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Two Towers [+ iPad] version: 1.1.1 Last update of the game in the header: 01/18/2012

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card board game.


“Two towers” ​​is the ultimate card game. Great music and fantastic hand-drawn maps create an indescribable atmosphere.

Playing “Two towers”, you won't even notice how quickly time flies by.

This game will challenge your logical thinking, despite the fact that it is quite simple and easy to play.

“Two towers” ​​is a game where you can play both yourself and compete with players from all over the world. The main thing that is required of you to win is patience, perseverance and, of course, your own fighting strategy.

If you are ready to fight and become a real hero - the game “Two towers” ​​is for you! Become a real hero!


• Addictive gameplay;

• 105 drawn game cards;

• 21 magic spells;

• Strong AI;

• Multiplayer game.

Game process:

Players have maps, towers, walls, and resources. Each card belongs to a specific type of resource.

The wall protects your tower from rapid destruction.

To win you need to use your cards to build a tower, destroy the enemy's tower or gather resources. Your opponent will interfere with you in every possible way.

Lite version of the game is also available *: * Two Towers Lite has a number of limitations: • 90 maps • Only 1 castle available • No game bets • No ranks • No multiplayer • No spells Homepage: iTunes Store: Post has been edited blnGo - 08/16/12, 23:05
Screenshot from Defense Grid 2
Screenshot from Defense Grid 2

Tower defense is an always-on genre of games for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. Every year new games of this genre are released. Tower Defense is based on protection from humans and zombies, orcs and goblins, robots and aliens. This TOP does not claim to be the best of the best, I picked it up as a live gamer with personal preferences for the same gamers looking for something interesting to play.

7th place: Space Run Galaxy

Screenshot from the game Space Run Galaxy
Screenshot from the game Space Run Galaxy

Space run is a legendary space strategy game with Tower Defense elements. Build your ship, look for employers, earn money and upgrade your ship. In this game there are no towers in the traditional sense of the genre, but the defense of the ship, built using the most modern defensive technologies, protects the captain, his ship and the cargo of clients from pirates and other space threats.

Screenshot from the game Space Run Galaxy
Screenshot from the game Space Run Galaxy

6th place: Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2

Screenshot from the game Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2
Screenshot from the game Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2

In Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2, you find yourself on Earth invaded by dangerous alien robots defending their presence with a cloaking energy field. Humanity is threatened with destruction, so the survivors are forced to build armed convoys that roam in search of food and ammunition. You will take command of one of the convoys to fight an alien threat.

Screenshot from the game Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2
Screenshot from the game Anomaly: Warzone Earth 2

5th place: Harvest - Massive Encounter

Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter
Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter

Harvest - Massive Encounter - deceptive in its simplicity, but incredibly complex in its essence strategy. Not a dozen experienced strategy gamers "broke their teeth on her." In the story, you land on one of the distant planets, where you need to collect crystals and deploy a defense against the ever-growing waves of aggressive aliens. A beam harvester is available for collecting crystals. And for protection, you can choose two types of towers, which subsequently need to be improved. A solar power plant is available to provide energy for harvesting and protecting the base. On the popular video hosting YouTube, gamers share their unique strategies to defend against thousands of aliens. If the game seemed too difficult for you, then I recommend watching a couple of gameplay to improve your strategy.

Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter
Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter

4place: They Are Billions

Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter
Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter

They Are Billions Is a tower defense strategy known for its complexity in which you have to defend against the growing waves of zombies. The plot takes place in a retro-futuristic setting after a global zombie apocalypse that almost destroyed humanity. As the captain of the city, you take into your own hands the fate of a handful of survivors to develop and protect the human species. To increase the population of people, improve technologies and improve defense, you need to constantly expand your city, mastering new territories. This is not as easy as it seems at first glance, because crowds of dangerous zombies roam around the city. It is enough for one of them to penetrate the walls of the defense and your city will be doomed to turn into another cemetery of the dead.

Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter
Screenshot from the game Harvest - Massive Encounter

3place: MarZ Rising

Screenshot from the game MarZ Rising
Screenshot from the game MarZ Rising

In 2065, humanity attempted to colonize the red planet. Surprisingly, during landing, it turned out that a surprise awaited the astronauts, because Mars turned out to be inhabited, or rather colonized by a country that had long since sunk into the past. In a fairly long campaign, you will take over command of base construction, resource gathering, technology research, and defense deployment. In addition, you need to uncover the secret of the red planet, find the source and cause of the appearance of the zombies.

Screenshot from the game MarZ Rising
Screenshot from the game MarZ Rising

2nd place: Defense Grid 2

Screenshot from Defense Grid 2
Screenshot from Defense Grid 2

Defense grid 2 - the ageless legendary classic Tower Defense, recognized by the highest connoisseurs of the genre as one of the best defensive strategies. The player's task is to protect the generator from endless waves of dangerous aliens using the most advanced towers: from machine-gun to missile, laser, fire and Tesla. Towers can be built directly on the surface of the planet, but it is better to use special platforms. Towers and platforms can be upgraded. In addition, a unique general superweapon is available to facilitate the difficult task of surviving on hostile planets. To complete the game, you need to carefully think over each step, try to confuse the enemy with spiral passages in order to lengthen his path to the generator as much as possible. Plan the construction of each tower carefully so that they attack as large an area as possible. Also, do not forget about the possible landing at any time of the enemy landing directly near the generator.

Screenshot from Defense Grid 2
Screenshot from Defense Grid 2

1st place: Rise to Ruins

Screenshot from the game Rise to Ruins
Screenshot from the game Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins deservedly leads today's TOP in the Tower Defense genre. In my opinion, this is the most underrated game in this genre today. Someone will say "hey author, why are you thrusting at us an incomprehensible piece of art in pixel graphics". But do not rush to jump to conclusions. Before this game, I not only did not perceive games in pixel graphics, I simply could not stand them. But after meeting Rise to Ruins, I was just fascinated by this game. Before us is, in fact, a classic strategy with indirect unit control (god simulator). That is, buildings and magic are available to us, but the units are left to themselves. There are three classes of units in the game: people and dogs that can join our settlement, as well as evil spirits that attack human buildings every night. The very first building is the administration of the settlement, which gives a small number of people once, as well as free slots for buildings. In order to further increase the number of buildings, you need to constantly upgrade the main building, using resources for this. You can also attach existing buildings on the map at half price.

The main buildings are of three types: processing, supply and protection. Refiners are called upon to store and process resources: wood, stone, crystals and their derivatives. Support buildings are needed for the preparation and storage of clean and bottled water, raw and cooked food. Numerous towers act as defensive structures, inflicting damage on enemies with arrows, stone balls and magic lightning. You can also build structures in which defensive golems will be born (a choice of wood, crystal and stone).

Enemies are evil spirits that multiply, build buildings and attack human settlements. Uncleanness lives on a dead distorted earth, which is constantly increasing in size. You cannot build buildings and use magic on distortion.

Among the special highlights, one should highlight the change of day and night, seasons, weather conditions. The game is complemented by wonderful music and an unforgettable atmosphere. At any time, you can use the "magic hand" to help your units in buildings, or drag the attacking zombies into special magic cauldrons. You can also use magic to increase fertility, repair, heal, etc. At the start of the game, be sure to highlight the resource areas that the units will collect.

Screenshot from the game Rise to Ruins
Screenshot from the game Rise to Ruins

Reading recommendations - Free Cooperative Tower Defense

OTTTD is a great tower defense for weak PCs

Minion Masters is a cool tower defense card game


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Great Structures in Forge of Empires are special buildings that give various bonuses to facilitate the development of the city, for the construction of which you need goods, blueprints and strategic points (SB, bipod). All Great Buildings, except for the Temple of Relics and the Observatory, belong to a specific era, from the Bronze Age to the Arctic Future.

To start building an aircraft, you need to collect 9 blueprints that open up access to it. This will build the foundation and open the first 10 levels of the building. For each subsequent level, you will need a new set of blueprints.

You can get a drawing as a prize for the contribution of CO to other people's buildings, as well as for ennobling, raising the mood and robbing a building. The epoch of the blueprint depends on which period the building you interact with belongs to. Therefore, for example, if you need blueprints for the Great Building of the Iron Age, you need to buff the buildings of this era.

The second way to get blueprints is the contribution of CO to other aircraft to raise their level. This will allow you to receive packages of "bipod", medals and a certain number of blueprints.

After you have received the first blueprint, the rest can be purchased for diamonds. It is especially beneficial to spend "brulee" on them in case you have the last blueprint out of nine, since the exchange of duplicate parts often leads to the loss of existing puzzles and thus you can merge all the duplicates you have that are necessary to open levels above 10- th.

After all the drawings are collected, you will need a certain amount of goods to build the foundation of the aircraft. If you want to build a Great Building of a higher era, and you do not have the required goods, you can exchange the packages of strategic points that you have for goods with other players by prior arrangement in chat or private messages.

To do this, you need to pour a bipod (usually from 400 to 900) into his aircraft, and then put on the market an offer where you want to exchange the goods you have for the one you need.

What Great Buildings to Build?

There are currently 29 Great Buildings in Forge of Empires with various bonuses.

Let us consider in more detail which of them are profitable to build, and which will only take up space in the city.

Aircraft with attack bonus

Zeus (Iron Age), Aachen Cathedral (Early Middle Ages) and Castel del Monte (Late Middle Ages). Very important aircraft for those who like to plunder neighbors, and also go through the expedition with the help of battle, and not with goods.

Statue of Zeus has only an attack bonus, but it takes up little space (2 × 3), its blueprints come across quite often, and goods from the Bronze Age are available from the very beginning of the game. Useful sun.

Aachen Cathedral (Aachen) , in addition to the bonus to the attack, it brings coins every day, however, it also takes up more space (4 × 6). Given that there are always enough coins in Forge of Empires, and more often they are found in abundance, if there is not enough space in the city, it is better to choose Zeus over Aachen.

Castel del Monte (Castel) Is one of the most useful aircraft in FoE. In addition to the bonus to attack, the structure brings strategic points every day. The more you pump it, the more CO you will receive. It is mandatory to bet, even if you are not a warrior, but a farmer.

Also for those who like to fight, the sun should be noted. Arctic Greenhouse (Arctic Future) , which with each of its levels increases the chance to inflict critical damage.

Aircraft with protection bonus

St. Basil's Cathedral (Late Middle Ages) и Diel Castle (Colonial Period) ... "Vasil", in addition to protection, brings coins, "Dil" ("Dial") - medals.

Whether to bet these VSs or not depends on your playing style. Someone, in order to avoid robbery, simply prefers to collect goods and resources on time, someone puts a lot of signal lights in the city, giving 4% protection each. However, the overwhelming majority of top players do not have these aircraft, draw your own conclusions.

Strategic points

Hagia Sophia (Early Middle Ages), Castel del Monte (Late Middle Ages), Cape Canaveral Cosmodrome (Postmodern Era), Innovation Tower (Modern), Arctic Greenhouse (Arctic Future).

All these buildings must be set, especially if you have accumulated enough blueprints to open a large number of levels. The most profitable among them is the Cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral (Rocket), where the number of daily bipods increases by one each level, and not two as in the others.

Separately, it should be said about "Sophia". This rather large VS (7 × 6) brings only 6 bipods per day at level 10, while in its place you can put as many as 9 sanctuaries of knowledge ("Christmastide"), which bring 1 CO per day. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to pump VS at least to level 17, when it will bring 10 CO, it is pointless to put it.

Commodity aircraft

Tower of Babel (Bronze Age), Lighthouse of Alexandria (Iron Age), Frauenkirche (Colonial period), Royal Albert Hall (Industrial age), Atomium (Modern age).

VS are quite useful, as they allow you to completely replace industrial buildings in the early eras, as well as to receive semi-finished products, starting from the Modern era. In addition, they cannot be looted, unlike normal buildings.

However, if you are a warrior, then perhaps a much better solution would be to put several additional barracks in the city, and loot all the necessary goods from the neighbors.

Guild Supplies

Observatory (no era), Atomium (Modern Age), Arch (Future) produce goods for the guild treasury.

The most profitable of these aircraft is undoubtedly the Arch, which increases the rewards for contributions to foreign aircraft. At the moment, it is the Arch that is the most important VS in the game. The observatory and the Atomium can be skipped.

Resource production bonus

Lighthouse of Alexandria (Iron Age) ... While hammers are usually in abundance, sometimes you miss them. In this case, you can put in the city of Lighthouse.

Royal Albert Hall (Industrial Age) takes up much more space than the Lighthouse (7 × 6 versus 4 × 4), therefore, if there are few extensions, it is better to pump the Lighthouse properly than to install it in the city of Albert.


Tower of Babel, Capitol (Industrial Age), Habitat (Postmodern Age), Tower of Innovation (Contemporary).

Habibat - the main aircraft, which you will need if you need to increase the population in the city as much as possible.

The Tower of Innovation and Babylon were mentioned above.

Capitol - unnecessary aircraft. Takes up a lot of space (7 × 5), gives population and hammers as a bonus. If there is a lack of population, it is better to pump Innova or install Habibat, which gives a lot more people.

The most useless aircraft

Due to the unpopularity of these aircraft, it must be borne in mind that it will be very difficult to collect blueprints for them, so it will be difficult to pump them to high levels.

Colosseum (Iron Age) ... Gives a bonus to happiness and medals. It was once one of the most popular aircraft, but after the Arc appeared, it became much easier to get medals by investing in other people's Great Buildings. Now only takes up space.

Notre Dame (High Middle Ages) ... Gives happiness, which can be easily obtained in another way, and hammers, of which the player most often has in abundance. Usually only takes up space in vain.

Space Needle (Modern Age) ... Happiness and coins. And in that, and in another, the players clearly do not have a deficit and without this BC.

Lotus Temple (Modern) ... Likewise.

Statue of Gaia (Arctic Future) ... It gives happiness and more medals than the Colosseum, while taking up less space. You can only bet if for some reason you do not have enough medals.

Most needed aircraft

Arch (Future) ... Increases the reward for contributing to foreign aircraft. Allows you to make more profitable deposits and save a lot of CO packages. The most popular aircraft today, so you can collect the blueprints pretty quickly. Download to at least level 80.

Chateau-Frontenac (Era of Progressivism) ... Increases the amount of rewards for main and recurring quests, including diamonds. A very important VS for those who frequently perform repetitive tasks. It is also very useful for brulefarms.

Alcatraz (Era of Progressivism) ... Produces free units from those whose barracks you have installed. A very useful VS for a warrior. Install and download as high as possible.

Temple of Relics (no era) ... Blueprints for this aircraft can be collected during expeditions, and additional rewards for completing it will never hurt.

The rest of the aircraft

Revolving Tower (Tomorrow) allows you to get a random good of the era when motivating a building. It is not very useful if you have pumped commodity Great Buildings.

Rain Forest Project (Future) increases the chance of getting blueprints for helping other players. Since today the easiest way to get a blueprint is to contribute to other people's aircraft, it doesn't make much sense after you have pumped the Arc.

Voyager V1 (Tomorrow) provides for the receipt of additional goods in the event of a robbery. Like Spinner, it doesn't make much sense.

Granary (Arctic Future) gives a chance to get a random resource (medals, resources, gold, goods and even 50 pieces of diamonds) with the help of other players. Diamonds are rare, but a couple of hundred can be raised in a week. In addition, the "Grain" allows you to get just a huge number of hammers.

Atlantis Museum (Oceanic Future) gives a chance to collect twice as many resources as a result of robbery. It is useless for the farmer, it can be useful for the robber. The aircraft does not have much popularity, so it will be difficult to assemble the blueprints.

Other name: Forge of Empires

Below we provide a detailed guide to the Forge of Empires game with tips on how to quickly rebuild your empire and pump your army and answers to newcomers' questions.

Guilds in the game Fore of Empires.

In the browser strategy Forge of Empires, unlike many similar games, players are not united in clans or military alliances, but in trade partnerships-Guilds.

The first and most important advantage when joining a guild is the ability to make trade deals with partners in your Guild without spending valuable points.

In general, the gameplay resembles a similar game. Goodgame empire with the possibility of developing an empire. Recall that when trading on the market, each trade requires the cost of one point, and with members of your Guild, points are not required to conduct transactions.

The second advantage of those who entered into a partnership in force of the empire is the daily "buff" - the ability to put a "star" on any building of a Guild member, and then the building starts working and brings twice as many resources. The agreement between the guilds on the production of one or several types of goods by only one member of the guild will also bring great help in the economic development of your state, which greatly facilitates the consumption of production resources.

Great buildings in the game Forge of Empires.

To build any Great structure in the Forge of Empires of this economic strategy, you need to collect nine parts of the blueprint for the selected building and the required amount of resources to start construction. You can get the fragments of the drawing during the robbery, as a bonus when raising the mood, improving other buildings, or buying the missing ones for diamonds. If the drawing of the building you have selected is assembled, you can select it in the city menu by clicking on the inventory button and you have enough resources and goods to start construction, then by choosing a site you can start construction.

The game encourages Guildmates to assist in the construction of Great Buildings with the opportunity to receive fragments of blueprints and strategic points.

All structures give certain bonuses when building in your Empire, consider the main bonuses by epoch.

  1. Bronze Age : Tower of Babel (population growth, goods), Statue of Zeus (attack bonus)
  2. Iron age : Colosseum (happiness, medals), Alexandria Lighthouse (goods and loot bonus)
  3. Early middle ages : Hagia Sophia (happiness and strategy points), Aachen Cathedral (bonus to attack and gold mining)
  4. High Middle Ages : Basilica San Marco (bonus on goods and gold), Notre Dame (happiness and production)
  5. Late Middle Ages : St. Basil's Cathedral (defense and gold), Del Monte Castle (attack and strategy)
  6. Colonial era : Deal Castle (bonus to defense and medals in battles), Frauenkirche (production of goods and growth of happiness)

When choosing a building, you should take into account the bonuses from buildings and, first of all, get blueprints for the selected buildings.

Below is a detailed video of the initial stage of the development of the settlement in the game Forge of Empires:

Units in the game Forge of Empires.

Combat units in the game are divided into five types of troops and for the recruitment and production of weapons for your army, you will need to build and maintain industrial training buildings. Above, we touched upon the bonuses from Great Buildings that increase the overall attack and defense indicators of your future combat units.

Distribution of troops by type:

  1. Light infantry.
  2. Heavy infantry.
  3. Cavalry.
  4. Arrows.
  5. Siege (artillery).

The simplest solution would be to send a squad consisting of units superior in attacking properties, and if we know the number of units in the enemy army and it is not complete in composition, then by sending a full army we will have a significant superiority.

How to join and leave a guild in Forge of Empires.

A guild in the game is a trading community of players with specific goals and the basics of mutual assistance and receiving some bonuses for this. One of the advantages of joining a guild is trading in the marketplace with members of your partnership without duties and deductions for transactions of valuable points for which technologies are researched.

Another important advantageous component of the guild in the game Forge of Empires is the ability to negotiate with your guildmates about the production of various goods (depending on the availability of the required deposits) and a profitable exchange and sale among themselves. You can join any guild since the Iron Age by receiving an invitation from other members, or create your own by spending only your time and organizational efforts to attract other players to your community.

General tips for passing and secrets of the game Forge of Empires.

The most scarce resource in the game is territory. It will never be enough, and after a series of forced demolitions of unsuccessfully located buildings, you will have to approach more responsibly in the planning and placement of your buildings. The easiest and most affordable way to expand your holdings almost from the very beginning is to buy land for diamonds.

In the process of studying technology (for example, "hygiene"), we also have the opportunity to expand. When conquering neighboring provinces, as a bonus, you can expand the lands by purchasing them for gold.

Medals at the initial stage of the game are easier, fighting with neighbors on the guild map and capturing towers by epoch, in later periods it is worth focusing on the construction of Great structures that bring medals, one selected building is enough. More on this on the page as Earn medals and diamonds at the Forge of Empires.

Diamonds can be obtained once a day in the Wishing Well structure, in which rewards are issued randomly once a day, you can get resource points, diamonds or medals. There are also a number of quests for the completion of which a reward in jewelry is declared.

Video of the gameplay of the battle in Forge of Empires:

Do not build industrial buildings if you do not have sources of raw materials - the cost of goods produced in such buildings will cost you dearly.

Do not forget to save space when laying the foundation for the construction of a new building, even if the building you have selected will produce fewer resources, but in this place you can place two buildings and in general they will bring you more than one large one.

Do not forget that your closest neighbors are direct competitors, and provide them with mutually beneficial assistance in a timely manner, do not forget about robberies, correctly calculating your benefits from actions. Sometimes it is more profitable financially to provide timely support to partners than to rob one building every 24 hours.

Having received 300 crystals at the very beginning of the game, do not rush to immediately waste them thoughtlessly, we advise you to gradually expand your territory.

Remember that once you refuse to complete the side quest, you will no longer be presented with such an opportunity in the game. We hope these tips will help you in mastering the world of Forge of Empires.

Great Buildings are one of the fundamental mechanics of Forge of Empires. They represent significant achievements in the history and future of humanity and provide very powerful bonuses for your city!


What makes Great Buildings special?

Great Buildings give your city a unique bonus and often produce something. They can also be upgraded to a very high level, providing even higher bonuses and higher performance in your city without growing in size.

In addition, by investing strategic points in the Buildings of friends, neighbors and guild members, you can get a reward for your city and the Great Building!

Erection of the Great Building

Great Buildings they are erected in a completely different way from ordinary buildings in the game. To build them, Blueprints and Goods of the corresponding era are required. The build menu will show you an overview of the available Great Buildings and their blueprints. Keep in mind that you will not see the Great Building in your inventory if you have not found any of its blueprints.


Building any Great Building requires nine different blueprints that you will need to collect to build it. They can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Refine or Motivate the buildings of your friends / neighbors / guildmates
  • Rob your neighbors, but the chance of finding something is slightly lower than when ennobling / motivating
  • Help other players build their Great Buildings (see the "Contribution to Great Buildings" section)
  • Diamonds: if you find at least one blueprint of the Great Building, you can buy the rest
  • Special events where you can get a blueprint as a reward

When Ennobling / Motivating / Plundering, the era of the building, against or for the benefit of which these actions were performed, determines the type of blueprint. Example: If you motivate a pottery, a Bronze Age building, you can only get blueprints for the Statue of Zeus or the Tower of Babel - Great Bronze Age Buildings.

Also »you can exchange two blueprints of a certain Great Building for a random blueprint of the same Building (they drop out randomly) if you do not have enough blueprints to build it.


In addition to the complete set of Blueprints for the Great Building, you also need certain Goods for its construction.

Make sure to trade with your guild, neighbors and friends to get the goods you need. Once all the resources are ready, place the Great Building in your city using the "Build" button.

Great Building Levels

Once you build a Great Building, its level will be zero and will look like a construction site.

Unlike other buildings, they are not self-constructed and must be constructed using strategic points.

When a Structure reaches level 1, it takes on the appearance of a building and can only be upgraded to level 10 with strategic points. Upon reaching level 10 of a Building, you will need a new set of blueprints to be able to increase its level (one set of blueprints allows you to open one level to further increase it). The set of blueprints is then absorbed.

The higher the level of the Building, the more powerful its bonus becomes and the more strategic points are required to increase the level.

You can find details on the number of strategic points for Buildings and their bonuses in their list.

Contribution to the Great Building

When you invest strategic points into your friend / neighbor / guildmate's Great Building, first five the contributors who have contributed the most strategic points will receive a reward upon completion of construction. Players who have an Arc will receive additional bonuses if they get into this "five"

The reward for contributing to a Great Building can be:

  • Strategic points
  • Medals
  • Contributed Building Drawings

List of Great Buildings

Below you will find a list of all the Great Buildings that exist in the game at the moment. If you would like to see an overview of the effects of all Great Buildings in the game, please visit the Great Buildings Upgrade page.


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