7 simple tips how to choose a microwave for home

How to choose microwave

Along with the refrigerator and stove, the microwave has become an integral part of the modern kitchen. As a rule, it is used to heal products and defrosting meat, but on this function of the microwave oven are not limited. Some models are able to bake, cook for a couple and even equipped with the grill function. In the desire to purchase such a useful assistant, we go to household appliances shops and on the Internet platforms, and there we are waiting for hundreds and even thousands of models. How to understand than one different from the other, if they are almost the same, and the difference in price is several times? Let's deal with together. We have collected all the information, allocated the most basic and found secrets, so now I know exactly how to choose a microwave for home. We will be happy to share the discoveries with you, trying to state everything briefly, intentionally and in the case.

Myth about the danger of microwave ovens

Another ten years ago, television programs in vain They fought us that harmfully harmful rays come from the microwave. The population was afraid, passed to each other heard, and the results of this spoiled phone were sometimes unpredictable. Recently, the network was discussed as grandmothers in line in the clinic told that the microwave changes the DNA structure. Jokes jokes, but such facts float from insufficient awareness.

How nevertheless microwave stove warms products? Microwaves that it generates leads to the movement of the water molecule in food. They start moving faster, which is why heating occurs. Remember how physics lessons spoke about the transition of kinetic energy into potential? This is it.

Is it worth afraid of modern microwaves? No, it is not worth it. The thing is that each such device receives several levels of protection, without giving ultrahigh-frequency (microwave) radiation in any way to influence our body. First, the door adjacent tightly, and if you open it, the microwave turns off. Secondly, on the inside of the device there is a protective grid. Thirdly, there is also an electromagnetic "trap". If this is not enough for you, I will add that all modern furnaces undergo mandatory certification with the passage of 4 levels of quality control and radiation test.

Output: Microwave is very convenient, but not scary , And our myths, probably, through a century, our children will equalize with fear to ride the first trains and watch the first films. Unpleasant consequences can only come if for a long time every day for 8 hours to be less than 5 cm from the microwave, but it is difficult to imagine a similar situation. Note that It is not worth repairing the furnace - this is how unsafe.

Now you can safely move directly to the selection of microwave furnace.

Tip number 1. We are determined with the purpose of the microwave

Why do you watch yourself a microwave oven? To quickly warm up and defrost products? Or in order to bake meat with a crispy crust and cook other culinary masterpieces? The type of equipment depends on this question , more precisely, its function, and, of course, the price.

All those microwaves that you see in the store can be divided into such basic groups:

  • Solo-furnace;
  • furnace with a grill;
  • furnace with grill and convection;
  • Furnace with grill, convection and steam generator.


In this case, the microwave Equipped with only microwave emitter Due to what the product is processed. Such devices easily cope with Heated and defrosting And also know how to prepare the simplest dishes. Naturally, the price of these microwaves is the most democratic. This is a great option for the house, if you prepare you prefer on the stove and in the oven, and the microwave oven is planning to use for quick warm-up products. Often such stoves are taken for offices. In this case, the simplest device can be used, which is able to warm up the finished dish - no other modes will be needed.

Note! Earlier, furnaces were sold with only one microwave emitter, so many complained that it was impossible to cook in microwaves, since the dishes remained raw. Since then, many changes have happened, but disbelief to microwaves is preserved. In most modern furnaces two, and then three microwave generators which emit waves in different directions, they are reflected from the walls and are evenly distributed, providing high-quality heating and evenly preparation.

Microwave with grina

Such devices can affect the product not only with microwave radiation, but also with heaters (grill), due to which the microwave turns into a direct competitor of the oven. In such a stove, you can prepare complex dishes and Bake products to crisp. If the family loves to enjoy meat, and the hostess boldly goes to culinary experiments, then such a microwave will be by the way.

The grill function is provided by the presence Heating elements that can be two types:

  • TEN It has a complex shape, placed on top or side, or from above and side. In some models, the TEN is mobile, and its location can be changed by achieving the necessary effects. Furnaces with a shadan grill are inexpensive, and the quality of the baking is at the height. Of the minuses, we note only the bulky of devices and the difficulty of the care of the case, since it often has a complex form;
  • quartz grill It takes less space, attached from above, it is more expensive, but it is easier to clean it.

In some microwaves you can meet Both heating elements So the girlfriend and the creation of an appetizing crust will become the highest possible process.

Microwave with grill and convection

Such a stove Easily replace the usual oven . A fan is added to the microwave emitter and heating elements. Due to it, convection is ensured. Roughly speaking, the fan distilts the warm air, it is distributed evenly, due to which the heating occurs quickly and evenly.

By combining convection, grill and microwave Radiations can be prepared any dishwasher dishes in the most unimaginable ways. . About 20 programs are laid in such microwaves, there is a manual mode, so that opportunities are limited to your fantasy.

Panasonic manufactures Inverter microwave ovens with convection and grill . One of their differences is an enlarged chamber volume, which is achieved by reducing the size of the hardware. The main feature is automatic temperature control, which allows you to prepare with significant energy savings.

Microwave with steam generator

This is still Rare specimens on the market And something tells us that it is not destined to become popular. Yes, the device is obtained multifunctional: it is possible in it and a harmful corner, and you can get useful vegetables on a pair easily, but for it will have to pay expensive, and there is a place that such a stove will take significantly more than its simpler counterparts.

Tip number 2. Determine with dimensions

I look at the shelves with microwaves, it is easy to see that even visually they differ in size. The volume of the most compact is only 12-13 liters , and there are monsters with volume up to 42 liters. What microwave is better to choose? The answer is simple - the one that will cover your needs:

  • If you plan only to warm up and defrost then take a compact model with a volume about 20 L. . As a rule, it is a solo furnace, and a plate with chicken grill quietly placed in them;
  • If you are planning also microwave and choose a device with grill functions, and sometimes with convection, it is better to take a model for 20-30 L. ;
  • If you need to cook For a large seven or with a stock, then your choice is the largest furnaces with volume More than 30 liters.
    One of the smallest microwaves on the market

Tip number 3. Power - one of the most important microwave parameters

The more powerful the microwave, the faster it will warm up / defrost / bake. As a rule, the greater the oven, the higher the power. This indicator ranges from 300 W to 2 kW. It does not always mean better. Here, as in the case of size, it is necessary to repel from your own requirements:

  • For solo-furnaces with a normal power, there will be 700-900 W - for heating and defrosting it with a head;
  • For furnaces with the grill function, a capacity of 1.2-1.5 kW will be sufficient;
  • The oven with convection will have a power of at least 1.35 kW, but better if this indicator is at the level of 1.8-2 kW.

In all modern microwaves, power can be adjusted. Older analogues are deprived of this opportunity.

Note! The power of the microwaves themselves, as a rule, is 700-1000 W, the rest is the power of convection and grill. Suppose the power of the microwave emitter 800 W, the grill is 700 W, and convection is 600 W. Running all together, we get the power of 2.1 kW. Does not prevent in advance to estimate whether the home wiring will pull this monster.

Tip №4. What is the inner coating better?

Often we evaluate the microwave externally. Many people are enough for the furnace to warm up and looked pretty. As a result, you can get frustrated. Before buying does not interfere with the look into the stove and understand what covered with its walls:

  • Enameled coating - the cheapest option. Moreover, it is perfectly clean, and all splashes and pollution from it are departed with minimal effort. Minus - low durability, but do not rush to get upset. Enamel is afraid of long exposure to highly high temperatures and shocks. So if you choose the oven without convection and grill, you can carefully put and get a plate, then enamel will last you for a long time. If the trouble occurred, enamel was damaged and denied metal, then breakdowns, alas, not avoid;
  • stainless steel Perfectly withstands high temperatures, durable, durable. With it, nothing will be poured (as in the case of enamel), but also such stoves are more expensive. The main minus is difficult to care. Fat literally sticks to the walls, so without special cleaning tools can not do. Patience will also be needed, as it is necessary to work only with soft sponges and gels - brushes and means with abrasive particles are contraindicated;
  • Ceramics or biocheramics I absorbed all the best from Steel and Enamel. It is easily cleaned and is not afraid of high temperatures, it is not afraid of scratches, durable, but the microwaves are worth the coating expensive. With strong blows, ceramics cracks, but under normal conditions there are no such shocks.

In the cheapest microwave ovens used Imitation enamel . About the security and durability of speech does not go, and pseudoemal after a few months starts to crack and sprinkle. Do not take microwaves from little-known manufacturers who offer too low prices.

Tip number 5. Functionality, or what should the microwave be able to?

The answer is the same. It all depends on your personal preferences. Someone just wants to simplify the process of daily heating of food, and someone is going to use a microwave for cooking. Naturally, the functionality in these cases will be required different.

We list the main features of modern microwaves, and you choose yourself that you really need from all this:

  • Manual heating mode There are in all furnaces. Everything is simple here. It is enough to choose power, time and run the process. Over time, you will understand how much time it is necessary to heighten the various kinds of products;
  • Manual defrost mode . Here everything is exactly the same as heated, only the defrost mode is activated by the button or swivel lever. Properly defrost products in manual mode are far from all. Frequent result - ice inside and a roasted surface from above. To avoid improper heating and defrosting, automatic modes are provided in some microwaves;
  • Automatic heating. The user chooses the type of product, its weight and starts the process. The furnace itself decides how much time it is necessary for the optimal result;
  • AutoSmanozka . Time and power is selected by the stove independently, based on what type of product and weight you indicated;
  • Automatic preparation. In some furnaces there are ready-made programs for preparing certain dishes: convection, grill, microwave radiation, temperature and power are regulated without human participation. Such programs are usually 4-8, but maybe more. In some models, adding your own program;
  • Microwave + grill . This is loved by many regime, allows you to create an appetizing crust;
  • Microwave + convection . Mode provides faster cooking;
  • Convection + grill . Mode is used when baking and frying;
  • Breadmaker function still rare, but allows you to make bread and buns in the microwave;
  • pending start - Excellent function moving in microwave from multicormaries. You put, for example, a chicken, put the mode and set it up to start cooking after 4 hours, for example. When everyone returns home, dinner will be ready;
  • Cleaning the furnace ferry . There is far from all models, but significantly simplifies the process of cleaning the walls of the microwave;
  • Removal odor . If you cook or warm the dessert in the furnace, where we recently warmed the fish, then the dessert will be, to put it mildly, unappletent. To avoid similar inconvenience, in some models there is a special function that activates the built-in fan and allows the stove faster to ventilate.

It is stupid to overpay for the functions that will not be used, so soberly, without an excitement, appreciate your requirements for microwave oven.

Often manufacturers are equipped with microwaves with lattices, pallets, spit and even some dishes. You can use ceramic, glass or porcelain dishes. No metal plates and dishes with a metal cutter. On plastic there must be a special marking, resolving heating into the microwave.

Tip number 6. How is it more convenient to control the microwave?

Another important element that needs to be noted, answering how to choose a microwave for home is Control elements . The comfort of work will depend on their convenience and logic. Options for implementing controls may be several:

  • Mechanical using multiple swivel switches. One, as a rule, is responsible for the power and modes, the second - during the time. Sometimes there is a third lever. These are simple, reliable and inexpensive furnaces. Minus - the inability to set up cooking time up to tens of seconds. Typically, the solo-furnaces and furnaces with a grill are performed;
  • Control electronic control Allows you to more subtly configure the microwave oven, set everything up to a second. The main minus is the complexity of maintaining cleanliness in the zone near the buttons and under them;
  • Sensory electronic control - This is modern, beautiful, comfortable. Nothing sticks out, it means that there is no mud to score. All processes are adjusted as thinly as possible. Minus sensory electronics - low reliability. Stress races - and she risks fail. There are such stoves, naturally, more expensive.

Tip number 7. Where to put?

The microwave can be embedded in the kitchen set, and you can put on the working surface. The built-in stove looks like a part of the whole, takes a minimum of space, but it is more expensive. If the kitchen interior is already formed, it is better to take the usual separately standing microwave. It is put on the working surface or on a specially fixed shelf, so as not to take away useful centimeters of the table top.

If there is little space in the kitchen, then take the most compact stove. By the way, any microwave, if desired, can be embedded in the kitchen headset, building a frame-box for it.

And a few more tips

When buying, also consider the following:

  • Product color Does not affect the functionality, but affects perception. Select such a model that will not be in the kitchen "White Vorona". The win-win version is a white stove, also almost in any kitchen will look good for metallic color;
  • Among the leading Manufacturers You can mark SAMSUNG, LG, Gorenje, Midea, Bosch;
  • The price is highly dependent on functionality, power and manufacturer. Saving savings, but too cheap models are better not to take.

Our rating Top 11: The best microwaves 2018 will help to find a suitable model.

For additional convenience, you can purchase a shelf to put two plates in the oven. It is also better to take a special plastic cap that protects the walls from splashing and facilitates you care for the furnace.

Microwave oven - technique, which today will be found almost every kitchen. It was invented in 1945 by the American Engineer of Percy Spencer, and the ability of radiation to heat the products was open to them quite by chance.

By participating in the creation of military radars, the inventor conducted experiments with magnetron (emitter of magnetic waves). During one of them, Spencer discovered that the chocolate bar was unexpectedly melted in his pocket. The next time he has already specially heated corn grains - the world's first popcorn in the microwave was prepared.

Types and features of microwave ovens

The first models of microwaves had a height of more than one and a half meters and weighed over 300 kg. They could work exclusively in warm-up mode. Over the years since the invention, the technique has changed a lot. She became much more compact and received additional opportunities. In modern microwave ovens, you can warm up, defrosting and cooking products.

By functionality Devices are divided into:

  • solo furnaces;
  • furnaces with a grill;
  • Furnaces with convection.

Microwave Solo - The simplest model where there is only microwave mode. It is able to defrost, warm and cook simple dishes, for example, meat or vegetables - externally and in taste they will be like boiled.

Furnaces with grill allow you to make a menu more diverse. They can prepare not only dishes with dietary taste, but also to receive an appetizing fringe crust on products. In such devices, sausages are fried, rushes meat or bird. Some furnaces are equipped with a spit, which is planted a kebab or chicken carcass.

You can turn on the grill separately or in combination with microwaves. The combined mode reduces cooking time (though, and energy consumption increases significantly) and makes it possible to grasp the dish. Separately, the grill is rarely used - mainly for roasting bread or preparation of hot dogs.

The grill mounted in the microwave can be:

Tennic Grill It is a curved metal tube with a spiral located inside. It is located on the ceiling of the working chamber, which creates certain difficulties when cleaning. Some furnaces have been moving such a grill. It can be installed under the tilt so that the product is heated from above, and on the side. The maximum temperature of the Tan reaches 650 degrees, it is ready for operation approximately after 3 minutes after switching on.

Quartz grill - This is a flat lamp of quartz glass, inside of which the wire from the chromium and nickel alloy is located. It is also located on top, but in a special deepening - the ceiling of the furnace in this case has many holes. Such a design is easy to care because the hostess does not prevent anything prevents a flat surface. The quartz grill is heated in just 1 minute, and its temperature is higher - up to 800 degrees.

Also produce furnaces with Double grina : Tanov and quartz. Quartz, as usual, are located in the upper part, and the test is installed in parallel with the rear wall. When turned on, it descends down, taking a horizontal position. During the operation of the double grill, the products are placed on the grille. Heat on them is directed from above, and below, which reduces cooking time and provides more uniform heating.

Convection - Circular motion of heated air flows. To do this, the heater and the fan are embedded in the rear wall of the chamber, allowing the microwave to work as an oven. Most furnaces having this feature are also equipped with a grill.

Convection provides fast and uniform heating, allowing me to bake meat, fish and vegetables, baking patches and cupcakes. It can be turned on separately or together with other modes (microwaves, grill) - combinations depend on the furnace model. Microwaves with convection are multifunctional and suitable for the preparation of a large number of dishes, but consume more energy and cost more than those deprived of this function analogs.

In some furnaces there are other features, such as a built-in toaster or steam generator.

By installation method Microwaves are divided into:

  • embeddable;
  • Standing separately.

Embeddable The model is installed in a niche of a kitchen headset or placing it into a column with other techniques. This allows you to more organically enter the device in the interior.

У standing separately Microwave ovens Other dignity: mobility. They can be easily rearranged or taken with them when moving.

Another classification of microwaves is associated with way of opening the door . Most models are inside the side, but there are also stoves with a horizontal (folding) door. It opens down like a brass cabinet. Such a model is convenient if the furnace is below the table top or on the left adjoins the wall.

The door can be opened in different ways. One devices have a classic handle, other furnaces doors open after pressing the button on the front panel.

The last option is considered more convenient to use and easier in terms of cleaning - a smooth surface without protruding parts is easy to wipe from dirt. But it also has a disadvantage: over time, many buttons begin to fall out or break.

Microwaves are also divided into:

  • models with a rotating pallet;
  • Devices without a turntable.

Most devices magnetron is located on the side. For uniform penetration of microwaves in their products, they have to constantly rotate - this task and performs Ground pallet .

However produce models and without swivel table . Magnetron They have built into the bottom along with a special microwave distributor (it is him spinning instead of products). Such furnaces have several advantages. First, it is possible to prepare dishes in them at once in several beds nearby. Secondly, the flat bottom of the devices is much easier to wash. Finally, the absence of a rotating tray reduces the risk of breakdowns: because the rotary mechanism can eventually fail with time.

There are other types of furnaces. For example, it includes models with double radiation (they distribute microwaves more evenly) and inverter microwave ovens. In such expensive devices, the power decreases smoothly during the cooking process - this ensures a more careful attitude to products that allows you to maintain their structure and avoid cutting dishes. If necessary, you can independently adjust the power of the inverter furnace - it is also done smoothly, right during operation. To change this parameter in a conventional microwave, the device will first have to turn off, select the desired value and then turn it on again.

Characteristics of microwave ovens

The main characteristics of furnaces include:

  • power;
  • volume;
  • diameter of the rotating pallet;
  • availability and number of automatic programs;
  • control type and availability of display;
  • the presence of a timer and the function of the delayed start;
  • the ability to turn off the beep;
  • presence of protective lock;
  • Interior chamber coating.

Power Microwaves can be different: from 500 to 1700 W. This characteristic depends on the time of cooking, defrosting or heating food.

In all models, the power is adjustable, and choose the desired level, depending on what you plan to do:

  • 100 watts are used to maintain the temperature of the finished dishes;
  • 300 W is enough for conventional defrost;
  • 400-500 W is used to quickly defrost small products;
  • 500-700 W are suitable for cooking soups, cooking meat, poultry, fish, vegetables.
  • More than 800 W is usually used for rapid warming.

If you attracted a furnace with a grill and convection, note that when the modes of their power simultaneously turn on: the power of the grill and the power of convection will be added to the microwave power, and only high-quality wiring can withstand a large total load.

Volume Microwave is from 15 to 40 liters. Models with a working chamber less than 20 liters are suitable for one or two people. They can prepare small portions of dishes. Microwaves with a volume of 20-30 liters are designed for a family of three or four people. They are placed larger products, for example, a whole chicken.

For large families, the optimal choice will be a furnace with a chamber of 30-40 liters, in which you can bake a duck or goose, place a large dish. Of course, we are talking about cooking - if the device is only necessary for portion heating, in any case, enough compact model.

From the volume of the working chamber directly depends on this characteristic as The diameter of the rotating pallet . In different models, it is 25-35 cm.

Number automatic software Maybe the auto-sorce (fast and ordinary), auto-hot, as well as the modes of preparation of various dishes. Depending on the model, they can be both 3-4 and several dozen. Use such programs is very simple: you just need to choose a recipe and specify the weight of the products. The temperature and cooking time microwave will determine the itself. In some furnaces, there is also a memory function where you can save your own favorite recipes.

Control Panel It may be sensory, push-button or with swivel switches (such usually occurs in the simplest models). Sensory is more simple in care - a flat surface is easier to wash out than the protruding buttons. Easy the Office and Control over the preparation of dishes will help display which displays the time selected mode and other settings.

Timer allows you to set the maximum duration of work, and The function of the deferred start It will be useful if you want to get a ready-made dish to a certain period (for example, by the time of return from the walk).

Ability to turn off the beep which the microwave reports on the completion of the program will help young mothers. By using it, they will be able to not worry that the sound will disturb the sleep of the baby. Another useful feature for parents - Protective blocking which will not allow the child to turn on the device.

When choosing a microwave matters and such a parameter as Interior chamber coating . It can be enamelled, acrylic, ceramic and biochematic, stainless steel.

Acrylic and Enamel are the simplest and budget types of coatings. They are easy to clean, but lose quality due to the prolonged exposure to high temperatures and deteriorate due to the formation of a car - then the walls appear on the walls. In addition, such surfaces are easy to scratch.

Stainless steel is more durable and resistant to external factors. It is usually used in furnaces with convection. Clean the steel surface from fat and food residues is more difficult than enameled, for this may need abrasive agents.

Ceramics or biocheramics coatings have many advantages. They are unpretentious in care, they do not stick to them and soot. Ceramics has antibacterial properties and high thermal conductivity: food in such a microwave will prepare faster. The main drawback of these models is a high cost.

Microwave selection options

Before buying first, decide why you need a microwave. Do you plan to prepare different dishes in it or will you basically warm up the products? In the latter case, boldly acquire the solo furnace.

Do you prefer food with a rosy crust? Then you will need a model with a grill.

You do not have the opportunity or desire to place a bulky oven in the kitchen? An excellent solution will be the purchase of a microwave oven with a grill and a convection, in which you can cook pizza, cakes, pies and other delicious dishes.

If you have a big family, choose a device with a working chamber from 30 liters. Under conditions, when the place in the kitchen is limited and you will not need to prepare large dishes, it will help a more compact model of up to 20 liters.

Those who are not too experienced in culinary art or wants to make fun of cooking as much as possible, microwaves with automatic programs are suitable. When buying, do not forget to clarify which one of them is included in the menu. One stoves have only the simplest recipes, but in other models you will be offered several dozen dishes from the kitchens of the peoples of the world.

If you are on weekends prefer to purchase products for a week or other, the model with the auto-mode regime will be useful.

Elderly people, as a rule, like more easy to control the microwave with rotary switches. Most young owners will be more convenient to use a stove with buttons or touchpad.

If you first repel when you choose, the following information will be entitled to navigate.

The most budget category includes microwave solo furnaces with rotary switches. They lack additional modes (including defrost), and the camera is covered with enamel. The volume of such devices is usually standard and is 20 liters.

Microwaves with grill, defrosting function and automatic cooking programs will cost more. Even more will have to pay for models with convection.

The most expensive category includes multifunctional furnaces with a grill, convection, a steaming, a large number of automatic programs. Such models are equipped with a display and have an enlarged (from 25 liters) working chamber. The inner coating in most of them is biochematic or stainless steel.

In classic microwave furnaces, Magnetron works always with the same power, breaking off periodically. As a result, the surface of the products overheats, and the center remains cold. Therefore, for example, in microwaves are not advised to warm up milk for infants - if the liquid does not mix, the child can burn.

The inverter furnace works otherwise. It takes the waves constantly, gradually reducing their power by the end of cooking. This allows you to evenly warm the food, maintain its structure and useful substances. Such furnaces are more convenient for defrosting meat or for the preparation of muffins in a circle. Inverter microwaves are usually easier and more in volume, carefully consume electricity. It is more expensive than ordinary, it is more difficult to repair.

Microwave investment

The microwave oven has long passed from the discharge of unusual kitchen appliances into the category of standard or even frankly "boring". In fact, everyone who wanted to get a microwave, most likely made it for a long time.

At the same time, advertising new microwaves can be found not too often. The reasons are the same: the microwave is already eating almost everyone who needs it, but fail these devices so rarely that the microwave is not required to "update" the microwave.

As a result, a new microwave is bought either upon completion of the repair in the apartment (or "updates" of the kitchen), or in the case when the previous model is completely and irrevocably outdated. That is, not too often.

Let us take a look at modern microwaves and deal with what they overtook their ancestors, and what remained unchanged. And at the same time we define how to choose a microwave that most suitable for your needs.

Microwave device

The heart of the microwave ovens is Magenetron: "Electronic device generating microwaves when the stream of electrons interacts with an electrical component of an ultra-high-frequency field in space, where a permanent magnetic field is perpendicular to the constant electric field", according to Wikipedia.

What does this mean in practice? Microwaves are electromagnetic radiation of ultra-high frequency, which transmits its energy to molecules, thereby causing them to move faster (that is, increasing the temperature). The electrical component of electromagnetic waves accelerates the movement of molecules with a dipole moment, and since the most common in food products dipole molecules are water molecules, the microwave radiation is mainly heats up in any product that is water in it - and everything else is heated from the water.

Having understood with the principles of the microwave work, it becomes easy to understand that there is no additional "harm to health", which can cause food, warmed up or cooked in a microwave, speech, of course, can not go. The only effect that microwaves are on food is normal heating.

I must say that starting to prepare this material, we were unpleasant surprised, finding that reasoning about the dangers of microwaves, it turns out, refer to the category of very lively "grandmother's fairy tales", and they still can be found on numerous (as a rule - local) Forums and discussions of the principles of "healthy eating".

Separately and embedded microwaves

Getting started to choose a microwave oven, the first thing to determine whether your microwave is built into the kitchen or separately worth it. Built-in microwaves imply the need for calculating kitchen furniture in accordance with the dimensions of the device (including possibly the order of lockers of the desired size). Such microwaves are usually purchased at the design of the kitchen, since subsequently an attempt to "embed" the device in an inappropriate place can turn into rather significant costs of strength and time.

Built-in Microwave Bosch BFL524MS0

Separately standing devices are simply put on the table or in the niche provided for them. They are easy to transfer to another place or remove for long-term storage (for example, if the microwave is rarely used, and free space is required to accommodate other kitchen appliances).

We also mention that at the microwave selection stage you need to understand whether it will be convenient to use it, namely, to decide on the design of the door. The loop at the door of the microwave can be on the side, or below. The door, therefore, can open a sideline or to lean on yourself (like a classic oven). The choice is caused by personal preferences or features of the design of the kitchen headset.

Dimensions and size of the working chamber

The following obvious parameter with which is pretty easy to decide is the size of the working chamber of the microwave and the dimensions directly associated with it.

The size of the microwave depends on how many portions of food it can warm up (or cook) at a time. It is believed that for a small family there is enough roomy to 20-23 liters, for three or four people - 25-28 liters.

More volumetric microwaves make sense to consider only if you understand well, why do you need it. For example, if you know exactly what you will prepare in the microwave or regularly warm up large portions at a time.


The greater the microwave power - the better. Sounds healthy? In fact, the microwave power is rather important, but far from a primary parameter. Despite the fact that the market can be found as microwaves-baby, with microwaves with only 500 W and powerful embedded devices that consume 1500 W, in most cases the power of the device is selected according to its size. That is, it will almost always be sufficient to fulfill the tasks set before him.

If you still decided to ask this parameter, do not forget that the power indicated on the box is the total power of microwaves, grill and convection. It is necessary to navigate to these values ​​if you pick up the microwave based on the load that your power grid allows.

If you are interested in the power of directly microwaves, then in the search for this information, you may have to use the instructions that came with the instruction.

In the microwaves of the medium size, the microwave power is usually in the area of ​​1000 W - and this greatly grabs for all tasks.

Interior chamber coating

The inner walls of the microwave can be covered with enamel, ceramics, biochemal enamel or stainless steel.

The most common enamel coatings are most common, which are relatively inexpensive and at the same time uncomplicated in cleaning. They are quite difficult to damage, but relatively easy to maintain clean. True, enamel coatings do not like long-term exposure to high temperatures, therefore, in more powerful and expensive models, you can more often meet coatings from ceramics and biocheramic. Such coatings are difficult to scratch, it is almost no Nagar.

The most durable, but at the same time complex in caring is steel coating. It can easily withstand any temperatures, but also easily collects fat stains. Squeeze fat spots with an abrasive sponge at the same time, it will not work: well-noticeable scratches will remain on the steel wall.

Grill, Spit and Convection

The simplest microwaves can perform only one task - warm up the products on the installed capacity. More modern models are able to partially replace the oven, taking part of its functions. Thanks to this, the microwave becomes possible to fully prepare a wide variety of dishes. Such a decision seems to us quite adequate in several cases:

  • If we are talking about small-sized apartments, in which there was no place for a full-sized oven, or if the microwave performs the role of a single available kitchen appliance - for example, it is installed in the construction consumer or in the country;
  • If a desire often arises to prepare a portion dish, which implies cooking in the oven, but at the same time "draw" for the sake of it a whole brave cabinet seems to be inappropriate (for example, hot sandwiches for breakfast) - In this case, the microwave with a convection will perform the role of a small oven.

In modern microwaves, except for microwaves, several solutions are used, and often they can simultaneously apply with each other.


Many microwaves are equipped with a grill (as a rule - the top, although sometimes there are models with upper and lower grill). In fact, the grill is an additional heating element that allows you to prepare, for example, a hot sandwich or grilled chicken with a pretty crispy crust. In modern microwave furnaces, two types of grills are used: quartz and dons.

The well-known Tannaya Spiral is completely similar to that which you can meet in a full-size or compact oven. But a quartz grill, which is, in fact, a powerful infrared radiation lamp, you can meet less often. It will cost somewhat more expensive, but it is beneficial to the fact that it does not take place in the working chamber, heats up faster, and it works faster than its simpler counterfeit.

Quartz grill does not take excess space in the working chamber - Candy CMXG20DS

The lower grill is relatively rare. His task is to ensure a more uniform heating of the dish. It is usually infrared and built into the bottom of the microwave oven.


Together with the grill is sometimes used spit. It traditionally prepares pieces of meat, fish, and also baked the bird entirely. Spit is usually used in a grill and convection oven: the fan is inserted with hot air, and the dish is fastened with heat from all sides, is evenly covered with a golden crust.

In modern microwaves, the spit can be found too often, as a rule, it is refused to benefit from a conventional metal lattice: a convection mode, which "chases" hot air is evenly throughout the camera, in most cases it allows you to do without rotating the product itself.


The convection mode in the microwave is completely similar to convection in the oven: thanks to a special fan of food is prepared in hot air flows circulating around the dish. Such a mode allows you to proper well evenly. Convection mode is often used in conjunction with the grill, which makes it possible to achieve the best results (for example, when cooking the same chicken itself). At the same time, the microwave with convection will be predictable more expensive, and will also consume more electricity.

In addition to the lattice, you can also meet a special stand on the legs and a dish for cooking.

Traditional and inverter microwaves

In traditional microwaves, Magnetron is capable of being in two states - on or disconnected. Accordingly, the various heating power modes are implemented by periodically turning on and off magnetron. The longer it turns out to be included - the eating is heated. The more pauses will be between inclusions - the longer it turns out to be at the heated product to evenly distribute heat inside itself. It is clear that the error with the choice of mode can lead to the fact that some parts of the heated product will be too hot, and others, on the contrary, will remain cold. You can also often encounter product cutting.

Inverter oven is designed to partially solve. Its main difference from the traditional microwave is in the presence of a special electronic magnetron power control unit (inverter). Thanks to such a device, the microwave receives the ability to work not only discretely (on / off), but also on an arbitrarily installed power with uniform heating of the product.

As a bonus - the absence of a transformer in the invertor microwave, which takes a lot of space in the device's case, as well as some electricity saving, which may be more (or less) relevant - depending on the electricity tariff.

Panasonic also reports that inverter microwaves warmer products more evenly

As a minus - expected, the price: the cheapest inverter microwave will cost you about 2 times more expensive than the traditional initial level microwave.

Management and embedded programs

The management of modern microwaves can be mechanical (made in the form of rotating round handles and buttons), electronic push-button (usually looks like a few digital buttons), or sensory (based, as it is easy to guess, on touch, not mechanical, buttons).

Mechanical control is characterized by simplicity and low price, but somewhat limits the user in choosing the appropriate modes. Microwaves with electronic button control, as a rule, have built-in programs for warming up or cooking various dishes.

Electronic Control with Mechanical Buttons - Candy CMXG20DS

Sensor control microwaves provide access to the maximum set of useful functions, allowing you to maximize the speed and warm-up time, or the cooking mode of a specific dish. Yes, and in care, the touch panel will turn out to be easier (the dirt will not fall into the slot between the buttons and the body of the device).

Sound alert (as well as the built-in camera backlight) today is almost all models. But the management through a smartphone or a companion application containing recipes and other useful information is only the most "advanced" models (or those who want to look like).

The application-companion may be like a useful assistant and the source of recipes.

Finally, let's say about the presence of embedded programs. It is no secret that the most frequently used function in the microwave is the "Add 30 Seconds to the current mode" type button. However, in addition to her, a modern microwave oven has a lot of useful automatic or semi-automatic modes that allow you to easily and simply perform one or another operation.

Note the most popular of them.

  • Automatic defrost - will calculate the most appropriate mode to defrost the selected product. The user will only need to specify the weight of freezing and the type of product (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.);
  • Automatic heating - performs the same calculations, but not for defrosting, but for heating of finished dishes;
  • Automatic temperature maintenance - this function may be useful if you need some time to save the dish in the heated form;
  • Recipes for cooking - Many models allow you to prepare the most popular dishes (soup, sandwiches, chicken, etc.) literally in one press of the button;
  • Programming the cooking process and recipe recipes - for those who have not enough built-in recipes, the developers have added the ability to make their own program (sequence of various modes), which allows you to apply the "Recipe" function to your favorite dishes that are not included in the "standard" list;
  • Blocking from children - despite the fact that any microwave will automatically turn off when the door is open, many models allow you to completely block the control panel, which will not allow the child to prepare something inappropriate in the microwave (for example, an egg);
  • Deferred launch - With this feature, you can program the microwave to warm the dish to a certain time. For example, in the morning you can go to walk with a dog, and after returning home to get a preheated breakfast.


Choosing a microwave, the user will have to answer a number of pretty simple questions, after which the entire frightening range of models will be reduced in tens of times (and at best - up to 3-5 models).

First you need to decide on the type of microwave oven and decide whether it will be embedded or separately worth it. The second question is dimensions (which directly depend on how many people we will cook / warm up food).

Then - decide whether you need a spit, as well as the functions of the grill and convection (that is, to decide whether you will prepare simple dishes in the microwave or are going to use it only for warming up).

At this stage, it is time to decide on the price category. Namely - to decide whether you are ready to overpay for more expensive camera coating, for sensory control or for a large selection of built-in automatic programs. And also - do you want to see at home inverter microwave or ordinary.

And finally, the most pleasant is the choice of a suitable design (body color) and a brand that you trust more.

As we see, the choice of modern microwave can be a very simple task if you approach it systemically.

Without a microwave oven, it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. With her help You can not only warm the broths, cereals and mashed potatoes, but also prepare complicated dishes. . Microwave very much saves our time, preparing food, which retains a large number of vitamins.

Earlier rumors about Harmful wave radiation microwave oven . These are all myths because Current devices are certified for radiation . All the waves harmful to humans remain behind the stove closed door.

Rating of the best microwave ovens 2020
Rating of the best microwave ovens 2020

You can purchase a completely inexpensive model of thousands for 3, If you wish to save. But this option will not serve for a long time and will not be able to please you with good facilities along with a large selection of cooking programs.

An important parameter is the internal microwave. It gives us to understand how much food you can warm up or cook. On one person there will be enough 14 liters, You can choose small dimensions of the device. For two people, it is better to choose about 15-19 liter devices. Large families should pick up models of over 27 liters.

From such a parameter, like power, directly depends on the speed of cooking your food. There are mini variations with a capacity of about 400 W, but there are aggregates with a value of 1,500 watts. It is clear that it is worth choosing a microwave oven for itself and your requests. But if you live, for example, alone, and this device uses from time to time and complex dishes do not cook, then Choose sophisticated models with many programs meaningless.

What is the inner coating of the camera to choose? This factor affects the service life of your device. Exists Enamel coating, which is very steadily damaged, looks great and simply washes. Only here enamel is easily scratched and beats if you hit. Steel is the strongest coating, She is not afraid of temperature differences, damage, blows, etc. But behind it is not so easy to care: all fatty traces are visible on it. Is there some more Coating from biocheramics, which is more expensive.

What are the options and programs of microwave ovens

Defrosting. Here you can independently set the power defrost (fast or slow). In some microwave stoves there are autonigable, In which the temperature of the defrost is automatically determined depending on the volume of the dish. Cooking. For many, an indispensable function that helps prepare a different kind of dish. It is necessary to prepare the necessary washed and sliced ​​ingredients in the bowl, Select the name of the dish by clicking on the special key, and through time to enjoy the cooked food. Grill. Indispensable for many option from which you can Prepare meat, turkey, chicken, as well as mushrooms, vegetables and potatoes. Food turns out is a bucked, juicy, and most importantly, has a crispy crust. It is noteworthy that the cooked grill food retains many vitamins compared, for example, with fried dishes.

Rating of the best microwave ovens 2020
Rating of the best microwave ovens 2020

Bread maker. This option has many modern microwave options. It becomes possible to prepare homemade fragrant bread. If you want to cook cakes and complex cakes, then problems may arise, because the difficult desserts with a phased implementation are easier to bake in the oven.

Double boiler. A steamer is indispensable when preparing dishes that are ready only for a pair (it can be manta).

Convection. With this feature You can prepare meat that is buckled evenly , without burning and raw pieces. With the option of convection, the dough is capable of drunk on top and inside without thermal parts. Convection evenly serves hot air both from below, top, and side . It should not even say that with this option, the maximum is preserved vitamins in your cooked dish.

Many microwaves equipped with self-cleaning option . As a result, the device when pressed on the key is independently cleaned by steam that kills microbes and helps to quickly clean your assistant. Modern microwave ovens are equipped with smell removal program.

Owners of microwave ovens think about What kind of dishes acquire for her. In the device you can Use glass and ceramic dishes. Also in stores you will delete many special containers with a note that they can be used in the microwave.

We found D. Eat the best microwave ovens 2020, they will be able to please you with an attractive value for the maximum set of options and good power.

The ranking presents:

1. Gorenje MO17E1W. - Find out where cheaper all >>>
2. Candy CMW 2070 M - Find out where cheaper all >>>
3. SAMSUNG ME88SUG. - Find out where cheaper all >>>
4. LG MS-20R42D - Find out where cheaper all >>>
5. LG MS-2042DB - Find out where cheaper all >>>
6. BBK 17mws-781m / W - Find out where cheaper all >>>
7. SAMSUNG ME83KRW-1 - Find out where cheaper all >>>
8. Horizont 20mw800-1378 - Find out where cheaper all >>>
9. BBK 20MWS-728S / W - Find out where cheaper all >>>
10. Redmond RM-2002D - Find out where cheaper all >>>

1st place. Gorenje MO17E1W

Microwave Gorenje MO17E1W Violands all kinds of options, the reliability of the assembly and the democratic price, so it is located in the first place of our list of the best microwave ovens. Designed for 17 liters, so it is well suited for a lonely person or maximum for a pair. The inner coating of the chamber is made of enamel, Which is well clean and has aesthetic appearance. Weigh microwave 10.6 kg.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
Gorenje MO17E1W
Gorenje MO17E1W

The capacity of the device is 700 W, This is enough to quickly defrost meat and cooking simple dishes. In the microwave furnace implemented 5 power levels And there are rotary switches. Equipped with a timer for 35 minutes. This model is very popular and in demand among users, there are many laudatory feedback on it, mainly due to its attractive cost.


  • Famous manufacturer.
  • Reliable assembly.
  • 5 power levels.
  • Democratic price.
  • Timer.
  • Defrosting mode.
  • Illumination of the inner chamber.
  • There is a sound notification of the cooked or preheated dish.
  • Cleaning Aquaclean.


  • Sharp and loud closure of the door.
  • May be unevenly warming up food.
Average rating - 4.6
The average price is 4,500 rubles

2nd place. Candy CMW 2070 M

This microwave is located on the second line of the rating due to the attractive price (even lower than that of the previous ranking participant). Designed for 20 liters, so suitable for a family of two people. The inner coating of the chamber is made of enamel, which is characterized by durability and long-term service life. Weigh the device 11.3 kg.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
Candy CMW 2070 M
Candy CMW 2070 M

Power is 700 W, You can easily warm up and defrost food. Microwave has 6 power levels and rotary switches. Equipped with a timer for 30 minutes. Also has in its arsenal the auto-statement program.


  • Inexpensive.
  • The inner chamber is highlighted.
  • Beep with ready-made food.
  • Volume of 20 liters.
  • Equipped with a timer for 30 minutes.


  • High noise when working.
  • Heats food for a long time.
Middle ranking - 4.7
Average price - 3,600 rubles

3rd place. Samsung ME88SUG.

This model is designed for 23 liters, so suitable for a small family. The inner coating of the chamber is made of biochemmic enamel. This coating is more expensive, but resistant to scratches and is easily mounted. Weigh the device 12 kg. Microwave power is 800 W, What is pretty good for the microwave of this price range. It has 6 power levels that you can switch in order to find the optimal warming value of your dish.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
Samsung ME88SUG.
Samsung ME88SUG.

It has a display that displays the necessary information. Equipped with switches in the form of buttons. Equipped with defrosting and autosmorosis modes. From noteworthy options - removal of unpleasant odors, blocking from children and technology of uniform heat distribution inside the chamber.


  • Stylish design.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • The door opens with a button.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Blocking from children.
  • Illumination inside the chamber.
  • Elimination of odors.


Middle ranking - 4.8
The average price is 6,800 rubles

4th place. LG MS-20R42D

Microwave LG MS-20R42D has an internal enamel coating and a useful feature of protection from children. Camera capacity is 20 liters, weighs 12 kg. The power of the average value is 700 W. Microwave has a readable display. It is noteworthy that the device is equipped with automatic cooking with 32 recipes.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
LG MS-20R42D
LG MS-20R42D

Switches are made in the form of buttons , very conveniently pressed. The device is implemented by an option of the auto-statement with 4 modes. Microwave Supports fast defrost technology . From additional options, we note the technology of uniform distribution of waves and the backlight of the inner chamber.


  • The door opens with a button.
  • Designed for 20 liters.
  • 32 recipe for cooking.
  • Fast defrost.
  • Blocking from children.
  • Stylish design.


Average rating - 4.6
The average price is 5,700 rubles

5th place. LG MS-2042DB

The microwave LG MS-2042DB has the same parameters as the previously considered model, the difference only lies in the external design (represented in black) and in sensory convenient switches. Calculated for 20 liters, suitable for use in two people. Weighs a little less, 11.5 kg. Power is 700 W, which tells us about the fast dishes.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
LG MS-2042DB
LG MS-2042DB

Also Equipped with a display that the necessary information is displayed. Microwave is equipped with 32 auto recipes, among which you will definitely find your own. As practice shows, users mainly prefer several (3-5) favorite proven modes. There is an automatic defrost with 4 temperature modes to choose from.


  • Stylish body execution.
  • Capacity - 20 liters.
  • 32 recipe for automatic cooking dishes.
  • AutoSmorozka with 4 modes.
  • Fast defrost.
  • Blocking from children.
  • Uniform distribution of waves.


  • Short power wire.
  • Loud door closing.
Average rating - 4.6
The average price is 5,500 rubles

6th place. BBK 17mws-781m / W

This The microwave of the budget segment is a popular model from users. He has a minimum of programs and options, but loved users for the convenience of operation and attractive cost. The capacity of the inner chamber is 17 liters, its coating is made of enamel . Weighs the microwave 9.4 kg, compact and light, it does not take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
BBK 17mws-781m / W
BBK 17mws-781m / W

Microwave power is 700 watts. In stock - 6 power levels and rotary convenient switches, which many users are more familiar, rather than touch and push-button. The device implements a timer for 30 minutes. there is Dishes defrosting mode But the microwave does not have the technology of auto-state.


  • Very budget model.
  • Compact, easy.
  • 6 power levels.
  • Illumination of the inner chamber.


  • No automatic defrost.
  • The service life was declared only 3 years.
Middle Rating - 4.5
Average price - 4,400 rubles

7th place. SAMSUNG ME83KRW-1

Stylish, popular and spacious Microwave SAMSUNG ME83KRW-1 is designed for 23 liters, It has an increased diameter of the pallet (almost 29 cm). The coating of the chamber is made of enamel, and it is known to be easily cleaned and for a long time. Weigh apparatus 11 and a half kg, power is 800 W As relatively good for the microwave furnace of a similar price segment.

Find out where cheaper all >>>

It has 6 power levels, you can choose a value for yourself. Equipped with a readable display, which all the necessary information about cooking time is displayed. Sensory switches give the furnaces a stylish modern look. The timer is designed for 99 minutes, What is very convenient, especially when you hurry and you need to cook and warm the dish to a certain time. From pleasant bonuses - Auto reception and auto-sorce.


  • Blocking system from children.
  • Door opening signal.
  • The system of uniform distribution of microwaves.
  • AutoSmanozka.
  • Automatic cooking dishes.
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Service life is only 365 days.
Middle Rating - 4.5
The average price is 6,800 rubles

8th place. Horizont 20mw800-1378.

Neat miniature microwave Horizont 20MW800-1378 has a volume of 20 liters. It has the rapid dishes and defrosting products. The capacity is 800 W, which tells us not only the rapid cooking, but also about saving electricity. Equipped with convenient mechanical swivel power switches.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
Horizont 20mw800-1378.
Horizont 20mw800-1378.

Equipped with a timer for 35 minutes, with which you can monitor the preparation of food. Of the advantages - a beep on the end of cooking . The inner coating of the working chamber is made of enamel, it is resistant to scratches and differs simplicity.


  • Low price.
  • Very sought-after model from users.
  • Enamel coating inner chamber.
  • Volume - 20 liters.
  • Timer for 35 minutes.
  • Sound notification of cooking dishes.


  • Service life is only 1 year.
  • The quality of the assembly is not at the highest level (can creak).

Middle ranking - 4.7

The average price is 3,700 rubles

9th place. BBK 20mws-728S / W

The microwave BBK 20MWS-728S / W, designed for 20 liters, will be a faithful assistant in the kitchen in the preparation of simple dishes. Quick I. It will relatively disappear and disassemble your dishes due to the microwave power of 700 W. The internal enamel coating is distinguished by durability and attractive appearance.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
BBK 20mws-728S / W
BBK 20mws-728S / W

Has 10 power levels due to You can warm up with different degrees of dish heat from a slight warm temperature to boiling water. The device is implemented defrosting mode, and there is also automatic cooking. Of the additional advantages - Sound notification of the end of cooking, blocking from children and illumination of the inner chamber.


  • 10 power levels.
  • Blocking from children.
  • Defrost mode.
  • Auto reception.
  • Inexpensive model.
  • Convenient display.


  • The door closes loudly.
  • Tight buttons.
Middle ranking - 4.7
Average price - 4,400 rubles

10th place. Redmond RM-2002D

This microwave refers to the average price range, for its price it cannot but please the owners with a variety of functions. Very high-quality execution and strong assembly does not leave users indifferent. It will be perfectly cope with the heating of soups and second dishes, as well as can cook food. Built-in blocking from children will allow you not to worry about the possible breakdowns of the device with small leisurers.

Find out where cheaper all >>>
Redmond RM-2002D
Redmond RM-2002D

8 automatic programs will make it possible to prepare all sorts of dishes. Microwave Redmond RM-2002D has a power of 700 W The volume of the inner chamber is 20 liters, which will be more than sufficient for one user. Weigh the apparatus of 10.5 kg, equipped with auto-sampling technology and postponement of the start. Of the advantages - 5 power modes with which you can control the degree of heating of your prepared meal.


  • Attractive design.
  • Optimum price.
  • Automatic cooking.
  • 8 cooking programs.
  • Start postponement.
  • Enamel coating.
  • Really good and evenly warms up.


Average rating - 4.6
Average price - 6,900 rubles

The market is rich in microwave ovens on any wallet and taste. Everyone can purchase an excellent device that will delight cooking, defrosting and warming up food.

Many users note that Useful is the technology of eliminating unpleasant odors, as well as self-cleaning. These features will help keep your helper clean and order.

As for the cost, it can fluctuate. We viewed models that are very popular with users and have the maximum number of requests on the Internet. In the models considered by us there are the most necessary options ( Blocking from children, camera backlight, beeping about finishing preparation, timer etc.), and their cost is pleasantly surprising. Our task is to choose optimal options in the relationship of a democratic price, which will fit most users and long service life. And we coped with her. We hope that you helped you with a choice of home assistant.

Successful purchase!

Main features and operational characteristics of microwave ovens depending on their type

If the first microwave ovens were impressive, today the situation has changed seriously. In the household appliances market, you can meet pretty compact and small-sized devices. Now it is convenient to transfer them manually, without special transportation. In addition, devices have a number of other performance, ignore which is irrational. A family of two or three people can use the solo microwave.

Features microwave stoves-solo

Solo microwaves do not have many options, but are intended exclusively for heat heating. Only in some models there may be a defrost function. Similar devices are more often low: from 100 to 1450 W. The main advantages of such aggregates are the low price and the minimum set of options, due to which you can quickly deal with the control.

Than special microwave with grill and convection

Recently, experts notice that the microwave must not match the interior - on the contrary, the individual design will look gorgeous. Microwave ovens with an additional grill function have a standard power from 1000 W. Most brands offer models that are practically not different from good ovens. The main requirement that the user must take into account is the capacity. To make the device well baked and delivered products, the volume of the inner chamber should be at least 25 liters.

If simultaneously with the launch of heat heating, run convection, the dish will be perfectly warmed up and from the inside.

If simultaneously with the launch of heat heating, run convection, the dish will be perfectly warmed up and from the inside. Unique features have microwaves with convection treatment. Due to the presence of a built-in fan, all products are prepared evenly, no matter what mode is specified: defrost, warming up or grill.

The steam generator in the microwave: what it is and why it is needed

Models with cost up to 3 thousand rubles have small power and warm food will be very long. The stoves with the steam generator are considered multifunctional, but these devices are hardly gaining popularity in our country. You will surely ask what it is connected with? The thing is that such a technique has a fairly dimensional case. Instruments with such dimensions will be irrational in the kitchen of a small area. In addition, the microwave with a vaporotka is much more expensive than ordinary its analogues.

Brief characteristic of inverter microwave ovens

No. 5 If the usual microwave will prepare grilled in 90 minutes, the inverter model will spend about an hour for it. Surely before buying you will sing a lot of possibilities of inverter microwaves. Indeed, these devices cope with their tasks better than others, but some of their characteristics are completely nothing to do in everyday life. Inverting devices are able to prepare food while simultaneously forming a ruddy crust on it. In addition, equipment with an inverter mechanism can be used for accelerated defrosting products.

Other types of microwave ovens with additions

Why not buy simple microwave ovens, which, in addition to their direct destination, do not fully fulfill anything? Such models are most often equipped with mechanical control, they absolutely do not require steam cleaning and special care. Simple microwave ovens are considered one of the small. Their standard capacity is 20 liters.

Simple microwave ovens are considered one of the small. Their standard capacity is 20 liters. Multifunctional microwave furnaces provide a large arsenal of interesting options. Often, models with similar equipment become a full-fledged substitute for multicookers, steamers, ovens.

How to choose a microwave: professionals from editorial board

In just a few years, the microwave passed the evolution from the usual device for warming up food to multifunctional kitchen appliances. Nevertheless, equipment is chosen not only by possible functional abilities, but also by other criteria, which are lower.

Installation methods and microwave oven

The illumination of the working chamber and the presence of a timer is inherent to everyone without exception to microwaves. The cheapest devices suggest a small capacity: usually the volume is from 9 to 17 liters. Such an aggregate will be enough for a family of two. If you have a big family, then professionals are recommended to stay on models with impressive sizes: about 25-41 liters.

How to differ microwaves by control type

Each is convenient to control microwaves. In microwave ovens there are three of them three.

  1. Mechanical or button control. Differs on its elementality and convenience. Using levers and rotary regulators, you can easily customize the exact time and temperature for heating.
  2. Sensory control is one of the most modern and comfortable. Today, most models are issued precisely with such an option buttons. You only can only touch the button with a specific program, and the microwave will be ready.
  3. Combined mode. In it, both types of buttons and levers are involved. All control panels are in the same way well, as they do not have large irregularities.

What device is better in power and installation type

Power in this case is one of the important criteria. Traditionally, for a small family and those who constantly hurry, you should select models with indicators of power consumption from 500 to 1500 W.

The higher the power of the microwave oven, the higher the electricity consumption.

The higher the power of the microwave oven, the higher the electricity consumption. Models with a capacity of 600-800 W. Enough with your head for any home use. By the installation method, microwave furnaces are divided into embedded and separate models. The first should be installed in a specially prepared niche in the furniture or initially buy the device, and then order a kitchen set. With separately worthy devices, the situation is much easier: you can put the technique at any convenient place, without focusing on the size or on the design of the case.

Microwave furnaces are unacceptable to set close to the radio or television.

Features of the internal coating in microwave ovens

Depending on the type of inner coating, microwave ovens conditionally accepted into several species. From how the coating is equipped with a loved model, the taste qualities of cooked dishes, durability and ease of care are dependent. The coatings of the inner chamber are:

  • Enameled . These are the most popular and inexpensive models of microwave ovens. They require regular care, so if you are going to wipe the interior after reusable, it is unlikely to cope without detergent;
  • stainless steel . Devices with such an internal coating type are much easier to care than the previous option. They are as long as durable, but differ in the serious duration of heating;
  • Bioceramics . High-quality and incredibly durable inner coating of microwave ovens. It is just to care for him, but it is strongly subject to mechanical exposure (shocks);
  • Antibacterial coating . For such a surface, it is not necessary to take care, because all bacteria are dying on their own. Such a development surprised consumers LG.

If the microwave is not used for its intended purpose, then some bacteria multiply in it.

Availability of additional features

The delay timer and step-by-step display will greatly facilitate the life of the owner. Thanks to the first function, you can set the time in advance through which the microwave must start, and by visual monitoring on the panel you can see each manipulation that you perform. If you plan to save your favorite recipe, select the memorization option, and then you can prepare such a dish permanently. However, not every microwave has such a ability.

Top 6 best models

Find a high-quality model among a variety of brands a simple consumer is extremely difficult. Our editorial office simplified this moment and collected several devices that truly deserve attention.

1. LG MW23R35GIB - Comfortable, high-quality and multifunctional

In the inverter models there is no transformer, which allows you to increase the inner space.

In the inverter models there is no transformer, which allows you to increase the inner space. It takes off our review that the device from the LG brand has proven itself as convenient for use in a large family. Due to the presence of additional options, the microwave has become a full-fledged helper in the kitchen.

Power, W Volume, L. Microwave type Management method Availability of convection
1000. 23. Inverter Sensory Yes

Price: ₽ 9 000

2. BBK 23MWG-850T / B-M - option with individual design

Practically in all models provides power programming.

Practically in all models provides power programming. Excellent single-standing model of microwave. It will be a bright addition to any design kitchen, suitable for accommodation in specially prepared niches. The claimed sample has some protective options and additional functions.

Power, W Volume, L. Management type Protection Extra Punction
800. 23. Electronic / button Blocking from children Grill, defrost, beep

Price: ₽ 6 000

3. Midea AM820CMF - inexpensively and efficiently

Silent work and uniform heating are two important components of the microwave oven.

Silent work and uniform heating are two important components of the microwave oven. Device from the discharge of easy operation. Designed for standard use, no additional chips and problems. Such a device is great for those who choose the device exclusively for heating food.

Power, W Volume, L. Management type Interior coating Timer, min.
800. twenty Electronic enamel 95.

Price: ₽ 5 000

4. Samsung ME83KRW-1 - incredibly popular among the analogues

In conventional models, the nutritional dishes are saved by 40-65%.

In conventional models, the nutritional dishes are saved by 40-65%. Excellent design and unchanged functions are the main chips that the proposed model possesses. The device meets all the characteristics that must be involved in the microwave oven. Household appliances are easy to care due to the internal antibacterial surface.

Power, W Volume, L. Management method Timer, Min. Defrost mode
800. 23. electronic 99. there is

Price: ₽ 7 400

5. DAEWOO ELECTRONICS KOR-5A17 - the smallest microwave

The productivity of microwave depends on the technical parameters.

The productivity of microwave depends on the technical parameters. A separate microwave model is suitable for small kitchens. It has only standard settings and is designed to warm up dishes. The camera has a system that allows you to evenly distribute the microwave during operation.

Power, W Volume, L. Type of switches Interior coating Timer, Min.
500. fifteen swearing enamel 35.

Price: ₽ 3 300

6. HORIZONT 20MW800-1378 - the best microwave from the cheapest

Inverter models have low power consumption.

Inverter models have low power consumption. A separate microwave, which has sufficient power and capacity. The price fully corresponds to the quality, there is a camera backlight and sound indication. In addition to warming up, well defects products.

Power, W Volume, L. Timer, min. Interior coating Management type
800. twenty 35. enamel Mechanical

Price: ₽ 3 700

What better to buy a microwave according to the editorial office

Our expert group after a detailed analysis of the listed models chose the highest quality of them - such that will not submit a user even with time. Having all the advantages, allocates LG MW-23R35GIB as the most optimal model for purchase.

High-speed defrosting mode is useful when guests are already on the threshold. The device is famous for an attractive price and an understandable interface. Even a teenager is capable of using household appliances, and the presence of a convection function will help evenly distribute heat in the microwave furnace chamber.

What better microwave oven: inverter or ordinary

Inverter microwaves are characterized by the principle of functioning. They contribute to the preservation of a beautiful appearance of the product, and also preserve the benefit of nutrients. If the instrument has built-in inversion, it will prevent the destruction of microwaves on the surface of the prepared dish. The usual microwave oven will cost much cheaper, but it does not provide any protective functions from the effects of microwaves per dish. It is noted that such versions of technology can be operated, but exclusively for heating. Therefore, we can assume that the inverter model will be the perfect option if you plan to prepare complex dishes in it. Dear readers, leave comments under the article and ask your questions. We will be glad to see your opinion and will definitely contact you.

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Modern microwave prototypes have gained massive popularity relatively recently. This is due to compactness, ease of use and usefulness of this type of household appliances. At the same time, top manufacturers offer customers a wide range of microwave ovens, characterized in both the price and design and in its functionality. Not mistaken with the choice of the desired model will help the rating of popular microwaves.

Microwave Overhead Principle

The microwave is a mini-cabinet with a door spinning inside a heating area and the warming mechanism itself. Control panel with display, buttons and regulators are located on the facade right next to the door for more convenient and fast instrument.

Heating is carried out due to the work of the wave electric generator - magnetron. The microwave radiation causes water molecules in the products to move faster, and food seems to be cooked from the inside in minutes.

Tip: To check the safety of the microwave, you can put a mobile phone before purchasing, close the door and try to get through to the locked phone. If the signal is absent, it means that the device is 100% safe.

There are many myths about the dangers of ultrahigh frequencies for a person. But they should not believe, since high-quality microwave ovens meet all safety requirements. A magnetic trap and a protective screen with a grid together with a tightly adjacent door do not give any radiation to influence those present next to the device.

Types of microwave ovens

You can select three types of modern microwave ovens. They differ in functionality, sizes and cost.

Solo microwave

The solo-microwave functionality includes heating and defrosting products only due to the influence of microwaves. This is the easiest option as well as the most affordable. Pros of simple microwave ovens:

  • Simple control;
  • Fast and uniform heating;
  • compactness;
  • a budget option.

From minuses can be noted:

  • small internal volume;
  • Limited functionality.

The price of solo microwaves varies mainly due to the quality of the parts and assembly of the device. Famous brands try to bring something innovative even into the simplest models, but the user remains accessible as long as two functions: warming up and defrost.

Microwave Solo

Microwave ovens with a grill

In some models of microwaves there is an additional spit with the grill mode. It allows you to warm evenly and fry to the crisp of meat, bird or fish.

Pluses of grill:

  • the ability to prepare raw foods in the microwave;
  • Uniform product relief.

His minuses:

  • The device takes place in the inner chamber of the microwave.
Tip! The grill is an excellent addition to the standard microwave functions for those who like to prepare a variety of diverse meat dishes.
Microwave with grill

Convection microwaves

Convection is a special type of heating, carried out by the movement of hot air flows inside the furnace. Output air is called up a fan installed in the inner chamber.

This type of microwave stoves can be a full-fledged replacement of the oven . Products are warming up and prepared faster and better.

A few more advantages of convection:

  • the ability to adjust the modes, heating power;
  • availability of automatic cooking programs;
  • The air outside the furnace does not heat up when it works.

Of the minuses stand out:

  • high price of such devices;
  • Large dimensions compared to simple models.

Convection microwave ovens developed by the latest technologies can also combine when cooking several different modes. For example, you can turn on simultaneously microwaves and grill, grill and convection, microwaves with convection heating or all three modes simultaneously.

Convection microwave

The main criteria for choosing a microwave furnace for home

The study of the basic parameters and functions of microwave ovens will help to determine the model in a particular case. You can select several main criteria, which should be relying when choosing.

Size and volume of the chamber

The greater the microwave itself, the greater the volume of its inner chamber. It is necessary to choose from the number of people in the family, diversity and quantity of prepared food:

  1. Simple compact models have the volume of the chamber of 13-20 liters and are suitable for heating 1-2 dishes at the same time or defrosting small products.
  2. For daily cooking for 3-4 people, a minor furnace is needed, with a volume of 20 to 30 liters. As a rule, these are models with built-in grill and other cooking features.
  3. Full dishes can be prepared in microwave stoves with a volume of at least 40 liters. In such models there is a grill, and convection, which allows the use of microwave as a full-fledged oven.

It is worth paying attention to the placement of the microwave in the kitchen space. Great devices are hard to organically accommodate in small-sized headsets, so it is worth paying attention to compact models.


Power depends on the type of microwave furnace and its functional:

  • For simple heating and defrosting products, it is enough in solo-models is enough 800-900 W;
  • The grill function increases the power of the device to 1200-1500 W;
  • For convection models, this indicator is 1800-2000 W.

If the microwave in your kitchen serves only for heating cooled dishes, acquire a model with a power of 1000 W meaningless, since it simply creates an excess load on the power grid. But insufficient power can be a problem for high-quality execution of additional functions.

Management type

Types of control of microwave furnaces are three types:

  1. Mechanical, with rotary handles. The easiest way to control the device, which is suitable even for the elderly.
  2. Button. As a rule, each button is responsible for a separate mode or function, and usually not more than 10-12. The inconvenience is that when washing or other manipulations with the device, you can accidentally press the convex button.
  3. Touchpad. This type of management is implemented in expensive modern microwaves and is highly functional.
Mechanical management
Sensory control
Button control
Tip! For security reasons for families with children, it is worth purchasing microwave ovens in which the possibility of blocking the sensor is built.

Interior chamber coating

The durability of the device and the quality of heated food depends on the quality of the coating of the heating chamber of the stove. The coating can be:

  • Painted "under enamel" - this type of coating is short-lived and is used in the cheapest models of microwaves, as well as unfair manufacturers;
  • The heat-resistant enamel is inexpensive, but an acceptable coating for standard microwave ovens. Does not require special care, looks aesthetic. However, the enamel is not suitable for powerful microwaves with convection - it simply will not endure high temperatures;
  • Stainless steel. The most durable and resistant to the heat material, which is often used in good microwaves. Requires periodic careful cleansing by special means;
  • A biochematic or antibacterial coating is used in expensive microwave models, resistant to high temperatures. With it, any contamination is easily removed, but mechanical damage can lead to a damage to the coating.
Stainless steel coating
Coating "Under Enamel"
Coating -Bakeramic enamel
Attention! To cover the inner chamber of the microwave, only special, suitable coverage for food coating should be used. When buying a device, you must check the quality certificates.

Main functions

All microwave ovens perform the following set of functions:

  1. Heat already ready food.
  2. Defrost frozen semi-finished products or raw products.
  3. Cooking raw products (Omelets, porridge, simple baking, etc.).

If there is a good oven in the kitchen, it does not make sense to buy a microwave oven with a grill or a converter - it will take more useful space and will "eat" a lot of electricity. In this case, it is worth seeking simple, but high-quality models.

Types of grill

The grill in microwaves is two species: penny and quartz.

In the first case, the ruddy and crispy dish provides an ordinary heater, while in good models the temperature increases gradually and is ensured unique heating.

The quartz element has more advantages. For example:

  • It takes less the space of the inner chamber;
  • It does not require special care;
  • quickly heats up, thereby saving electricity;
  • Equally and quickly warms the product.

The only minus in this case is the higher price of the quartz grill compared to Tanov.

Rotating Plate area

The heating platform, as a rule, serves a rotating plate in the center of the inner microwave chamber. Its area depends on the size of the chamber itself.

Famous manufacturers allow you to purchase additional plates separately from the microwave oven, which is very convenient if the included plate crashed or not suitable for the material.

Length of cord

The longer the power wire, the more opportunities to install the microwave in the kitchen. Be sure to take into account this parameter before purchasing, because it is not unnoticed by the extension cords in all rooms.

Additional features and characteristics

In the event that the microwave is planned to use daily for fast and easy cooking a variety of dishes, it is worth paying attention to possible additional functions.

It can be:

  1. Bread maker. Allows you to bake a simple baking like cupcakes, buns, cookies.
  2. Double boiler. Useful feature for cooking a couple of healthy food.
  3. Purification by steam. A convenient method of cleaning - when you turn on this function, the microwave cleans the "myself".
  4. Removal odors. In microwave ovens with this feature, you can cook dishes one after another, without watering the smell through the open door.
  5. Blocking from children. This feature will not give curious children to climb inside the microwave or experience it in action unattended adults.
  6. Magazine recipes. Dear models with touch panels allow you to enter the system memory of the instrument frequently used recipes, as well as select from the built-in list.
  7. Timer. A timer with automatic shutdown and sound alert allows you to not check the availability of the dish, but to do during cooking by other home affairs.

The level of comfort of use of it depends on the presence of additional parameters of the microwave furnace.

The more opportunities for the preparation of a variety of products at the microwave, the faster you can prepare your favorite dishes.

Protection against children
Double boiler

Rating of the best manufacturers of microwave for home

The rating describing the features, the advantages and disadvantages of various models of microwave ovens will help finally decide on the choice of high-quality home appliances for the house.

Budget models of microwaves

Model Specifications
 Daewoo Electronics Kor-5A07W

Despite the reorganization, some Daewoo Industrial groups continue to produce many goods in different price categories, including household appliances.

The presented model of microwave is one of the cheapest in the Russian market. The average price is 2700 R. .

Volume - 15 l, power - 500 W, plate diameter - 25 cm. Enamel coating, mechanical control.

Pros of this model:

  • the possibility of heating and defrosting products;
  • internal illumination;
  • sound notification;
  • low price.


  • Slow heating;
  • Small volume of the chamber.
 Scarlett SC-1705

Production of the Russian-Chinese trademark Scarlett is located in China, countries of Southeast Asia and the UK. This is one of the most popular manufacturers of small household appliances in Russia.

Scarlett SC-1705 - Excellent price \ Quality Microwave.

Its average cost - 2900 R. .

Volume - 17 l, power - 700 W, mechanical control.


  • 6 power levels;
  • regiments of heating and defrosting;
  • timer for 30 minutes;
  • internal illumination;
  • Sound alert.


  • Dark glass door;
  • Uneven heating when defrosting.
 BBK 20MWG-739M / B

BBK Electronics Ltd is a Chinese company, household appliances with a good quality assembly and a good design.

This also applies to the microwave model - the concise body in black perfectly fit into a minimalistic kitchen interior.

The average price model - 3500 r.

The volume is 20 liters, the diameter of the plate is 25.5 cm, the power is 700 W. Mechanical control, enameled coating.


  • the presence of quartz grill;
  • The possibility of using a combined mode (grill + microwave);
  • Timer for 35 minutes;
  • 5 power levels;
  • sound notification;
  • Great design.


  • short power supply;
  • Dusty internal illumination.

Main Price Microwave Models

Model Specifications
 Candy CMXG 20 DW

Household appliances of the Italian company Candy enjoys in great demand in Russia. This is connected with a large number of productions here, as well as with a wide price range of models.

Medium price of microwave Candy CMXG 20 DW - 5000 p.

The volume is 20 liters, the diameter of the plate is 24.5 cm, the power of microwaves is 700 W, the power of the grill is 1000 W. Enameled coating, electronic control.


  • Comfortable clock and push-button switches;
  • Timer for 95 minutes;
  • modes of automatic defrosting and automatic preparation;
  • the presence of an express cooking function;
  • The presence of a blocking function from children.


  • Marking outer surface.
 Midea AG820AXG.

Another popular Chinese company, Midea, specializing in small household appliances. In Russia, the microwaves of this brand were popular thanks to the production located here.

Price on Midea AG820AXG on average - 5300 p.

The volume is 20.5 liters, the diameter of the plate - 25.5 cm, the power of the microwave - 800 W, the power of the quartz grill is 1000 W. Electronic control with push-button switches.


  • Combined grill mode + microwave;
  • inner coating of stainless steel;
  • Timer for 95 minutes;
  • modes of automatic defrosting and automatic preparation;
  • 8 built-in auto recipes;
  • Grill grill included;
  • Blocking from children.


  • There is no possibility to change the parameters of the cooking process;
  • You can not save your own recipes.
BBK 23MWC-881T / B-M

Excellent model in the middle price segment that combines the grill and convection.

Approximate price - 6500 p.

The volume is 23 l, the diameter of the plate is 27 cm, the power is 800 W, electronic control.


  • 5 power levels;
  • sensory control;
  • Timer for 99 minutes;
  • availability of automatic modes;
  • The presence of convection and grill.


  • marking mirror surface;
  • An uncomfortable location of the buttons.

Premium Microwave Models

Model Specifications
 Samsung MC28H5135CK.

The world-famous manufacturer of household and digital technology Samsung confirms its right to popularity with high-quality goods and innovative technologies.

The presented model is perfect for the equipment of modern kitchen.

Its price on average - 17000 p.

Volume - 28 l, microwave power - 900 W, electronic control, grill and convection.


  • inner coating from biochemal enamel;
  • High power and efficiency;
  • 6 power levels;
  • automatic cooking modes;
  • ensuring uniform warming up a special system for the spread of microwave;
  • Minimalistic design.


  • no combined modes;
  • No blocking from children.
 Kaiser M 2500 ELFEM

Household appliances of the company Kaiser perfectly fans of aesthetics. The microwave is fully due to its amazing appearance, which is suitable for luxurious interiors. In the average value of the model - 20,000 p.

The volume is 25 liters, microwave power - 900 W, a quartz grill power - 1000 W, convection power - 2300 W, a plate diameter - 27 cm.


  • stainless steel coating;
  • 3 combined modes;
  • 5 power levels;
  • touch switches;
  • automatic cooking modes;
  • Beautiful design.


  • Large dimensions;
  • No lock mode from children.
Panasonic NN-DS596M

The Japanese trademark specializing in the production of various techniques has also established itself in the market due to the high quality of goods.

If you want to purchase a premium microwave, you can safely seek among the models of this brand.

Panasonic NN-DS596M stands on average 33000 p.

Volume - 27 l, microwave power - 1000 W, grill power - 1200 W, electronic control, hinged door.


  • the presence of inverter power regulation;
  • 27 automatic recipes;
  • the presence of the removal of odors;
  • In the package, grill grill and dish to achieve a crispy crust;
  • Blocking from children;
  • Laconic design.


  • Glossy glossy surface;
  • Large dimensions.

Tips for specialists

So, to choose a high-quality and functional microwave, you should pay attention to:

  1. The presence of additional modes required in your case (grill, steaming, functions of theft, etc.).
  2. The quality of the inner coating of the furnace.
  3. The convenience of control (as close to the door are the buttons, their type, availability of the display).
  4. Security of use (availability of all quality certificates).

Combating manufacturers always honestly declare about all the characteristics of a particular model of the device, the origin of materials and safety from emissions. The warranty period and quality certificates guarantee the reliability of the chosen microwave furnace, but the savings on these nuances can lead to even greater spends on the repair of technology in the future.

Check video about the choice of microwave oven

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