Scholl electric file: what it is and how to use it for feet

Nail Apparatus

Today, fashionistas and beauties have the opportunity to achieve the exceptional beauty of their heels and nails. There is no more need to steam your legs, use traumatic pumice stones and files. The electric Scholl file will give tenderness to the skin of your feet, carefully and carefully caring for them. A special nail file for nails will make you the owner of a simply gorgeous natural manicure.

Roller file

Roller file

Putting the legs in order

Summer is coming. This is the period of the year when we undress as much as possible. Clothes no longer hide all our flaws and we want to look as impressive as possible.

Well-groomed feet

Well-groomed feet

A well-groomed woman can always be identified by the condition of her arms and legs. It is these areas of the body that often lack our attention. If many people follow the skin of the face, then some of the fair sex already forget about the décolleté zone. Even less of them are attentive to the skin of the hands. And if you have perfect heels, then you can find a real lady of our time.

Open shoes and sandals make us bare our heels in summer. And how I want to demonstrate them to the world in all their glory. This is where the Scholl heel file will help you.

What the device looks like

The Scholl file is an ergonomic object that is comfortable to hold in your hands. She has:

  • comfortable long handle, which holds four A4 batteries;
  • diamond-coated roller holder;
  • the roller itself, which rotates from the electric current of the batteries;
  • plastic cover for the roller.
Sawing rollers

Saw roller

Sometimes the original models of the device, according to the official website of the manufacturer, can be equipped with a replaceable sputtered roller.

If this is not provided for in your device, additional parts for the Scholl roller file can always be purchased separately.

How to use the device

How to use a shoe file for feet tells us its instructions for use on the official website of the manufacturer.

In practice, everything is quite simple:

  • the device works only on dry skin of the heels, they do not need to be steamed before processing;
  • the electric file is turned on by turning the ring on the handle of the device;
  • the rotating diamond roller should be brought close to the leg to be treated and pressed slightly;
  • according to the photo and video material, you should not grind the surface of the epidermis in one place for more than 4 seconds in a row, this can injure the skin;
  • after use, remove the roller and rinse it with clean water. This will remove dust particles that have accumulated on it.
Using the file

Using the file

Recall! The shoe file for feet is an electrical device, so avoid contact with water.

The official website of the manufacturer warns that you should use the device only with original replacement rollers for it.

Use with care

The electric shoal file processes the surface of the skin gently and accurately. It is completely safe if you follow all the operating tips when using it.

However, there are cases when the use of the device may be unsafe for health. And its use should justify the risk from possible negative consequences.

These situations include:

  • diabetes mellitus. Patients with such ailment often develop complications such as "diabetic foot". With it, the skin of the legs and heels is prone to cracks and ulcers. Any physical impact on her is undesirable, so as not to aggravate the situation;
  • the presence of allergic reactions on the skin of the feet in an active form;
  • especially sensitive skin prone to peeling, cracking and other painful deformations. In such cases, an additional aggressive effect on the epidermis of the legs is also not allowed.

Using a Scholl file to remove dead epidermis particles on the legs, follow the advice of the instructions for use of the unit. This way you will protect yourself from unwanted side effects of the procedure.

Nail Apparatus

Another novelty of the Scholl file that can be found on the market today is a model designed to correct the shape and condition of nails. She will help you create the perfect manicure on your toes and hands, transform your nails and highlight their beauty.

Nail Apparatus

Nail Apparatus

What does it consist of

The Shoel nail file consists of:

  • a comfortable and ergonomic handle that holds the required battery;
  • directly the file itself, into which the desired nozzle is attached;
  • a set of attachments for different types of operations with nails (coarse adjustment, medium and polishing).

How to apply

As the manufacturer advises on the official website, you should use an electric nail file according to the following rules:

  • use the tips correctly according to their purpose. For ease of use, all attachments are numbered. This is shown in the photo;
  • do not turn on the device in direct contact with water;
  • use only original replacement attachments when using the device.

After using the unit, your nails will acquire the ideal shape and the required smooth surface. Any coating will “lay down” on it much better. With this treatment, it will stay on the nails much longer.

Give yourself the opportunity to be irresistible with the Shoel foot roller and its little sister, the nail file.

How to use a Scholl foot file? Recommendations and TipsThis is an innovative device for home pedicure. You will learn how to use a Scholl foot file in this article. The file has a roller with an abrasive coating, which, when rotated, removes a layer of rough skin, and a rubberized handle, thanks to which the device does not slip out of the hands during use.

The roller is closed with a plastic cap, so that if the device is accidentally turned on, it does not scratch or injure the skin; the device runs on AA batteries, which can be easily replaced. The device is discharged during daily use in a month and a half, the abrasive coating lasts about 6-8 months, after which it will be possible to purchase a replaceable nozzle from Scholl.

How to use a Scholl foot file? Recommendations and Tips


How to use a Scholl foot file? First you need to unpack the file and remove the protective film. Remove the protective transparent cap and turn the wheel to the left to start the device. To change the nozzle to a roller with more abrasiveness, you need to turn the lever at the top of the case and remove the old one. If the electric motor does not work, then you need to change the batteries - to do this, turn the lower part of the case counterclockwise. The batteries are located in the handle of the device, which can make it seem heavy. But it is convenient to use it, since the ergonomic body of the file fits well in the hand. When the roller starts to rotate, bring the file to the problem areas on the feet and apply it to the skin. In this case, it is important not to put pressure on the device, as the roller stops rotating. Too much pressure can cause damage to the delicate areas of new skin, so the roller only needs to touch the skin without staying in one place for a long time - four seconds is enough. The file works at one speed, so you need to adjust the intensity of the impact by pressing the roller with the abrasive on the skin. Much depends on the type of skin - for example, some girls, even with strong pressure, experience a slight tingling sensation, but at the same time do not injure their feet and consider this method to be optimal for a quick and effective treatment of their entire surface. In view of the fact that with a dry pedicure using an abrasive roller, many tiny particles of skin dust are formed, which rises into the air, it is recommended to carry out the procedure in the bathroom. Humid air solves the problem of dust - it settles without forming clouds, which makes it difficult to breathe. After you treat all areas with keratinized skin, you need to lubricate the feet with a nourishing cream. There is a special pedicure cream from Scholl, but using this particular brand is optional - any product from your skin care arsenal will do. It is important to use the device on dry skin, otherwise its effectiveness will decrease and there is a risk of damage to the electric motor.

How to use a Scholl foot file? Recommendations and Tips

The advantages of the file

  • The compact and versatile design of the file allows you to take it with you on trips and maintain the beauty of your feet even far from home;
  • Fast treatment of all areas of the foot, including hard-to-reach toe rolls, the edges of the transition of the heel to the top of the foot;
  • The Scholl file works similarly to salon foot care tools, but the rotation speed of the roller is not so high, so it can be used safely for home care;
  • To use it, you do not need to steam your legs and rub them with a pumice stone for a long time;
  • An opportunity to save time on a home pedicure procedure;
  • To use it, you do not need to steam your legs and rub them with a pumice stone for a long time;
  • With regular use of the Scholl file, there is no need to visit a pedicure salon.

Disadvantages and contraindications

With all the advantages of this device, it is not suitable for everyone. So, if there are deep and bleeding cracks on the heels, it is contraindicated to use a file. It is contraindicated to do a dry pedicure in the presence of a fungus - this aggravates the course of the disease and can provoke a drift of infection. Do not use an electric roller to care for feet in case of diabetes mellitus. Fans of a wet pedicure will not appreciate this device - it generates a lot of fine dust, while more likely polishing feet , making them smooth and tender, than removes the growths of dead skin. Although, in order for the effect of a dry pedicure to be more pronounced, there are replaceable rollers with greater abrasiveness, which is achieved due to diamond spraying. The electric motor makes a lot of noise during operation - this can be inconvenient for those who have small children at home, and should not be done. pedicure and watching a movie at normal volume.

How to use a Scholl foot file? Recommendations and Tips

Who is it suitable for?

Girls who want soft and smooth skin on their feet, wear high heels and open shoes will definitely appreciate this tool. For dry and flaky skin, the Scholl file will be a salvation, prevent calluses and calluses, keeping the legs visually attractive and well-groomed. Nevertheless, if there are large corns and cracks on the heels, one file will not be enough for full-fledged care. People who spend a lot of time on their feet in tight or uncomfortable shoes will not be superfluous to purchase a file - its use helps to keep the skin soft and smooth, not allowing the formation of cracks and yellowing of the skin. The same advice applies to joggers - with heavy loads on the feet, the skin tends to become rough. The beach season is a problem period for everyone who monitors the condition of the skin of the legs. Firstly, in the summer, most of the time they wear open shoes or go barefoot (when it comes to relaxing on the seaside). Legs are always visible, and it is important that their appearance leaves a pleasant impression. And overdried air, salt aerosols, mechanical action of pebbles and sand only aggravate the condition of dry skin and can cause corns and growths even on unproblematic feet. If you do not want to overpay for salon procedures, use a Scholl file at home, the result will not be worse. Ideal for keeping your heels well-groomed between salon visits or wet pedicure with steam, pumice and hand file. How to use a Scholl file for feet: the optimal mode of use is daily treatment for five minutes, a full pedicure once a week. You can use it at home and on trips, it is an indispensable tool for owners of dry skin that coarsens in the heel area.

Electric foot files: why, how to choose and use

When choosing foot care products, many people want to automate the process, deciding to buy an electric file. Manufacturers promise gentle exfoliation along with deep cleansing. Is this really so, it is possible to understand only after purchase.


What is an electric file

The electrical appliance is a simple structure consisting of an exfoliating element and a handle. The motor, hidden in the housing, makes the coated roller spin fast enough. On contact with the skin, the rough surface of the rotating element peels off the top layer of the skin.

As a rule, such devices operate on a battery, but there are models that can be used by connecting to the mains. If you do not try to use the device for other purposes, you will be able to avoid various injuries. You do not need to apply electric files to other parts of the body, they are only intended for processing feet.

What to look for when choosing

The main advantages of using the device are:

  • Simple operation. The electric file allows you to remove hardened tissue without the need for physical force. Unlike pumice, such a file rotates itself and removes layer by layer.

  • Comfortable to hold in hand. Keeping in mind that peeling of the feet is often accompanied by preliminary salt baths, manufacturers have tried to introduce rubber inserts into the handle to avoid slipping the device in a wet hand.

  • The time allotted for cleaning the feet will now be spent more economically - the device will cope with the task in a matter of minutes.

When choosing a file, one should try to avoid the race for inexpensive models. The cheaper the device, the lower its power. Therefore, the best option would be one that meets certain parameters:

  • The deposition on the replacement roller must be diamond. This is a guarantee that the element will last a long time and will not be afraid of working with really problematic heels.

  • The noise level should not be too high. During the first few uses this won't seem like a problem, but with regular use, loud noise can be a real punishment.

  • The size of the particles on the roller must be selected depending on the individual characteristics of the feet. For thick build-ups, a coarse fraction is suitable, and for everyday care you will need a finer dusting.

  • If you are worried about unpleasant foot odor, you need to look for a roller with silver chips. Its use will help disinfect the treated surface.

An additional, but not required, factor is moisture resistance. Some models are afraid of water, while the case of others is reliably protected from moisture ingress.

How to use an electric file correctly

The use of an electric appliance does not imply preliminary steaming of the skin in a hot bath. You need to start cleaning after the usual washing of the skin of the feet with soap and drying with a towel. Also, you do not need to exert pressure on the device. This can lead to deep damage to the skin, resulting in a wound. After injury, a scar will appear, which will not be easy to get rid of.

Manufacturers recommend that when using the file at home, put on a protective cap on your head or fix the hair securely on the back of your head. This is necessary as a safety measure to prevent curls from getting under the roller. Rotating quickly, it will instantly wind a strand around itself, as a result of which, serious injury may be obtained.

After treating the feet, rinse off the skin dust and treat the skin with an emollient cream. Experts do not recommend resorting to the use of files, including electric files, when there are direct contraindications:

  • wounds;

  • deep painful cracks;

  • fungal skin lesions;

  • local inflammatory reactions.

It is not permissible to treat other parts of the body with the device.

Scholl brand device

Thanks to the active advertising campaign of this file, consumers learned about the existence of this type of device. Many people associate an automatic file with the Scholl brand.

All rollers of this company have a reliable diamond coating, which indicates a long service life of one replaceable element. But the lack of models is called the overpriced, which is explained only by the brand's name. Many users claim that less expensive counterparts do the job just as well. The files are available in two versions: battery-powered and battery-powered. The cost of the latter is much higher.

Electric file from Polaris

Polaris boasts a low weight, which is important for a pedicure master who spends several hours a day at work. The file copes with rough calluses, but not the first time. The main advantage noted by consumers is the low price, which makes home pedicure affordable even for families with a limited budget.

Scarlett production

Electric files from this manufacturer are loved by many who have used it at least once. Moisture-resistant housing allows you to take the device with wet hands and wash it after use. The kit includes two rollers. One is for removing rough skin, the other is for resurfacing the result. The device is powered by a built-in battery. But if necessary, it can work directly from the network. There are reviews indicating the insufficient engine power of this file.

Rowenta file

Rowenta differs from other devices in design - its handle is curved, unlike other models, which allows you not to bend the wrist during processing of the feet. The device is powered by batteries. The kit includes another roller, a brush for cleaning the device and the batteries themselves. On the body there is a switch button that allows you to choose one of two possible modes of operation. A low-power motor cannot cope with the rotation of the roller if you apply a little effort, pressing the device against the foot.

The Scholl electric roller file for hardened skin can restore baby-like softness and silky smoothness to the heels. The Scholl file makes it easier to care for your feet at home and saves time without harming the skin. Let's analyze all the features of use.

What is a Scholl file for foot skin

Scholl file properties for feet

A roller file is an electrical appliance with a rotating abrasive nozzle. The main purpose of the "Scholl" foot roller is to take care of the heels, remove the rough skin of the feet, fight against cracks, and give smoothness.

In texture and appearance, the surface of the roller nozzle resembles sandpaper, remotely a piece of pumice, but made of other materials. The manufacturer uses diamond chips, which gently remove dead skin cells.

How much does a Scholl file cost

How much does a scholl heel file cost

The price of the original in Russia is about 2,200 rubles, but you can wait for discounts, buy it much cheaper. In addition to the cost, sometimes the manufacturer or stores arrange gift promotions, offer to buy a second file with a 50% discount, or even two for the price of one. Also, sometimes a replaceable roller nozzle, oil for nail and cuticle care, creams of this brand are presented as a gift, which is also a kind of economy.

How much do replaceable roller attachments cost

The cost of replaceable attachments ranges from 500 to 1,000 rubles, depending on the place of purchase. They are available in popular online stores Ozon, Wildberries.

File design, complete set

What is included in the Scholl roller file kit

The Scholl Velvet Smooth electric file for feet is packed in a small transparent box, which contains basic information from the manufacturer, file characteristics, recommendations for use. A barcode and a serial number must be affixed, which can be used to verify the authenticity of the goods.

The electric roller file is produced more often in blue, less often in pink. The handle has a silver ring that is the power button. To get started, you need to slightly scroll the bezel to the side. It's easy to do with one finger. No other buttons are located on the case.

What is included:

  • Electrical appliance. Weighty handle with extension and antennae for the top attachment. There is a mechanism inside. The body is made of plastic, has a rubberized anti-slip surface.
  • Roller. It is inserted into the antennae, which are located in the upper part of the body, has a rough surface. The nozzle is made in graphite color. In the sun and in bright light, it shimmers, shine appears.
  • Batteries. They come in a set, inserted in their place. The device requires four AA batteries, they are also finger-type batteries.
  • Protective cap. Fits over the rotating roller part. The cap protects the surface from dirt, and also simplifies transportation of the device, does not allow abrasive particles to scratch other things and objects.

The Scholl foot file has only one speed, it is not very fast, which reduces the risk of injury to the skin of the feet.

Instructions for use

How to use the Scholl Electric Foot and Heel File

On the package of the Scholl nail file for feet there is an instruction, general recommendations and characteristics of the device are given. It is designed to quickly perform a pedicure at home. This is not a salon option.

How to use the Scholl roller file:

  1. Wash your feet beforehand, but then wipe dry. The file will not work on a damp surface.
  2. Turn on by turning the silver ring to the left, there is a corresponding icon on it.
  3. Attach the nail file to the heel. Slowly process the surface. The direction does not matter, it is only important not to stay in one place for more than four seconds.
  4. In addition to the heel, pay attention to other rough spots on the feet.
  5. Brush off dust or rinse your feet with warm water. Apply cream or special Scholl foot care.

The frequency of the pedicure with the device directly depends on the condition of the heels. Someone needs 2-3 procedures per month. Other people are forced to polish the skin several times a week, remove the dead layer. If the problem is advanced, it is recommended to carry out treatment for 7-10 days in a row.

Regardless of the duration of the pedicure, the roller must be cleaned of skin flakes each time. Otherwise, they accumulate between abrasive particles, dry out, and reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Battery replacement

How to replace batteries

Despite the not very high speed of the Scholl foot file and the presence of four batteries, they quickly run out. On average, it is enough for 5-7 pedicure procedures. To replace, you need to open the compartment from the end of the handle, insert new batteries according to the polarity. In order to save money, you can replace with alternative rechargeable AA batteries.

There is the same Scholl file for feet on batteries, but it costs almost twice as much as an analogue on batteries. In Russian stores the price is about 3 800 rubles.

Changing the nozzle

How to replace rollers on a power saw

To change the nozzle, you just need to remove the previous roller by pushing the mount on the sides. The process does not take much time, it is only important to buy a suitable replacement for the original. Chinese spare tips may not work. Also, do not immediately purchase rollers that are intended for other similar files. If they match in size, then you can not get into the grooves.

Instrument care and storage

Roller saw care

The active scholl heel roller needs to be washed after every use. You cannot rub with brushes, as well as soak. You just need to remove, rinse under running water, shake off excess drops. Dry on a horizontal surface on a towel or paper towel, do not insert wet into the device.

The very handle of the Scholl foot file, in which the mechanism is hidden, cannot be wetted. If it gets dirty, just wipe it with a napkin and then wipe it dry immediately. The manufacturer also recommends not storing the device in the bathroom or in other damp areas. This will damage the internal parts.

A defective device must not be used. If from the very beginning the foot file rattles, squeaks, causes discomfort or pain during use, or stings, then it is wiser to return it to the store.

Possible problems and solutions

Problems and solutions when using a scholl file

The file began to work slowly.

Most likely, the batteries began to run out. You need to replace all four pieces at once.

The new file will not turn on.

You need to open the compartment with the batteries, remove the protective gasket that the manufacturer puts in.

The skin does not become smooth and the resurfacing takes longer.

It's time to replace the nozzle or you should use a roller of increased rigidity. Also, the moisture of the feet affects the quality of the pedicure. Dry your feet before the procedure.

The skin turns red, sensitivity has increased.

It is necessary to use a less rigid tip or reduce the frequency of procedures. Most likely, the stratum corneum is sufficiently removed, you need to focus on moisturizing and nourishing the feet.


Before and after using the Scholl roller saw

There are not very many hygiene products and devices for putting your feet in order. Women begin to actively care for their feet only in the summer season, in winter they are limited to the program at least. The introduction of the Scholl electric heel file has slightly improved the situation. With it, you do not need to spend a lot of time on processing the legs, doing steaming.


  • interesting system of work;
  • comfortable handle shape, non-slip;
  • successful complete set with a protective cover;
  • you can buy spare rollers for the file;
  • easy to care for, wash;
  • does not take up much space;
  • removes the stratum corneum, polishes the skin to smoothness;
  • can be taken on trips, as it runs on batteries.

The original file is equipped with a safety stop function. The device stops working if the roller is pressed too hard against the skin.


Disadvantages of a Scholl file for feet

The device is designed to quickly put the heels in order, but this is not always the case. Often, a pedicure with a Scholl file lasts 10-15 minutes, the nozzle does not remove the stratum corneum poorly, only polishes the heel. It is required to look for a replacement roller nozzle, which leads to additional costs.

Disadvantages of the file:

  • it is heavy (250 g), it is more convenient to take a small and light piece of pumice on trips;
  • it will not cope with damaged, neglected heels in cracks;
  • needs a lot of batteries;
  • makes a loud noise when working;
  • creates a cloud of dust from dead skin particles.

Relative disadvantages include the lack of a case or purse. The original packaging consists of two transparent cells, in which it is inconvenient to store the scholl heel roller, for some reason the manufacturer did not think about this moment.


Reviews of the file for the skin of feet and heels Scholl

There are a lot of controversial reviews on the network about the Scholl file for heels. Some buyers are delighted with the device, other consumers regret wasted money, prefer other methods of dealing with coarse skin and corns.

Why reviews differ:

  • not all people have the same heel problems;
  • there are many fakes on the market;
  • some sites publish custom rave reviews.

It is also worth understanding that the Scholl roller file for feet is not the solution to all problems with the skin of the feet. If you do not take foot baths, do not use creams, neglect hygiene, everything will return very soon.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

A common problem when buying a Scholl file is the abundance of fakes. The easiest way to avoid this is to go to the manufacturer's website, find distributors in your country. Russia has them, Ukraine and some other neighboring countries are less fortunate. In any case, you need to be careful when buying.

How to distinguish an original scholl roller file from a fake

What to look for:

  • Cosmopolitan approval badge in red circle. It appeared on the original packaging after testing.
  • The presence of batteries. They always come with the original.
  • The presence of a protective cap. Fakes simply do not have it.
  • The grain of the Scholl roller for the legs. For fake files, it is less embossed, not rough, so they do not polish well.
  • Inscriptions on the packaging. They were translated into the local language in the original. That is, boxes with Russified instructions should be sold in Russia.

Of course, the easiest way to identify a fake is by visual comparison with the original. Often a fake device has a plastic handle without a rubber pad, between the details of the gap, when shaken, it feels flimsy.


Contraindications to the use of a Scholl roller file for the skin of the feet

The manufacturer does not focus on contraindications of attention, since the device is cosmetic, it does not apply to medical equipment. Do not use the Scholl file for people with diabetes mellitus. It is also not recommended to process the foot with a roller in case of fungal skin diseases, injuries. If there are wet calluses with blisters on the leg, inflamed skin, these areas should be avoided.


What other models of electric foot files are popular on the market:

  • Kemei ... Requires charging, which lasts for 8-10 hours. It is sold in a large box, cheaper than a Scholl file. The set includes two attachments, a cleaning brush. The handle is thick, not very comfortable to hold. Kemei power plug
  • Gezatone ... It also runs on batteries, but you need two. The set contains four replaceable rollers. It is impossible to be injured by the device, but there is one big drawback - the speed is highly dependent on the batteries. If they start to shrink or are of poor quality, it will be difficult to get a pedicure. Gezatone Electric Foot File
  • Mikma ... Another battery-powered version, very similar to the Scholl nail file in terms of characteristics and performance, costs 50-70% cheaper, produced by the Moscow plant Mikromashina. Includes two rollers, cleaning brush. Mikma electric file

Finding replacement attachments can be a difficult part of buying any other files. They are not sold in all stores as is the case with Scholl.

Questions and answers

Answers to questions about the Scholl power file

How to get the expected effect from using the device?

Purchase only the original, use it regularly and according to the instructions, do not use on a wet surface, change the rollers in time. You do not need to wet and steam the skin.

What are the Scholl sawing rollers?

On sale you can find soft, hard and ultra-hard replaceable nozzles, they do not differ in price. Judging by consumer reviews, it is better to choose the second option. Rollers with fine abrasive (soft) do their job worse.

How to change the roller on a Scholl file?

There are buttons on the sides of the antennae holding the roller. It is necessary to press simultaneously on both sides, remove the nozzle, insert the replacement.

Can the roller damage the heel or other part of the foot?

If you work according to the instructions, use on roughened areas, then this is impossible. In addition, the file has a low speed, when the first unpleasant sensations appear, you will automatically remove the power saw from the skin.


Scholl saws: working principle, equipment, use and care

Scholl saws: working principle, equipment, use and care

In the modern world, the legs have a special load, and as a result, the feet mostly suffer. Feet needs careful and regular care, as does the entire body. A fairly common problem is the presence of dry and rough skin on the surface of the heels. To overcome this disadvantage, many methods are presented today. Some prefer different procedures in beauty salons, while others prefer to independently care for their feet at home, but using different tools. Scholl nail files are the ideal solution for personal use, as they allow you to make your heels soft by quickly and thoroughly removing rough skin.

Principle of operation

The Scholl file is a high-quality tool that allows you to put the surface of your feet in order in a matter of minutes. This device is convenient to use as it runs on batteries. It is equipped with a comfortable handle, which is made of a special rubberized material, which guarantees an anti-slip effect. The working principle of the nail file is quite simple.

This device is equipped with a special rotating roller that gently removes rough skin at a certain speed.

The erasure of cornification occurs as a result of contact with the roller nozzle, which, in turn, has a rather hard abrasive layer. To turn on this device, simply turn the ring located on the top of the instrument.

To operate the nail file, you should use four AA batteries. Depending on how often the device will be used, it will be necessary to replace the batteries. If you use a nail file every day, the batteries are likely to last for one month. If the video starts spinning slower or does not work at all, then the first thing to do is to install new batteries. The Scholl file has a special cap that reliably protects the roller from contact with the external environment.

If the device turns on accidentally, then the roller cannot harm you.

The cap must be removed only before working with the device. In the event of a breakdown, the roller can be successfully replaced. And it is more profitable than buying a new nail file, since a replacement roller costs three times cheaper.


The Scholl nail file attracts the attention of many representatives of the fair sex due to its unusual and colorful design. It is made in white and blue colors. The product package includes the following components:

  • a device that is equipped with a thick anti-slip handle;
  • plastic cover;
  • replaceable nozzles (rollers);
  • set of batteries (four pieces).

All items are sold in a plastic box with a cardboard bottom. And also the kit includes instructions for using the device. It should be noted that the roller attachments have an abrasive surface with diamond grit.

You do not even need instructions to replace the nozzle, since just one press is enough to remove and then put on a new roller.

Advantages and disadvantages

Scholl foot files are quite famous among modern girls and women. This product has received many positive reviews. To understand why many the fair sex choose the Scholl electric file, it is worth considering its main advantages.

  • Convenience of a complete set: the roller file is sold with attachments and batteries; to get started, just read the instructions and turn on the device.
  • Practical: the device is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic rubberized handle.
  • Reliability: the design of the tool is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, to protect the attachment from any kind of contamination, the nail file has a special cap.
  • Durability: the company guarantees long-term use of the tool if you follow the instructions for use.
  • Ease of use: The roller head can be easily removed if necessary. This usually happens to clean the nozzle or to replace it.
  • There is no need to make preparatory steps before using the nail file: the feet do not need to be steamed, they just need to be dry and clean.
  • The rollers are characterized by softness in operation, although they have a hard surface. They do not injure the skin, since they have an effect exclusively on the keratinized areas of the skin.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • The ability to take the instrument with you on your travels without having to look for an outlet: the instrument works great on batteries.

If we compare the Scholl nail file with similar tools from other brands, then it is worth noting the following undeniable advantages:

  • the Scholl file does not need to be connected to the mains, but the Kemei device works exclusively with a charger, so it is inconvenient to take it with you on various trips; battery models are in demand;
  • to use the Scholl file, you do not need to carry out special procedures to soften the skin of the legs, and the Mertz laser grater can be used only after the obligatory preparation of the legs;
  • Gezatone and Kemei tools do not have the same comfortable grips as Scholl's.

Important! The Scholl electric nail file has only one speed, which is optimal for cleaning the skin of the feet, while the possibility of damage is reduced to zero.

In addition to pluses, the Scholl device also has minuses.

  • The high price is perhaps the main disadvantage of this product. But you should understand that you always have to pay for quality; the average cost of a product is 2 thousand rubles.
  • Slowness of the process. Since you can only work with a nail file at one speed, the cleaning process is slow and gentle, so you should be patient to get a good result.
  • If your legs look rather neglected, and the nail file cannot solve this problem on its own, you should enlist the support of other devices for cleaning the skin of the legs.
  • During work, a haze may appear, which is formed from particles of dead skin.
  • The file makes quite a lot of noise during operation.
  • Since its weight is 250 g, then during long-term work you have to change your hand, because the hand gets tired quite quickly.
  • If you press the device strongly or hold it in one area for a long time, then skin reddening, as well as its injury, is possible.


Scholl files have practically no contraindications, but you should carefully study the instructions in order to get the desired result and not harm yourself. The only condition is that it is strongly not recommended to use the nail file for people who have diabetes.

How to use?

The kit includes instructions for using the Scholl nail file. It is worth noting that you need to fully follow all the recommendations from the instructions so that working with the nail file is safe. The basic rules of its use should be considered in more detail. First you need to do the preparation.

  • Open the packaging and take out the device.
  • Remove the protective film and the plastic ring - you just need to turn the bottom of the file counterclockwise, then insert the batteries into the device and return it to its original position.
  • Pay attention to the roller, namely the rigidity of its spraying. If it seems unsuitable, then you need to replace the nozzle.
  • Before working with the nail file, be sure to remove the protective cover.

The process of using the Scholl nail file is as follows:

  • the device includes: you need to press the left side of the ring, which will lead to the action of the roller;
  • the instrument must be gently brought to the skin and moved slowly over the entire surface;
  • it should be remembered that the file should not be in one place for more than five seconds, it must be constantly moved;
  • special attention should be paid to pressing force: if you apply more force, the tool can injure healthy skin; work should be done slowly, smoothly;
  • in order for the abrasive coating to perform its functions for cleaning the skin, it is imperative that they work only with dry feet;
  • to cope with severely hardened skin on the heels, the nail file should be applied every day until the desired result appears;
  • after work, the tool must be turned off - to do this, press on the right side of the ring;
  • the feet should be rinsed with water to remove the remnants of dead skin cells, and then moisturized with a foot and nail cream.

How to care?

For the device to work properly, you need to monitor its condition regularly, performing simple actions.

  • The file includes four batteries. If they are already shrunk, then the device will work very slowly. Therefore, it is worth checking the batteries first, and if necessary, replace them with new ones.
  • If you use a nail file quite often, then the spraying of the roller attachment begins to wear off and cannot do its job as efficiently as before. Thanks to the removable mechanism, the nozzle can be replaced with a new one. To properly disassemble the file, you can use the instructions. Since the device does not include replacement rollers, they must be purchased separately.
  • Moisture negatively affects the operation of the nail file, so the feet must be dry before the procedure. They should be washed and dried.
  • After cleaning the heels, the file must be put in order. You must first remove the roller attachment, rinse it under running water, wipe it with a damp cloth and wait until it is completely dry before putting it back in place.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Since Scholl nail files are in high demand among the fair sex, you can often find a fake. To purchase a quality product, you should pay attention to a few points.

  • The inscriptions on the packaging and instructions for the original product have been fully translated into Russian. From the instructions it will be possible to find out the rules of use, care of the device, as well as its complete set. The fake from China has no translation.
  • The presence of the Cosmopolitan tag. The original has it on the outside of the package, it immediately attracts attention. There is no such tag on a fake.
  • The presence of a batch code. There is a code on the back of the package, which means you have the original in front of you. Accordingly, its absence speaks of a fake product.
  • The presence of batteries. A real nail file from the manufacturer is equipped with two or four batteries, while a fake one does not have them at all.

Another important criterion is the cost of the product. An original Scholl nail file usually costs more than 1,500 rubles. If the product is cheaper, then this should alert: most likely, this is a fake. It is worth purchasing Scholl products exclusively at trusted retail outlets, because buying a fake has the following consequences:

  • short service life;
  • low power of work, so there is no expected effect;
  • there is no guarantee for product repair;
  • there is a high probability of damage to the skin when working with a low-quality device.


The Scholl file has been experienced by many buyers, among whom there are those who are completely satisfied with the operation of the device, as well as those who did not like some points. The advantage of the device is that it works exclusively with dry skin. But this is also the disadvantage: during work, dust is formed, which scatters around the room where the feet are cleaned. Some users don't like weight. The device weighs 250 g, and if you take it with you on a trip, then this weight is quite noticeable, given that ordinary pumice weighs much less. Since the device includes 4 batteries and a metal roller, the hand quickly gets tired when working with it.

The girls love the clever design. If necessary, you can replace not only the batteries, but also the roller itself, which is very convenient. The manufacturer's warranty also inspires confidence, since in the event of a breakdown, you can hope to have it repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, the price of the product is quite high. Not everyone can afford to purchase such a nail file for their toes for more than 1,000 rubles. And also do not forget about the speed of work. Of course, the manufacturer refers to the advantages of slow cleaning of the skin, because this way they are less prone to damage, but not every girl has the patience to carry out this procedure.

How the Scholl file works, see the video below.

How to use the Scholl heel file correctlyOn the one hand, our feet can withstand incredible daily loads. But, on the other hand, they do not always receive proper care. And it’s not only in cosmetic care, but also in unloading, restorative procedures.

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More and more innovative foot care products are appearing on the market today. Now keeping them healthy and clean is much easier. Along with home and traditional tools, you can use semi-professional devices such as the Scholl electric file.

It is compact and easy to use. It's safe, highly effective, and incredibly easy to use. At the same time, as an electric file with a charging cable, this device requires a responsible approach to handling, which is why we tell you how to use the Scholl heel file.

The sequence of actions when using Scholl for the first time is as follows:

  1. Open the packaging and remove the device from the special grooves, remove the protective film and the plastic ring, and for this, rotate the bottom of the file counterclockwise.
  2. Insert new batteries.
  3. Check the hardness of the spraying for compliance, if it is too soft or, conversely, hard, install a suitable one.
  4. Remove the protective cover from the file and start cleaning the heels.
  5. To do this, slide the ring to the left side, thereby turning on the device - the roller will start rotating.
  6. Touch the rotating roller to the problem area of ​​the foot. Do not apply pressure or special pressure, slowly and smoothly move the roller along the heel.
  7. Do not stay in one place for more than 4-5 seconds.
  8. When you consider the procedure completed, return the saw ring to its original position, thereby turning it off.
  9. After the procedure, rinse your feet in running warm water; it will not be superfluous to apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream.
  10. Do not forget to clean the file itself after using it. In particular, it is necessary to remove the roller, rinse it with water, and wipe the device itself with a damp cloth. In this way it is possible to remove dead cells and dust from the surface of the apparatus.

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use a Scholl heel fileWith severely hardened skin of the heels, the electric file can be used every day until the desired result is obtained - on average, 7-10 daily procedures are enough. If using Scholl prophylactically, treat your heels with it once a week or two. With constant use of the Scholl electric roller saw, the skin becomes soft to the touch, takes on a delicate appearance with a pinkish tint.

It is highly recommended that you follow the precautions and carry out the procedure correctly, without much experimentation.

For example, users of the file are often interested in how to lubricate their feet during cleaning for greater efficiency. The answer is simple - no additional substances are used during the operation of the file. The work of an electric file is carried out on dry skin, otherwise there will be a complete or partial absence of the effect of the abrasive roller on the skin.

use the Scholl heel file correctlyWomen and men who regularly use Scholl electric files usually leave extremely positive reviews about the device and not in vain, because it:

  • easy to use and maintain,
  • has a reliable operating principle, is practically not prone to breakdowns,
  • conveniently assembled - the handle is rubberized and does not slip, ergonomic and fits well in the hand, the roller is protected from dirt by a special lid,
  • the roller itself can be easily removed, which evaluates, if necessary, to clean the device or replace the roller with another,
  • safe - despite the fact that the roller is hard enough, it does not injure the skin, unless of course you overdo it with pressing the file,
  • power can be carried out both from the mains and from batteries.

At the same time, in fairness, it is necessary to note several disadvantages of the Scholl file:

  • not the cheapest device, however, as for a semi-professional tool, this is understandable,
  • does not provide a quick effect - it may take 1 to 2 weeks of daily use of the file to clear rather coarse heels,
  • quite noisy at work and good dusting,
  • with severely neglected heels, one electric saw is not enough,
  • the use of a power saw is not recommended for people with diabetes.

In general, having weighed all the pros and cons, we recommend that you make a rational and deliberate decision to purchase a file. It is a modern, comfortable and very effective accessory. At the same time, it is not the cheapest, and with slight roughness of the skin, you can do with home masks for the legs.

Women's legs are constantly exposed to daily stress, which negatively affects the condition of the skin cover. When absent timely care , procedures aimed at moisturizing and cleaning the feet are not applied, dryness and roughness of this zone appear. There are many ways to deal with this situation, one of which is using a heel file with a Scholl file. The scraper will help to quickly remove the coarse layer from the soles of the feet, making the feet soft.

Types of heel files and methods of application


Types of heel files and methods of application

To determine the choice of a device for the heels, you should have an idea of ​​the types and features of each. This will facilitate the selection of the device.

There are 3 types of heel files:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Laser

Mechanical grater

To put your heels in order and walk with a high-quality pedicure, it is not necessary to use the services of beauty salons or buy expensive electrical appliances. Home heel care can be done using mechanical scrapers that have different coatings and are used for different areas of the foot.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of mechanical scrapers:

  • Diamond
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Mineral coated
  • With crumb

One of the cheapest for processing feet is a device that has a sandpaper coating. It is easy to tackle rough heels with this tool. The disadvantage of this type is that it traumatizes the delicate surface of the foot.

Safer types of files are metal and ceramic types. However, they are somewhat more expensive than products coated with sandpaper. A hard layer of diamond, sapphire or ruby ​​chips is applied to the surface of a ceramic grater.

Mechanical graters brands:

  • LCN Silver Star Profi, ZaubeR, Camillen 60, Bohemia crystal - glass scrapers are among the available prototypes of devices with diamond abrasives. These files exfoliate dead cells well, give the heels smoothness and shine. However, such files have a drawback - they are quickly erased. Among all glass products, Bohemia has the best customer reviews. The product is rather fragile, therefore it should not be pressed or dropped.
  • Opi Foot File is a pedicure file equipped with a double-sided working surface. On both sides there are coarse and medium grain abrasives. Such a grater is convenient to use and easy to clean. Most importantly, the feet and heels are instantly cleansed of rough skin. A simple and cheap scraper also includes MRZ Germany, Globos, Zwilling Pedro ceramic.
  • Parkway Professional, Armo - diamond saws, one of the most durable and expensive among all mechanical graters. Thanks to the diamond chips that are used to make this type of tool, the product can be used as a home use and as a professional file. It has a low roughness index, but significant hardness.
  • KAIZER double-sided metal grater. The advantage of this model is the material used for making the file, which does not rust after a while. You can choose which side to use as the grater has 2 sides. The grater has a comfortable handle, long service life, it helps well when cracks .
  • From Siberia With Love, Masura - wooden models, soft and safe. In the presence of sore calluses, such scrapers will do an excellent job with the problem.

If the grater does not cope with severely hardened heel skin, you can buy a heel file with a blade at a pharmacy or a specialized store. This machine has replaceable attachments. Designed in such a way that the risk of cutting is minimal.

At the same time, nevertheless, it is not necessary to neglect the rules of using the machine, and when buying it is better to consult how to properly cut off the hardened layer of skin from the heels. When treating feet with such a file, you need to use disinfectants.

Electric type scrapers

The salons use hard and fast electric files that only a professional can work with. For those who like to care for their heels at home, semi-professional models are widespread.

Types of heel files and methods of application

List of electric graters:

  • Scarlett Sc-953 - refers to a professional scraper, equipped with 10 speeds, it is used to remove rough skin layers. The set includes a bath and massage accessories.
  • Polaris PSR is considered to be a simple device for the sole of the feet. The product has a file with a roller.
  • Rowenta MP - allows you to achieve smooth and silky feet, especially with neglected heels. The device comes with various attachments. The grater procedure takes up to 10 minutes. The grater fights well the keratinized layers of the skin in the heel area.
  • Pedi Pro Gezatone is an electric scraper equipped with a plain pumice roller. Thanks to pumice, rough areas are instantly processed, corns and cracks are eliminated.
  • Scholl is the most effective device. This is a professional machine that easily removes the upper skin layer without injury. The product is convenient in operation, safe, equipped with a roller coated with diamond chips.
  • Kemei is a Japanese device, analogous to Shol. The product operates on a battery, therefore it is much more economical in home use.
  • Emjoi Micro-Pedi POWER is designed to gently work your heels. The device works on batteries, has a roller with ceramic coating.

Laser devices

This type of scrapers was made recently, but has already become popular. The product is made of metal finished with a laser pattern. The active surface of the file is equipped with sharp microscopic teeth, they are located quite densely. Thanks to this, it is easy to treat rough heels, corns, cracks with a laser device.

There are 2 types of laser graters:

  • hard scrapers - equipped with a strong abrasive structure. They are used on rare occasions. Do not use if the skin is wet, it may be damaged. Among the models with rigid files, there are Mertz Solingen, Zinger, Irisk.
  • files with medium hardness - approved for use 2 times a month. Models - Lady Victory, Mozart House, Niegelon.

When the heels are very coarse, models are used that have laser engraving and alloy steel spraying:

  • Aphrodite
  • Faberlic
  • Christina fitzgeraid

Knowing the types of brushes, choose a foot file that suits your taste. How good the product will be is better to check individually.

Electric Roller Heel File

The Scholl Heel Cleaner is a battery powered file with a rubberized grip for a good grip. The Electric Heel Pumice Stone works on the principle of gentle removal of rough skin with a rotating roller.

Types of heel files and methods of application

There is hard dusting on the roller. Thanks to this layer, coarse skin horniness is erased. The electric shaver has a special cap. It covers the roller of the pedicure machine, preventing injury if the machine turns off inadvertently. The cap is removed before the procedure. If necessary, the roller can be replaced. The cost for it will be much lower than for a new file.

To eliminate the exfoliating layers of the epidermis, it is advised to use the Scholl heel machine once every 7 days. To maintain the effect of the pedicure, as in the salon, the electric file should be used up to 3 times a month.

2 types of devices are produced:

  • Scholl
  • The Scholl Wet dry is a waterproof device, it is allowed to wash it and work with it when the skin of the heels is wet, it operates on a battery.

How to use a Scholl file instructions for use

  • Wash and dry your feet before using Electro Pumice.
  • Insert batteries and roller. If it is not available, the use of a foot file is prohibited.
  • Turn on the device, turn the ring to the left side. The roller will begin to rotate. It should be said that a heel file has been produced with diamond chips, but it is equipped with a different stiffness of the heel blade (non-rigid rollers, medium, extra). It is important to choose a roller with the correct spraying, this will allow you to quickly process the piles.
  • The roller should fit snugly against the area to be treated, and there is no need to press on it. In case of strong pressure, the device can pause or remove a large layer, harming the living areas of the skin.
  • The soles are worked slowly, sliding the Scholl along the sole.
  • Sholl can be held in one place for 4 seconds. An exception is the Scholl Wet dry, which can be used more on damp areas of the skin.
  • The fight against calluses is simple and quick, within 10 seconds you can see the result.
  • If redness occurs, stop the procedure.
  • At the end of the treatment, the feet are washed and an ointment is applied to soften the heels.
  • After processing, the roller is removed and washed.

We also recommend the Scholl Velvet Smooth battery file. She treats the cuticle and the area around the nails. Thanks to the device, the nail will become smooth, healthy and shiny. After manipulation, they will not break.

Roller saw advantages

Shol is a compact file used to get rid of corns and calluses.

The advantages of a grater include:

  • Easy and convenient to use. There is no need to rub your heels yourself. You should only drive with a file, saving time and effort.
  • The roller can be easily removed to remove dust or replace with a new one.
  • Quickly and gently removes rough skin without pain.
  • A big plus is that the device is powered by batteries and you can take the grater with you on a trip.
  • Ability to treat dry skin

Moreover, of the advantages, the hygiene of the grater is distinguished, since the purchased device is individual, and the buyer himself monitors its cleanliness.

Disadvantages of a roller file

Besides the pros, Scholl has some disadvantages. The disadvantages of the Scholl roller saw are:

  • The scraper has a high price of about 2,000 rubles.
  • It will take longer to get the desired result.
  • Electric pumice stone gently removes the hardened layer, so the manipulation is slow but effective.
  • The use of sholl is not recommended for diabetics.
  • During the procedure, smoke appears from the remnants of the hardened epidermis.
  • The weight of the device is 250 grams, which leads to hand fatigue during the procedure.
  • The float is noisy.

Mechanical file Scholl

The Scholl heel file is designed for home use. It is a simple sander that is not afraid of water.

Types of heel files and methods of application

The mechanical heel file has 2 surfaces:

  • Coarse-grained coverage - removes rough skin.
  • Fine-grained spraying - removes the remaining dead layer, gently evens out the remaining roughness.

The heel file is convenient for processing heels, specially designed to clean the heels. If you regularly use a grater, the skin of the legs will become soft, even and healthy.

How to use a pumice stone

  • You can use a pumice stone after your feet are clean and dry.
  • Initially, you need to process the keratinized areas of the heels using a scraper with a coarse-grained side.
  • Sand the heels with the fine-grained side to completely even out the roughness.
  • After using the Scholl file, moisturize the skin of the feet.

The shoel file is made in China, and few people know what pumice stones are made of for the heels. Pumice is considered a volcanic glass with a porous structure. It is formed during the release of gases during the rapid fading of the lava. The color of the elements is revealed by the valence of iron (brown, black, yellow, white).

Moreover, for the sole, pumice is:

  • Natural
  • Synthetic type

Naturally textured pumice stone easily handles rough skin areas. But there are also disadvantages - the ease of water absorption and poor drying, which leads to the multiplication of microbes. Therefore, this scraper requires periodic disinfection and replacement. Synthetic type pumice is not able to absorb water, microorganisms do not develop in it. The material dries quickly, has a delicate structure and cleans the skin of the feet well.

Laser heel grater

The presence of a good pedicure tool at home is already half of the procedure itself. A laser scraper is often chosen for resurfacing the heels.

Types of heel files and methods of application

This type of heel file is ideal for removing horny skin without causing injury. Such graters serve for a long time, smoothly polish the skin of the entire sole. At the same time, you will need to spend a little more for quality than for other samples of foot graters.

There are 3 methods for cleaning the heels with a float:

  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Pretreatment method with cream.

How to Use a Laser Heel File - Wet Method:

  • It is recommended to wash and steam your feet before the procedure. This will eliminate dead cells.
  • Wipe your feet dry and wait for the feet to dry completely.
  • When using a laser scraper, the movements should be done confidently, but not strongly. Do not press on the heel with a grater, just run it several times in one place.
  • From time to time, you need to shake off the dust from the soles of your feet using a brush. This will allow you to see the areas on the heel that still need to be processed.
  • Before using the scraper, it is unacceptable to process the heels with a blade, a file to eliminate calluses, rough skin.
  • After manipulation, rub the treated soles with an emollient, soothing ointment.
When, after the procedure, the feet are rough and unpleasant to the touch, then this instrument is fake.

The dry method does not require a preparatory stage. It is considered the fastest and easiest. You will need to take the instrument and proceed immediately to the procedure. This method is suitable for those who do not like to spend time steaming their legs. The dry method is also suitable for people with thin and sensitive skin.

Ointment pre-treatment involves applying a greasy product to clean heels. The filing process is carried out when the cream is completely absorbed.

Thanks to this method, softened feet become more elastic and protected from the grating teeth clinging, heels do not dry out, dust does not fly in different directions during processing. The manipulation does not last long.

In the first 7 days, it is allowed to use the laser scraper several times. After achieving the result, once a week.

How to choose a heel grater? Before purchasing an apparatus for processing soles, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each type, a list of samples. Foot files differ in the abrasive material that comes into contact with the heel (metal, mineral cat, ceramics, pumice), in various shapes.

You can consult with a specialist who, based on the peculiarities of the skin on the feet, the neglect of the case, will tell you which type of file is best to use and what is the name of the grater for the heels of the selected type.


The widespread use of devices with laser spraying found with the emergence of the European dry pedicure. A similar process involves the elimination of dead cells of the epidermis by grinding, therefore laser files are also popular in home use.

The advantages of laser-type scrapers are:

  • Harmlessness - when processing delicate skin with a file, there will be no cuts and damage.
  • Practicality - the graters are equipped with a comfortable handle, it does not slip off the hands, which allows you to quickly carry out the procedure
  • Versatility - one laser-coated scraper can be used for multiple steps of a pedicure. They get rid of cracked heels, Exfoliate the dead layer, even out the treated skin.
  • Durability - the files do not break, do not bend. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, therefore they are allowed to be washed in water and processed using disinfectants.


When using such a float in a dry way, the effect is insignificant, especially if the feet have not been cared for for a long time. Do not use the method if there are cracks. In addition, frequent damage to the dermis occurs, since it is less elastic than steamed skin. Many women do not carry out a dry procedure, because when polishing the heels, dust flies in different directions.

The disadvantage of this file when carrying out the wet method is that the skin on the heels is very dry than usual. A lot of time is spent on manipulation.

When processing with cream, the effectiveness is somewhat weaker, relative to preliminary steaming. Although each method has its own drawbacks, the laser grater used by hand is a godsend for home use.

Preparing to brush your heels

When cleaning the heels with the help of special devices, this allows you to quickly and effectively remove dead skin. However, before use, to speed up the cleaning process, it is recommended to steam your feet in a special bath, make a scrub, pilling for the heels.

Procedure recipes

  • Coffee peeling - ground coffee and sea salt are mixed 0.5: 1. Then add 2 tbsp. fermented milk product. The mixture is used as a peeling.
  • Chocolate peeling mask - mix cocoa powder and granulated sugar 1: 0.5. Stir with milk to get a thick consistency. Apply the mixture on the heels, hold the feet over hot water for about 5 minutes, massage and rinse.
  • Orange scrub - use a blender to grind the peeled fruit with a tablespoon of salt. Apply the scrub to the heels with massage movements.


Thanks to the trays, it is possible to fill the skin with active elements, make rough heels soft and beautiful.

  • Grate baby soap, pour into a basin, pour 0.5 liters of milk. Next, pour hot water and immerse your feet in the solution.
  • Honey bath - add 2 tablespoons of honey to a bowl of warm water, stir.
  • Nettle helps to activate blood flow in the feet. It is necessary to finely chop the grass, pour boiling water over it. For 2 hours, the solution will infuse and it is allowed to use it for the procedure.

Softeners for feet

Softeners in the fight against dry and rough heels are considered a valid alternative to steaming the feet before starting the procedure. The main advantage of softeners over water is the permissibility of selective manipulation.

Types of heel files and methods of application

To keep the feet soft, beautiful and well-groomed, use a softener liquid blade.

Thanks to the use of products of different brands, after the first procedure, the beauty of the heels will be noticeable.To shine with your heels, it is important to process the feet in time, choosing the right product.

I bought the Scholl Wet & Dry electric roller file on the occasion, as a gift to my wife, because I knew that she had been looking at this invention for a long time, but somehow did not dare to buy it herself. After positive feedback from my wife, as I was using this device, I decided to write a review based largely on her experience of using this device.

The file comes in a transparent plastic bag. The packaging is demonstration, you cannot store the file in it, so I had to sew a special bag for storing it.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 1

Package Included:

- waterproof file with built-in battery;

- one roller nozzle;

- charger and cable;

- electrical plug.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 2Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 3

There were no instructions as a separate booklet, the operation manual was printed on a cardboard insert from the inside. But this seemingly inconvenience does not particularly affect anything, since the file is very easy to use, and it is enough to read what is given to us on the packaging once to understand the device and start working with it.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 4

The file looks very decent, it is pleasant to take care of yourself with its help. Structurally consists made of waterproof rubberized body and roller nozzle for the treatment of the skin of the feet. The handle is not large, does not slip, it is comfortable to hold in the hands, the coating material is pleasant to the touch. On the outside of the handle there is an on / off button, a speed adjustment button and a battery charging indicator.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 5

On the back of the case there are two contacts for connecting the charger.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 6

On the left side of the file there is a button for removing the roller attachment. The roller can be removed easily, just press the button with one finger and remove the roller with the other hand.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 7

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 8

The file is charged using a charger, which consists of a case with two contacts for charging, a USB cable and a plug that converts the voltage from 220 volts to 5 volts. Charging occurs when the contacts of the charger are aligned with the contacts on the plug body. In this case, the green indicator lights up and starts flashing. How much time exactly charging takes place was not detected, but when connected at night, by the morning the file was fully charged.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 9

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 10

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 11

And now a little about the advantages and disadvantages of the Scholl Wet & Dry file.

Advantages the following can be distinguished:

- Can be used on both dry and damp skin. If the heels are well cared for, using a file to polish them once a week is fine. Well, if the heels are very neglected, coarse and with cracks, then you will first have to steam them and work with a file for more than one session.

- Can be used under the shower, thanks to the waterproof housing.

- Not noisy. It works quietly, a slight buzz is heard, it is not annoying, and even with the door to the bathroom closed, it is unlikely to wake anyone up.

- The saw has two rotation speeds, which is very convenient.

- Simple care. Easy to rinse. After use, by pressing a button on the side panel, the roller is pulled out, the device itself and the roller under the tap are washed and wiped with a cloth.

Review on SCHOLL Wet & Dry Electric Roller File (2016) for removing rough skin of feet - image 12

There are several disadvantages , perhaps for someone they are not critical, but it is still worth writing about them:

- When used, dust is generated from exfoliated skin particles. Therefore, it is better to use the device in the bathroom, so as not to create additional cleaning work for yourself. It would not be bad if the manufacturer provided some kind of reservoir for collecting flying dust from dry, rough skin. But this design would probably become heavier and stop being so easy to use.

- No storage case.

- There is no cap to protect the roller when storing the file.

- The rollers tend to wear out over time, and they need to be replaced, which entails additional costs.

It seems that with careful use, the device should last a long time. It is also necessary to observe safety measures and exercise caution, do not press on the device and do not use in one place for a very long time (according to the instructions, no longer than 3-4 seconds), as there is a risk of burns or injury to the skin.

I also want to give advice to those who have small children to keep the file away from them, although this is obvious. If used for other purposes, children's delicate fingers may suffer. We keep our file on the uppermost shelf in the bathroom drawer.

In conclusion, I want to say that after using this file, my wife concluded that this is a device for those who, even before it appeared in their locker, had a habit of taking care of their legs and taking care of them. The file is mainly intended for relatively well-groomed feet in order to continue to maintain them in this condition. Therefore, with regular use and careful care for your heels, this thing will be very useful and will last a long time. It is difficult to assess how the file will behave in the case of sufficiently coarse heels. A coarser roller may be needed.

I recommend this product for purchase.

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