element must dry at least a day.

After studying the rules, you can proceed to the process of manufacturing the mixture. One kilogram of plaster may have from 0.5 to 0.7 liters of water. The thick composition is used to fill individual layers of massive elements (columns, bases, etc.).

A more liquid solution is made for the manufacture of small parts, elements of a complex shape, or to shock cracks and joints.

When working with plaster, it should be borne in mind that the finished mixture is captured pretty quickly. Depending on the thickness of the composition for all the work on the pouring ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

By adding a small amount of PVA glue into the mixture, you can make the composition more elastic. Such a solution will stick a little longer.

Stages of work on a monolithic fireplace from plaster:

  1. Drawing is drawn up.
  2. The number of necessary materials is calculated.
  3. Made (or bought) forms under the fill.
  4. A work surface is prepared and a place for drying blanks.
  5. Forms are smeared with soap.
  6. The gypsum solution is mixed.
  7. Forms are flooded with layers and go on drying.
  8. Finished parts are grouped by sandpaper.
  9. Separate elements are assembled into a single design with glue and self-tapping screws.
  10. Hats of self-tapping screws, seams and fine flaws are sealed with liquid gypsum and stabbed after drying.
  11. The finished design is decorated with the selected way.

If the home fireplace from the gypsum is planned to be used to heat the room, then before installing it, it is necessary to take care of the preparation of sockets and electrical wiring for the heater.

On the carcass

Choosing raw materials for the manufacture of frame, it should be remembered that the gypsum is quite heavy material. The finished fireplace can weigh dozens and hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, the frame of cardboard boxes or foam plastic is not suitable - it will take place under such weight.

To withstand such a load may be the base from:

  • Metal structures , trimmed with drywall, chipboard or other wood materials (but with such a basis, fire resistance characteristics are sharply lowered);
  • Brick . Such a tandem will have very high indicators of strength and heat resistance, but also the weight like design will have a very significant. In the case of the choice of exactly this option, you need to check the strength of beams and floors before starting the fireplace;
  • Light concrete blocks (from gas-silicate, ceramzit, etc.). Such a frame in its characteristics is not inferior of the basis of the brick, but the weight at the same time has 2-3 times less. True, the cost of such a core will be significantly higher than the brick.

All three methods of structures are common, but the most popular is the option with a frame of aluminum profiles and drywall.

Step-by-step instruction

After selecting the model and drawing up a detailed drawing, with the indication of all sizes there is a calculation and purchase of the necessary materials and tools. The list varies depending on the method of structures the foundation and the final type of the fireplace portal. The list should include:

  • Materials for the manufacture and fastening of the base;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • Small skin for grinding (or grinding);
  • hacksaw or electrolybiz;
  • gypsum;
  • Capacity for mixing the mixture;
  • Tools for applying and leveling of a gypsum solution;
  • Forms for stucco (easier to work with silicone).

The last list items can be replaced with ready-made elements from plaster. This solution will have one significant disadvantage - the cost of the portal will increase. But, while the time for the construction of the fireplace will decrease at times - just as the amount of dirt and dust decreases.

Elements of gypsum finish are attached to the erected frame. Small and relatively lungs can be attached with a special glue.

Massive details are better to further fasten with self-draws. At the same time, the caps are slightly worn into the gypsum, and then they are lubricated with the plaster mixture and are stabbed after drying it.

The finished focus can be left in pristine form (but it should be borne in mind that in a wet room, it will eventually acquire a yellowish tint over time), or to paint with water-based paints.

It is possible to reflect the focus with both decorative elements and the active bio or electrocamine or candles.

From old furniture

Make falsemine from an old chest, a wardrobe or bedside tables is a wonderful way to give the second life of outdated furniture. This method of manufacture has a number of advantages at once:

  • saving money;
  • preservation of ecology (from excess garbage);
  • At least the cost of strength and time (you do not need to run on shopping in search of the necessary materials).

The only drawback is the size of the false fireplace will be limited to furniture dimensions.

It is best to choose elements headset approximate to the size of the desserved size of the portal.

From the dresser

Ideal suitable chest of drawers with smooth facades. So there will be less wrappers with trim. If there is only a chest of drawers with decorated facades, that is, two solutions:

  • In the manufacture, select the details so that the pattern on one element was a logical continuation of the other. In this case, waste will be much more and materials may not be enough for the embodiment of ideas;
  • After completing the work, hide facades under curly bricks or elephant elements. This is more costly, but efficient.

Otherwise, the manufacture of comprehensible butafory does not cause. The list of essential materials and tools is pretty ZAD:

  • old chest;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • Putclone and paint for decoration (or other set of finishing materials).

Below is a detailed instruction for the manufacture of a false fireplace from the chest.

  1. All drawers and guides to them are removed from the chest. Boxes disassembled on separate components, handles are removed.
  2. Holes from the handles and the existing defects (chips, dents) are embarrassed by putty and are stabbed by sandpaper after drying.
  3. The facade bar from the top box returns to its original place and fixed by self-drawing. If there is no possibility to leave the hats of self-tappings from the inside, they need to be dried slightly into the facade, and after the assembly to smear the place of attachment to putty.
  4. Facades from two more boxes become the side side of the fireplace. They are attached with the help of self-tapping and connecting plates (straight or g-shaped) to the side walls of the chest and the top (horizontal) facade. You may have to partially cut them in length. If the chest of dresser was narrow and high, it will have to cut the core crue. In this case, at the bottom it is desirable to build a lower platform (from the old tabletop or a piece of plywood). So the design will be more reliable and aesthetically. Either fix at the bottom of another facade from the box horizontally (symmetrically top).
  5. The final stage becomes decoration of the structure. Existing defects are sweeping. All the surfaces are ground and stained in the desired color or are covered with wallpaper. Inside the hearth, you can place decorative firewood made from cardboard with your own hands. Or choose any other decor option - the main thing is that the open flame and heating elements do not participate in the decoration of the portal.

If the dresser was opened with varnish, then the putty will be bad on the gluza surface. In this case, it needs to be either treated with sandpaper, removing the lacquer and making the surface with a rough, or to climb the reinforcing grid.

From Servanta

The box for a fireplace from the servant is made similarly. But due to other dimensions, the design will have a slightly different design.

The main differences can be attributed:

  • Mirror rear wall (it is present in 90% of older servants). This is not a problem, a false fireplace with a mirror looks very unusual and original - especially if adding to the focus of the backlight and imitation of logs;
  • Due to other proportions, the design will be quite high. So that such an imitation does not look at the bulky and disproportionate, it is desirable to fit at the bottom. In this case, the height of the false fireplace will be logical and reasonable.

List of materials and sequence of actions remain the same as when working with the chest:

  • From the island removed all the doors. Draw and disassemble boxes and shelves. If the shelves and the facade were glass, materials on the manufacture of a fireplace may not be enough. In this case, you will have to use the remnants of other furniture, or purchase a sheet of plywood or chipboard;
  • At the bottom, it is equipped with a confusion. For this, the two lower doors are connected to each other with wooden planks (or anchor plates) and self-tapping screws. All attachments are advisable to do from the inside. So the type of finished design will be aesthetically. The finished facade is attached to the side walls of the board. After decorating inside, it was pissed to place the imitation of firewood and ash;
  • In the upper part, the portal is constructed (from plywood or furniture residues). Its dimensions and shape are selected under the interior of the apartment;
  • The decorative fireplace shelf and the base are done by necessity (If the design is not very stable or looks unfinished). For these purposes, you can use backs from old beds, pallets, etc.;
  • All surfaces are cleaned Grinding, putty, are ground and decorated with the selected way.

It should be remembered that in the manufacture of such a decorative fireplace, the finish must be with a minimum of heating elements or without them at all. When you contact with an open flame, such a portal can catch fire.

From polyurethane

Falekimin from polyurethane is much less common, since this material is although known, but such widespread use, as a foam or plywood, has not yet received.

For sale polyurethane as well as chipboard - sheets. They can be both standard size 1000x2000 mm and any other (under the order). Sheet thick can be from 5 to 200 mm. Therefore, it is possible to choose the desired billets for any design of the decorative fireplace.

For the manufacture of the hearth at home will need:

  • polyurethane;
  • two types of glue for polyurethane (for connecting parts between themselves and for mounting the fireplace to the walls);
  • Hoven for metal;
  • level;
  • line;
  • stub (for the formation of angles);
  • spatulas;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • skar;
  • Tools and materials for decorating.

You can do without a screwdriver, connecting all parts with the help of glue, but with additional fixing with self-draws, the design will be more reliable.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Starting Start: The model is selected and a detailed drawing is compiled with sizes.
  2. Then polyurethane sheets are reproduced in accordance with the sketch.
  3. Separate parts are collected into a single design and fixed with glue and screws.

Important moment: Before gluing, the connecting surfaces need to be cleaned and degreased.

  1. At all stages of assembly, you need to control the geometry of the case. This is done using the level and plumb.
  2. After assembly, the design is putting down and decorated. For decoration, you can purchase ready-made elements and moldings from polyurethane. They are in abundance are sold in all major building stores.

Decor options

Selecting the appropriate finish option, you must first, focus on the color gamut and the overall style of the apartment in which the portal will be located. So, the white fireplace from the boxes will look at the foreign body in the High-Tech-style room, with an abundance of chrome surfaces and modern technology. But it can fit well into more calmer classic interiors.

It is also worth considering the degree of mobility mobility. For portable and folding models, more bold and bright ideas can be applied. Even if they are not too successful, after a couple of weeks, this version of the fireplace will still go to the scourge, and the next time you can simulate the portal with another finish, taking into account the previous errors.

To decorate a stationary decorative fireplace is more thoughtfully. Errors made by decorating it will be more complicated and more expensive.

In this case, it is advisable to pre-make a fireplace fireplace scheme or draw a 3-d sketch of the room in a special program. So the overall design will be perceived visually.

New Year and Christmas

Most often, temporary deckures are made precisely to Christmas holidays. Such New Year's decorations create a festive mood and add a homely atmosphere comfort.

In this case, for the framing, a combination of winter (silver-white-blue) and Christmas (green-red-golden) palette is used. To complement the classic finish colors can insert from natural materials (wood, stone, etc.).

The rest of the restrictions are not - all Christmas attributes are allowed:

  • Figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden;
  • wreaths and garlands of needles;
  • Christmas decorations and cones;
  • Candles;
  • fruits and candy;
  • christmas socks;
  • Electric garlands;
  • Stuffed Toys.

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How to make a panel on the wall for the new year with your own hands? 30 master classes with photos and videos

How to decorate the kitchen with your own hands: Interesting New Year's crafts from girlfriend

Do not forget that excess decorations can create the effect of litters.

What can be placed?

When choosing the option of pasting, you need to repel from whether it will be a finish coating, or on top of it will go a layer of paint or varnish.

For the finish finish fit:

  • wallpaper;
  • White dense paper;
  • old newspapers;
  • Ceiling tile (it is cut in the size of the brick before sticking and, if necessary, artificially constituted);
  • tile;
  • false bricks (they can be made of cardboard, foam, etc.);
  • Panels imitating natural boards Lee stone.

When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account the degree of its fire resistance (if the false fireplace is manufactured using heating elements).

Under painting it is better to choose bright and monophonic paper, wallpaper or cardboard. Or at least without brightly pronounced patterns that can come through the paint layer.


There are several ways to create a painted focus. You can portray:

  • Fireplace whole;
  • Only the inside of the portal (fire, firewood, coal);
  • Use the drawing as part of the decorations of the island of the false fireplace (portray bricks, wild stone, timber, etc.).

You need to choose the level of difficulty, based on your own artistic skills and existing materials for drawing.

Depending on the finishing of the room, it is possible to draw directly on the walls, on the finished false fireplace or on Watman, and it is already fixed to the wall.

On the Internet there is a mass of variants of drawn fireplaces. Following simple step-by-step instructions, you can get a very decent result. The main thing is not to wade into too complex models.

If there is a doubt in your own, initially you need to try to reproduce the selected design on the usual A4 sheet, on a smaller scale. If the result satisfies - you can proceed to the decoration of the fireplace. If it turned out not exactly what I wanted, then you need, or practice, or choose a simpler model.

Before drawing a fireplace on the wall, it needs to be cleaned and desirable to degrease. When choosing paints, you need to take into account the finishing wall of the wall.

For durable image, drawing materials are better to choose in a construction store. If the picture will be depicted on canvas or watman, and goes into scrap at the end of the Christmas holidays, then look for suitable materials you need in an artistic or stationery store.

Immediately draw small parts is not worth it. It is better to draw a fireplace phased:

  • markup;
  • contours;
  • large elements;
  • small parts;
  • Decorations (if any).

Declaring a ready-made sketch also layers. To correctly select the sequence of applying paints, you need to carefully consider the sample, according to which the focus is reproduced.

If the artistic skills are very bad, then you can print your favorite picture on Watman. But here you need to follow the quality of the image - the drawing can be blurred and not so bright as I would like.

Vinyl stickers can be replaced by the printed image. With their help, you can quickly recreate any design and size of the fireplace. You can choose the appropriate option for any style of the room: from retro to high-tech.

The only drawback of vinyl is a poor color palette. With the help of such stickers, the image is obtained by one-photon, less often options in two or three colors. To transfer the same glare of the shadows, the sparks of fire and the festive atmosphere with the help of vinyl is impossible.


Under the tile should not be understood by the tile. Of course, it is possible to use it, but more often apply easier variations from artificial materials:

  • foam;
  • polyurethane;
  • cardboard;
  • paper;
  • ceiling tiles;
  • wall panels.

When choosing the optimal option, You should navigate for five "lighthouses":

  • The material from which the fireplace is made. If the basis is not too reliable, then preference should be given to easier finishing materials;
  • budget. Various finishes variants differ in price, while the result is often given almost identical;
  • Costs of forces and time. If you need to make a fireplace in one day, it is better to give preference to ready-made options, and not spend hours on cutting and deactivating cardboard bricks;
  • color. When reconstructing a New Year's decor, white color for decoration is most often used. There are other options for decorating: under natural materials, under the color of walls or furniture, etc.
  • Required result. Each material has its own texture. Accordingly, the same design reproduced in different materials will have a different look.

Do not forget about the level of fire-resistant finishing materials. But this item concerns only those layouts of the Christmas fireplace, inside which are located heating devices or electrical backlight.

From MDF.

This option is applied much less frequently, since there are many more budget ways to design a fireplace simulator.

Usually, finishing from MDF is made for stationary fireplaces, inside which there are hidden niches or shelves.

New Year's room with a fireplace from MDF under the color of furniture looks very solid and solemnly. It looks like a portal as wooden, but the cost of it is at times cheaper than that of the real array.

The design of the MDF can withstand a fairly large load, so you can add the decor with practically any items:

  • decorations made of fir branches;
  • garlands;
  • compositions of fruits and candles;
  • vases with flowers;
  • Soft toys.

There are practically no restrictions for the incarnations of fantasies in this case.

Moldings, stucco

The range of similar products, presented on the shelves of construction stores, allows you to choose the perfect option for minimalism, and for palace interiors in the Baroque style and Ampir. Simple and laconic forms, plant patterns, playful curls - an acceptable solution is found for any occasion.

If you need something completely exclusive, there is always an option for the individual manufacture of finishing elements from the desired material. You can pick up an ornament that simulates the drawing on the curtains, wallpaper or carpets. In this case, the fireplace will look a logical continuation of a common style that trust the image.

From Bruus

Beautiful wooden fireplace can become a highlight of any interior. It is perfect for photo sessions or decorations for the New Year. But if the inner frame is also made of wood, then it is better to use decorative lamps or backlight with a minimum of heating elements for the decorative decor.

In the embodiment of the interior "Under the Starin", you can use a practically untreated or artificially aged bar. For classic design, an array opened by varnish.

Against the background of other materials, this method of finishing can be attributed to a sufficiently expensive segment. Therefore, the accompanying decor must also correspond. With a natural array, bricks from cardboard or homemade focus with fire will be organically combined.

Illuminated focus

Constructing backlight, you need to remember the safety. The more fire-hazardous materials used when creating an artificial fireplace, the less heating elements should be inside and around it.

All methods of decoration of the focus can be divided into three categories:

  • safe;
  • conditionally safe;
  • Dangerous.

Secure design methods include decorations that are not related to fire and electricity. It can be flame drawings, real or boutfort lamps (undeclined), soft toys, etc. It is these ways to decorate the fireplace to choose for children's rooms and pet apartments.

Conditionally safe flame options are created using electricity. These can be a variety of garlands, LED ribbons, bio-fireplaces, etc. In compliance with safety measures, they will not bring, but in the event of a malfunction or careless circulation, it may be caused by fire.

In the video, as an example, an original way to create a reliable flame with "smoke", with the help of lamps, fan and steam generator (water, controllers and decoders included).

Dangerous options for the fireplace illumination use open fire. Such methods can not be applied in rooms where there are small children and pets. These methods are also not suitable for highlighting decorative fireplaces from flammable materials.

Most often, open fire is used in the form of a fireplace from candles. They are placed on special stands or on the bottom shelf of the fireplace. Another non-standard solution can be considered the placement of burning candles inside the logs. It looks like this design is very unusual, but in this case you need to especially carefully follow the security.

Ideas for photocons with fireplace

Photo sessions are different: home, office, public.

Preparing a home photocona, you need to focus on the overall style of the room and the images of households prepared for the photo shoot. In this case, the Christmas tree and the Christmas fireplace must have common elements.

It is desirable that some color solutions rejuvenate with shades and patterns on the outfits of "fashion models". But here the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there is a risk that positives are somewhat with the interior.

When equipped with office and public photowl, you should give preference to classic color combinations. Shades that are suitable for any style and color: white, red, silver, etc. After all, outfits and images of various people can be very different.

But it is not necessary to use the abundance of brilliant materials, in the light of the photo message, extraneous glare can create a completely wrong effect that was conceived.

The most common additions for a photo shoot with a fireplace can be attributed:

  • Candles. You can use both burning and new, unemployed;
  • Plaid or fur skin unfolded in front of the focus;
  • rocking chair;
  • Basket with a bottle of wine and glasses;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • decorative pillows;
  • New Year's compositions (wreaths and bouquets of needles, garlands and christmas toys, bumps and artificial snow);
  • Vintage lights and candlesticks;
  • "Gifts" and christmas socks.

Given the fact that the fireplace was an integral attribute of any dwelling over the centuries, it can become a universal element for any photo shoot. The main thing is to choose the general style and entourage.

To simulate the style of a hunting house, add animal lines, skins and weapons. When organizing photocons for High-tech parties to build a "flying" suspended fireplace.

An interesting solution can be found for any occasion.

How to enter an interior?

The specificity of the fireplace is that it becomes a key element of the room. The rest of the interior serves as the framing of the fireplace.

If the stationary portal is equipped in the repair process, then start creating the style of the room from the selection of the Falis-fireplace model. The rest of the design is selected for it.

Temporary pseudocamines are installed in the ready-made interior. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the selected model does not get out of the general entourage of the room.

Also, when choosing a place for a false fireplace, it is necessary to take into account its functionality. If he is to warm the room, or it will be installed a reliable imitation of fire, then sofas, or chairs, should be located next to such a portal. In order for long evenings to enjoy the comfort of a homely hearth.

In the case of a purely decorative function of Lzkamina, it is necessary to ensure that it does not become a useless dust collector, littering space.

It is also worth observed proportions. A huge portal mounted in a small room will look foreign, regardless of the style of execution and used when finishing materials. Similarly, a small fireplace is lost in the space of large-sized premises.

Depending on the style decision, Faleximine may be located:

  • in the corner;
  • in the center of the room;
  • along the wall.

There is no strict rules for placing a decorative focus. Selecting the place, you need to focus on your own taste and room layout. In this case, such decorations will make the room solemn and elegant.

Photo ideas for inspiration

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What is a decorative fireplace, its purpose

The device of such a scenery as a fake focus will allow you to originally equip almost any room. Pseudocamin decorates the room, but not always supplied with a heating element.

Advantages, flaws of false fireplaces

Modern imitation of any fireplace has many advantages:

  • The product is completely fireproof;
  • It is stored, stored different things;
  • This is the most original decoration;
  • Pseudocama creates a comfort;
  • performed from almost any materials;
  • It is easy to make it yourself, without much cash investments.

Decorative Brick FireplaceSo that an artificial fireplace looks relevant and stylish, you will have to think about many details: starting from its appearance and ending with the location in the room space.

But there is a number of minuses:

  • Artificial fireplace does not warm;
  • With large dimensions, the subject occupies a valuable space room;
  • On the creation, the decoration of the focus will take time.

Where better to install the hearth

Before starting to work, you need to decide on the type of design. She may be:

  • Stationary. Frame from wooden bars or metal profiles is attached to the wall. This allows you to do narrow and high elements. They occupy a minimum of space, but the process of moving products to a new place is very laborious.
  • Pottal. Requires a wider, fundamental basis. At the same time fluently moves to any point of the apartment. And if necessary, it can be easily transported to another house.

The place of placement of the portal for the decorative fireplace is chosen on the basis of aesthetic preferences and practical benefits.

  • At the free wall. The improvised focus can perform the role of an independent decor. Visually complements the interior if placed under the mirror. The upper part at the same time serves as a shelf for hygienic accessories. Stationary models are used instead of a TV for a TV.
  • In the corner. Most often, with this location, heating risers are closed. The design is made to the ceiling itself, and for stability is fixed in stationary to the wall. It is important to leave access to the threaded connections of pipes that require regular maintenance.
  • Before the radiator. The battery on a deaf end wall is very difficult to beat furniture. It's easier to decorate it. The hearth in this case must necessarily be inserted. To preserve the circulation of warm air, the convection grid is inserted into the improvised furnace or cover.

Varieties of imitation of fireplaces

The fireplace facility is done:

  • reliable;
  • conditional;
  • Symbolic.

All three views differ outwardly, internal filling, dimensions.


Such a focus is most like a real one, but he does not have chimney. Inside the electrical or biocamine is installed, allowing to pull the room. Outside, the product is drawn up with a brickwork imitation, ceramic tiles, artificial stone.

Decorative biocamineProperly made focus is able to completely change the appearance of the room, supplement the interior of the living room.


The portal is made shallow - 15-25 cm., Often for its device use niche in the wall. There is a fireplace shelf, which allows you to beautifully place family photos, candles in candelabra, small souvenirs. Inside usually lying firewood or their dummy.

Conditional decorative fireplaceWith such imitation of the focus, an artificial portal performs directly from the room partition, so its depth is significantly less than that of reliable.

Symbolic (drawn)

If desired, the focus can be simply paint or pencils. The volume and depth is not needed here - the boundaries of the structures are denoted by polyurethane plinths, a wooden shelf-console, fixed on the wall. In the middle, it is permissible to insert a stylist board, on which colored shameles depict the flame.

Drawn fireplaceAs follows from the name of this type of decorative foci, it fulfills the role of decor that complements the common style concept of the room.

What can I make a fireplace with your own hands

Pseudocamin is permissible to do almost from anything - the choice of material depends on the fancy of the wizard, the presence of a place to accommodate, the possibilities of the subsequent dismantling, etc.


A plasterboard requires a preliminary creation of a metal or wooden frame, which needs to be sewed by the sheets of GLC.

Fireplace from plasterboardPlasterboard is the most popular material for creating a decorative fireplace.

Brick, stone

Construction of a focus of stones, bricks, requires an additional foundation (for the first floors), strengthen overlap (when placed on the second floor and higher). The product is often lined with decorative bricks.

Decorative fireplace brickFor the manufacture of a false fireplace from a brick or stone, you need to make sure of the high quality of the materials used.

From polyurethane

Polyurethane pseudocamin usually consists of moldings used for ceiling decor. Less often acquire ready-made volumetric portals that stick to the wall or adorn niche.

Decorative fireplace polyurethanePolyurethane allows you to make a very durable and fire-resistant decorative hearth.

From chipboard or fiberboard

From chipboard, tree-fiber lumber is also easy to perform a fireplace imitation. The material is cut with a hacksaw, the electric bissing is fastened with perforated corners, screws.

Decorative fireplace from chipboardThe technology is very similar to the manufacture of a decorative fireplace of plasterboard.

From cardboard boxes

From the box from the washing machine, computer, refrigerator, it is also easy to create some kind of fireplace. From the box is cut off the desired part, the hole is cut. The portal is decorated with plastic stucco, photographic windows, colored paper, self-adhesive films.

Decorative fireplace cardboardThe decorative fireplace, carved from a cardboard box, is made so easy that even children will be able to help you.

From wood or plywood

Wooden fireplace is decorated with bulk threads, overhead perforated elements. Additionally, iron grilles, textile curtains with pickles are mounted inside the portal. The product is covered with varnish or stained so that carved parts seem even more voluminous. False fireplace from plywood is also covered with details of the tree, the upper shelf is decorated with a wooden plinth, having a beautiful profile.

Decorative fireplace treeAs wood materials, plywood, chipboard, timber and other materials can be used when creating a fireplace-fake.

From old furniture

The old bedside table, the remnants of the grandmother sheep, will acquire a new life, becoming a modern fireplace. From the subject we take out extra shelves, the top is made up with a board, the walls inside and outside are grinding, putty, paint the paint is either strained by stone, foam stucco.

Decorative fireplace from old furnitureMethods of decoration vary, depending on the type of fireplace, its size, appointment and style of the room.

Unusual focus of books

You can arrange a fireplace-liquefy and using books. Truly used thick, solid bindings. Side racks are performed - books are simply put on top of each other, the upper shelf will be a narrow board. The inner part is drawn up in a picture of a fire, a big photo. In the portal itself, printed publications are also stored.

Decorative fireplace from booksFor decor you can use lit candles.

From stucco (gypsum)

For stuccoating, the base of plywood, chipboard, drywall is pre-mounted. It is covered with a layer of plaster, after which they set elements previously cast in the molds. The finished structure is painted by manually - brush or with the help of a kraskopult.

Decorative fireplace from plasterArtificial fireplace, in contrast to the present, can be installed not only in the living room, but also in any other room.


Polyfoam is permissible to sow wooden, plasterboard frame. Less often the subject is performed completely from it. For this, a material having a sufficiently large thickness is cut into the form of bricks from which masonry is performed. The parts are fasten with glue, paint with water-free paints.

Decorative fireplace from foamSuch an imitation of the focus will delight not only the owners, but also guests of the apartment.

Step 1: We make a frame of a false fireplace

To begin with, we will create a frame - the "skeleton" of the design of the false fireplace. It consists of three main parts: the back, the front and base of the Niza.


  • First drove the details for Back of the frame which will be from the wall of the wall. For the upper and lower part, two vehicles are required with a length of 160 cm, for the side elements four vehicles with a length of 137 cm, and for the reference part at the bottom of 106.7 cm at the bottom (see the photo below).

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

  • Then cut the items for front of the fireplace . To do this, it will be necessary (again) Cut two bar for the upper and lower part with a length of 160 cm, 4 lateral bars with a length of 137 cm, a jumper with a length of 112 cm, and anterior bottom of 160 cm long (the last of the bar with a size of 5 cm x 15 cm).

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

  • Now cut out the details for Bases of Niza . For the upper and lower part, you will need two versions of 160 cm long, and for lateral connections four bar on 19.7 cm long.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings


To create a frame, we will twist everything together using the screws with a length of 7.6 cm and the adhesive for wood (for additional strength).

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Let's start with the assembly Niza bases:

  1. Put one of 160 cm bars And attach the short bar at the ends.
  2. Note: Under the concept "Attach" here and then we will understand such a sequence of actions: we apply glue for a tree on bars, glue them together, and then fix this position with screws.
  3. Then measure from each end of a long bar of 38 cm and take a line . Put from the inside of each line to the short bar (that is, that one edge of the bar concerned the line, but the bar was located closer to the center from it) and attach.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now we will build Rear:

  1. Start with the attachment of two bars with a length of 137 cm to the edges of a bar with a length of 160 cm, which in this case serves as a bottom frame.
  2. Now from the outer edge of the lower BROUSE Measure 19.7 cm And take a line.
  3. Position two more side bars along the planned lines closer to the center (as in the previous case with the transverse part of the frame) and attach.
  4. After that, attach the upper part.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

At this stage, the rear of the frame should look like this:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now add a support bar (106.7 cm) to the bottom of the rear frame. Place it in the center so that the same distances are left for the side bar, apply glue and secure the clamp so that the bar does not move. Then secure screws.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now proceed to the construction front of the fireplace .

  1. Put two lateral bars long 137 cm, and between them a broom length 112 cm (The latter needs to be put on a wider side, as in the photo).
  2. On the side parts, measure 24 cm and take a line. Install the jumper over these lines and attach to the side parts.
  3. Attach Upper I. Lower bars with a length of 160 cm To sidebars so that they go to the same distance on both sides. It should turn out like in the photos:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now freamed the two remaining side parts (as in the photo): False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

At the bottom of the frame, you need to attach a bar of 160 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm. That's what it turns out:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings


We have already made three separate parts, and now you need to connect them together. As the connecting elements, we will need six bars with a size of 30.5 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm, and one bar of 14 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm. They are presented in the photo below. As well as a bar of 112 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Take the front and rear part of the fireplace and put them on Earth so that the front part is from above. Now take a 14 cm long bar and attach it between a wide board at the bottom of the front frame and the supporting board at the bottom of the rear frame. He must be located CENTER- Watch photo .

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now add mounts at the bottom from the side. To do this, we will need two 30.5 cm long. Since so far the front and rear frame are connected only in one place below, before fixing these side bars, make sure the frames are smoothly lying on each other. Attach the bars as in the photo (On the other hand, the same):

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Take a bar of 112 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm and attach to the back side of the jumper on the front of the frame. Add additional screws through the side bars. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now take the base frame and attach it to the bars connecting the front and rear frames. So this way: False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Add two more connecting bars on the sides so that they reach the top of the base frame, as in the photo:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now take the last two bar at 30.5 cm long and insert them into the gap, which was formed after fastening the base of the bottom of the bottom (symmetrically on both sides). Attach with screws on the side.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

This frame for the fireplace is completed and you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Make the fireplace

Now it's time to sheathe the fireplace panels from MDF or plywood. We will need pieces of such sizes:

  • 28.5 cm x 170 cm, 17.8 cm x 115 cm - 2 pieces,
  • 26.7 cm x 99 cm - 2 pieces,
  • 17.8 cm x 99 cm - 2 pieces,
  • 28.5 cm x 30.5 cm - 2 pieces.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now you need to cut part to cover the top of the bottom of the fireplace. It can be made from a MDF or chipboard (stronger). For a start, you need a rectangle with a size of 35.5 cm x 177.8 cm.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now this Rectangle needs to be transformed as follows. :

  • To retreat on one of the long sides of the edge of 9 cm and from this point to measure 24 cm, from both points to measured 17.8 cm up, it turns out a small rectangle (from the other edge it is the same).
  • These two rectangles need to be cut to get this board here:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

  • Further from the MDF cut out 6 strokes size 2.5 cm x 19 cm, and one size of 2.5 cm x 167.6 cm. In the photo below, some of them:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

We also need a rectangle with a size of 21.6 cm x 109.2 cm. This is for the bottom of the fireplace. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

  • Cut also a leaf size of 170 cm x 28 cm for the front part coating and a size of 26.7 cm x 177.8 cm for the top.
  • And further 2 piece of 21.6 cm x 28 cm .

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Build the fireplace

Now we will all be attached to the fireplace. Let's start with the fastening of the top to the lower part of the fireplace. The notches of the boards must be around the side columns. Secure the design of the screws.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Then take 2 pieces of 28.5 cm x 30.5 cm and attach them down on the sides. Then take a leaf measuring 28.5 cm x 170 cm and attach it to the bottom front of the fireplace. That's what it turns out:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Mounting columns

  • Let's start with an external side and attach a sheet of 17.8 cm x 115 cm to each of them.
  • Then we make the inner side, using a sheet of 17.8 cm x 99 cm.
  • Finally, attach the front part of the column using sheets 26.7 cm x 99 cm. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now your fireplace should look like this:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

So that the coating had a certain relief, we will add 2.5 cm width bars.

  • From the top of the fireplace, measure 26.7 cm and take a line.
  • Below this line, attach two vehicles with a size of 2.5 cm x 19 cm to the outside sides of the columns so that the relief is 2.5 cm high.
  • Then take the size of 2.5 cm x 167.6 cm and attach it in front to overlap the side parts.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now we will use two other vehicles with a size of 2.5 cm x 19 cm and a leaf measuring 21.6 cm x 109.2 cm. Sheet must be attached directly above the relief plank, thus making the partition between columns. And two small pieces to attach over the sheet to the inside of each column.

Now attach the front side coating:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Take the last two parts of 2.5 cm x 19 cm and attach them to the top of the columns, as shown in the photo: False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Then attach the side coatings in size 21.6 cm x 28 cm on both sides:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

And the last part of this stage - fasten the upper part of the coating of 26.7 cm x 177.8 cm. Make sure the coating on the sides is the same amount.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

The main coating of the fireplace is ready! Hooray! False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Step 3: Finishing Works False Fireplace

Now that the design of the fireplace is created, we will work on its appearance. We will add relief parts of the fireplace, painting, and in general, we fully put in order.

For further action, we will need to cut materials on such pieces:

  1. For Front : 4 pieces of 5 cm x 27.3 cm, 4 sizes 5 cm x 39.7 cm, and 2 sizes 5 cm x 72.4 cm.
  2. For Side Parties : 4 pieces of 5 cm x 23 cm, 2 sizes 5 cm x 27.3 cm, and 2 sizes 3.8 cm x 27.3 cm.
  3. Also for columns you need: 4 pieces of 3.8 cm x 21.6 cm and 4 sizes 3.8 cm x 87.6 cm.
  4. In addition, you will need 20 boards in size 7.6 cm x 19 cm.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

  1. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawingsNow pick up a wooden bar with a cross-section of 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm along an angle of 45 degrees (that is, the transverse section is now triangular). In length, one piece should be 174.6 cm, and two other 24.8 cm. This is to create a relief.
  2. Cut 2 pieces with a size of 5 cm x 172.7 cm, 6 parts 5 cm x 16 cm, 4 parts 5 cm x 23 cm and 2 parts 3.8 cm x 16 cm. In the photo shows one copy:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

It is also necessary to make one bar with a length of 177.8 cm and cut the ends in it at an angle of 45 degrees. Two short strips should be 26.7 cm long and in each of them you need to cut only one by one END at an angle of 45 degrees. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

The panel imitating brickwork must be 122 cm x 93.3 cm. To the panel is not standard "brick" color, you can paint it into white (here we will do it).

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings


Now that all the details are ready, can be attached to the design Fireplace!

  • Let's start with the bottom front part, the details will be mounted from left to right.
  • At the left end, attach a bar of 5 cm x 27.3 cm (it should go beyond 1.3 cm, so that it is to fit well with overhead bars).
  • Then attach two vehicles with a size of 5 cm x 39.7 cm perpendicular to the first bar.
  • Now attach the following vertical bar of 5 cm x 27.3 cm in size, and perpendicular to it two horizontal 5 cm x 72.4 cm.
  • Further another vertical bar of size 5 cm x 27.3 cm, and again two horizontal vehicles measuring 5 cm x 72.4 cm.
  • And finally, the last vertical bar of 5 cm sizes x 27.3 cm.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now we will work on the sides. Take a bar 3.8 cm x 27.3 cm and attach it vertically from the left edge of the side. Further attach from above and below the two horizontal vehicles with a size of 5 cm x 23 cm, and another vertical size of 5 cm x 27.3 cm. Repeat the same for another side.

Observing column

Now we will sow columns. Start from the mounting on the left on the front of the column vertically, the size of 5 cm x 87.6 cm (it should go beyond 1.3 cm). Add horizontal bars with a size of 5 cm x 19 cm on top and bottom of the front of the column, and then another vertical (this one will also go beyond the edge).

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

To stripped the sides of the columns, first attach the left vertical bar in size 3.8 cm x 87.6 cm. Then from above and below, add horizontal bars with a size of 5 cm x 10 cm, and at the end another vertical bar size 5 cm x 87.6 cm. Repeat this process for external and the inner side of both columns.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now we will make additional reliefs on the front of the columns. At the sides of the vertical sides of the vertical vertical bar with a size of 3.8 cm x 87.6 cm, and then add horizontal bars with a size of 3.8 cm x 21.6 cm.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now, to finish the front part of the columns, you will need 20 boards in size 7.6 cm x 19 cm. It is possible to start mounting or from above or from below, it does not matter. In order for the same distance when attaching between the boards, you can insert 2 coins as dividers. You may have to trim the last board so that it fit. Do it with both columns.

That's how it should Look in the end :

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Now we will deal with the top of the fireplace .

  1. Take a bar with a square transverse section of 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm and attach it right under the fireplace of the fireplace (front and sides).
  2. Then attach a side of a bit of 5 cm x 172.7 cm in size directly under just attached BRom.
  3. Over the sides, the protrusion is 1.3 cm on each side. Then take the four bar of 5 cm x 16 cm and attach them vertically.
  4. Start from one end and attach in such a way that the bar spoke at 1.3 cm per edge, that is, ended at a level with an upper horizontal bar length of 172.7 cm.
  5. Measure 26.7 cm and attach another line 5 cm x 16 cm. Make it on each side. Then attach the second horizontal bar in size 5 cm x 172.7 cm to the bottom.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Then we need to sew the side sides of the upper part of the fireplace.

  1. Take the bar of 5 cm x 23 cm in size and attach it horizontally (under the cut of 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm and the back to the protruding to 1.3 cm brushes from the front part).
  2. Now attach the vertical lump of 3.8 cm x 16 cm.
  3. Add a second bar in size 5 cm x 23 cm to the bottom and complete this direction by adding the last part 5 cm x 23 cm.

Repeat on the other side.

To finish the finish, attach in front and on the sides on the upper bars (those with a cut of 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm) bars dried along at an angle of 45 degrees (that is, with a triangular cut).

After you attached all the details of the trim, you need to put a putty to close all the holes, and then align the surface with grinding. Now the fireplace is finally possible paint white! False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

After the paint is completely dry, attach the artificial brick panel to the rear with screws with a 2.5 cm long.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Remove any intervals you want to fill out:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Step 4: Fastening

The design of this fireplace is rather stable by itself, but the additional mounting to the wall does not interfere anyway. You can do this in several ways, we use the homemade wooden bracket here.

We need:

  • 1 bar size 2.5 cm x 3.8 cm x 106.7 cm
  • 1 Bar size 2.5 cm x 5 cm x 106.7 cm.

Connect these two bars together in the form "L", while the bar 5 cm x 106.7 cm should be vertical.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Attach this bracket to the wall. The mounting height depends on whether your fireplace will be on the carpet or just on the floor. When I move the fireplace to the wall, the bracket must touch from the inside to the bottom board of the upper part of the fireplace, that is, to be over the "brickwork". Here is a bracket at a distance of 120 cm from the floor:

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

A fireplace with a bracket must be connected to screws from the bottom board of the top of the fireplace. Put down the bottom of the firewood for the decor and everything is ready!

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

From above the fireplace for the decor, you can put several logs and put the figurines or candles. It turned out a wonderful decoration for the hall and an apartment in general!

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Gypsum Carton portal - Step-by-step instructions for making hands

Plasterboard - enough reliable material to withstand even heavy ceramic lining. It is easy to process and allows you to create with your own hands the volume designs of any complexity. Sheets are sewn to a metal frame, which takes over the weight of the electrocamine, so that the portal with reliability is also all right.

Preparatory work

It is worth noting that the false fireplace is an exclusively portal of impressive sizes, which is decorated properly inside and outside. This portal can become a separate decorative element or frame for an electro-mill generating heat, biocamine, which allows you to create a real fire in the furnace.

  • If the portal is created under the biocamine, in which the real fire will be lit, then it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of materials for the furnace, since they must be refractory.
  • If the false fireplace is being developed for decorating an electrocamine, then the size of its firebox must correspond to the dimensions of the device. Additionally, electrical wiring should be carried out and place sockets in the area of ​​the intended structure.

Portals for false fireplaces can be purchased in the store, and you can make it yourself, for example, from plasterboard, from boards, bricks and even from cardboard. To create a basis, a variety of materials can be used, for example, a false fireplace of foam can be the original solution. If you want to collect a solid construction that will serve for a long time, then it is better to make a wooden analog. To build a fake fireplace from a tree with your own hands, you will need: plywood, chipboard, boards and a bar.

Gorgeous wooden portal for handmade fireplaceLuxury wooden portal for handmade fireplace

At the preparatory stage it is important to choose the right place for the future fireplace, as well as determine what its appearance will be. Mondering that this decorative element will dominate the interior of the room, you should choose key places. In this case, the false fireplace will attract attention, set the desired tone in the atmosphere of the room.

The interior of the room should certainly consider, picking up a sketch of the future building. At the same time, the classic species of the false fireplace will allow it to enter it in almost any interior. It is very cool, if a recreation area is located near the virtual fireplace, where you can enjoy homely comfort.

By choosing a suitable sketch of the decorative fireplace, you should decide on the size of the structure. It is desirable to build a large portal in a large room, and a small in small so that harmony in the interior design is observed. The corner of the false fireplace will save space in the room. If it is difficult for you to present the size of the product, you can cut a cardboard layout or disseminate the selected area on the floor and wall using the false fireplace drawing.

Note that the design of the decorative fireplace may have the most different. For example, I wonder the portals with raised above the floor, in which it is convenient to place candles, LCD screens, and, if necessary, easily put the burner from the biocamine or electrocamine if necessary.

Tools and materials

Plasterboard for work will need a little, and if there are trimming after repair, it is not necessary to spend money on it. But pay attention: for facing with tiles, only waterproof GLK (green) is needed. The frame is better to make from galvanized specialprophil - with it and it is more convenient to work, and the geometry of the design is easier. The rest of the list of materials depends on the selected finish option.

You can take a cutting board on the worktop, although plywood or MDF with a decorative plastic coating, imitating natural wood texture, will be cheaper. But you need to carefully smoke the edges with a furniture ribbon so that the fireplace shelf looks natural.

Example of drawing and calculation of materials

Drawing of Gypsum Carton Portal

Only deciding with the size and design of the portal can be sent for construction materials

Drawing up a sketch of the future portal with all sizes will determine the number of necessary materials:

  • The dimensions of the plasterboard are the area of ​​the external surfaces of the design less than the rear wall. At the same time, it is necessary to immediately estimate the scheme of cutting a standard sheet of 2.5x1.2 m (it is more convenient to do on a millimeter). Recommended GLC thickness 12.5 mm and 9.5 for radius elements.
  • Metal profiles - the number of racks and horizontal jumpers is determined by the size of the portal. For guides take the rails of PP 27x28 mm, on the racks and the amplification will go PS 60x27 mm slats.
  • Hardware - for assembling the frame used "bugs" with notches against self-consuming. Their amount corresponds to the number of profile connection points. Calea screws (black) are on the trim (black) with frequent carvings and a secret head. The most running size is 3.5x25 mm, fastener consumption 20-25 pcs / m2.

Order of work

The design of the drywall is better to install stationary - it will not stand it from place to place. Therefore, the portal will be installed immediately where it was decided to place a decorative fireplace:

  1. Checking with the drawing, place the floor and wall - put the dimensions of the future portal with a pencil or chalk. According to the existing dimensions, cut metal filter for the frame. Cutting metal profile

    With galvanized profile work more convenient for metal scissors

  2. On the outdoor markup, put the guides of P-shaped rails, check the horizontal level and fasten the dowel-screws. At the top on the wall, mount the response horizontal cuts of the profile. Installation of Profile PP.

    Fastening of long segments is performed by a minimum dowel soldier at least three-points

  3. To fasten the vertical barns of the PS, additionally fixing them on the base of the frame. Finish the upper strapping. Installing the rack profile PS

    Racks are attached strictly vertically in relation to the guide

  4. The racks are connected by transverse ribs of rigidity in increasing no more than 60 cm.
  5. The fireplace podium is increased by short vertical racks installed every 20 cm - they will take over the weight of electrical furnaces. Frame base for the portal

    Where additional load on plasterboard is assumed, additional reinforcing racks are needed.

  6. At the height of the installation of a decorative focus, perform horizontal strapping and secure the vertical guides that the screen will be framed.
  7. The last belt is arranged above the upper edge of the electrocamine, but it does not experience any load, so there is enough short slats connecting the side rails. Frame portal

    Ready spatial design

  8. Check the dimensions of the resulting design, transfer them to plasterboard sheets and make patterns. Cutting drywall

    GLC sheets are cut by a special knife

  9. GLK fasten on the frame of self-drawing, hacking the hats about 1 mm. Portal from plasterboard

    Sheets are screwed to the frame so that the attachment points fall into the center of the rail

  10. The portal angles are punished with a sickle or reinforce the perforated L-shaped profile, the seams between the sheath sheets and the attachment points are sharpened. Reinforcement of seams with sickle ribbon

    The tape will not allow plaster to crack on the joints of the sheets

  11. The finished fireplace is discharged by the selected material, after which you can put the worktop on top and insert the electrical furnace. Facing portal

    The decorative stone turns the portal from GLC to the fireplace, laid out from "Brick"

If radius elements are provided in the constructions of the fireplace, the metal profile must be bend for them. For this, the side shelves are cut on an equal part with a length of 5-8 cm, after which the rake is easily bent into the correct arc.

Finish design and design of the portal

Plasterboard gives a very smooth surface that you can simply sharpen under painting. Especially impressive looks like such a fireplace in white color with a wooden countertop. Without any additional decor, he perfectly fit into the interior decorated in the country style or chalet. If you decorate it with gypsum stucco or polyurethane moldings in front of the finishing spit, it will become a worthy addition of classic design or room in Provence.

As for cladding tiles, here the ordinary tile is inappropriate, if, of course, this is not painted tiles - they are ideal for creating the Scandinavian interior. To decorate the portal, it is better to take a flat imitation of bricks or wild stones, then the fireplace will look massive and quite real. The tile is attached to the projected surfaces with a special glue. Since the processing area is small, it makes sense to fork out to "liquid nails" in the cylinders under the mounting gun.

The work is performed from the bottom up - so the lower rows of cladding will create support as follows, preventing them from slipping. About a day - three, when the glue is finally grabbed, you can put the case of the invoice decor and install the worktop. For the fireplace shelf, the board with humidity up to 20% is simply ground and covered with several thin layers of varnish. And to give her a more expressive shade, pigments are introduced.

Video: Gypsum Carton portal with chic stucco

Portal from Cardon

The easiest thing in the manufacture, which means you can attract children with pleasure and benefit to spend time. We will need:

  • carton boxes;
  • scissors, tape;
  • Packing paper or other decor.

It is most convenient to use two large boxes, for example, from under plasma TV, bike, heater, etc. One is placed in the base, the other serves as the base for the furnace.

Place the rectangle under the furnace compartment. We make slits from above, below and in the middle. Formed "doors" bend to the rear and in progress in progress.

All parts securely glue with scotch. For decorating it is important to use lightweight materials, such as packaging paper and polyurethane plinth. We glue the facial surfaces with the help of two-way tape or thermopystole.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Do not be looking for large boxes. Any available packaging is suitable. To give small boxes of additional stiffness, pre-glue them into a transport state. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Such a decor can be done by yourself, to involve the whole family in the process or give children the opportunity to work in creativity.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Portal from foam

By the ratio of price and quality, the best option for the apartment is a decorative fireplace of polystyrene foam. He is light and does not take up much space. For the manufacture you will need:

  • 4 sheet fasteners;
  • packing cardboard;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • glue for polystyrene;
  • Paint and decor.

Wood with a tree cutting the penplex on the details. Prepared elements glue together. To continue working until glue drying, fix the details of the self-drawing. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

From the cardboard, cut rectangles with rounded corners, which mimic brick laying. We finish vertical surfaces. The finished product is covered with paint and decorate candles.

There are other ways to manufacture a fireplace from foam. One of them, with step-by-step instructions, drawings and sizes, we present in the video.

The possibilities of foam are not limited to the option presented in the master class. In building stores, there is a finished decor of polyurethane foam, which is enough just to glue. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Portal from plasterboard

If the size of the decorative fireplace is small, the profile can be collected into an independent frame. High bulky structures for reliability are attached to the wall. In the first case, we get the dormitory hearth, in the second - stationary.

For the base, you will need a rack wall profile or guides ceiling. If you just finished repairs, you can put almost all the remnants of the material into the move.

Frame collect on the waist scheme:

  • twist first upper and lower strapping;
  • We connect them with vertical racks;
  • Add forming the furnace, jumpers.

To create rigidity to each carrier node, twist two screws.

Stationery knife cut out all the details of the drywall and screw to the frame. It is important to take into account the magnitude of the adolescent sheets. In order not to confuse in the calculations, each subsequent detail is starting to extinate only after the previous one is screwed.

In a fully sewn design, putty align the joints and angles. The more accurately the preparatory work is made, the less you have to shit. If you scrupulously approach the cutting sheets, and from the front side, remove all the ends, you can make a product immediately after fastening the plasterboard. False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

On profiles and Glk, you can collect a full-fledged decorative oven, to bind it with a stone, hang a mirror or a Chinese fan. The main thing is to provide lintels for heavy jewelry.

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings False-fireplace with their own hands - instructions with photos and drawings

Portal of wood

Often make it yourself imitation of the fireplace in the apartment asking small children. It is best for these purposes that the wooden version is suitable. If the kids try to climb him, nothing terrible will happen. Plywood will endure the weight of even an adult. To work, we will need:

  • frame - brus 40x40 mm;
  • The lid is a staircase or windowsill;
  • Sheathing - plywood with a thickness of 8 mm;
  • Facing - decorative stone;
  • fasteners - self-tapping screws, corners, liquid nails;
  • Decoration - aromatic candles.

Deciding with dimensions, twist the frame from bars. It is important to take into account the size of the finishing materials. The design will be severe, so at the bottom for sustainability, we definitely do the podium.

All visible parts are sewn plywood. Calves can serve as hidden storage niches. If necessary, we provide for additional shelves in them, access to which will be back.

So that after the decoration, the wooden base, put on them and cover the surface with white paint. We glue the decorative stone on liquid nails. If the size of the housing is calculated correctly, it is placed without trimming.

If you wish in the finish, you can use ready-made wooden elements: friezes, bales and others.

Fireplace portal from parquet, stone and wood

Often, after repair, various construction and finishing materials remain in the house or apartment, which can always be used and thereby save money, diversify the decor. For example, you can make a portal for an electrocamine with your own hands from the remains of a laminate or a parquet board, we will need for these purposes:

  1. Collect the remnants of parquet and prepare them for work;
  2. Buy two tones of the veil, one more calm and the second is quite bright and contrast;
  3. Prepare several wooden bars, about three pieces;
  4. Get a self-drawing and special adhesive composition suitable for these purposes.

Facing a fireplace portal tiled and installing a wooden shelf

Marble portal with electric focus

Stone portal with masters

Next, it is necessary precisely and stages to follow the following step by step leadership:

  1. With the help of wooden bars, we create a basis or so-called frame, for this we fix them to the wall in the form of a future frame, we use prepared screws for consolidation;
  2. Now we start cutting and preparing the parquet board, for this we cut it on the elements of various lengths and cover the verses of certain shades (more interesting will be used to use contrast and fairly bright tones);
  3. The parquet board is pre-laid on the floor, all the necessary adjustments are made, after which the portal is transferred to the wall and is fixed with glue. In order for the plank to not fall off, it is necessary to create a supporting mechanism that can consist of one or more sticks that are removed immediately after drying the glue;
  4. After the portal is completely dry, you can begin to decorate it, various statuettes are put on the shelf, vases with flowers, photo frames. Of course, it is possible to add such a portal by electrocameal, but it will look more interesting if you simply decorate it with a firebox, such as candles, ceramic or decorative firewood, LED garland or lamps.

White Fireplace in Modern Style

Decor of the fireplace wooden shelf

Metal carcass

Build a fireplace portal from plywood

It is best to supplement such a portal with an electric classic hearth, with a depth of 6-8 centimeters, while the width of each parquet board will be about 100-150 millimeters, if the focus is more massive and deep, more parquet will be needed to build such a framing.

The fireplace portal from the stone although it is known very advantageously in any interior, but the cost of its construction is quite high, since natural and eco-friendly materials are used for cladding. Also, the stone has a lot of weight, as a result of which the portal is collected from the brick, and for the structures with high mass it is necessary to enhance the floor and possibly the construction of the foundation, which is not very convenient.

Wooden fireplace portals are also difficult to make with their own hands, for the manufacture of such a design requires a properly selected scheme, a professional tool and an experienced master, for gluing wood used exclusively glue on a synthetic-based water.

Wailed fireplace with a framed of plywood with their own hands

Fireplace from natural stone with furnace

Multimedia wooden portal

The manufacture of portals for electrocamines is a fairly ambiguous process, if the main goal is to purchase any means of an inexpensive framing for an electric hearth, which means you can make it yourself from drywall, plywood or MDF. However, if you first have a high quality and impeccable appearance, and not the cost, you can order a fireplace portal from the masters from such materials as a tree or a stone with a higher cost.

If you do a portal for fireplace firebox yourself, it is necessary to prepare a full-fledged and high quality drawing, you should not save your strength at this stage and time, since it is this moment that is key. After it is important to choose the appropriate materials that, together, are able to create a high-quality, durable and sustainable fraction that can hold an electric hearth with its usually considerable mass. All the parameters of the furnace, its height, width and depth must match the electrocamine, which is why it is primarily chosen by it and the frame is collected under it.

Facing the fireplace with your own hands

Use for facing fireplace mosaic tiles

Portals for fireplaces made with their own hands with all of the above, have one significant advantage over purchased, the fact is that the framing made by you or the master will be unique, the only and unique in its own way, will fit into your interior and emphasizes the electric focus.

In this video, it is described about how with their own hands from low-cost primed materials to assemble a wonted portal for electrocamine:

Portal for electrocamine do it yourself

If you want to buy electrocamine and are going to make a portal for him with your own hands, we recommend listening to these tips:

  • To assemble the design, choose only strong refractory materials, as well as cladding, which will approach the furnace and interior of the stylistics room;
  • The hole in which the firebox will be inserted, should be perfect shape and sizes so that the focus is in it and at the same time did not damage the surface;
  • If you plan to assemble the fireplace portal from the tree with your own hands, it will fit well in the country or the classic interior, and it is recommended to use synthetic glue to docking and connecting elements;
  • A portal can be collected and fully appropriate to all stated requirements using a preliminary composed project with all measurements and desirable to the image of the design from various angles and in the context.

The most popular molding for electrocamines is the gypsum cooker portal, which can be easily assembled with its own hands, also can use polyurethane, phanean, chipboard, MDF, and other durable and reliable materials instead of the material.

Electric focus in the classic portal

Fireplace portal with shelf

White fireplace with electric hearth

To work, we will need to get:

  • Galvanized metal profile and design project;
  • Self-drawers having small threads;
  • Plasterboard, paint;
  • Stucco.

Electrocamine, the installation of which will be carried out with your own hands, will be made according to the following technology:

  • First of all, the base is created by self-drawn, after which the framework is collected, in which an electric hearth will be installed, we strengthen such a frame with metal profiles, creating a podium;
  • Electrocamine, video about which you can view on the Internet, followed by leafs of drywall, it is also necessary to take into account that the electrical outlet was close near the position of the fireplace. From the metal - the upper part of the fireplace is assembled, which simulates the chimney, after which it is also squeezed with drywall;
  • The surface of the fireplate portal is first ground and after it is putty, it is important that the stucco solution is sufficiently dense and thick, and preference is better than the composition on a plaster basis, since such a surface will be smoother and smooth;
  • The angular electrocamine from the drywall at this stage of the work must be painted, it is better to use the facade paint for these purposes and after it is drying it to additionally handle the lacquer portal;
  • Now we proceed to decorating the space near the fireplace and the shelves, if it is provided for this, pictures, mirrors, figurines, candles can be used.

Fireplace portal with imitation of a stone surface

Portal for Electrocamine with Colonami

Installing a portal for electric focus

You can also collect a portal for electric focus or a false fireplace from materials such as:

  • Metal profile and plasterboard;
  • Self-tapping screws, tile (stone);
  • Drawings, special glue (can be replaced with liquid nails);
  • Board to create a shelf above the furnace.

Facing portal with artificial stone

Classic portal with patterns and curls

Wailed hearth with fireplace and steam generator

Suspended false fireplace in the apartment

Electrocamine with imitation burning in the focus of the flame

Also, as in the first case, first of all, a skeleton made of metal products, which is trimmed with drywall, after which the portal cladding is performed by a stone or tile and a wooden countertop is installed upwards and secured.

Country ideas up to modernity

If you wish, with your own hands, the portal under electrocamine can be made in the form of any object of the situation. Installation may even look like a table or bedside table, as well as perform their functions. The use of materials such as wood or drywall will allow the product to be the most bizarre form. Examples can be considered such ideas:

  1. Russian village . The product is created in the form of a furnace. You can even make a separate damper. Exterior design - under the brick. Lime or whitewash. Nearby you can put a tray with firewood, a poker and scoop, and also deliver a bucket with coal.
  2. Country . It assumes the trim under the light tree or a wild stone. Possible their combinations. In the paper it will take fire-resistant varnish. It is desirable that he had in its composition as few harmful additives. Country styleCountry Style Installation
  3. Royal-Victorian Classic . Products of this style involve the use of expensive materials and affect the greatness. Stones weathered in dark and somewhat gloomy tones and the real tree will need to decorate with volumetric patterns under gold. Such work can also be performed from the analogues, but the effect will not be that.
  4. Practical modern . Distinctive feature - clear lines. To create the portal, use tiles for finishing, a little modest stucco and visible metal parts. It does not need a large decor, more important than "energy intensity" and versatility.

Any of these models can be performed both in the usual and in the angular version. But in that and in another case, under the frame, it is better to provide a stand - the basis (if it is not the Victorian version). The design with a screen going straight from the floor is unlikely to satisfy even minimal aesthetic requests.

Making a portal of plasterboard:

Effective low-budget option

The choice of manufacturers with their own hands portal for electrocamine is determined by the financial capabilities. The most budget will be the use of drywall. Most experts consider this material hardly ideal for such work.

An ordinary portal of plasterboard can be made like this:

  1. Cut the metal profile for the frame in size, and the sheets of the material are in the form of a fireplace. Plasterboard is better to take increased fire resistance.
  2. The edges of the plasterboard billets should be glued to one-sided tape to protect against destruction.
  3. From the profile to assemble the frame. If with metal angles for some reason, it is not very convenient for some reason, you can use a wooden bar, and the profile is allowed only for long guides.
  4. If necessary, add rigidity by setting additional crossbars.
  5. If the product is attached to the wall, then the operation is better to implement at this stage.
  6. With the help of screws, attach bilpers from drywall to the frame.
  7. Splash the places of the connections of sheets, remove irregularities with the help of a stationery knife.
  8. Progress the product, paint or shuffle it. Fireplace paintedFireplace must be projected, plastering and painting
  9. Cut blank under the shelf. For greater reliability, a tree should be used for it, but the budget material is suitable.
  10. Separate the shelf under the selected design and attach it to the frame. If fixation is made from the outside, then it is better to do without self-tapping screws. In this case, construction glue is suitable.
  11. Shaw the compounds of the frame with the shelf.
  12. Now it remains only to make an finishing finish.

Plasterboard is easy to work. To make a portal for electrocamine from it with your own hands, drawings can be simple sketches. The material allows you to make the necessary adjustments to the process at any time.

See how easy it is to make a decorative portal with the most simple ways:


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Few interior items are so connected with the concepts of "comfort" and "home heat" as a fireplace. On fire, people in their homes prepared food, they gathered together, rested and warmed before the flame of burning firewood.

To date, to have such a warm corner, it is enough to use a false fireplace, arranged with your own hands, and it is not necessary to build a real one at all. Even the imitation of the fire will attract the views of the guests and the owners of the house.

Artificial fireplace do it yourself

What is a false fireplace

False fireplaces have a small weight compared to brick masonry. There is no need to mount the chimney, to which the device will require permissions and design documents from various instances. You can add electrical decorative heaters with a visual flame effect.

Pseudocamin is just a decoration, one of the decorative techniques when making any room. Such a structure is suitable for rooms in apartments, in the country and in a country house.


First of all, this design is a fairly successful designer solution when disguised by communications layout: In the box, you can hide unsuccessful heating pipes, a large number of outlets and wires.


  • The styling of the finish can be chosen for any direction;
  • lack of open flame;
  • a wide variety of materials for self-installation and decoration without certain skills and specialized equipment;
  • There are ready portals with finishing finish and without it;
  • concealment of communications;
  • Can perform the function of the shelf for books and souvenirs.

Depending on the width of the upper cover and reliability of the design on the resulting tabletop, not only small figurines and candlesticks, but also large vases can be placed.

make a false fireplace do it yourself

Types of False Fireplaces

In order to proceed with the choice of materials, it is necessary to determine the type and design of the fireplace, from which it will consist and where to be.

By types they happen:

  • reliable or maximum realistic;
  • Conditional fireplaces with partial imitation;
  • Symbolic.

Depending on the size of the room, the type of construction is also selected. For spacious living rooms in country houses, a reliable type is suitable. He will be able to emphasize the styling of the room and become a bright accent. Conditional and symbolic are more often made in apartments and have small sizes.


In the design of this species there are all elements of the original, which is achieved visual accuracy. Real dimensions are used with the imitation of the "live" flame. For this task, electrograms or special panels with suitable graphics broadcast are installed in the resulting niches.

Materials for the base of the portal are used with increased stability to loads. This is a pretty expensive option.

Lzhekamines do it yourself


Less spending option from low-cost building materials. The dimensions are selected for the size of the room. The side width of the frame can be 10-20 cm with a width of the upper cover for five centimeters longer. Basically such models are used as shelves.

The finish can imitate brickwork, wood pattern and plaster stucco. In niches, you can equip a decorative corner where to add flavored candles and other decorations, denoting the hearth. It is possible to install panels with graphics.

Imitation of the fireplace with your own hands in the apartment


You can make a decorative fireplace with your own hands from polyurethane cornices, moldings ( Decorative details in the form of a convex plank) , wooden planks and even dense cardboard. By execution, they resemble the framing frame for the picture. The focus can be paint or stick the corresponding photo wallpapers. The design is executed in a flat solution, as a result of which the width of the upper cover-shelf can be only five centimeters.

The symbolic false fireplace is suitable for small or narrow rooms - when placing it nowhere, and I really want.

make a false fireplace do it yourself

Materials for manufacture

After selecting the type and size of the design, drawing up the drawing, the definition of the style and color gamma of the future fireplace can be processed to the definition of the necessary materials.


Suitable for mounting a skeleton portal. Due to the big weight, use is permissible only in country houses. Even the hollow look is not suitable for the apartment. Ceiling floors may not withstand such a large point load.

For outdoor decoration, brickwork can be simulated with almost any finishing material: gypsum, plastic, foam "bricks" or even from putty. You can simply draw them or go to the fireplace vinyl volumetric wallpaper with the appropriate image.

make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

Plates with laminated coating

LDSP (polished wood chip) or MDF ( Wood-fibrous stove of medium density) Suitable for assembling the frame, and as an finishing coating. If the slabs collect the framework, then the finish can be performed with the simulation of the same tree or brick.

For this suitable:

  • plasterers and putty to create textures;
  • paints and varnishes;
  • stucco.

Acquired laminated MDF may not require additional finishes. All screws of screws can be sealed with a special tape, seams and joints - close with moldings.



From this material, ceiling eaves, small and large details of pseudo-stucco are mainly manufactured. Since it is light, the frame can be made lightweight from the chipboard, MDF, drywall. Before gluing, the surface must be treated with primer or diluted with PVA glue in proportion 1: 1.

Various elements are suitable for creating imitation of fireplaces with their own hands in an apartment where there is very little space. The most important thing is to choose glue, because on screws and nails attachments are unacceptable.



Used to cover the frame of the portal, assembled from metal profiles or wooden bars. It is installed in dry rooms, because when exposed to moisture swells, it is deformed and stratified, and in the end - it crumbles.

It can be used for cladding curved surfaces. For example, arched arch. It is cut without effort, screws are easily screwed, the surface is flat. As an finishing finish from GLC (plasterboard sheets), bricks make and paint them in the desired color.

Pseudocamin with their own hands


A tree is a fairly high-quality and reliable material for both the frame and for the trim. Various bars and planks can be used when creating the foundation of the portal. For decorative cutting elements, you can use purchased wood threaded blanks, parquet boards and screaming them. They are well prepared when creating effect effects.

Do not forget about protective impregnations that scare away any insects, as well as protecting from mold and fungi. Apply the corresponding varnishes to the gloss or mattiness.



If large loads are not provided, then the frames of foam can be mounted frame. Otherwise, this material is used in the form of elements to decorate the same cornices or sockets under stucco. You can also cut the figures on your own.

Polyfoam is not afraid of moisture, but even to easy shocks is unstable. It is necessary to glue it to a special glue, others can simply dissolve.

Staining should be carried out after priming and only acrylic paints - enamel based on the solvent destroy it.

make a false fireplace do it yourself

How to make it yourself

To independently make a false fireplace, it is not necessary to have construction skills and designer education. It is necessary to choose the type of design and materials, work with which will not cause difficulties.

Preparation and definition of sizes

At the preparatory stage, a sketch is drawn or a photo of a finished version from the Internet is printed. On this basis, the drawing is drawn with the sizes, then the calculation of the materials.

Dimensions are selected based on the size of the room. They must be proportionate to the room in which the installation will be made. Little fireplace is lost in a spacious living room, and a large grinding a small bedroom. The optimal size is 1/3 of the wall length, along which the design will be located.

Lzhekamines do it yourself

Polyurethane for the portal

Finished portals are sold with finishing and without it. A wide range allows you to choose the size and style direction - from minimalism to a luxurious Victorian, from classic straight lines to imitation of wood thread and plaster stucco. The selected instance is mounted to the wall on the glue.

Eaves, moldings and polyurethane sockets are suitable for compiling the desired composition. They are sold under painting.

Acquired details:

  • Cropped into the desired size;
  • Mounted to the wall on the glue;
  • covered with finish material.

As a result, you can get a fireplace under a tree, metallic, bronze with patina, gold.

Pseudocamin with their own hands

Plywood or old furniture

Easy in sawing materials are plywood and laminated chipboard from old furniture. Preferences are determined based on the appearance of the finished design. If the plans are wooden option, it is better to use Phaneur with a finished pattern, which by impregnates are made brighter and expressive. If the first layer consists of a veneer made of soft wood, then the relief can be made with a metal brush.

The first thing is drawn a sketch indicating the size. Then, the drawing and calculation of the material is performed. This will help when purchasing a large sheet: having the sizes in the hands, you can immediately cut it on the workpiece. It is so convenient to transport, and at home will only be gathered.

When using the old cabinet, you will need only a few cuts. Doors or shelves can be used to build on old ties or screws in its original form - this significantly reduces the cost of the finished product.


  • plywood or old furniture;
  • eaves, moldings or sockets;
  • putty to fill the seams and creating a embossed surface;
  • primers, paints, varnishes and powders;
  • Glits, rhinestones at will.


  • simple pencil or marker for marking;
  • Square for exposing a straight angle, a ruler or roulette;
  • Electrolovka or hacksaw;
  • screws or ties;
  • Screwdriver and screwdriver;
  • grinding skins;
  • Brushes and rollers.


  1. Apply the markup of the blanks and cut them.
  2. Next and lacquered surface, if necessary, to take an eye (depending on the planned finish).
  3. Collect and twist design at the selected place.
  4. Add decorating elements.
  5. Covered with paints and varnish.

The finish finish can be performed with putty and decorative eaves with subsequent painting. If desired, sparkles or effects are added.

make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

Plasterboard - a new life of residues after repair

Even if you get a whole sheet, it is not more expensive than the finished product. Details of various configuration are easily cut with a conventional stationery knife, but for this you need to apply a drawing on both sides with a complete coincidence. The electrolybiz or a corner machine (Bulgarian) will make it easier for work, but there will be a smell of Gary and a lot of dust.

To reduce the amount of dust, the cutting line is soaked with water. But under the influence of water, GLC becomes fragile, and the edge can be broken. If there is an assistant, then you can put it with a vacuum cleaner at the time of cutting and do without moisture.


  • sheet for cutting or remaining trimming;
  • Metal guides or wooden bars;
  • Perforated corners;
  • finish putty;
  • primer;
  • Paint mesh;
  • Paints, varnishes and decorations.


  • simple pencil;
  • Cornel, ruler or roulette;
  • Stationery knife, jigsaw or bulgaria;
  • Spatulas burning and textured;
  • level;
  • screws;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • sandpaper;
  • Brushes, rollers and sponges.

The walls of the portal are transferred to the wall in the selected place. After that, a visual assessment of the location and sizes is done: view from the window, doors and from the opposite wall. If necessary, you can make amendments, noting them in the drawing and sketch.

Assembly stages:

  1. Build frame. Sliced ​​metal guides or wooden bars twisted according to the markup. The holes are drilled in the concrete surface, dowels are inserted into them. The resulting base is attached to the wall. All formed angles are tested by the coal, and the vertical is a construction level.
  2. Prepared billets GKC are screwed to the frame into place. The screw of the self-sufficiency must be trough a little. The step between screws is 10-15 cm.
  3. All surfaces are ground.
  4. The jokes are sampled by a painting ribbon and put off. If the angles fail to do smoke, you can use perforated corners.
  5. The refrigerant surface is extinguished by sandpaper and re-processed by primer.

The portal frame is ready for decorative trim.

Fake fireplace


From this material, very heavy structures are obtained, and when they are erected, it is necessary to make sure the ability of the floor to withstand such a load. If everything is in order, then the facing brick is used.

In order for the product to be beautiful, you must have skills on laying.

Materials and tools:

  • lightweight brick selected color;
  • primer;
  • Masonry composition;
  • Capacity for the preparation of the solution;
  • trowel and spatula;
  • level;
  • a drill with a mixing nozzle;
  • Simple pencil or marker.

Based on the drawing, you can independently calculate the desired amount of brick and mixtures. If it does not work, the seller will help in this.

All work with construction mixtures must be carried out in protective gloves.

The solution is mixed in strict accordance with the instruction. His qualitative characteristics are saved by a certain period that the manufacturer indicates the packaging. Therefore, it follows in small quantities to have time to use before the hole.

The trunk is applied to the brick to the brick, but not reporting one centimeter to the edges: when tapping and subsequent load, the solution will not float over the side walls and will not exhaust the brick. The protruding mixture should be immediately picked up with a wet rag.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. Sketch is drawn and drawing.
  2. Marking on the floor and wall.
  3. Visually assessed location and dimensions.
  4. The brick is stacked with raising the sublists and the formation of masonry seams.

The cover is stacked on top. The brick false fireplace does not need a subsequent decorative finish.

Fake fireplace

Carton boxes

After the acquisition of large-sized equipment, cardboard boxes remain, which can not be thrown away, and use as a building material for assembling the fireplace design.

To do this, you will need:

  • cardboard or boxes;
  • carpentry glue;
  • Scotch;
  • Roulette and ruler;
  • Stationery knife and scissors;
  • facing paper or wallpaper;
  • paints, varnish;
  • Roller, tassel.

Fals-fireplace from cardboard can be a one-time craft for a holiday or a family photo shoot. Behind the inappropriate, you can throw it away or give someone. Centers of children's creativity will be glad to such a gift.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. The deployed sheet is to draw on the prepared scheme and glue the basis of the portal.
  2. After drying, the joints paste molar scotch for strengthening.
  3. Joiner or wallpaper glue puncture portal.

At the final stage, perform staining and decoration of the surface.



Another material for quick and inexpensive assembly of the product. Get better sheets with a thickness of 100 mm. The foam remaining after the purchase of equipment is suitable - it has a denser structure.

Based on the drawing drawn, the amount of foam is calculated.


  • glue for foam;
  • primer;
  • Paint mesh;
  • Finish putty;
  • putty knife;
  • level;
  • Waters for metal and stationery knife.

Cutting foamflast is better to perform with shallow cloth - the likelihood of breakdowns and the edges will decrease less. If you use a stationery knife, cuts are made on both sides.

Blooming the blanks should only be progressing with special glue, the other mixtures cannot be made. The composition is prepared strictly according to the instructions.

A glue solution is applied to the prepared markup and blanks are installed. Up to drying, the level of installation is checked, adjustments are performed if necessary. The entire surface is covered with a painting mesh so that the putty does not disappear.

The dried skeleton is ground, put off and squeak. Next follows the finish finish.

make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

Decorative finish

The most creative moment in the manufacture of the fireplace is his decorative finish.

How to imitate fire

To create a fake flame picture, you can use 3D holograms with stereo effects, LCD technologies and digital panels.

You can apply:

  • The usual drew on the rear wall of the lingerie;
  • liquid crystal TV;
  • Christmas marginal garland with traffic control on the background of 3D images;
  • hydrochloric lamp;
  • Decorative firewood from plastic or ceramics with internal illumination or without it.

The listed materials are perfectly combined into a single composition and can both complement each other and create accents.

Polyurethane fireplace do it yourself

How to bind the roof

The veneer option depends on the material from which the portal was made. For strong structures made of bricks, plywood, GKL or chipboard, you can use something cold.

Such as:

  • boards;
  • Floor tiles of artificial stone;
  • Trimming plywood lined with laminate, porcelain stoneware or glass mosaic.

For more fragile designs, you can use the same material as for ljekamine painted in the same or contrasting color.

make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

What to put in the furnace and how to decorate the back wall

If you need to decorate electrocamine, the depth of the niche should be at least 40 cm under it, it needs a socket. In the remaining embodiments, a depth of 20 cm is sufficient.

In the furnace you can place a variety of items:

  • candles with smell and without it;
  • Real or artificial lamps;
  • large pebbles mixed with other multi-colored pebbles;
  • Diode tape on the contour of the bottom of the hearth under a transparent plexiglass, to which you can put pebbles;
  • Plug the rear wall of the photocartine or draw the composition itself;
  • Vases with flowers, figurines of different sizes and even soft toys.

Decorations for the rear wall are selected depending on what will be in the very furnace.

Finishing options:

  • continuation of the portal;
  • Facing with plastic or gypsum "brick";
  • drawn or pasted pattern;
  • Mirror tile of different sizes or solid panels;
  • Mosaic tile or tile of small sizes with ornaments.

Even without a living flame, the False Fireplace is able to make notes tranquility and peace in everyday evening.

make a false fireplace do it yourself

Video about creating a false fireplace with your own hands

In the video - a detailed description of the creation of a false fireplace with their own hands indicating its size.

Why do you need a decorative fireplace

One glance to the fireplace is enough to raise the mood and warm up, even if it is not real, but decorative. In addition, the fireplace mounted for the holiday creates a New Year's mood not worse than the trees: you can spend socks for gifts on his shelf, sit next to the book or make cool New Year's selfie.

How to make a decorative fireplace: general principles


The false fireplace has no chimney and other functional parts, so its design is not an example easier. It consists of a portal with a firing in the form of a niche and a fireplace shelf from above. It is desirable, but it is not necessary to make the basis on which all this will stand.

You can also add a grid that will give authenticity. And the focus can be simulated using lamps, garlands or candle. Well, of course, it will be useless to add the decor in the form of a woven on the shelf socks for gifts, tinsel and other little things.


Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Dimensions
Illustration: Artem Kozoriz / Lifehaker

Dimensions You can take completely arbitrary, based on the available free space and your own preferences. Use the dimensions listed on the illustration as an example and adjust them to themselves.


Materials can also be any. The fireplace performs only a decorative function, so cardboard, boxes, polystyrene foam. If the stationary installation and constant use is assumed, you can take a fane or plasterboard on the framework of the profiles.


Ways to finish are limited to your fantasy and opportunities. The most popular options are putty with the subsequent color or bolding bricks from cardboard, plaster tiles and other materials for giving the type of stone masonry.

Fireplace shelf

For its manufacture, the purchased furniture shield is most often used, a wooden stage or a finished shelf of laminated chipboard. If you do not plan to put on top of the book and other hard things, in order to save items, you can make a shelf of several layers of cardboard. It is also often framed by the ceiling plinth and stucco from polyurethane.


There are a lot of imitation of fire. The most realistic of them is the use of a small biocamine with a real flame. Also in the course there are candles, garlands, lamps with fire imitation. Another interesting way is a tablet, a laptop or a monitor with a burning fireplace enabled.

How to make a decorative fireplace from cardboard pieces

Such a fireplace can be built from a large box, cutting several panels of the required sizes. Cardboard sheets are thin, so it is necessary to use another material as the shelves and bases. Well, or glue together several cards.

What do you need

  • 2 sheet of extruded polystyrene foam;
  • cardboard;
  • universal glue;
  • PVA glue;
  • paper napkins;
  • putty;
  • ceiling plinth;
  • Decorative corners for plinth;
  • wire;
  • tape;
  • Malyary Scotch;
  • White acrylic matte paint;
  • Black acrylic matte paint;
  • knife;
  • line;
  • marker;
  • putty knife;
  • Tassel.

How to do

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Stick Cardboard Base Columns
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Cut from the Epps the base of the fireplace of the desired size. From cardboard, make two columns: bend on the corners, and the edges are combined with a thermal oil or universal glue. Stick columns to the base. If the sheet of polystyrene foam is thin - shove the legs from 3-4 EPPS bars.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Stick the shelf and leave under load for 30 minutes
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Apply glue to the top of the racks and attach a sheet of polystyrene foam, which will perform the role of a fireplace shelf. Put a few books, stools or other goods and leave for 30-40 minutes to complete drying.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Secure the arches under the fireplace shelf
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Cut from the cardboard to cut two semicircular arches and secure them with glue under the fireplace shelf and at the columns: one in front, the second - rear. For greater hardness, pick up the size so that the item is tightly consistent between the side racks.

How to make a decorative fireplace: Cut the rectangular arch for the arch
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Cut from a piece of cardboard a rectangle in the width of fireplates of the fireplace and make transverse cuts along the entire length. This item will serve as a vault arch.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Become a set and secure it
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Carefully bend the arch and adopt with glue by pressing the furnaces of the furnace. Welcome well all the joints and dry out the protruding parts after drying.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut the long strip from the cardboard and take it the bottom of the fireplace
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Cut the knife a long cardboard strip and take it ends of the base around the perimeter to hide the stands of the stand and make the bottom more massive. In the same way, fraud the fireplace shelf.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut the rectangles from cardboard to imitate bricks and take them the entire surface of the fireplace
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Cut the rectangles from cardboard to imitate bricks and take them all the surface of the fireplace. Such details will need a lot. At the corners, use halves of bricks or wrap the whole parts on one side to another to look more realistic.

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands: Take all the joints and cracks with putty
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

All the joints of the fireplace shelf and the bases make a putty. Do not hurry and how to fill the slots: the surface must be smooth and smooth.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Puck bricks with paper napkins moistened in Pva
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Apply napkins to bricks, indulge between the joints and scroll on top of the tassel, moistened in PVA glue.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Puck in this way the entire surface of the fireplace to make it embossed
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Puck this way the entire surface of the portal. After drying paper, the "masonry" will be relief and more realistic.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Follow the fire shelf with plastic plinth for ceiling
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Remove the ceiling plinth into pieces of the required length to turn the fire shelf from the bottom around the perimeter. Apply universal glue to the plinth and secure.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Stick decorative corners to imitate
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Under the fireplace shelf, glue the decorative corners that will imitate her stops.

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands: Color the fireplace of white matte paint
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

With the help of a tassel, paint the matte acrylic paint is the entire fireplace, including the shelf and the base. If the paint is shifted, apply an extra layer until the result is satisfied.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Drain a few bricks, and then stir them along the contour of the arch
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Color a few bricks, and then stir them along the contour of the arch.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Make a fireplace lattice from wire and conserve it with a ribbon
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Bend from the wire parts in the form of the letter S with curls and collect a fireplace lattice: connect them with a painted scotch. Then wrap the wire ribbon so that it becomes thicker and is more like a wrought metal.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Drain the grid of glossy black acrylic paint
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Tassel color the grid of glossy black acrylic paint to give even greater similarity with the forging.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Reinstall the lattice and decorate the fireplace at your discretion.
Frame: Nashdroystroy / YouTube

Reinstall the grille and re-adjust the fireplace at your discretion.

What else there are options

Mini-fireplace from sheet cardboard with a tablet as a focus. Dimensions can be changed and make more - true, then to simulate fire will have to look for a screen with a diagonal of bigger or use something else.

Instead of sticking cardboard bricks, the masonry can be simulated by the plaster-applied pattern.

How to make a decorative fireplace from cardboard boxes

The most simple design of the decorative fireplace. It looks not as realistic as more complex options, but it is assembled very quickly and without unnecessary troubles.

What do you need

  • Carton boxes;
  • Black cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • Wallpaper with a drawing of bricks;
  • knife.

How to do

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Make two columns from the boxes of the same size
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Pick up a few identical boxes to collect two columns of them. Curl the lids and glue the boxes among themselves, carefully wrapped them with scotch.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Puck the resulting columns with wallpaper with a painter of brickwork
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Puck the resulting columns with wallpaper with a painter of brickwork.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Take another box and wrap it with wallpaper
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Take another box and wrap it with wallpaper.

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands: With the help of a scotch, attach the last box on top between the columns
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Using a scotch, attach the last box on top between the columns.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Stick from behind and downstairs dark cardboard or other material
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Stick from behind dark cardboard, cloth or other material so that the wall is not viewed behind the fireplace. Do the same at the bottom of the furnace.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Decorate the fireplace of Mishur, garlands and other decor
Frame: Lucy Halford / YouTube

Decorate the Fireplace Mishur, garlands and other decor.

What else there are options

If you have paints at hand, you can not bother with wallpaper, but simply draw bricks right on the cardboard.

Also, the fireplace can be saved by polystyrene foam. Next, bricks cut out on it and paint them.

How to make a decorative fireplace of expanded polystyrene

A fireplace of polystyrene foam, or foam plastic, as it is called in everyday life, is good because it is also going as simple as cardboard, but it has a higher hardness and does not need additional strengthening or frame.

What do you need

  • Polystyrene foam;
  • glue universal;
  • PVA glue;
  • White acrylic matte paint;
  • ceiling plinth;
  • 3 lamps with flame effect;
  • 3 cartridges for lamps;
  • cable;
  • fork;
  • napkins;
  • paper;
  • mounting foam;
  • packing tape;
  • gouache;
  • roulette;
  • knife;
  • brush.

How to do

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut from polystyrene two parts in the form of the letter r and secure the universal glue
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Cut from polystyrene with a knife two details in the form of the letter G. Expand them to each other and secure the universal glue. Together, all this forms a facial panel of the fireplace.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: cut out two rectangles from polystyrene foam and stick to the workpiece to form lateral parts
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Next, cut two rectangles from polystyrene and glue to the workpiece to form side parts.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Make another rectangle in the width of the fireplace and secure it from above the design
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Make one more rectangle in the width of the fireplace and secure it from above the design - it will be the shelf.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Install the fireplace on the base and stick it
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

For the same principle cut the base. Place the fireplace on it and glue by universal glue.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Make three rectangles and secure them around the perimeter of the niche
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

To form the walls of the furnace, make three rectangles and secure them around the perimeter of the niche.

How to make a fireplace with your own hands: Frame Frame Frame Frame Sweet Ceiling Plinth
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Frames Frame Frame a focus with a thin ceiling plinth glued to universal glue.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Cut the whole bricks and halves from the cardboard. Puck the portal surface with them
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Cut entire bricks and halves from the cardboard. Puck the portal surface with them.

Glue the pyramid of three polystyrene bands, make the holes in the steps and paste the cartridges with lamps there
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

For the fire in the focus, glue the pyramid of three polystyrene bands, make the holes in the steps and paste the cartridges with lamps there. Connect the cables. If you do not know how, it is better to skip this step and use the finished garland.

Puck the entire surface of the fireplace with paper napkins in 1-2 layers
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Puck the entire surface of the fireplace with paper napkins in 1-2 layers. Lubricate the cardboard with a tassel moistened in PVA glue, apply an unfolded napkin and smooth it.

After drying, you paint the fireplace of white acrylic matte paint in several layers
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

After drying, you paint the fireplace of white acrylic matte paint into several layers until the result is satisfied.

Puck the pieces of mounting foam moistened in PVA paper paper, and then paint them
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

To make lamps, apply a thick strip of the mounting foam on the packaging film, and when it completely dry, cut it into pieces. Clear them moistened in PVa PVA paper and color in a red gouache.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut the cavities inside and paste the garland there
Frame: 4D-Mama Olga Volkova / YouTube

Cut the cavities inside and paste the garland there to create the effect of flickering burning firewood.

What else there are options

Without any cladding, it is possible to give a fireplace from the polystyrene a realistic appearance, forming the relief with a heated fork and then painting it.

Alternatively, you can make the basis of the fireplace of polystyrene foam, and to simulate brickwork, use the panels of the basement siding.

How to make a decorative fireplace from drywall

Fireplace from drywall is more solid. For its installation, you will need additional tools and some skills. However, the view of such a fireplace will be much more attractive. If you have never been dealing with drywall, check out the assembly technology in our instruction.

What do you need

  • Profile rack or guide;
  • plasterboard;
  • Screws for profiles;
  • Screws for drywall;
  • ceiling plinth;
  • brush;
  • roller;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • putty;
  • putty knife;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • Sculpture.

How to do

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut two pieces of profile for the front and back of the base frame
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

First cut two pieces of profile for the front and back of the base frame. From the residues, form two more segments that will go to the side parts of the frame.

Insert the profiles one in the other and secure the design.
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Insert the profiles one to another so that they formed a rectangle, and secure the design by twisting two screws in all angles on both sides.

Scissors cut the grooves in the width of the profile
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Make small indents from the corners of the frame and cut the grooves in the width of the profile - then the racks will be attached.

Cut four racks from the profile of the desired length
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Cut from the profile four racks of the desired length and while put them aside.

Cut on two long and two short profiles to assemble the fireplace shelf of them
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Just like in the first step, cut on two long and two short profiles to collect the fireplace shelf of them. It should be a little reason.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut the grooves within
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Attach the resulting frame to the ground and check the location of the grooves for profiles. Cut the same grooves in the upper frame.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Install the racks in the base and wear the frame of the fireplace shelf on top
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Install the racks in the base, put on top of the frame of the fireplace shelf, and then fix all the joints. At each point of the mount, wrap two screws for profiles.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Cut the piece of drywall and attach it with self-reversing to the back of the frame
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Cut a piece of drywall of the desired size and attach it with self-reverses to the back of the frame every 25-30 cm.

Cut the protruding parts of the sheet
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Take up a knife, carefully doubt and finally cut the protruding parts of the sheet.

Decorative fireplace with their own hands: Lick all the fireplace surfaces
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

In the same way, lick all the surfaces of the fireplace. Do not forget to remove the chamfer at the edges of the sheets that are joined above the furnace, then to fill the seams with putty.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Treat the primer all the fireplace surfaces
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Treat all surfaces of the fireplace with a primer with a roller. In the corners and hard-to-reach places, use the brush.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Get out all the joints, irregularities and holes from screws with putty
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

After drying the primer, we close all the joints, irregularities and the holes from the screws with the shplan. Apply the composition with a spatula and smooth over the surface.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Follow the fireplace shelf with ceiling plinth
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

While the putty will dry, follow the fireplace shelf with a ceiling plinth. Cut three pieces for the front and sides, and then glue them to the same putty.

Color the fireplace of white water-emulsion paint
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

Color the fireplace of white water-making paint.

Add decor
Frame: Channel Bobur / YouTube

It will only be left to add decor, and everything is ready for the holiday.

What else there are options

The minimalistic design of the fireplace, which is decorated with decorative stucco and molding around the furnace.

Fireplace from drywall with a massive base and subsequent facing of plaster tiles.

The owners of urban apartments about the present fireplace with cozy crackling firewood have only to dream - overlapping typical houses may not withstand such a load, and chimneys in high-rise buildings are almost always absent.

Falsh-fireplace do it yourself

Falsh-fireplace do it yourself

But this is not a reason to abandon the design in the style of the classic living room! Decorative fake fireplaces create an atmosphere of comfort and heat, especially if equipped with electrical firebox with imitation of the flame.

To build a false fireplace with your own hands is quite simple, it is enough to find or draw a sketch, choose the framework of the frame and decoration. For the manufacture of a false fireplace, a variety of building materials will be suitable: plasterboard on a wooden or metal frame, polyurethane decor elements, tile and porcelain stoneware, MDF and LDSP, plywood, foam and even ordinary cardboard. The shape of the decorative fireplace can be completely different, from the simulation of a classic focus to the original design, supplemented by other elements of the decor.

In this article, we will try to describe the process of creating a false fireplace in the most detail in detail, provide all drawings, photos from different angles and video with a finished product, good luck in construction!

Pals-fireplace from polyurethane

The fastest way to make a decorative fireplace is to buy a finished portal for a fireplace from polyurethane. The range of portals is wide and you will probably choose the style and size suitable for your room. Electrocamine can be built into the finished portal from polyurethane, for this it is necessary to know its overall and installation dimensions, as well as the requirements for ensuring ventilation and connecting to the power grid. If you want to do the most out of your own hands, you can go shopping and remove the size from finished portals, buying a piece of polyurethane you can make a similar model much cheaper of its finished analog!

To create such a fireplace, you need to purchase polyurethane, contact glue, putty and finishing materials for the furnace, for example, decorative brick.

Step-by-step process of installing a false fireplace

  • Choosing a place to install a false fireplace, try to install it on one of the side walls of the room - the greatest harmony will be achieved.
  • The fireplace should not interfere with the passage and clutch the room.
  • If you plan to install an electrofire or backlight portal, take care of the wiring and installing the socket.
  • Perform a frame of fireboxs from wooden bars or profile and walls of firewalls from drywall or plywood.
  • Install the portal and secure it with the contact glue. Carefully cover the gaps between the furnace and the portal using the finish putty.
  • Install the electrocamine or complete the furnace of the furnace in the selected style.
  • Connect the backlight. The soft and warm tones of the backlight are perfect for a fireplace in the classic style, for more bold compositions, you can use a multi-colored LED tape. Highlight for a false fireplace

    Highlight for a false fireplace

  • If you do not want to install an electrocamine, the rear wall of the furnace can be decorated with a mirror, and to bottom to lay decorative lamps or pour it with pebbles, shells, glass balls. If you install several candles of different heights and shape inside the furnace, then safe live fire will appear in your fireplace. Rear wall decor Falish - fireplace

    Rear wall decor Falish - fireplace

  • Decorate the portal using paint, patina or gilding, or decorate it with decorative elements. Install the fireplace shelf of wood or artificial stone.

Finished portals can be not only from polyurethane, but also from wood. Their price is significantly higher, but among them there are real masterpieces, for example, with a bar inside.

Decorative portal for fireplace from wood

Decorative portal for fireplace from wood

Falsh fireplace from drywall, simple and fast

To make it easing the budget for the film - to use the remaining plasterboard and profile. Such a decorative fireplace will easily fit into any niche or angle, and can also be an element of a whole composition of the shelves.

Falke Fireplace from plasterboard - Photo

Falke Fireplace from plasterboard - Photo

To create a false firewall from drywall, you will need: galvanized profile for drywall or wooden bars, sheets or trimming of drywall or plywood, screwdriver and electrolovka, metal scissors, putty and acrylic paint, decorative stone or brick.

Falw fireplace manufacturing technology from drywall

  • The main key of success is a thoughtful sketch of the future fireplace with the indication of all sizes and a frame connection site. Measure the room and decide on the installation site of the fireplace. Calculate the required amount of material, and feel free to achieve a business.
  • From the galvanized profile, the framework is performed, connecting it elements with the help of metal screws and a screwdriver. Cut the profile with a hacksaw or scissors for metal. For stability, the frame elements are connected by transverse jumpers. To the walls and semi frame, it is necessary to secure in the event that the design is obtained by cumbersome, severe or too narrow -, i.e. If there is a risk of instability of the structure. Make a frame for a false fireplace from a metal profile

    Make a frame for a false fireplace from a metal profile

  • Sheets of plasterboard cut out the sketch, try. Move and fasten with kalen black self-draws to the profile. Self-tapping caps are slightly plugged to sharpen later. Plasterboard is easily cut by a knife. We screw the sheets of plasterboard to the frame

    We screw the sheets of plasterboard to the frame

  • The joints and fastening sites are putty and leveled with a putty for internal work in two layers, the corners are additionally strengthened with a painting mesh. Speat the edges and joints of plasterboard sheets

    Speat the edges and joints of plasterboard sheets

  • Align the surface of the sheets if necessary using putty. Align the surface with putty

    Align the surface with putty

  • Color the resulting design or finish with other materials: artificial stone, tile or stucco. They glue them to the material intended for this material, divorced according to the instructions on the package. Finishing with artificial stone

    Finishing with artificial stone

  • It is possible to install a mirror using materials using materials that imitate brickwork, you can install a mirror on the rear wall of the furnace. Decorative design Falke Fireplace

    Decorative design Falke Fireplace

  • Inside the furnaces put candles or imitation of the hearth with illumination. Imitation of backlight inside the fireplace

    Imitation of backlight inside the fireplace

    Such a false fireplace is absolutely safe, it can be installed even in the nursery. The fireplace regiment will serve as a stand for photographs, toys and baubles, and gently shimmering hearth will create a cozy atmosphere.

Corner Decorative Gypsum Carton Fireplace (Video)

Falsh fireplace from old furniture

The most fiscal option that allows a false fireplace with backlight from an old unnecessary servant or a cabinet. To work, you will need:

  • electrolovik;
  • Grinding machine on wood;
  • screwdriver;
  • plywood sheets;
  • putty;
  • acrylic paint;
  • Finishing materials: stucco and finishing stone from plaster, decorative elements.
Falsh fireplace from old furniture

Falsh fireplace from old furniture

The technology of fulfilling a false fireplace from the old servant:

  • The opener of the old sample remove the doors and remove the lower end, leaving only the upper section. She put on his side. Making a false fireplace from the old Survant

    Making a false fireplace from the old Survant

  • Sewing the facade plywood so that the furnace and the woods are turned out. Phaneur is attached to the self-tapping screw with the help of a screwdriver. We sew the facade of the fireplace plywood

    We sew the facade of the fireplace plywood

  • Polished surfaces are treated with a grinder on a tree to make them rough. Grind the walls of the primer on adhesive basis, and after drying the primer, they put sand and align the surface. Surride a putty, sanding irregularities and paint it acrylic paint, the angles are separated by an artificial stone or brick. Decorative elements are glued - stucco, install a fireplace shelf from MDF. Finishing of a false fireplace from the old Sanvanta

    Finishing of a false fireplace from the old Sanvanta

  • The furnace is drawn up: the perimeter is glued with a red or yellow LED tape, and the bottom is designed with pebbles, colored sand or seashells. You can also install candles inside the furnace. Registration of firebox fireplaces

    Registration of firebox fireplaces

The decorative fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of the urban apartment. You can make a false fireplace from any material, and their form and design depends only on your imagination, because, unlike a wood or gas fireplace, decorative foci is absolutely safe, do not require the mandatory use of fire-resistant materials and compliance with fire safety measures. You will not have the need to buy firewood and burning the flame - just to light the candles or backlight, and the room will be filled with mild light and comfort.

Fish fireplace from wood with their own hands in one business day:

Photos of ready-made false fireplaces, would distinguish between this?

Falsh fireplace photo

Falsh fireplace in the attic of a residential building

False fireplace - Photo 2

Falsh fireplace in the guest room

Falsh Fireplace - Photo

Falsh fireplace in the office

Beautiful finish of a false fireplace

Falsh fireplace in the hall

Video instruction of the process of creating a false fireplace with their own hands

One of the most simple and beautiful false fireplaces from drywall:

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How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands

This fireplace is rare. Installing it in most apartments is technically impossible. It's much easier to make a decorative false fireplace. In this article, a detailed step-by-step instruction with photos and videos, how to make a decorative focus from the first time correctly and beautiful.

How to make a decorative fireplace: general principles
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

What makes a decorative fireplace

You can make the portal of the false fireplace from any material. Indeed from any - at least from the old cabinet or table. But most often use the following materials:

  • Plasterboard. Universal material from which you can do both smooth and curved surfaces. First collected from the profiles of the frame, which is then trimmed with hyposphate. Fish fireplace from plasterboard can be separated by a tiled under the brick, stone, you can sharpen and paint. If desired, you can decorate with polyurethane decorative elements. But then the parameters of the portal must be made with these details.
Faleximine for the apartment easier to make from drywall
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
  • Plywood, DVP, CSP, GVL, OSB. Working with plywood and fiberboard has long been mastered and the difficulties at present, and all other materials are not different in terms of assembly from them. For such decorative fireplaces from plywood and other sheet material, a frame of wooden bars of small sections is usually collected - 30 * 30 mm or so. For decoration, you can use ceramic tiles with a suitable surface, but it is better to glue it on liquid nails. Also suitable for finishing a false fireplace New material - flexible stone.
Portal for imitation fireplace can be made from any sheet building materials
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
  • Brick. In order to maximize the appearance of the decorative fireplace to the present, you can use a brick. Lay the wall to the floor or a quarter of the brick. To give greater strength, the reinforcing grid is laid in each third-fourth row. This option is possible only if the beams of the floor or overlap can make the weight of one or two hundred bricks, although the smallest (as in the figure) can be folded from the fifth bricks.
The easiest false fireplace of bricks
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Make portals for a false fireplace and from plastic panels, wood or cardboard. But they use them much less often. You can even use glass and metal, but it is more difficult to work with them.

What to put inside

No matter how beautiful the fireplace portal, without fire, or at least his imitation, it has an incomplete view. There are several options:

  • Purchase the electro-fireplace and build a framing around it. A good option, especially since performs simultaneously and the heating function (due to the built-in fan heater). But requires a rather solid amount. Especially if there are such options as imitation crack cod and LED backlight.
Electrocamine - just, but expensive
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
  • Put inside the candle. Such fireplaces are even called candles. When making a portal for such a source of fire, it can be done shallow - 15-20 cm - this is more than enough.
    Candle fireplace is definitely decorative. No functional load
    Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
  • Biocamine (call more ecocamine). This is a small structure of glass, which burns without smoke and soot special biofuels. It is absolutely safe and very decorative. It is still a live fire, albeit without smell and sound. His minus is the price. On some models, it is comparable to the cost of the brick device with the only difference that permission is not required to the bio-fireplace.
    Biocamine can be put in a portal
    Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
  • Make something similar to fire from LED lamps of red, warm white and yellow.

Decorative Fireplace Fireplace

The electro-fireplace was bought with imitation of the flame. Frame is decided to make it from plywood. Used furniture plywood with a thickness of 8 mm. The homemade portal was made in a few hours, his finish took almost two days.

Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Frame cut frame from plywood fairy panel. At the bottom, the frame is wider than 10 cm, in three other parties - by 7 cm.

Frame carved
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Outdoor sizes of the frame cut the side parts. The electrocamine screen should be slightly "dried" deep into the design, and these parts are the front part of the portal.

Cut out the side parts of the portal
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

All three parts collect in a single whole. To do this, you will need a bar 10 * 20 mm and plywood strips, 7 cm wide. Of all this we collect the front wall of the false fireplace.

Collect the front wall
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Under the existing front panel, we make the rest of the frame. To give stiffness, put the jumpers at the top, along the faithful edge of the front panel. Below also set the bar. The platform under the fireplace body is based on it. Side walls we are cutting with plywood slices carved.

Frame view from the back
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Front view
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Actually, the decorative fireplace is almost ready. Finishing work remained. For decoration, a ceramic tile of two species is selected - gray "under the stone" and white "under the brick". We begin to glue it on liquid nails. The work is moving slowly - it falls into small pieces.

Start finish
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Partly cutting it turns out on the plottle, but often you have to use the grinder, and it is dusty, it requires concentration - it cannot be sprinkled again, and the edge should be smooth. The edges, cropped tiles that remain open, polished. And this is time again. Therefore, the cladding takes a lot of time, the work is tedious.

Portal cladding for decorative fireplace
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Almost the middle of the work came insight: so that the angle, the tile laid out neat, the edges of the tiles should be braked under 45 °. Bulgarian cut under 45 ° is very uncomfortable, much easier for the circular (found at the neighbor). Then the joke is obtained if not the perfect (due to chips), then much more attractive.

All the seams between the tiles are embedded with a suitable color, the joints began to look excellent. A table top is installed as the top panel. It turned out a false fireplace and at the same time the stand under the TV. The result pleased.

Decorative fireplace is finished with their own hands
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Artificial fireplace from plasterboard

Plasterboard and profiles allow you to create decorative fireplaces of any size and configuration. First of all, it is necessary to decide on what size portal you want to do, draw it on a sheet of paper or in one of the design programs, put the size, consider the finish type. Only then, on the finished drawing you can start work. So do it right.

Calculation of proportions and preparatory work

To make it easier to estimate the proportion, you can use the finished drawing. You can change the dimensions to your conditions and is necessary - this is not a real brick fireplace, in which all sizes must be observed for normal operation, but only its imitation. So boldly customize the sizes under your own representations and sizes of the source »fire.

Drawing of a decorative fireplace with dimensions
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

If an electrocamine is inserted into the portal, it is necessary to insert the power supply line to this area in advance. When laying the cable, use the installation rules: to bring wires to the outlet from above, strictly vertically (not under the tilt or arbitrarily). In this case, when attaching profiles for drywall to the wall, you will definitely not fall into the wiring, as it is visually easily determined by its location - from above above the outlet. In this space simply do not install fasteners.


If you are going to make a portal for candles, dimensions can be even less. One of the drawings of the candle fire in the next drawing.

Sample sizes of the candle fireplace
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

First, we draw the main lines of the portal on the wall. Then, on them we screw the starting profile sliced ​​into pieces (it has the appearance of the letter "P" without shelves on the sides).

Profiles on the wall indicate the size of the portal
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Then, according to the drawing, create a bulk frame for a false fireplace. Immediately install vertical strips marking the size of the portal. On the floor, the same frame is assembled as on the wall. The dimensions are in the drawing, but it will be worth it to compare them with the actual so that there is no distortion. The finished frame is installed at the desired distance, fixed with short profile segments, creating a bulk box.

Collect the carcass
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Lastly, a frame is collected for a small podium before the "furnace" of the decorative fireplace. If you make it before, it will be inconvenient to work.

Features of working with GLK

Often questions arise when creating arches. To get a rounded line, every 5-6 cm is cut off the sidewalls of the profile, leaving the "back" of the whole. In this form it is easy to sleep. When installing, each "petal" is attached to the crossbar (from two sides).

How to make a rounded line from the profile
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

After the frame is ready, we are trimmed with plasterboard. He cuts out the usual stationery knife. In addition to him, you need a long line. We place on the drywall line on which it must be cut off. We apply a ruler and spending a knife along it. The main task is to cut the upper sheet of cardboard, cutting the plaster is not necessary. Under the cut line, it is put on any bar, knock on the sheet from one or the other side. Gypsum breaks through the cut line, everything that remains is to fold it and cut off the second elephant of cardboard.

Rounded lines on drywall can be cut out by an electrolybiz, if there is, or to break the gypsum with small pieces, and then align the edge to the edge (the gypsum is well cleaned).

Than kpped

Plasterboard sheets are attached to special screws with a screw at the end. Because of the small size they are called "flea". It is necessary to twist them so that the heads are drowning, but it is impossible to break through the cardboard. Installation step - 15-20 cm on direct sections without load and 10-15 cm on sections with bends. Briefly, it's all the wisdom of mounting drywall.

To extend the sheet of the gypsum, the covering arch "furnaces", it is cut from the strips with a width of 5-7 cm on one side. On the cut lines, the plaster breaks, but the second sheet of cardboard does not cut. It turns out that the gypsum strips are hanging on this cardboard, because of this, the band is well bended. It is applied to profiles forming bending, fasten with self-draws. When installing, be careful, put fasteners in the middle of the strip - with the edge of the pieces can be broken.

The frame for a false fireplace will be covered with drywall
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Finish finish

After the portal for the artificial fireplace is covered with plasterboard, you can start the finish. You can sharpen it and paint and paint, you can bite under the brick or stone, another option is an artificial facing stone.

Processing process
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

On plasterboard, the facing is more convenient to glue on liquid nails or special glue for the selected material. It is only important that it can be used with plasterboard.

To the portal for an artificial fireplace seemed more voluminous so that the game "Flame" was more interesting, part that goes closed with a mirror (if electrocamine does not be installed). The mirror can be ordinary, on glass, and maybe flexible - acrylic. It is preferable, since it does not be fading.

Decorative fireplace made with his own hands
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)

Suts between tiles close up grout. Often it is chosen dark gray, similar to a solution. Then from afar, the portal is similar to this.

As you can see, make a decorative fireplace with your own hands is not too difficult. Especially those who have at least a little experience with plasterboard. A more complex option, with a stucco, manufactured "at the place", look in the video.

Photo of the fireplace imitation in the interior

Simulation of the fireplace in the classic interior
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Gypsum Biocamine Bible
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Imitation of the fireplace with candles - the main thing is to choose the clearance
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Biocamine in a stone framing. Do not distinguish between the present
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Decorative fireplace fits into the most fashionable styles - minimalism, high-tech, modern
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Correctly decorated electrocamine fits into a refined setting
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Another bio-fireplace
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Candle fireplace creates a romantic setting
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
The portal can be issued a mosaic
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Interesting option - before the crash
Decorative fireplace with your own hands: Step-by-step instructions, how to make a fireplace (60+ photos)
Falsh fireplace from a cardboard box with their own handsFalsh fireplace from a cardboard box with their own hands

Fireplace. Cozy crackling of lanes, donating heat flame, discarding the fancy glare on covered skin furniture of the Victorian era, candles on high candlesticks, and in the middle of the room a New Year's beauty - Christmas tree. In each ball of reflections of the flame from the fireplace, and the covered festive table and manites with dizzying smells of exquisite dishes.

Dreams. Of course, if you have a cottage, over time you will definitely call our own fireplace, but after all the holiday I want today. Partially desire can be satisfied by making a false fireplace from a cardboard box or other available materials, such as foam or plasterboard. It is clear that the difference is like between a real and soy sausage, but let's say on New Year's holidays and modules.

Read in this article ...

Falche fireplace from cardboard OH boxes

(Step-by-step photos)

 Fish fireplace from a cardboard box from the TV

Decorative fireplace from cardboard sheets

(Step-by-step photos)

Decorative fireplace from cardboard sheets

Corner False Fireplace Cardboard

(Step-by-step photos)

Corner False Fireplace


Falche fireplace from cardboard Oh boxes

(Step-by-step photos)

Fish fireplace from cardboard boxes master class


Falche fireplace fireplace

(Schemes, drawings, step by step photos)

Fish fireplace from plywood master class


Falsh fireplace from foam

(Schemes, step-by-step photos, 10 photos)

Falke Foam Foam Master Class


Falsh fireplace fireplace

(Schemes, step-by-step photos, photo gallery)

Fish fireplace from plasterboard master class


Corner Fish Plasterboard Fireplace

(Schemes, step-by-step photos, photo gallery)

Corner False Fireplace from Gypsum Carton Master Class

 Falche fireplace from cardboard

For the manufacture of a false fireplace, you can use a box from large household appliances. In this case, from the TV. You will also need a lot of glue and various details for the decor. The latter can be made independently from the same foam or buy special convex wallpapers. To imitate stucco or columns, polyurethane foam decorative parts are sold in stores.

Fireplace from the box for the TV

Fireplace from the box

To begin with, it is necessary to give the shape and just paint so that there are such fireplaces, and then that the imagination will tell. You can leave both in this form, too beautiful.

False fireplace from cardboard box

Fireplace from cardboard

Or such.

cardboard fireplace do it yourself

Falsh fireplace from cardboard

The volume can be made less, cutting the box so.

Falche fireplace from cardboard

Further everything is simple, collect as a designer and design

False fireplace from a solid box 

You can assemble the design of individual sheets of cardboard and packaging boxes. Coupling tape connections, cross itching, make the fireplace shelf from double cardboard.


But here it is shown how easy and quickly make a New Year's false fireplace from a cardboard box.

 how to make a false fireplace fireplace

Cardboard, of course, the material is not durable if you have a big box, then a good option will make an angular false fireplace, it is stronger and places less.

Corner False Fireplace Cardboard

Corner False Fireplace from the box

The false fireplace is not necessarily made from a solid box, maybe you simply do not have it. From the refrigerator have already thrown away, and the new plasma has not yet bought. Use the box smaller, like on this photo. This is the easiest option, you will need only the scotch and wallpaper "under the brick".

Fireplace from cardboard boxes

The tile under the brick can simply draw, or make a stencil, as in the photo, but it is better to make out of the foam, paint, woven with glue, it will be very beautiful.

Decorating False Fireplace Stencil

Decorating the fireplace foamflast

Here is another very simple and cute christmas fireplace from a cardboard box. I hope you will enjoy!

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/faux-fireplace/

If you work a little over the decor, you can make such options. Yes, do not be surprised, these fireplaces are made of ordinary cardboard boxes.

From cardboard

Cardboard False Fireplace

Look if you do not laugh, you really create such masterpieces.

Decorative cardboard fireplace

Fireplace from cardboard with her rocks

So dare, turn, it will not be in vain spent time. Fireplace, maybe not real, but comfort, which he creates, quite real.

Decorative cardboard fireplace

Decorative cardboard fireplaceChristmas holidays will be more fun, if there may be no real, but still a fireplace. Do not know from what to do? Remember about cardboard boxes, which probably fell in your garage or barn. Let it and the temporary design, but to raise the mood for the holidays to children and adults, will fit Decorative cardboard fireplace made by hand . That's the same thoughts came to the head and the author of this project - look at the photo, it turned out very well, and if you find the light, then not to distinguish from the real fireplace.

So, some of the main elements that you need :

  • Cardboard, a lot! For some parts, the author used a double wall box for other single boxes.
  • Insulating tape
  • Santimerte
  • Marker or pen
  • A lot of joinery glue.
  • Paints: Red, gray, brown, black, or any color that you like.

Other necessary subjects :

  • Something heavy for the press, as an option, stack of books.
  • A piece of old plywood - to distribute weight
  • Clips

Brief instructions

Decorative cardboard fireplaceDecorative cardboard fireplaceIn the photo you can see how basic vertical poles were collected. Of course, your design may vary. When the vertical parts are glued, they must be glued to the flat part, which ultimately will become a "brick" base.

  1. Turning over the lid, set the poles inside and then set the cut side of the box cover flush with the back of the speakers.
  2. To access the bottom of the fireplace, put the design to the floor. Using two-layer cardboard scraps, cut and glue the basic frame
  3. To enhance the middle part of the fireplace, add the crossbob between the two colums.
  4. The parties are made of a two-layer sheet, and a single strip that covers the design is a single-layer layer. Using the side of the glue along the edges of the sides, accurately install and then fold the single-layer strip along the edge, as can be seen in the photo.

Now about the base

  1. In the photo you can see how the base is. Since there were only four elements of the crossbar for work, and not very long to cover the whole length, they need to be strategically accommodated.
  2. As soon as it is done, find a good flat piece of cardboard, which at least will be the size of the top of the base. After the supports are dry, glue the "crossbars" and install the fireplace on the bottom piece of cardboard.
  3. You will see that the gap remained between the upper and lower parts. Close it with cardboard.
  4. Install the back, that is, just cover a piece of cardboard, covering your back between two columns
  5. Cut "Bricks". Starting from the bottom of one column, glue "bricks" in the alternating pattern, as shown in the photo, leaving about 6 mm gap between them.
  6. Color fireplace. Once paint dry, start to decorate!

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/decorarative-cardboard-fireplace/

Fake fireplace

Cardboard fireplaceHere you can find out how to quickly do Decorative fireplace from corrugated cardboard . What for? Just for fun. Not necessarily for a holiday, just a fake fireplace will give the room a more picturesque look, especially since it is likely to be temporary in any case. Moreover, the cardboard design is very easy, you can try to install the finished fireplace in different places of the room by selecting the most suitable option. Then, if the idea with a false fireplace will have to taste, you can make a more solid design, from wood, plywood or drywall and install in the selected place.

Step 1: Prepare Cardboard

Cardboard size for this project was 112 x 130 cm. Use a pencil and thread to make a semicircle and then cut out the shapes with a sharp knife. Corrugated cardboard easily cuts when corrugations are in the same direction as the incision. You may have to change the scale so that the fireplace corresponds to your room.

Step 2: Separate details

Dougie size

  • Circle with a diameter of 847 cm. The arc starts at 20 cm above the base
  • The height of the middle part is 91 cm 36 inches depth of 25 cm 10 inches
  • The base is 53 cm deep x 8 cm in height
  • The height of the upper shelf is 25 cm thick 10 cm.

All this is done in three sections. Base, arched part and upper shelf. Then glue together by adding curly brackets where it is necessary.

Step 3: Belt design

Use cardboard that consists of 2 layers. Cardboard is quick and easy to fix with a special stapler or a hard pistol. The structure requires a large number of brackets hidden from behind to preserve its stable and strong enough.

Keep in mind the corrugated cardboard will not keep heavy solid objects, such as a globe. Do not put anything heavy on the upper shelf, although it's amazing that the cardboard can do when it is properly folded. The same with jugs and vases. In any case, moisture and cardboard are not friends at all.

Step 4: Decoration and fire safety

Remember that a cardboard fireplace, the thing flammable, so no candles or something that can cause a fire. In the focus you can make the effect of a silk fake flame. It looks very beautiful. And of course, the New Year's garlands, if they can be used on the Christmas tree, then they will fit perfectly for a fake fireplace.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/christmas-fake-fireplace-fake-fireplace/

How to make a cardboard fireplace

Cardboard fireplaceIf you have a fireplace, even if you are not real, the atmosphere of the holiday immediately feels in the room.

Anything you need - This is a large cardboard box, scissors, tape, hot glue, brown wrapping paper and marker.

  1. Use the tape to secure the corners of the cardboard box.
  2. Cut a rectangle on one side of the box to make space for "fire".
  3. To get an idea of ​​proportions, a rectangle is at a distance of 18 cm from the edges.
  4. Cut the box in half.
  5. Depending on the size of the box, you can make it higher or wider. In this case, to make the design higher, the author glued the flaps from the second half, which was not used, to the bottom of the fireplace. Since it turned out to be high, the author decided to expand him, reducing the horizontal part in half and inserting another piece of cardboard. This inset was enhanced with adhesive tape and another cardboard detail below.
  6. To decorate the fireplace, cut the brown wrapping paper and wrap in front of the fireplace. First wrap the middle horizontal part, then the sides and, finally, the bottom. The design of the drawing can be found on the Internet, but if you have artistic abilities, just draw the pattern you like.
  7. Attach the fireplace to the wall so that one of the vertical parts closes the outlet. In this case, the fire is a garland wrapped around an inverted ceramic bowl with a candle in the middle. Everything stands on a box, draped with a cloth. Decorate the top of the fireplace christmas cards and other light decorations.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/cardboard-faux-fireplace/

Simulation of the fireplace with your hands from cardboard

Imit a fireplace fireplaceI hope this small false fireplace from cardboard will inspire you to create something similar.

That's what you need to do :

  • Flood from a cardboard box
  • aluminium foil
  • A portal of a wooden board and a few artificial logs from papier-mache (acrylic varnish)
  • "Burning coal" made of red lights electric hoars

You also need an elongated cable and timer so that the light does not remain all night.

Step 1: Glowing "focus"

This is the main feature chip. Lent in the bottle of garlands with red light bulbs. It should be a matte white glass bottle to dispel the light and disguise what is inside.

Step 2: Bricks, hearth and fireplace

  1. In this case, a box from the TV should be given to the shape of the fireplace.
  2. Cut the front and make the base for the hearth.
  3. Then cover the design of the primer based on the gypsum.
  4. Use a thin painting tape to draw brick lines.
  5. Mix acrylic paints to get the color you need. To get fat, brick texture, mix a little gloss, molding paste, silica, clean sand or something else to resemble a brick texture.
  6. Color with a thick layer of paint and let dry, then remove the tape.

How to make focus :

  • First draw the hearth (floor fireplace) black paint.
  • The focus will look more convincing if you add "ash", so mix gray sand paint. You can add brighter gray shades.

How to make a fire shelf :

  • Spill the board so that it is a little longer and wider than the "brick" basis.
  • Clear top and cover with varnish.

Step 3: Make a few artificial launches and cover with a glass bottle with garland. .

How to make firewood :

  1. Take cardboard boxes for eggs, cardboard tubes from paper towels and rolls of toilet paper.
  2. Cut pieces to get together and pasted them on organic forms.
  3. Paint in suitable color.
  4. Draw small black stripes so that they resemble birch logs.

Collect everything :

  • Cover the entire fireplace aluminum foil, which will reflect the light, and will also help prevent fire.
  • Try to minimize contact between "coal" and "firewood".

Comment on safety ,

Use the timer so that the lights turn off at a certain time. Foil will also fight overheating. Finally, the bottle does not heat up, and minimize the contact of the focus and lane. And in general, show vigilance and do not leave a false fireplace unattended for a long time.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/faux-fireplace-from-scraps/

Cardboard Fireplace for Office

Cardboard fireplaceSeveral step-by-step photos, how to make a cardboard fireplace for the office. This is a very light project, you will not need any special skills.

Need to cook :

  • Three boxes to form an arch. Boxes are better to choose high and narrow.
  • Paint - color depends on your interior.
  • Wallpapers - preferably brick decorative wallpapers so that the fireplace looks more realistic.
  • PVA glue (or any other).
  • For the focus, take the christmas garland and scotch.

How to collect a fireplace from the boxes, the instruction, perhaps, is not needed. The end result can be seen in the first photo. True, there is still an on top of the board, as you can see, the fireplace has stood, but this is at your discretion.

Now a little about how to make a hearth .

  1. For a stand, make 4 rectangular cardboard figures in size 45 cm in length and 10 centimeters in height. And two forms, such as the letter H, whose height is at least 60 centimeters. Color black paint from the pulvizer.
  2. Take two cardboard parts and fold together. In the upper part, cut the knife to be the view, like the burnt lane and paint black paint.
  3. Then skip in the middle of the Christmas garland and fasten your scotch. Just check that the lamps on the garland are really safe, and that is, the danger that everything will be very realistic.
  4. Turn the garland and see how it looks in the fireplace, should be very beautiful.

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/cardboard-fireplace/

Look at a small gallery where various options for cardboard fireplaces are presented.

Falche fireplace fireplace

The focus of the room is very often a fireplace. This is the place where heat, comfort and special elegance comes from. Why don't you try to do Falche fireplace fireplace He is the same light, but much stronger than from the cardboard. Here is a scheme, so to speak, classic design.

Plywood fireplace schemeBelow are some more examples of artificial wooden fireplaces from Plywood, MDF, chipboard and other available materials.

How to make a fireplace fireplace

Falche fireplace fireplaceJudging by the requests on the Internet, Falsh fireplaces are now very popular. Homemade focus more than temporary holiday decoration, Artificial fireplace - This is a special decor for living room or bedroom. So without much cost you can drastically change the interior design of any room. Total 10 steps, and you will turn the boring room (or office space) to a cozy lair. The more add decor, the more illusion.

What you need for this fireplace: 1/2-inch plywood, 2 plinths, 2x2 bars, boards for the fireplace shelf, circular saw, 2-inch screws, L-shaped brackets, latex paint, plasterboard, sandpaper.

How to collect a fireplace, partially shown on step-by-step photos, and you can read the full instruction on the site of the original source - the link below the gallery.

Source photo www.doityourself.com/stry/how-to-make-a-fake-fireplace

Decorative false fireplace

Decorative false fireplaceThis Decorative false fireplace You can easily do over the weekend, so there is still time before Christmas. The design is easy to fold for convenient storage and is very easy.


  • 18 mm plywood
  • 12 mm MDF.
  • 6 mm dvp.
  • 4 hinge + screws
  • Glue for wood
  • Primer
  • Black paint.
  • Instruments
  • Table Pila
  • Lobzik
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Nazcachka
  • Brush

Step 1: Cut materials

Decorative false fireplaceSizes of sawn timber you can see in the diagram. All parts, except for products shown in yellow and green - Plywood 18 mm . Yellow Detail - 12 mm MDF. and green - 6 mm. Of course, it can be adapted for any size or design you want.

To create a section with an arch, the author laid out the design using its list of materials, as a guide. The arch is cut with a jigsaw. Of course you can do it in any way convenient for you.

Once all pieces are cut off, polish and round the edges, it must be done necessarily that the children will not be hurt.

Decorative false fireplaceDecorative false fireplaceStep 2. Creating a facial side

To make the front of the fireplace, just glue two side parts (in red) to the arc (in yellow).

To make the design wider, glider with a size of 50 mm (in white). The central section (in orange) gluits on the spot between the two side parts and flush with the top

Step 3: Install the hinges

Making sure that the lateral folding part (in light blue) is located on top and bottom along the far edge, stick to it 18 mm in 2 places. The loops will be attached to them and folding lateral parts (in light blue). Mix the locations of the hinge holes, and then drill the test holes to make it easier to spin screws.

Step 4: Make the top shelf and lid

If you want the upper shelf to look short, she pasted another 18 mm Phaneur to the front (in pink) and on two sides (in purple). It forms a 20-millimeter protrusion. To cover the arch, use 6 mm Fiberboard (in green).

Step 5: Paint, decorate and ready!

Now everything is done! It's time to attract children to work. Let them decorate the fireplace as they like. You can draw a flame for fire, decorate garlands, in general, let the children dream of. In the folded state, the false fireplace is easy to store and move, and also very easy to assemble.

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-fold-away-christmas-fireplace-decora/

Falish bedroom fireplace

Forenery fireplaceHave you been dreaming about a room with your own fireplace? You are not alone, the author of this beautiful false fireplace fireplace also wanted to decorate his room, and as you can see, I implemented my dream in this wonderful project.

Watching step-by-step photos, you will make sure that make a false fireplace firewood Not at all difficult. It may arise some difficulties with the manufacture of arches. You can do this - draw a rectangle on the front of the plywood, where you want to create an arch, making it 10 cm high and further 14 cm from the end. Then, to turn the rectangle into the arch, use nails - lock on both ends and one in the middle, the perfect arc shape will be. Then just cut the jigsaw.

Building a housing no work does not represent if some nuances are interested, you can learn more information on the site.

Source photo akadesign.ca/diy-faux-fireplace/

Fish fireplace in the interior with their own hands

Fish fireplace in the interior with their own handsFish fireplace in the interior with their own handsThis Falsh fireplace in the interior The classic style perfectly suitable for a narrow room. If you like this option, step-by-step photos will help you make this beautiful fireplace, and you can read the detailed instructions on the site.

Photo source lovethetompkins.com/homerenovation/faux-fireplace/

Artificial fireplaceArtificial fireplace with focus decor

Traditionally, fireplaces are part of the living room interior. This is a place for meetings with friends and family, where you can feel that there are many wonderful moments. Since not in every modern housing can be equipped with a real fireplace, imitation of the hearth can be a good alternative. Despite the fact that artificial false fireplace The temperature in the room will not rise, but the feeling of warm, cozy atmosphere is no less important for any home.

Let's not go into any sizes or details of the assembly, on step-by-step photos perfectly shown, how to bring down the bars in the frame and tinker. And in general, it is just an example for your inspiration, since it is not possible to make a real fireplace in your home.

The author took one day for the manufacture of the design and a couple of days for high-quality painting.

Posted by: Josh Rhodes Photo source abeautifulmess.com/2014/10/faux-fireplace-surround.html

Fish fireplace from MDF with built-in wardrobe

Fireplace from MDF.Isn't it nice when you do something yourself, and at the same time save some money in this process? Here is shown how to make a false fireplace do it yourself from MDF . And not just a fireplace, but also with a built-in locker.

These are materials and tools that the author used for this project. But this does not mean that you must use the same thing These are just recommendations .

  • Two sheets of plywood
  • One sheet MDF 3/4 inches
  • Plinth 245 cm
  • 6 hinges for fixing 90 °
  • Woody glue
  • Nails
  • Miter saw
  • A hammer
  • Paint and brush
  • Clamps of various sizes
  • Roulette
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Grinding wheel or hacksaw (if you need to cut off the door shelf)

One remark . If you want the parties to be flush, and there were no pens, install magnetic springs. They were not supplied with instructions, but quite simple in the installation. And remember that in order for the magnetic spring grip to work, it should be able to pushed at least 10 mm. Just take into account the door design when choosing a door latch.

Detailed instructions for the manufacture of false fireplace can be found on the site, the link to which is under the gallery.

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/diy-faux-fireplace-with-hidden-storage/

A few more examples of Fallery Fallery

Falche fireplace from a tree

How to make an artificial fireplace do it yourself

artificial fireplaceWhatever the fireplace, real or artificial, it performs a special function, Creates in the room atmosphere of comfort and special charm . If you live in an apartment where there is no possibility to establish a real fireplace on firewood, then the option proposed here is perhaps the only alternative. If you like the project offered by the author, then just follow the instructions and step by step photos, and you can make this cute Artificial fireplace do it yourself In just one evening and with minimal cost. All efforts of the Storm will pay off the festive mood and the joy of your children.


  • artificial fireplaceStart with creating a structure. It will be necessary to cut a 1 × 10 board with a length of 110 cm, and two to 68 cm, as well as 4 clusters of 90 cm.
  • The boards will be the front of the fireplace, and the bars are fastened from behind to add depth to the structure.
  • Carefully seize all edges. Put the board 110 cm per floor and under it, perpendicular to each end, set 68 cm boards to form a U-shaped form.
  • Apply wood glue on all joints.
  • Then, along the structure, vertically lay the bars so that they are covered from top to bottom U - shaped shape, one along each edge. Pre-drill holes and 5 cm screws fix parts on wooden boards. This side with bars will be the rear of the fireplace.

Step 2.

  • Turn the wooden structure so that its front side is pointing up.
  • Now it is possible to fix decorative details.
  • The first board with a length of 110 cm rush horizontally, aligning with the upper edge of the fireplace.
  • Then spill two parts of 68 cm and glue so that the vertices are adjacent to the top.
  • To put the parts well, use clamps.

Step 3. To support the fireplace board, glue and fix the 15-cm wooden shelf with screws on each side of the fireplace. Note. It is important to choose brackets whose length does not exceed 15 cm, otherwise you cannot adequately cover the portal at a later stage.

Step 4. Cut the board with a length of 122 cm for the top. Rounded the corners to make the fireplate more beautiful. Put a round capacity in the upper left corner and outline the circle with a pencil. Cut the log cabin. Remove the remaining three-quarters of the circle and repeat in the upper right corner.

Step 5. Rounded angles facing forward center the board above the riding with a 5 cm protrusion on both sides. Get it to the top of the design and fasten the clamps while the glue dries.

Step 6. Collect the surface of the fireplace with sandpaper or grinding.

Step 7. Install the decorative elements, you can do as in the photo or come up with something your own.

Step 8. After the glue is completely dry, wipe the dust and paint or cover with varnish.

Step 9.

  • When an artificial fireplace is built, install it in a place in the living room or another room.
  • Slide the metal corner bracket around one edge just below the top board, where they will be barely visible.
  • Raise the fireplace and screw half the staples in the wall.
  • Attach the fireplace once again to the wall so that you can find where you can attach the second metal corner bracket.
  • As soon as both are installed in the wall, simply screw the open ends on the fireplace side.

It remains to put a candle in the hearth or to imitate fire from the light bulbs.


Posted by: AMA RYLLIS Source photo www.bobvila.com/articles/faux-fireplace/#.wkkqhlvl-ig

False fireplace scheme with dimensions

False fireplace schemeFalse fireplace schemeWith these schemes that display a step-by-step construction stage, you can collect your own false fireplace from wood with your own hands. Dimensions in the drawings are indicated in inches, 1 inch - 2.54 cm, 1 foot - 30.48 cm

You will need blacks :

  • 1 - 1x12 8 feet length
  • 1 - 1x10 6 feet length
  • 1 - 1x8 6 feet long
  • 1 - 1x6 10 feet length
  • 1 - 1x4 4 feet length
  • 3 - 1x3 8 feet length
  • 1 - 6 inches crossbar
  • 1 - 8 inches long end edge
  • 2-inch screws
  • 1 1/4 inch nails
  • 2-inch nails
  • sandpaper

If something is not clear in the schemes, the instructions can be found on the site.

Source photo www.ana-white.com/2012/09/plans/mimi039s-faux-mantle

False Falkery Production Scheme

False fireplace schemeThese drawings will help you make a very simple, but elegant False fireplace do it yourself Virtually no cost. The process is shown on step-by-step photos in the schemes, and read the instructions on the site.

Photo source rogueengineer.com/diy-faux-fireplace-mantel-surround-plans/

How to make an artificial fireplace

how to make an artificial fireplaceThe most successful thing you can come up with the eve of the Christmas holidays is Artificial fireplace made by hand . The author is very happy to share with you all the step-by-step details of this beautiful project! If you dream about the fireplace in your home, but there is no such possibility, it is definitely the best option.

Here are the materials that were used in this project. :

  • Ready portal (sold in the store)
  • scraper
  • bucket
  • brush
  • 3 sheets of plywood
  • 9 boards 2 × 4
  • Ordinary and decorative nails
  • Plasterboard
  • Roulette
  • Pencil
  • A circular saw
  • Lobzik
  • Hinge piano
  • a hammer
  • Electric drill
  • Hand saw

Below, see detailed step-by-step photos, and find the instruction on the site, link under the gallery.

Posted by: Cass Photo source www.remodelaholic.com/build-faux-fireplace-mantel/

How to make an artificial fireplace ... to look absolutely real!

how to make an artificial fireplaceIf you do not have the opportunity to get a real fireplace - do an artificial one. If you try to try a little, it will be absolutely real, and if you compare with the price of this fireplace, you can say that almost free . This is a great decision on Christmas Eve! And with time, of course, a real fireplace can be folded, if the conditions allow. The design is light and not tied to one place, so if you decide that the fireplace is not yet needed, you can move it into a secluded place for storage until the next winter. And if you want to make a permanent part of the interior, it is shown here how to firmly attach it to the wall so that your kids cannot climb and tip over. This is very important in the house with young children.

Artificial fireplace Great place for decor ... or several lanes so that the focus looked truly realistic.

If you want to make exactly such a false fireplace, as in the photo, you will need to cut part parts:

  • 4 boards 5 x 27 cm, 4 pcs 5 x 38 cm, 2 pcs 5 x 73 cm. This is finishing the front of the hearth.
  • 4 pieces 5 x 23 cm, 2 pcs 5 x 38 cm, 2 pcs 4 x 38 cm. This is a lateral decoration.
  • 4 pieces 4 x 88 cm, 8 pieces 5 x 88 cm, 4 pcs 5 x 19 cm, 8 pcs 5 x 10 cm. It is for columns (only one size)
  • 4 pieces 4 x 22 cm, 4 pieces 4 x 88 cm. This is an additional pillars.
  • 20 pcs - 8 x 19 pieces cut out of lining.

All the details that will be needed, and the procedure for manufacturing a false fireplace you can find out on the site of the author of this project, the link is under the big gallery with step-by-step photos. By the way, the whole process is very detailed in photographs, so even a person with a little experience is not difficult to understand.

Hope you enjoy!

Posted by: Sara. Photo source www.makeit-loveit.com/make-a-faux-fireplace-with-hearth-works-bsolutely-real/

Artistic Fireplace from Pallets

Fireplace from palletsYou do not have a fireplace, but have pallets? Then consider the problem is solved. Here you will learn how to do without much effort Artificial fireplace from pallets with their own hands In just one day.

We will not go into details how to disassemble pallets, we will assume that this step you have completed.

Used tools :

  • Miter saw
  • Brads (decorative cloves without hats)
  • Bulgarian
  • Drill
  • Wooden clamps
  • Level
  • Roulette and pencil

Materials used :

  • Approximately 18 boards width about 10 cm
  • Four steps from pallets
  • Half of the oak log (longitudinally) about 30 cm long
  • Acrylic paint: red, orange, black, white
  • Pine wooden filler
  • Glue for wood
  • Nails, screws

Step 1: Make a frame

  • Frame will determine the size of the fireplace. Be sure to consider the thickness of the pallets when choosing sizes.
  • In this case, the size of the frame 80 is 80 cm
  • First, make a square frame section using 2.5-inch screws to connect each detail. When the square is ready, attach more boards to the base. This not only adds stability, but also forms a small protrusion, like an ordinary fireplace.
  • Attach to the front at the top one of the steps to get a thicker framing.
  • Using the second part of the footboard, attach it to the square frame at the top, but below the steps that you just attached.
  • Using the third footboard, cut out pieces of the appropriate size to insert inside and at the bottom of the square frame. They are designed to attach pallets on the front of the fireplace.

Step 2: Vertical fees

  • Find the boards of the same color and width with a minimum gap size.
  • First, select the boards that will be installed on the left and right from the fireplace center. Match the boards so that their width is the same for both sides.
  • Second, select the boards that will be attached horizontally along the front of the fireplace and above the hole.
  • Thirdly, select a blackboard for the front of the framing.
  • Attach four boards that will be installed vertically - on the left and right of the hole, - overlapping them along the edges of the same width as the fees themselves. This allows them to cover the edges of the parts that you will use in the next step.

Step 3: Connection points

  • Put the fireplace on the floor on the floor up.
  • Attach the cropped board from behind vertically.
  • Then attach the blocks to the vertical part, which you just added.
  • Let them are far enough from the sides of the hole.
  • Cut the two panels from the pallets and come to the left and right side, inside the fireplace hole.

Step 4: Horizontal boards

  • Cut and attach the board that was chosen for the front. Also cut two additional parts for each side. Use wooden glue and clips if necessary.
  • Attach horizontal boards with nails and glue. If they are flat and not deformed, you can nourish them from the back to avoid filling holes in the future step.

Step 5: Final parts

  • Use the remaining pallets to cover the rest of the frame parts.
  • Base and ledge
  • Inside hole
  • Parties

Step 6: Fill the holes

When the fireplace is finished, fill in putty all visible holes.

Step 7: Make fire!

What is a fireplace without fire ?! Using half is full and one board from the pallet and make a fake, as shown in the photo to put in the fireplace.

Step 8: Paint fireplace

  • For the focus, use black acrylic paint. One layer will be enough.
  • The facade can paint white, or at your discretion.

Step 9: Decorate and enjoy!

Merry Christmas!!!

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/pallet-fireplace-2//

False fireplace with firewood imitation

False fireplace with firewood imitationFalse fireplace with firewood imitationStep-by-step guide How to create your own false fireplace . It does not have to be a project in the fresh air, you can set indoors. Dimensions are 138 cm and 127 cm in height, but you can adjust according to any space.

This false fireplace can be fully made of old sawn timber, so before going to the store, first check your reserves, for sure there are a pair of old boards and bars. How much you need sawn timber and detailed instructions, how to collect this not a complex false fireplace, read on the site. Although the step-by-step photos are and presented here will be quite enough.

Source photo prodigalpieces.com/diy-faux-fireplace-indoor-or-outdoor/

Here is another way how to build a pretty False fireplace do it yourself

False fireplace do it yourselfFalse fireplace do it yourselfAgree, the original decision, make a "parquet" focus :)

Photo source www.rebeccaprose.com/2015/11/diy-faux-fireplace-mantel/

How to make an artificial fireplace

False fireplace do it yourselfAnother example Wooden false fireplace . True, the author had already a fireplace regiment, but he wanted to make it larger and functional. So this is a description, how to improve the old false fireplace. It illustrates more how to make an artificial fireplace so that you can understand how to do it with your own hands. Today everything can be bought, false fireplaces are also sold in stores, it's just hard to choose that the sizes are perfect for your room. But the purchase fireplace can always be improved, perhaps this example will help you. Look at this fireplace after the author added fasteners on the back and marble tiles as a focus!

Author Manuel Williams. Source photo acultivatednest.com/how-to-make-a-faux-fireplace/

Falsh fireplace from foam

If you are looking for the easiest solutions, then The easiest way, perhaps, make a false fireplace foam fireplace . All that is needed for this is good glue, there is one of the special composition on a cement basis, your idea and a couple of foam sheets, a thickness of approximately 120-150 mm.

The main thing is to make the drawing correctly, by the way, the one is suitable for the above, for Falish Fireplace from plywood. Then:

  • Cut fragments of the fireplace from the foam;
  • stick them on a sheet of plywood or cardboard;
  • Reinforce the grid of propylene;
  • Contra breath cleaned the corners;
  • shit;
  • decorate.

The last stage can be performed in different ways - stick wallpaper or tile, paint the water paint, from the same foam cut and paste various parts.

It turns out, for example, such a workpiece - like a blank sheet of paper, create what you want.

Falsh fireplace from foam

For example, such false fireplaces, in oriental style

Foam fireplace

Falsh fireplace from foam

Simple racks.

Foam fireplace with its rocks

Foam fireplace

In classic style

Falsh fireplace from foam with his own hands

Foam fireplace

Solid, you can even with a liquid crystal screen with a video card.

Foam Foam Classic Fireplace

Falsh fireplace from the foam

With imitation of fire or just as a decorative rack

Foam fireplace with fire imitation

Foam fireplace

Or as a shelf resembling fireplace, to decorate the interior.

Falsh fireplace from foam

The main thing is not to risk installing electrical devices or candles in a decorative furnace - foam foam material. And in general, it is necessary to handle it carefully, the wrong movement, there is a hole or dent, therefore it is necessary to separate the false fireplace from foam in foam.

Foam fireplaceAlso instead of polyfoam, you can use polystyrene foam They have a common foundation, but differ significantly in their characteristics. Polystyrene foam is more durable because it has a homogeneous structure .

In general, buy a 4x8 insulating polystyrene panel and cut down the portal size. Make brick shapes, cut hole. For the fireplace shelf, you can use a board or make out of foam. This is a complicated part ... If you smear the foam with a heat gun, you can soften the edges and melt expanded polystyrene foam. It gives a brick and stone texture. Therefore paint and artistically arrange. The whole design looks as if weighing a ton, in fact no more than three kilograms.

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/stone-fireplace-for-theatre-prop/

Several examples of foam fireplaces

Falsh fireplace fireplace

 The main thing is that the cost of the construction of false fireplace is minimal . In previous photos, it can be seen how it is easy to make an artificial focus of cardboard boxes, but a more reliable way, it is the construction of the design of a gypsum cardboard. False Fireplace is a very comfortable thing, it will perfectly fit into the interior of the office, bedroom, living room, just need to make a little effort.

To begin with drawing, for example, such. Size ratio, naturally, make on the basis of the size of the room where it will be located.

Scheme false fireplace

Perhaps the main difficulty is to make a frame. The photo shows a metal design, although it can be done from the tree. In general, we do according to the painted framework and we are cutting with drywall, all things. If you are going to put something, heavier than a vase on the fireplace regiment, then the design must be strengthened.

False fireplace do it yourself

Then proceed to decorating.

Artificial fireplace with your own hands a step-by-step instruction

Artificial fireplace do it yourselfIt is necessary to recognize the fact that some things are better fake than real. For example, an artificial fur (a little animals), and fake fireplaces (because sometimes it's easy to put this). But if you decide that you need a fake, then at least you need to do so that it looks as real as possible. If you are going to fake something, let it be very believable. See how it turned out the author of this project. Believe that it is an artificial fireplace ?

Necessary materials : Boards, fake brick panel, white paint, drywall or plaster plaster, sandpaper, plastic spatula, wood glue, putty. Eugene tools: saw, jigsaw, nail stolen.

And then you need to do only 5 steps .

  • Step 1: Make an insert for a fake fireplace. The fireplace consists of two main parts - internal and outdoor. We work in reverse order and first make the inner part.
  • Step 2: Install an artificial brick. The author recommends putting a brick panel onto the board face down and trace the front of the front of the insertion on the rear panel. After that, cut off the desired size and glue to the insert. For the arch bricks cut out separately and just approach along the arch. Do not worry about the intervals, this question will be decided later.
  • Step 3: Apply putty and paint a brick panel. Be sure to fill all the gaps between bricks in the arch. After driving, polish sandpaper and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Step 4: Design
  • Step 5: Attach the inside to the outside. Once the paint is dry, simply screw the inside to the outdoor on the back side.

Of course, this is a very shortened instruction, read all the details on the site.

Source photo www.woodshopdiars.com/diy-fake-brick-fireplace/

You can see a small selection of examples of decoration of false fireplaces. Maybe you will take something for the example.

Today there are so many different materials, ranging from foam plastic, convex wallpaper and ordinary plaster. Also, polyurethane molding is used for processing.

Falche fireplace from polyurethane

Polyurethane is more often used to design already ready-made designs, in principle, it is easiest to buy a ready portal, the choice is large enough.

Fireplace from polyurethane

Fireplace from polyurethane

But if you want to show creativity, from half colonun, platbands and moldings can be constructed Falish fireplace from polyurethane with their own hands . Separate parts are attached to the wall, so that a very beautiful imitation of the fireplace may turn out.

Polyurethane fireplace do it yourself

Fireplace from polyurethane

So beautiful you can make an already finished design.

Polyurethane fireplace part

Installing False fireplaces from polyurethane is very simple, except for putty and glue do not need anything. You only need to choose a suitable place and describe everything, for example, so.

Fireplaces from polyurethane

Fish fireplace from polyurethane is able to decorate any interior. Rate in this selection, as it may look like.

Such beauty can be made even in a small urban apartment, imagine how your room will look sophisticated.

Corner false fireplace do it yourself

Everyone wants to create in the house of the comfort, and Fishin's Fishin perfectly copes with this role. True, there may be a problem with placement, it is not always easy to find a free wall, especially if the rooms are not big. For the front fireplace, let even the smallest, it is necessary, as for a small bedside table, Therefore, a good solution will make a corner fireplace with your own hands. This decides the area of ​​the area, besides, if you do the design of cardboard or plywood, it will be more reliable.

The most common material for false fireplace is plasterboard, it is lightweight, durable and is an excellent basis for various finishing materials. To install, you will need:

  • make a drawing taking into account all features - location of sockets, width, height, depth;
  • conduct markup;
  • Parallel with the wall screw the bar;
  • Samores are fixing the UD profile, controlling the sidewalls not to go beyond the first profile line;
  • Then on the wall is mounted wall profile.

Corner fireplace do it yourself

Corner Fish Plasterboard Fireplace

On the finished fastener we screw the upper UD profile.

Installing the corner false fireplace

If you are to make a false fireplace fireplace, the attachment system is almost the same.

Corner False Fireplace Forens

When the base is ready, turn on the fantasy and proceed to the facing. The fireplace can be reeded with ceramic tiles, paint or enclose with a special film. Decorative false fireplace serves to decorate, so decorate it, as you think you need, you can help you this small selection of photos.

Fish fireplace from old furniture

Artificial fireplace from the old cabinet

Furniture fireplaceIf you like fireplaces, but on objective reasons you cannot afford such pleasure, read this amazing project! Take Old bookcase and turn it into a beautiful artificial fireplace ! The most wonderful thing in this idea is that you can easily turn your new fireplace back to the bookcase. In my opinion, this is an excellent solution for a small apartment. The theme of the fireplace is especially relevant before Christmas. If you feel that your home lacks the atmosphere of the holiday, look around, for sure there is a wardrobe or a bedside table, which can be removed on a cozy fireplace for a while. The main thing, nothing needs to radically redo, just decorate a little. If short, then you need to choose a suitable furniture, a book locker, a bedside table or something like this. Then find the board of the fireplace shelf and several bars for the portal. All this is polished, paint and come up with a fastening, so as not to nail to the cabinet. Then to arrange the "focus", for example, shock with black paper. Find a stand, beautiful is full, wrap the New Year's garland - the hearth is ready. If you want to know how the author of the fireplace presented in the photo did, go to the site by reference, there is a more detailed instruction.

Photo source www.loveourcrazylife.com/diy-old-bookshelf-faux-fireplace/

Furniture fireplaceHere's another Falche fireplace from a small book bedside table . The author used the old mirror frame and the footboard.

It is necessary to simply cut the sides from the old mirror and attach them to the front of the bookcase, it will be "columns" of the portal.

You can add any architectural elements that like, or just leave the parties alone.

The author liked the antique faction of the fireplace, but you can do something more modern.

Then you will need to find boards for the fireplace shelves and the steps, and also come up with the design of the portal.

Of course, such a fireplace in the bookcase will be difficult to recreate accurately ... But you have received an idea of ​​how random things can be used to do something amazing.

Photo source www.nelliebellie.com/bookcase-fireplace-tutorial/

And one more example. This miniature false fireplace Creates a cozy mood in the room, which contributes to the "warm" glow in the focus.

Furniture fireplaceFurniture fireplaceKeep in mind that your option will look different, standard materials for homemade structures simply does not exist. First you need a reliable stand - book locker, bedside table, floor shelf, in general, something suitable forms. Then you put the box in the side wall, which is turned out, and make the stand on which the fireplace will be installed.

Here is a list of materials that can use.

  • Stand (bedside table, outdoor locker)
  • Wooden drawer table
  • Little decorative wooden shelf
  • White paint and primer
  • Black paint.
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Glue for wood
  • White Candles or Branches, Transparent Glass Vase and LED Garland

How to collect an artificial mini fireplace

  1. If the stand has a front door, remove it. Apply the primer and paint the surface.
  2. Let dry and apply another or two layers.
  3. Find a beautiful wooden box that is suitable for your fireplace. Nothing terrible, if the size is definitely not suitable, you will still sow to the desired form.
  4. Looking at the fireplace from behind, install the filmed box and cut it so that he does not stick from the rear.
  5. It may have to raise it so that the lower part of the box coincides with the lower edge of the fireplace. To do this, simply screw several screws. Spray the paint inside the trilateral part of the box.
  6. After drying, align on the edge of the front.
  7. Drink all the wooden parts in size to form a frame. Flat parts can be just glued. For heavy parts, screws will be required.
  8. If necessary, once again apply white paint. A white piece of rack ends on top, it can be glued or fastened.
  9. The lighting of the hearth can be done in different versions - Christmas garlands or wax candles.
  10. To make glowing firewood, you need lamps, cut into shorter fire widths, LED lights and transparent glass vase.
  11. Make a hole in the back of the box.
  12. Credit garlands and turn on the bulbs.

You can put the fireplace into a children's house or just leave, like a decorative room decoration.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/mini-fireplace-upcycled-materials/

Furniture fireplaceFish fireplace from the old bed

Of course, not from each bed you can make a false fireplace, but if you are lucky to find such a vintage version, then .... See step-by-step photos.

Back and legs, this is almost ready portal.

It remains to add some plywood for the framing, make a fireplace shelf, for which you can use the sidewalls and decorate.

Excellent example.

It is clear that you will have your own bed and another false fireplace, but the main thing is the idea.

Photo source loveoffamilyandhome.net/2014/11/diy-faux-fireplace-mantel.html.

Or this is the option. This is also a false fireplace from the head of the old bed, but you can arrange the fireplace focus of real firewood.

Screensaver fireplaceScreensaver fireplaceThat is, the idea is to make the candlesticks from the real flights. In principle, it should be one-piece design, so better and for security reasons. Nothing difficult, but beautiful and original. On the left in the photo you see how it was in the initial version, but on the right with firewood. If you like the second option, instructions, how to assemble a candlestick from firewood, read on the site, link under photos.

Source photo www.interiorfrugalista.com/2015/08/diy-faux-fireplace-insert.html

False fireplaces from furniture 50 photos

The following shows a few examples as beautiful Arrange the focus of an unused fireplace .

Fireplace insert from sleep

Caminal insertWhen spring comes, it's time to make the fireplace more attractive and cover the dark hole, which looks in the design of your room is not entirely appropriate. Make a fireplace insert which looks like either logs to hide the fireplace when it is not used. When the fireplace is needed again, it is easy to replace this insert to the fireplace grille. Ready? Let's do!

Step 1: Find suitable logs or thick branches and saw them on 5 - 10 cm. Running. They should not be perfect in size. Do at least approximately the same. A small difference will only add realism. Make sure you have a few logs of various sizes, so that you can fill the space between big sleeps.

Step 2: Depending on the saw and type of wood that you use, the spey can be uneven. Spend some time on grinding so that it turns out a clean and homogeneous surface.

Step 3: Apply oil impregnation to the tree to protect wood from future damage, and give a more attractive view. Allow the tree to absorb oil after applying, then wipe out the excess. After that let's get dry.

Step 4: Measurement of the opening of the fireplace. To first set the split circles on the back panel, you need to measure the hole where you will insert the screen. Carefully measure the fireplace hole, measuring all the angles in case the opening of the wrong shape. Transfer the size of your fireplace on the plywood sheet and cut out.

Step 5: When you cut the shield, apply several layers of black paint on it.

Step 6: When the paint is completely dry, you can glue a sleeper. Start with big harsh, then set smaller between them. Complete the gluing using the smallest sleeps that fill the gaps between large blanks. When everything is ready and the glue will dry, you can install.

Step 7: Install. Attach the shield and press into the fireplace hole. Gently paste the insert into the hole until it is fully staffed and completely woops in the wall. Step 8: Enjoy! Using the screen, your fireplace can again become a center of attention, even without fire! When you want to use the fireplace again again, simply delete the screen.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/fireplace-insert/

If you have a good fireplace that is not used for direct purpose, then from this instruction you will learn how to decorate it so that you can still enjoy the fireplace atmosphere without smoke and cleaning! The instructions are not necessary here, just look at step-by-step photos.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/fireplace-update/

Candle corner in the old fireplace

Caminal insertIf the old fireplace is used more, you can simply disassemble it and close the hole. And you can make this Beautiful candle corner . As it was done in this case, it is shown on step-by-step photos, and the detailed instruction is on the website of the author of this project, you will find a link under the gallery. Of course you can arrange everything in another style, but the main thing is remember, these are safety rules.

  • Never use candles on a wooden database or anywhere else if there is no suitable candlestick.
  • Never use candles under the influence of alcohol or any medicines that can cause drowsiness.
  • Always cut the candles before leaving the room.
  • Never leave an open flame within the reach of children or animals. Under no circumstances use design with wooden riding.

Photo source www.instructables.com/id/turning-an-Unused-fireplace-into-a-candle-nook/

And here is shown how Update the portal of the old fireplace

Refresh old fireplaceThis project requires that you have a rather durable fireplace to maintain new wood. You can read the instructions on the site.

Source photo www.instructables.com/id/diy-fireplace-mantel-upgrade/

Schemes Falche Kaminov

May be useful

Fish fireplace is beautiful, do not be afraid to take care of work, the main thing is to start and you will succeed.

For a long time fireplace In the house of personiform Symbol of utya and home the hearth. Heat and soft light, which proceeded from it, filled the house with a unique atmosphere, because the fire has amazing soothing and pacifying properties. Years passed, and the appearance of fireplaces has undergone many changes and modernization. Now have this element in your home is considered a luxury that can not always afford Residents of apartments in high-rise buildings. In this case, simple imitation will come to the rescue. In this article we will look at several ways as fake do it yourself from the simplest materials.

Types of false fireplaces

Oddly enough, but the fireplace can have Various versions. Before you start independently, you should decide which option you are more likely and most importantly, is appropriate in your apartment.

  • Maximum realistic - This species implies the manufacture of absolutely all elements of the fireplace, which will be very believable to imitate the present design. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the real dimensions of these standard fireplaces and Recreate the burning process. To do this, the electrocamens are mounted in a niche around which good-quality portals are erected. Well, or an electronic photo frame that broadcasts flame lights. This is the most expensive option, but the most reliable.
  • Partial imitation - This is a simpler and less cost option. For the construction of such a fireplace, a portal is erected, which protrudes from the wall, make a cover for it, you can even imitate brickwork and natural wood or stone rocks. But the decorative elements are already located in the furnace, which only conventionity denote the presence of the hearth. Such structures look very comfortable and convincing.
  • Symbolic designation - This type of execution only remotely resembles the outline of the real fireplace. With the help of wooden planks, decorative baguettes and moldings or other elements on the wall indicate contours, which are similar to the image of the original image. In many cases, use the drawing with acrylic paints directly on the wall surface. In this case, the flame can be drawn. If you like such Non-standard options execution of familiar things, then this option for you.

Now we will understand what kind of benefit It lies in the use of such an element in the interior and for what you need to spend so much time and strength.

  • First of all, it is, of course, successful designer solution Which will help to decorate the room and make it more comfortable, warm and homely. In addition, fireplaces are not so often found in the interiors of apartments, which will help make it more unusual. And considering the fact that the surface is often decorated with beautiful materials, you are additionally diversified decor elements in the room;
  • If you decide to recreate the option with the built-in electrocheamine, then you will receive Additional source Light I. Heat. This will help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room before turning on the central heating or after it is turned off;
  • Most fireplaces are crowned with massive lids. Restating this element, you will have Additional place To accommodate your favorite collection of decorative statuettes or home photos. For various holidays or memorable dates, you can decorate its surface with symbolic decor. Fireplaces, decorated to the New Year with garlands, real fir branches and decorative socks for gifts, look especially festively.
  • And the most cunning option - for Hide communications and deficiencies planning. For example, you can hide a large number of outlets and wires that are under the TV zone. It often happens that under the window and in the corner on the adjacent wall there is a heating radiator, which not only looks inappropriate, but also prevents accommodating there any piece of furniture. Turn this disadvantage of the room's highlight and beat the emulsory angle will help the construction of a decorative portal around it. At the same time, the radiator will not cease to heat the room.

The initial stage of preparation and choosing the size

To make a false fireplace with your own hands, do not necessarily possess special design or construction abilities. Clearly clearly imagine the desired image of the future fireplace and choose material with which you will be easier and faster to work. Any work should start with Sketch и drawing. Yes, these are two absolutely different things. After all, the sketch displays only an appearance with all sorts of decor. And the drawing already sets the dimensions, focusing on which you can calculate the required amount of material. In order to draw a working drawing, it is necessary decide с dimensions Compositions. Be careful at this stage.

The dimensions of the false fireplace should be proportional to the room in which it will be located. Too Large construction In a small room will look cumbersome and even more to english space. But the small fireplace in the spacious room is simply lost. Also, he should not interfere with the free move around the room. Optimal width It should not exceed 1/3 part of the wall to which the design will be attached.

№1. False fireplace from cardboard boxes

Having a large number of cardboard or small cardboard boxes from under shoes or shallow equipment, it is possible to build a real fireplace "to build". In addition to cardboard You will need:

  • a lot of joinery glue;
  • Malyary Scotch;
  • roulette;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • something severe as a press;
  • Something writing.

Charm of this Fashion It is not only in its ridiculous cost, but in the fact that the process of creating can be carried out in a games form in which your children will be attended by joy. Moreover, it is not necessary to drill anything, and there is nothing to spoil. So, let's begin.

For the first time we advise use more Simple forms For the manufacture of the portal. Moreover, such a false fireplace can be used as a disposable. For example, make it to the new year and spend a small family photo session on his background. You will get a lot of positive and memorable moments, surprise your friends and loved ones and make the most unusual decoration from the most ordinary materials.

If you have a big box from large equipment, then it must be accurately deployed and Make a pattern. To do this, draw the size of the rear and side walls on its surface. You have to leave the rectangle, which you need to fold the letter P. sideways must be made volumetric. To do this, they should be folded, as shown in the figure.

If not enough one box, do not despair.


between themselves

Little boxes,

Forming framework. If necessary, put the press in place. All the edges and joints at the end must be glued with painting scotch and fasten with glue. After a complete drying of the design, it can be painted using spruile colors, shine with bricks from foam or decorate in any other way. Remember that it is decorative, very

Fragile design.

№2. Falsh-fireplace from plasterboard

Of course, an important role is played and Cost Ready Compositions. Let's start with the most affordable material, not counting cardboard, plasterboard. It is a pleasure to work with him thanks to the fact that it is very easily cut from the details of any configuration. Yes I. installation Such elements are very Simple. On the construction of the fireplace of the medium size, one sheet of GLC is quite enough, because its dimensions are 1200 × 2500 mm. It is better to use a wall view that has Thickness 12.5 mm. To work you required:

  • sheet or pruning of GLC;
  • Profile or wooden planks;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • stationery knife;
  • putty knife;
  • Finish putty;
  • primer;
  • corner perforated
  • Paint mesh;
  • Screwdriver and self-tapping screws for drywall.

In order to most exactly represent how much space will take The fireplace that you were depicted in the drawing, mark the place of installation on the wall and transfer outdoor dimensions to it. Get out to the opposite wall and evaluate the result. Maybe you have to reduce or increase the size, or change the location. At this stage, you can still introduce All sorts Amendments. Only after you are fully satisfied with the dimensions and the place, proceed to cutting parts and fasten the frame with the changes, if there are.

  • The basis for Carcass There may be remnants of a special profile under plasterboard or flat wooden planks. According to the markup, screw the first elements with self-draws to the wall. It is not recommended to use nails - threaded connections are much more reliable. If the sizes of the fireplace are quite large, for its stability and reliability, make additional fastening sites and on the floor. Use horizontal jumpers to give Designs rigidity. In the case of attaching profiles to a concrete base, you first simply attach it to the wall and drill together with it a hole. After that, insert the dowel and secure with the help of screws. The evenness of each element is required Control the construction level.
  • After the frame will be ready, transfer the dimensions of all the walls onto the GLC leaf, trying to have them as close as possible to be less waste. For cutting, you can use both the usual stationery knife and the electrolovka. True, there will be a lot of dust from the latter and the cardboard on the edges can be frowning and rushing if you move too quickly. Everything Details need preliminary Tense And to finalize the edges of sandpaper as needed. When you make sure all the items perfectly approached the size of the frame, you can bout to their consolidation.
  • Be careful, Spinning screws. With the right installation, their hat should drown on the surface of the drywall to a depth of about 1 mm. This will greatly facilitate the further facing process. Recommended distance Between fasteners - 10-15 cm.
  • After the trim is necessary Hide All joints I. irregularity. For this, the finish putty will be best. Pre-surface must be projected. If the wall consists not from a solid piece, then the junctions between fragments are necessary Clear painting ribbon. All angles should be aligned with perforated corners, and then apply the first layer of solution. Putty must be distributed uniform thin layer. After its drying, irregularities and influx must be cleared with sandpaper or a special metal grid. To predict again to remove dust and once again apply the finishing layer of putty.

At this stage, the construction of a false fireplace from plasterboard is considered to be finished. Next, it remains for the small - the decor of his surface, about which we will talk a little later.

Number 3. Falla Foam Foam

Another one Fast And simple Manufacturing method The false fireplace is the use of foam sheets. They can be purchased at any construction store. Better buy sheets 100 mm thick. You can use the transportation foam, which remained from the acquired refrigerator, TV, washing machine or other equipment. If you do not plan to move, then it is hardly useful to you, but according to the degree of density, it is much superior to the finishing option. Draw a drawing and catch, whether you have enough of the existing amount of material. Besides Need to have:

  • adhesive
  • Capacity for kneading;
  • putty knife;
  • level;
  • hacksaw;
  • Paint mesh:
  • priming;
  • Putty finish.

To to avoid Crossing I. uneven edges During cutting parts, use fine metal with metal. Due to the large thickness and density, simply cut off the fragment with a knife neatly it is unlikely to succeed. It is not necessary to break down half the cut elements, in the case of cracking, such a piece is already impossible. We will glue the elements to the wall and among themselves with a special solution for foam. Very important Buy the mixture for the installation of this material. Because of a very slippery surface, which is practically devoid of absorbent properties, another type of composition may simply not glue the elements. The wall, the floor and ends of the foam, which will touch them with them, must be preloaded and let them dry. We mix the mixture, strictly following the instructions.

Start mounting with lateral parts. The solution is applied to the wall and on the floor, focusing on pre-performed marking. After leaning the foam. Until the solution grabbed, with the help of the level, check if it is installed and Correct By necessity it position. So gradually connect all the details. After the frame is driving, it is necessary to shock its surface and prepare it for the subsequent decor. This can not be done if you plan to glue decorative foam bricks.

The surface of the foam is very It is hard to swell. To facilitate this process and ensure the necessary level of adhesion, it is necessary to leave the entire surface with a painting mesh. If the edges come out uneven and ribbon, use the corner. The process of applying putty is similar to those described in the previous embodiment. After complete drying, the false fireplace from the foam is ready for decorative cladding. If you have liked this option of manufacture, then keep in mind that the design of this material is in the future, you should not use as a place of location of pots with home plants, various techniques and other heavy items. Only decorative items.

№4. Falsh fireplace from chipboard or old furniture

Another very suitable type of material for creating an artificial focus is a chipboard. You can use as normal polished Chipboard So laminated. The choice is based on how the finished product will look like. If you want to simulate a wooden fireplace, then, of course, it is better to give preference to LDSP. Beginning of work It should be done, as in the first variant, from the drawing. In this case, it is necessary not only in order to actually present dimensions, but also in place in place where you will acquire a DSP leaf, you could immediately cut it into the necessary fragments. It is very convenient both in terms of lightweight transportation and when assembling. At home, you will only stay to bore all the elements with each other with the help of screws.

The main difference

false fireplace from chipboard from the design of plasterboard - it is his


It is not necessary to touch it to the wall to achieve sustainability. Having established a small stand-based stand for him, you manufacture a fully independent design, to change the location of which will not be difficult. And if desired, it can be equipped with small wheels. With due skills, you can cut the sheet and independently. In the case of the use of LDSP, it is necessary to purchase and

decorative edge

Which will hide the ends and make them more neat. By the way, for the manufacture of a "wooden" fireplace can



Old shelves

or cabinets. And small doors can serve as side walls at all. It will cost much cheaper. The finished product must be rid of dust and sawdust and graze the polyrolla for furniture. The fireplace from the usual chipboard is necessarily subject to further decoration.

№5. Polyurethane false fireplace

This Modern material Conquered the recognition of many designers and ordinary consumers. This is not surprising, because in addition to an attractive appearance, he may bend and acquire various forms. You are without much difficulty finding in stores or on the Internet a lot of offers for sale already Finished portals from polyurethane. Moreover, their diversity will allow not only to choose the required size, but also the style of execution. Models are presented as in the form of strict, straight lines, and with a richer finish, which mimics the elements of stucco and even a wood thread.

In general, with the choice you will not have difficulty. Installation of it is also not difficult. It is necessary to simply glue it to the wall using a special adhesive solution in the desired place. Next, you can paint the surface of the portal or




Separate elements by applying gold, bronze or silver powder.

In addition to a solid portal, you can simulate it with various moldings or semi-colonne from the same material, as it were, referring to the zone of the hearth, but not so clearly. Of course, this option is less realistic, but in some interiors it will be quite appropriate. Especially in premises with a limited free space that I want to diversify a little.

№6. Pals-fireplace of brick

This option allows achieve Maximum Realistic external species. But at the same time effort and costs require much more than in previous versions. For masonry, facing brick is used. The only nuance This method is the weight of the finished design, especially if it has considerable dimensions. Therefore, before proceeding with work, appreciate the condition of your floors. If you are confident that they will easily withstand a considerable load - boldly get over the case. You required:

  • Npieces of bricks;
  • Mix for brickwork;
  • Master OK;
  • primer;
  • Capacity for mixing the solution;
  • Corn for a drill.

To decide The main thing Task how many bricks need, a drawing is needed with all sizes. Knowing the sizes of one brick, you can easily navigate with a total number in the store. In any case, the seller will always help you. Run masonry Will not be much difficulty.

The main thing is to check the straightness of each row. To ask yourself a landmark

Apply markup

On the floor and wall. This will help avoid distortion. We knead the solution, strictly following the instructions, and comply with the specified proportions. Otherwise, your masonry can "crawl" and all your works will go to the pump. To achieve more homogeneous mass, use the nozzle for


In the form of a whisk. Do not smear the solution with a thin layer, but do not overlap it with a lot. It is necessary to adhere to one thickness, distributing the mixture evenly.

Small Council

- Do not put it on the entire surface of the brick, leave about 1 cm from each edge free. When you lay a brick on top, it must be difficult to sleep a little to keep it well. In this case, the solution will definitely perform, and soad the lower row. If you follow our advice, you will be able to avoid this, and the seams will be smooth and neat.

Do not forget that the finished mixture has the necessary properties only a certain period of time. It is usually 60-120 minutes, Read More specifically on the package. Therefore, you should not be distracted while working. The chesswork looks more spectacular, but in this case you cannot avoid the need for cutting. You will help to cope with Bulgarian and a diamond circle. Do not forget about pro individual protection means. A stone fireplace will need to close on top of the lid. In the outer finish, the finished brick portal does not need.

Falc-fire finish

Now the army has arrived creative stage which consists in making the frame of the desired appearance. Fire options fireplace Great set. To choose to be successful to remember that the real fireplace consists of four main elements - Portal, cover, firebox and rear wall. Consider ways to finish each element separately.

Decorating the portal

Depending on the style of the room, you can use such techniques:

  • Most Easy way - It is painting. The advantage of this method lies in its low cost, the speed of execution and the ability to choose absolutely any shade.
  • Most Realistic way - This is a decorative sandstone facing, gypsum or foam bricks. They are glued on a special mixture. To comply with the same seams, use plastic crosses for masonry tile. The larger the portal, the wider they should be. Bricks after mounting can be painted in the desired color.
  • Wooden panels Also very appropriate will be for the design of false fireplaces in a classic style. To protect the surface, it is pretty lacquered.
  • Decorative elements Gypsum or polyurethane stucco looks great on monophonic smooth portals. They immediately become elegant and presentable.
  • You can use decorative Mosaic or even tile Tile Small sizes. You can lay out a specific pattern. In principle, any facing materials can be used. Even caught with wallpaper in the color of the wall and create a feeling that it is squeezed out of the wall. If only the style of registration did not contradict the interior Rooms.

What to use for lid facing

Strong structures, For example, from drywall or real brick:

  • You can cover the piece of real tree, opened with varnish or stove of artificial stone
  • You can use as the basis of a section of plywood or chipboard and bore them with porcelain stoneware .

More Fragile designs Do not load strongly.

  • You can decorate the lid small pebbles. To do this, on a fragment of plywood follows the thin layer of the adhesive mixture and drown pebbles in it. After drying, open lacquer.
  • Oven the remnants Laminate After repair - excellent! Boldly use it for the final design element.
  • You can use the same material as for the construction of a false fireplace. To do this, simply color the paint cover in color or highlight a contrasting tinge.

What to place in the furnace and how to beat the back wall

If you decide to use electrocamine, then Nishch's depth Under it should be at least 40 cm and have a socket. In all other cases, a depth of 20 cm. In Flake can Place Next elements:

  • Candles Which will help create a very warm atmosphere and perfectly symotize the lights of the present flame. For a more harmonious composition, use candles of different heights and diameters.
  • Real lamps which will be laid on each other, create a feeling that you are here to send a real fire.
  • River large Galku Interest with multicolored decorative pebbles.
  • Can be placed on the floor Diode ribbon. With a yellow spectrum of light, cover it with a plexiglass or ordinary, and on top of pouring the same pebbles or glass balls. A lightweight effect will be created, as from hot coal.
  • It is possible at all nothing Do not put inside, but to leave this place is free, simply placing a decorative wrist grid in front of the fireplace.
  • You can even put vases With flowers, various statuettes or small pillows.

Back wall may be:

  • Continuation portal and look as well;
  • Lined with decorative bricks, which will give it more realistic;
  • Have picture, which depicts fire;
  • Saved with mirror panels or a piece of real mirrors. Such a reception will help visually deepen a niche.

Falsh fireplace in the interior of the living room

Due to the fact that the false fireplace is absolutely Safe From the point of view of fire safety, it can placing в Anyone room. Even in the children's room. The exceptions are designs equipped with candles or electrical elements. With a big desire and availability of space, you can equip the fireplace and in the dining room. But many are inclined to believe that living room yet is an most appropriate room for this. Just imagine how you sit in the evening, after a hard working day, with a feligious chair with a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of wine, and enjoy the view of the burning fire. And all this in the usual apartment ...

Immediately comes a sense of calm, harmony and peace. Even without imitation of fire, this element will create an indescribable

feeling comfort,

which will appreciate all your guests and family members. Your living room will become their favorite meeting place and celebrations, because it is in this room all friendly sites and warm family evenings are held.

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