How to find out the version android on the phone

Method 1: Settings

The simplest action option for system information on any Android device is viewing information in a specialized section. "Settings" Mobile Operations.

  1. By opening the appropriate label on the desktop or the Android application menu, or taping the icon "Six" in the system curtain, go to "Settings" OS smartphone.

    Android - transition to OS settings from the desktop, application menu, system curtain

  2. Find in the list (most often goes first or last) section "About phone" (may be called - "Device" ), click on this name. Android - OS settings - section about the phone
  3. Learn the list of the parameters and their values ​​presented on the opened screen. In the overwhelming majority of cases, there is an area "Android version" which demonstrates the desired information.

    Android - Information on the phone about the phone in OS settings - Android version

    If mostly the list of information "About phone" paragraph "Android version" None, click "All parameters" Or to the similar name implied the transition to the advanced information screen of the function.

  4. Another, often faster than the proposed way to solve the problem of the task announced in the title title without the use of additional funds - input of the request Android version In the field of the parameters of the field located above the primary list "Search for settings" . Write the specified, tap the button "Search" , then tap on the result issued by the system.

    Android - Go to viewing information Android version by entering the request to search for OS settings

Method 2: Android applications for testing devices

As is known, to accurately determine the technical characteristics of Android devices, the receipt of information about their software and the clarification of other information has created a lot of specialized applications. Taking advantage of any of most of the Market Play Play detectors on requests like Testing phone Funds, you can easily learn including the version of the OS of Your Device. Consider the procedure on the example of one of the most popular tools with the specified functionality - Aida64. .

Download AIDA64 app for Android from Google Play Market

  1. Follow the link above from the phone, set and then open the AIDA64 application.

    Android Installing the AIDA64 application from Google Play Market

  2. On the main screen, click on the block "Android" . As a result, the list of information will open, having studied which you can not only get accurate information about the version of the OS (first paragraph), but also to find out the information about its currently assembly of software components.

    AIDA64 for Android Main Screen - Android - Item Showing OS Version

Method 3: Terminal Emulator

Android users who prefer to use to solve simple tasks in the environment are more controlled, rather than ready-made applications with a graphical interface, tools can use to obtain the information under consideration the terminal command.

  1. Going to the following link, download from Google Play Market and install the application on the device "Terminal Emulator for Android" .

    Download the Terminal Emulator for Android app from Google Play Market

    Android Installing the Terminal Emulator application from Google Play Market

  2. Launch "Terminal" And write in it such a command:

    GetProp Ro.Build.version.release.

    Terminal Emulator for Android - Running, Entering the OS version

  3. After completing the input, click "ENTER" On the virtual keyboard. After that, you immediately receive an answer in the form of a designating parameter, that is, the version of the operating system control device.

    Android How to find out the version of the operating system using the terminal emulator

Method 4: Computer

The last method of clarifying the version installed on the mobile device of the Android OS, which we will consider, implies using Windows PCs and Opportunities Android Debug Bridge. , More precisely, the ADB console utility.

  1. On the smartphone activate "USB debugging" .

    Android Activation of debugging on yusb on your smartphone, connection to PC

    Download from Android Developers and Expand the SDK Platform Tools components on the computer disk. Run the ADB utility, pair your smartphone and desktop, check its correctness.

    Android Running ADB Console Utility on Windows PCs, Mobile Device Setting

    All specified can be quickly implemented quickly by performing two instructions from the following material:

    Read more: How to enable "USB debugging" and configure ADB connection of Android-device to PC

  2. After getting the opportunity to interact with the mobile device by sending to the execution of ADB commands with a PC, write the following indication in the Windows console and press "Enter" :

    AdB Shell Getprop Ro.Build.version.release

    Android ADB-command to clarify the version installed on the operating system smartphone

  3. The result will not make himself wait a long time - the number issued by the console as a response to the transfer of the above command, and there is a version of the operating system controlling your smartphone.

    Android Answer the Windows console response to enter the command of receiving information about the version installed on the OS smartphone

Good afternoon friends. Android is one of the most popular OS that users are installed on phones with tablets. Google Corporation constantly updates the OS and creates new applications for this system. From how you have installed the version of Android There is a direct dependence of the speed of functioning of the device, its operability of the OS, whether this system will support certain games, and programs. In this article, we will look at how you can recognize your version of Android on the phone 7 ways.

how to find out the version android

How to find out Android version on Samsung phones?

To understand what your Android version you have installed on your device is quite easy. So, we will follow the prompts:

  1. We enter the menu application;
  2. We go to the tab "Settings"; Samsung 1.
  3. After that, you need to go to the "About Device" menu. On parts of the phones, this tab is called "Phone Information"; Samsung Information about the phone 2
  4. After that, we turn to the "About Device" menu. On parts of Samsung phones, this tab can be referred to "phone information";
  5. After that, go to the "Information about software" command; version of 3.
  6. In the window that opens, you will notice the tab and between them is called "Android version". In this window and will be shown the version of your android.

ATTENTION: In order to determine which version of Android is installed on your phone, it must be enabled. All program data can be found only after you upload a smartphone.

How to determine the version of Android on smartphones or tablets?

If you are also installed on other brands, android is also installed, I am quite simple to determine its version on a mobile gadget (this guide is equally suited to all phones):

  1. In the phone, we turn to the "Settings" tab; Settings 4.
  2. Then, we find the "On Phone" tab; About phone 5.
  3. Next, we need the Software tab (maybe "Android version"). In it, you will find the version you need the version on the phone. Android version 6.

With this method, you will learn and the option "Software" (for new android phones). You can also find out the firmware (most suitable for phones from Asia).

Applications defining android version

On the phones (for the most part from China), it's not immediately able to understand what you have an android version with a system method. In the Android version tab, there may be an option for software, but a shell created using this software). If so, we will apply special applications that will help us.

We will analyze the most popular and simple applications that tell you a lot of interesting things about your version of the OS on the phone. These applications are free, and you will download them from the official site of Play Market.


The main purpose of this program is to determine the functionality of the smartphone and the performance analysis of its battery. But, with the help of it, you can also determine and, what version of android on your gadget.


When you enter the program, then three tabs will be shown on the main window:

  1. Android version;
  2. CPU version;
  3. Brand Mobile Gadget.

This utility will be useful for all owners of phones on Android.

Download geekbench

My Android

My Android is such an app, which is desirable that it is on all the android phones. This utility will help not only find out which version of the OS on the phone, but also the IP smartphone. In addition, the following functions are sewn in this application:


  1. There is a flashlight;
  2. It is possible to determine the parties to the compass;
  3. Did not cost without the controller of the Internet indicators;
  4. There is control of updates;
  5. Useful feature for drivers GPS navigator;
  6. It was not without a QR code scanner and a lot more interesting.

The utility is suitable for Android 4.1 and further.

Determine which version of android you have installed, elementary: open the program and look for the right menu. All data the program will show in that window.

Download My Android

How to find out the version of android on the phone CPU X

According to its functions and characteristics, this application strongly resembles AIDA64. Using this program, it is possible to manage folders on the device, to install a block for advertising in browsers and programs, analyze and control the functionality of any sensor with the system.


So, we need an Android version. Therefore, we need from your smartphone to enter this program and find the "System" tab on the main screen. Then, go to this tab. Show subsections. We need to find the "Operating System" tab. The first line and show you your version of Android.

Download CPU X.


This program is one of the most popular for both the computer and mobile utilities. She has a fairly wide functionality. With this functionality, you can monitor the condition and course of the internet flow, OS, battery. You can see the list of devices that are connected, to analyze the work utilities, to see updates and so on.


In addition, using this application, it is possible to determine the version of various programs, and the OS. To do this, enter the program and find the menu Android, go through it. The system version will seem at the very top.

Download Aida64.

Device Info Hw.

This utility provides information about the equipment and characteristics of the smartphone. Download it on the device with Google Play. The program functions on all versions of Android, ranging from 4.0.3 and further.

Device Info Hw.

So for this you need:

1. Run the Device Info HW utility on a mobile device;

2. In the main program window, the General menu will appear where you will see the basic data about your Android. In addition, information about its version will seem to you.

Download Device Info HW

Output: Now you know how to find out the version of android on the phone 6 methods. As you can see, it is quite simple. Choose the most liked, and use on health! Successes!

Sincerely, Andrey Zimin 04.06.2020

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Android versionMost users have smartphones and tablets running Android, but not many know what version is used. When it is necessary to solve the problem or install a specific application, you need to know what android version you have.

This guide helps you find an answer. And it does not matter what manufacturer a smartphone or tablet is made. Let's start:

Find out the version of Android through the search

Open the Android settings of the smartphone or tablet, for example, from the application menu. Enter keywords in search "

Android version

". Then click on the appropriate result. You will see information that may differ depending on the specific device, its manufacturer and the Android version used.

How to find out the version of Android

Match Android versions with basic issues

The foregoing method will help determine the version number


, not code name or marketing name


. The main versions of Android have names. For example, Android 9.0 is called "


", Android 8.0 is called"


", android 7.0 -


. To find a marketing name for Android version, read this list:

  • Android 10 - Android Q
  • Android 9 - Pie
  • Android 8 - Oreo
  • Android 7 - Nougat
  • Android 6 - MarshMallow
  • Android 5 - Lollipop
  • Android 4.4 - Kit Kat
  • Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean
  • Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb
  • Android 2.3 - Gingerbread
  • Android 2.2 - Froyo
  • Android 2.0 - Eclair
  • Android 1.6 - DONUT
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake

What if there is no search in Android settings?

Old Android versions may not have a search string in the application "


"In this case, you need to move to the bottom until you find the entry."

About device


About Android device

This way is still possible -

Settings  > System About device


Now you know how to find out the version of Android, regardless of how the manufacturer is a smartphone or tablet.

Each smartphone or tablet works on the operating system, I also call it a platform. The most common mobile systems are Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Each of them is updated and enhanced - a new version is available for this. For example, Android 7.0 Nougat adds multi-content mode and other innovations, and the interface has been reworked in the previous Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the NOW ON TAP function has been added. As you can see, the developers are assigned to each of the updates (5.0, 6.0, 6.0.1, 7.0) and even the name.

How to find out the version of Android?

In addition, many developers create their own branded shell, which works on the basis of android. Xiaomi has Miui, Meizu is Flyme OS, Huawei - Emui, and so on.

But what version of Android is my phone? And what is his firmware (branded shell)? To obtain this information, you will need a minimum of time, everything is simple and accessible. We will tell about several ways.

Find out the version of Android in the settings

Each smartphone and tablet, which we met for 7 years, shows the firmware version in the standard settings. To do this, it is enough to go to the "On Phone" section (usually located at the bottom of the list), and find the "Android version" and "Firmware / Module / Core version" version (the names may differ slightly).

For example, give screenshots from the LEAGOO smartphone to which we wrote a review. As can be seen, the version of Android - 6.0, firmware - Leagoo OS 2.0.

How to find out the version of Android?


Benchmarks - services to test the performance and power of gadgets, more details can learn in Special article (There's also download links). In addition to synthetic tests, the benchmark shows all useful information about the device, including versions of the system and firmware. For example, the Antutu screenshot (section "Infa" and GeekBench 4 (CPU section).

How to find out the version of Android?
How to find out the version of Android?


For all sorts of information about the smartphone and tablet there are special programs. Some of the best - CPU-Z and AIDA64 - show information about the system and shell, as well as many other useful data. In CPU-Z, go to the "System" section, in the AIDA64 - section "Android".

How to find out the version of Android?

A source:

For experienced users, such a question may seem funny, but those who only have acquired a device or prepare for purchase - it is advisable to understand why and how to find out the version of android on the phone. This is especially important when installing software.

Check on the relevance of the Android is also necessary when buying a new phone or tablet right in the store, so that I didn't have to regret.

Android version

By purchasing a new smartphone, many inexperienced users pay attention to the amount of memory, the screen or other important details specifically for them, while ignoring the relevance of Android. But, having bought exactly the same model, as a smartphone is more expensive, disappointment comes. After all, it turns out that the device does not have such a functionality, and their main difference only in a variety of relevance of the operating system. And he will not be able to do what the neighbor's phone makes.

The version of the "robot" plays a big role. Accordingly, the device is higher, the larger functionality has the device.

Most of the applications and games are focused on the latest variation of the system, so if the phone is last or even more old - probabilities or fails to work, or these applications will not work at all.

Of course, the gadget will function steadily, but if the user wants to play in more fresh and demanding games, you will have to be content with the old one. By installing applications and games for the most recent, there is a risk of significantly worsening the work of the device.

Old version of android
The game is not supported on the old Android version.

Therefore, it is so useful to know which option android is installed on your smartphone. So how to see what android on the phone in a couple of minutes? For this there are several ways.

How to see the version of Android on the smartphone (tablet) settings

In order to find out the type of his "robot" per minute, it is enough to use the settings of your device. In different models of mobile phones and tablets, they differ in detail, but in general the scheme is the same everywhere.

  1. Select from menu or on desktop icon "Settings" and in the window that opens find item "About device" which is usually located below. For tablets - "Settings" "Phone Information" .

Tablet menu item

  1. In point "Android version" Specified numeric format. In modern gadgets, the "robot" version is written immediately on this dotted with the necessary table of contents.

Android tablet version

  1. On samsung galaxy phones after selecting the item "Phone Information" You need to additionally select the menu section "Information about software" . At the top of the list will be the number of android.

But it is not always possible to achieve results with standard methods. Some Chinese manufacturers complicate users to the task and user simply cannot find so important information. Therefore, to determine the version of android on the phone will help third-party utilities.

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Best applications

In the Chinese smartphone, the trick is not only that in the settings it is impossible to find the version of the Android system. Chinese manufacturers can intentionally overstate the characteristics of the device. Therefore, when buying such a device, it is necessary to make sure whether the stated version is really installed on the mobile or tablet.

Play Market provides a number of free and reliable programs that can be easily downloaded and determine the version of Android in two steps.


In addition to checking the functionality and phone characteristics, this program shows the version of Android directly on the main screen of the application. Also an excellent option for checking the power of your smartphone.

Geekbench in Google Play
Android version in GEEKBENCH

It is not supported on all devices.

GEEKBENCH app on tablet with android 5


Another addition to verify the parameters of smartphones and tablets, which is considered one of its kind. You can see the version of Android in the section of the same name from the main menu.

AIDA64 for tablet with android 5
Information about Android in Aida64
Android version in Aida64 on the tablet
Android version in Aida64 on the smartphone


Simple application that shows the OS number on the device. In general, it is similar to AIDA64. By downloading it to the tablet or smartphone, it is necessary in the section "Memory" View it "Operating system" . The top line will indicate information about Android version.

Download CPU x on Google Play
Section Memory in the CPU X Appendix
Android version on the tablet in CPU X
Android version in CPU X

My Android

Very useful utility for Android devices. In addition to the special tab with the version of the Android version, it also contains additional useful features and the ability to learn IP.

Download My Android from Google Play
Section Version Android in My Android
Android version in My Android for tablet
Android version in My Android on the phone

Device Info Hw.

Another application that shows the device information. On the tab "System" need to pay attention to "Release" . In addition to this function, its functionality is so extensive, which will definitely be useful for more advanced users.

Download Device Info HW on Google Play
System Section in Device Info HW for Android
Android version in Device Info HW for tablet
Android version in Device Info HW for phone

More detailed information about the device is available only with root access.

Warning in Device Info HW

Antutu Benchmark.

Shows the evaluation of the device functions and displays information, including the version of the OS.

Download Antutu Benchmark from the official site
Android version in Antutu Benchmark

How to find out the version of Android through the recovery

If you need to find out the version of the platform, thanks to Recovery. To do this, you need to simultaneously click on the volume button and the power button. In the open list, the desired data will be displayed from above.

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