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The number of players who play in the "world of tanks" from the total number of people in the gaming industry is only increasing. This does not mean directly that more and more people find this exciting game for themselves, as many simply have brought themselves another and the third accounts, but they are rare enough. Despite this fact, the increase in the company's visitors is, which means it is successful until it happens. Among such a large number of people, it is very important to think carefully about security, as the company's profit depends on this and the mood of users. If we talk about how the players accounts are represented, then here you can only say that it directly depends on the gamers themselves. The thing is that at the moment Wargaming has done everything possible to strengthen the protection of the game accounts of people, but is it enough? At first glance, it can be said that for each account there is password protection and if you take a complex password with the mind and during registration, but it guarantees reliable protection without the need for regular shift. But the developers decided to go a little further, and secure each of us much better providing the ability to bind the game account to the phone and thus make it impossible to change the password from the account without confirmation through the phone. Such protection in most cases is trouble-free, but, despite this, anyway, many are asked whether WORLDOFTANKS can be hacked.

How do players grab world of tanks

The question of hacking the game "The World of Tanks" is still relevant today, despite the fact that the developers provided such good, it would seem, the protection system. However, there are methods and methods according to which it is possible to easily carry out the hacking of a gaming account. The first one is the most simple and banal when the player himself wants to become perfect during the game and downloads itself a wide variety of modifications for the game. On the Internet there are a lot of unfair people who pour into the site under the guise of mods of completely different programs that request your username and password from the game in order to supposedly add gold to the glow player, remove the spread of guns and other nonsense. In fact, many people in their ignorance "swallow bait" and themselves, introducing such data, transmit them to the hands of intruders. The first in the end does not get any of the promised mod, while others get access to your account, and then everything is already as they say the work of the technology. The second, no less familiar to many occasion is hacking the game using the email address. It is also not difficult to do this, since you yourself can show your data during a banal correspondence in social networks, not even suspecting that in fact a person needs not a spiritual conversation, but your username and password. Such a hacking is also very simple and most importantly obtaining the necessary data from the player, and then use them for your own purposes. A more complex method of hacking the WORLDOFTANKS account is the method of intercepting an SMS message from the phone or duplication of the phone number. Conduct such operations can exclusively professionals of their case that are well understood in this. This is all about what concerns hacking another player of the "Peace of Tanks" for the purpose of abduction of equipment or inside the game resources.

As for the deception of the developers themselves and hacking WorldOfTanks for obtaining gaming gold, a premium account or premium technology, then everything is much easier. This is due to the fact that the Internet is simply filled with the most different methods of hacking the game's money resources, but many of them are unchecked and can harm the computer or even the account itself. One of these methods is the banal use of the software that makes all the dirty work for you. Such programs can be both workers, and carry viruses or trojans, collecting these game users, so during the use of such software you need to be extremely careful. There are also online services that provide such a service, however, and here you need to be careful that when satisfying your desire to get gold, not to lose that account, over the creation of which you worked for so long. You can still try to use very difficult ways that are to make the method of selecting and using the program of this type to generate a random amount of gold and send requests to the game server. Thus, it may ultimately it turns out that you deceive it and Gold will truly be credited. This method is extremely rarely working, but it is better than those cases when there is no other option. Rumors in the network were also allowed that there are programs for distribution of bonus codes with which you can get gold, silver, premium accounts and techniques on gaming accounts. Only now they were no longer confirmed, so it is not recommended to use such a way of cheating the game currency.

So, we told everyone about how you can hack other accounts in the game Worldoftanks using certain methods, also disclosed information that there are possible ways of deception of developers and their systems. Of course, the methods are very interesting, but at the same time dangerous. After all, for withering different resources in your account at best, you can get a blocking. But for hacking other people's accounts can be paid and imprisoned, because the game account falls under the point of intellectual property. Although it is very difficult to prove it, nevertheless, do not forget about cases when real people were seriously punished for it. The poet from all this follows only that it is sometimes better to use the legal methods of obtaining gold and premium techniques, than to regret it all his life. If, despite all the warning, you still decide to engage in hacking game accounts of other people, then, first of all, you need to think about your security and what will happen if you find you after committing such actions. So wish you a pleasant fighting in the game, only good teams, more freezing gold and while hacking it is better to protect just in case a couple of anonymizers, because they will definitely not be superfluous.

Well, on the Internet there are a lot of video in hacking and sales of programs. How real does it all work? Most likely you can download viruses to your computer or take the account from the World of Tanks game.

Good afternoon Dear gamers world of tanks! This article will be dedicated to the hacking game WOT, and this is actually a whole event, because before no long-time World of Tanks could not hack anywhere.

There is an opinion of hackers that there is no such protection that it was impossible to get around, all the favorite online WOT game is also not an exception. In the article you will learn how to implement in the World of Tanks game cheats for gold. Interesting? Then read about hacking World of Tanks Next ...

How to hack world of tanks?

Recently, Wargaming developers have invested a lot of effort into improving the WOT project from the point of view of the appearance.

The schedule was upgraded in the game, the upgrade of tank models was made. BUT! The developers completely forgot about the safety of their brainchild!

The article will consider one vulnerability that will be discovered an indefinite amount of time. Therefore, I recommend it to use as soon as possible. Let's now go to the details of hacking WOT ...

What can you hack?

After hacking, WOT can be on the balance to get more gold coins in its account. Why get the coins you can not so much? The fact is that to track the small amount of coins is quite difficult (about 100 gold coins).

A similar transaction for small amounts pass in the game hundreds of thousands per day, and therefore you will be extremely difficult to track, and it is hardly to do anyone who will be, and that is why any punitive measures applied to you will not (this is if you are greedy You will not).

Step 1. Open the command line console

Click on the Windows operating system to the "Start" button and in the search bar drive "CMD" (without quotes), then click on the CMD icon appears, and the console string appears before us.

Hacking World Of Tanks - CMD Console

The cantilever panel must first collapse, but not close, as it will need it very soon.

Step 2. Route Tracing to WOT Servers

To begin with, we need to choose the WOT gaming server where you will play after all the WORLD OF TANKS Game Point.

Often playing two main servers on the territory of Rosiii (RU2). We will choose it in the list. Next, we need the name of its domain. In our case - this .

Now, open our campus a line that we have turned, based on the first step. Next we write the following:

Tracert [Domain]

Where, instead of [Domain] - you need to write the name of the domain of the North, which you have chosen. My lines turned out as follows:


The domain can not be entered into the command line, but simply insert from the clipboard by clicking on the console with the right mouse button and select the "Paste" from the drop-down menu:

Hacking World Of Tanks - Tracing to WOT Servers

As soon as they entered the line into the command line console, press the "ENTER" key on the keyboard. The route trace process will begin in the WORLD OF TANKS selected. This process may take a few minutes.

Step 3. Select the information you need

As soon as the trace process is completed, the message will immediately appear: the tracing is completed. In the lined lines in the console, we need a penultimate line with the IP address number:

The above information in the console tells us about where traffic is sent for which it is not possible to determine the route proceed from the routing data. Just through it payments.

Step 4. Replenish your account in WOT

To successfully complete all that we have done, you must enter the above combination below, which will intercepted the nearest payment package and will transfer it to your account:

Shutdown -s -t 60 -C "Gold 60 Venom"


  • 80 - the amount of gold
  • VENOM - your game nickname D Wot

I draw your attention to the fact that the amount of gold must be introduced in the line TWO How it is described in the line (the digit should be the same).

IMPORTANT! Enter no more than 100 gold units at a time, as it is too dangerous. The bigger amount you enter, the easier it will be to track you! Do not enter more than 100 Gold units at once - it is too dangerous, as the more you enter, the easier you will track.

After entering the line, press the "ENTER" key on the keyboard. Next, close the command line window and launch the World of Tanks game.

The following is a screen after the above-mentioned HOT manipulations:

Before hacking:

After hacking:

I hope the above instruction on how to hack World of Tanks was useful to you and you can apply it in practice.

All excellent games and hurry, these way can close!

Recently, stealing passwords and logins to WOT player accounts. All of the first appearance in the game of a large number of newcomers, which relieves that with the help of special programs you can hug an account or mining gold. We will not speak the article on how to hack an account in World of Tanks. We will figure it out better in how the fraudsters do. And is it possible to save your data from theft?

Let's start, perhaps, with the fact that in the World of Tanks there are no security holes, and all sorts of customers A la Charlie hack the game is impossible. Therefore, do not believe the scam statements that they own a special program for hacking the game and are ready to sell you for money. This is a banal divorce, as a result of which you lose your money and do not get anything.

There are two ways to hack an account in WOT:

  • Get a password from the account owner through social engineering;
  • Choose a password by brutheting.

Bruthiforsing is the usual password brute force with a special program (grutfors). If the password to the account is simple, then it is quite real to hack the account. But if the password is a combination of letters and symbols in the style of @ n07 (yh7hi9g2, then it is impossible to hack such an account.

Social engineering is not given to all fraudsters, since this is a kind of psychology requiring certain knowledge. Usually fraudsters resort to phishing, one of the types of social engineering. Phishing is based on the fact that most users do not know anything about network security. They willingly believe that the game developers can request a password. Many players pass on the links that came to them in e-mail letters, and these data are introduced perfectly on other sites, which are only externally similar to the World of Tanks website.

Forget about how to hack an account in WOT! Better bother about your safety. In particular, if you follow the following tips, you can protect yourself from scammers.

  1. The password must be difficult (from letters, numbers and icons). The longer the password to the game account, the more difficult it is to choose Brutfors.
  2. Never go through the links that came to you in an email. Especially do not enter your data on foreign sites and always check the address bar of the browser.
  3. Do not trust letters in which you are asked to send your password allegedly on behalf of the administration. The game administration never requests your password and do not ban you if you do not provide a password.
  4. Do not download all kinds of programs in which you are offered to turn gold, quickly pump tanks or hack the account. There are no such programs.
  5. If someone gives itself to the administration of the game, report this to the developers. Thus, you get rid of yourself from an annoying fraudster and help other users.

And most importantly, be vigilant. After all, your safety depends on you. Want to know what will happen to you if you do not comply with the elementary rules?

"Live" in tank battles? Mobile version of the game From the company Wargaming called World of Tanks Blitz you can install the Android device for free and become a leaned with the best battles with the help of affordable cheats.

Wot Blitz-Agra available on mobile devices. Thanks to the compact card bypassing in World of Tanks Blitz faster than in the computer version. In tank battles you can fight with real users using any device on Android (tablets and smartphones).

Legal way of using World of Tanks Blitz cheats on android

Honest shootings

Honest shootings

Each version of the popular online game like World of Tanks Blitz is protected from cheats so that hacks did not prevent developers to receive money.

Fashion Wot Blitz do not exist, because hacking the game World of Tanks Blitz or use cheats from version 3.5 is unrealistic. Although the versions of the program for hacking WOT Blitz a huge amount, gold receive only scammers, buying free gold to users sent users.

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World of Tanks Blitz Cheats on Android

Enjoy the world of tanks in Wot Blitz on Android, you can both in simple battles, but rank games require your knowledge of mechanics or a hacked client.

What cheats download for WOT BLITZ - choosing the basis of their experience and game tips of popular gamers.

Highlighting places for impact

Even hidden enemies are visible on the map in a certain radius.

Even hidden enemies are visible on the map in a certain radius.

For Blitz Verse you can download android plugins, highlighting vulnerable venues (several of the most popular species you can hardly find, so these legendary cheats are available through the invitation codes). Hack the game The Tanks Tanks Blitz with the help of these cheats can be on the Android emulator or ROOT rights

Auto planer

The faster the purchase, the more matches start

The faster the purchase, the more matches start

In battles from the point of view of the gameplay, it is useless, but you can hack the store and save time for replenishment.

Opening card

Enemies will be shown on the map

Enemies will be shown on the map

By the number of attempts to hack applications on Android, these cheats in the top: Each player wants to know where the enemies.

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Getting tanks

Open all tanks can be codes

Open all tanks can be codes

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M4A2E4 Sherman - S0PP0BG

M4 Sherman - H1D6ZXA


M4A3E8 Sherman - 2YK2OPM

T 20 - 0fy4esj

M26 Pershing - DWM3J5O

M46 Patton - 4cqylip

M48A1 Patton - Lodz8UI

T1 Cunningham - WJ7F6DS

T1E6 - 7Q0ETPQ.

T2 Light Tank - xps2fym

M22 Locust - XFL4KHI

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T82 - ZFAT7QZ.

T40 - 7NJLK27

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T95 - WF4UJBF.

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Hacking World Of Tanks Blitz



/five (



Cheat for gold and Loans World of Tanks

Many inexperienced or novice players are often wondering: "What if I download cheats on World of Tanks? After all, thanks to this, I will not only be able to destroy everyone and everything in battles, but I will get over 999999999 gold, loans and free experience. After that, I can buy everything that will only want, and at the same time I will cure just like a punishment playing with AIM in the counter! " In general, such players can be understood. Thirst for easy profitable and quick progress blinds and nothing can still stop the future "nootball". But what mistake you allow such players! Do not want to become one of them?

What are cheats?

Cheat code (Cheat) is a digital-letter code that has a specific purpose. In computer games, cheats tend to facilitate gameplay for the player. Speaking the appropriate code in the console of the game or its menu, you can get endless lifestyles, money, cartridges, etc. The chitam also includes the so-called "trainers" - special programs that run before entering the game and perform, in fact, the same functions as cheat codes.

On YouTube (and just for search queries) full rollers with cheats on gold and loans in the world of tanks, but everyone should understand what the World of Tanks is simply impossible in the game! And in this video, Yusha will show several techniques of how you can truthfully deceive. There is a good promise of this video - hack the WOT game on gold and loans are impossible!

Experienced programmers and hackers always converged in one opinion - there is no such protection that it would be impossible to get around. World of Tanks in this case is no exception - hacking the game in this material.

How to hack WOT?

As it turned out, developers from wargaming recently paid so much attention to the decoration of the project (new graphics, HD models of tanks), which was completely forgotten about security.

The unknown amount of time presented in this article will be opened in this article, so the faster you use it - the most likely the chance of success. So, immediately to the essence.

What can you hack?

You can get a small amount of gold to your account. Small because small amounts are much more difficult to track (up to 100 gold units). Such little transactions pass in the game in the number of few tens of thousands per day and find it it is extremely difficult there (the chance is almost equal to zero), so that the punishment will not (if not greeding!).

Step 1. Open the command line

Click on the Start button, and in the search bar, we enter "CMD" without quotes and run the command line (appears in the list of programs), as shown in the screenshot:

Hacking the World of Tanks through the CMD command prompt

A black window will open, roll it up, but do not close, we will need it.

Step 2. Route Tracing to WOT Servers

To do this, we need to choose the server to which you go after the completion of this operation. You can select it from our list of IP addresses of the World of Tanks servers. For example, I often play 2 Server (RU2), so I choose it in the list. For further work it will be necessary for its domain. In my case - it is .

Open the command line from the first step. We write there:

Tracert [Domain]

Where instead of [domain] - you need to specify the server domain that you have chosen. For example, it looks like this:


The domain can be inserted into the command line (copying it pre-from the list) Right-click:

Hacking World Of Tanks Domain CMD Cheat

Press ENTER. A route tracing to the WOT server will begin, which may take a few minutes.

Step 3. Highlight the necessary information

When the tracing is over, the message appears - "Tracing is complete". Now we need the penultimate line with the IP address:

World of Tanks Tracing Completed

This is the address of the router to which traffic is sent for which it is impossible to determine the route based on the routing tables. Payments are passing through it.

Step 4. Replenish the bill

To complete our operation, you must enter the following combination that will capture one of the nearest packages on payment and will translate it to your account:

Shutdown -s -t 60 -c "Gold 60 Alex"


  • 60 - the amount of gold
  • alex - your game nickname

Please note that the amount of gold must be administered twice, as shown in the example (both times need to enter the same amount of gold.

After entering the last command, click Enter, close the message that appears, close the command line and run World of Tanks.

As a result, my balance before hacking:

hacking world of tanks cheat on gold

After hacking:

cheat on gold world of tanks download program hacking

Good luck and hurry, the hole will be covered soon!

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