If you enter the Battery of the LDPR, what does it give? Candidates for deputies from the LDPR. Zhirinovsky Vladimir Wolfovich

If you enter the Battery of the LDPR, what does it give? Over such a question, it is often necessary to conceive a person who implies the statements of the permanent extraordinary leader of this party of Vladimir Wolfovich Zhirinovsky.

Before answering this question, you should refer to the history of the education of this centrist political party.

What is this party

The predecessor of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) is the Liberal Democratic Party, which was formed in the Soviet Union on 12/13/1989 at the initiative of Zhirinovsky.

join the batch of LDPR that it gives

All six convocations of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, LDPR participated in the elections of its deputies, be sure to result in a representative office in the lower parliamentary chamber.

Many political scientists believe that this party, despite the existing name, in the social sphere is focused on nationalist and patriotic ideas, and in the field of economy preaches the theory of a mixed economic model.

This political structure as an opposition party is formed, but various political scientists do not agree with this point.

History of creating and becoming a party

For the first time, the initiative group, conceived to create the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union, was gathered on December 13, 1989 and approved the decision on the preparation and convening of the Constituent Congress of the Party.

The initiative group consisted of the following participants: Bogacheva V., Bogacheva L., Dunza M., Zherebovskiy S., Zhirinovsky V., Kovaleva A., Prozorova V., Wozko L. and Khalitova A.

Candidates for deputies from the LDPR

The Ministry of Justice of the USSR registered the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union on 12.04.1991, at that time it was the only party that conducted an opposition line towards the CPSU.

At the first constituent congress, 03/31/1990, 215 delegates approved the party program and the Charter. A total of 41 countries from 8 republics of the USSR was presented at the congress. Zhirinovsky V.V. elected to the post of Chairman.

04/18/1992 at the third party congress represented by 627 delegates (43 of the region), the party was renamed LDPR. Zhirinovsky Vladimir Wolfovich again was re-elected by the Chairman of the Party. Ahmet Khalilov, who operates the operator on the villager in the collective farm near Moscow, was chosen for his deputy.

10.08.92. Parties in new emergence of the CIS countries were formed from the United Party.

Party activity and its leader

In March 1995, Deputies of the State Duma, LDPR, led by Zhirinovsky, visited Libya, where they met with M. Gaddafi.

In February 1998, together with journalists, a similar delegation went to Iraq to deliver humanitarian aid and prevent the American bombing to the Americans.

03/15/1999 Chairman of the LDPR Zhirinovsky V.V. I established the Institute of World Civilizations, where today among professors have 18 teachers who are the title of Doctor of Science, as well as over thirty associate professors who defended the candidate dissertations. More than 50 students of this educational institution became laureates at interuniversity competitions and scientific conferences.

LDPR Zhirinovsky

On the third state Duma who opened in January 2000, Zhirinovsky was elected to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Duma. LDPR faction began to lead Lebedev I. V.

In August 2003, the asset of the party led by Zhirinovsky for 24 days drove along the railway from Moscow to Vladivostok and back. They held meetings with their electorate in 168 settlements from 29 regions and the edges of our Motherland.

Who can become a member of the LDPR

Any Russian citizen who has reached an eighteen-year-old age has the opportunity to become a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. To this end, you should only fill in the form of a special questionnaire and make a couple of photos of 3 by 4 centimeters, providing all this to the functions in the nearest local LDPR branch.

Address LDPR

Earlier, the partbiler was issued after the candidate will be held a three-month probationary period from the moment of submission of the application, at present the issuance of the party ticket is carried out immediately since the provision of a written application.

Payment of party contributions is not obligatory.

Join the batch of LDPR that it gives

A member of the LDPR should become in case you fully share the ideas set forth in the party program. The latter can be viewed on the official parties website. There you can also find the address of the LDPR in your area where you need to handle the entry.

It should be aware that membership in the LDPR does not give any opportunities to obtain financial resources or material goods.

Party members are invited to the event organized by party functionaries. They are involved in the meetings held, pickets, conferences, promotions, distribution of printing products.

Department of LDPR

Those party members who constantly take part in party life are translated into activists. From that moment on, they can already be members of party events across the region and the whole country. Of these, delegates are elected to the congresses of the LDPR passing in the capital.

For activists, part-schools are organized periodically, while the form of education is quite non-standard. Classes can be carried out in the summer camp on the seashore or during the ship cruise.

The coordinators of regional offices and candidates for deputies from the Liberal Committee to local authorities grow from activists. In the future, only the personal qualities and abilities of the LDPR activist are driving force or, on the contrary, a brake in his political career.

Work in the Duma Party Fraction

Often, citizens of Russia, for several years consisting of any of the political parties, make decisions to enter the Battery of the LDPR. What does it give? First of all, the opportunity to get into the State Duma on the list of this party.

Representatives of this liberal-democratic party in all convenes the Duma had their own fraction. Often the quantitative composition was enough to have a certain impact on the adoption of certain laws.

For one of the first plans, members of the fraction of this party put forward a task to maximize the improvement of the standard of living of Russians.

In particular, they were issued on the Duma meetings to increase the minimum wage size, suspending the payment of contributions to overhaul, the abolition of free privatization, provision for disabled people and families with disabled children, fifty-percent benefits when paying for utilities services.

LDPR during elected campaigns

At the stage of pre-election promises, candidates for deputies from the LDPR often raise questions about the possibility of expanding the scope of the use of funds allocated as "maternity capital"; stimulating women's failure from abortion; The introduction of fines in the event of a refusal to provide a place to the baby in the children's preschool institution at its place of residence.

In the field of health and education, the LDPR is firmly at position that market relations must be eradicated in these areas, as in culture. Citizens of Russia should be able to enjoy free health care, the practice of "blind" reorganizations of hospitals should be discontinued.

On the chairman of the LDPR

The founder and permanent chairman of the LDPR is V. V. Zhirinovsky. He is part of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, participated in five elected races for the presidency of the Russian Federation.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and the Law Faculty of Moscow State University.

Deputies of the State Duma LDPR

Despite its seventieth age, he actively participates in the parliamentary and public life of the state. Often it can be seen on the TV screens, where he takes part in interesting discussions, and is characterized by excitement and emotionality.

Quite often, he appeals to the country's youth - to join the Battery of the LDPR. What does it gives, he shows on his personal example, as well as active activities in the Duma of his allegaters.

How to join the LDPR

LDPR - Liberal Democratic Party in Russia. He is headed by permanently Zhirinovsky. In many ways, thanks to his charismatic personality, the party and acquired so many supporters. Many in the country want to become part of the LDPR.


How to join LDPR. Understand the goals and tasks

To join the LDPR, first need to understand its goals and objectives. The program is based on 3 principles:

  • freedom;
  • law;
  • patriotism.

Supporter need to share these postulates. The party stands for a multi-party country. Elections should be honest. But the state is obliged to be strong to combat external aggression. Power should not be stuffed. Constantly change. Old officials - leave, new - come. The state will control the work of the largest objects of the territory. Party for following the right in all areas.

For citizens, it is proposed to increase salary. The large industry will go under the control of power. Owners cannot manage it successfully. LDPR takes the best features from each political force and unites them in his beliefs. Including freedom of speech and entrepreneurs. Multilateral economic life. The leader Zhirinovsky stands on moderate nationalist principles. It proposes to expand the boundaries of the country, but peaceful ways. If the following theses are suitable for him, a citizen can boldly submit an application for joining the LDPR. Party policy wide and diverse. Representatives of all social layers will find something for themselves.


How to join the LDPR by feeding the questionnaire

Join the party is very easy. Introduction is possible only from 18 years. And the candidate must be a citizen of Russia. It is necessary to download the questionnaire on the main site https://ldpr.ru. Then to fill it correctly. Next attribute to the branch of the party. It usually is in every major Russian city or should be. In addition to the questionnaire, you will need:

  • Application application;
  • passport;
  • Two photos of 3 4 cm.


How to join LDPR. Final stage

The regional party coordinator will discuss all the necessary questions with the candidate. The interview can be held by his deputies or other members of the party from the Steering Service. With a positive solution, a person give a certificate of a party member. Party members follow its statute. Contributions are paid regularly (other ways to support the course of the LDPR are allowed). With their actions in every way contribute to the achievement of party goals and tasks. May become part of the governing lineup. Participate in election campaigns regularly. In short, take part in all forms of party life.

Join the party

For entry into the ranks of the LDPR, you need:

  • It is understood that your beliefs and lifestyles coincide with our program
  • Download our questionnaire and fill it
  • Send by mail or bring personally to the nearest Branch of the LDPR filed application, questionnaire, 2 photos 3x4 (on matte boom.) And capture a passport with you.


You must be at least 18 years old and you must have Russian citizenship!

You can influence the history of the development of your state!

Download questionnaire

In the Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of the LDPR

In accordance with the Charter of the Political Liberty of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, members of the Liberal-Democratic Party are obliged to regularly pay membership fees (hereinafter - contributions) in the manner prescribed by the Regulation. The collection of contributions is carried out by local or primary departments of the LDPR at the place of permanent or predominant residence of the members of the LDPR. For the organization of receiving contributions in the local or primary department of the LDPR, its coordinator instructs one of the members of the LDPR to take contributions or accepts contributions personally. Coordinator of the local branch of the LDPR regards the received membership fees.

With systematic evasion of a member of the LDPR from the payment of membership fees, a decision may be made to exclude from the LDPR.

Cash is spent in accordance with the objectives and objectives provided for by the Charter and the LDPR program.

The members of the LDPR pay contributions once a year before the end of the first quarter of the current year. The Coordinator of the Local Branch of the LDPR gives a statement of payment of contributions and received funds to the cash register of the regional department of the LDPR until the end of the first quarter of the current year.

A member of the LDPR pays contributions in the amount of 150 rubles per year. A member of the LDPR pays membership fees from the date of entry into the LDPR in proportion to the amount of the annual contribution.

The local Branch of the LDPR is entitled to reduce the amount of contributions or release a member of the LDPR from paying contributions to its property.

The right to reduce the amount of contributions or exemption from their payment, as a rule, have the following categories of members of the LDPR:

- Pensioners (idle); - students of the daytime branches of technical schools, universities, other educational institutions; - persons recognized in the manner prescribed by current legislation, disabled or whose workability is limited due to disability; - single parents, raising minor children; - parents raising more 3 minor children; - other categories of socially unprotected citizens.

The members of the LDPR can pay contributions personally by transferring funds to the settlement account of the regional office through Sberbank of Russia. In this case, the member of the LDPR represents the coordinator of the local branch, a copy of the payment document on the payment of contributions.

To decide, you need to join the party or not, you need to answer the question: why do you actually need? To be a happy person, work, rejoice in life should not tie themselves with political commitments. In any case, the party is a kind of club in interest. This is especially true of countries with low political culture and level of democracy.

People are combined into the party to achieve any goals, most often - this desire to get power. She, in turn, makes it possible to be closer to influential people, elite, open the door to the door to the offices of officials, to solve the "skinny" questions, to form the country's policies.

You can get into power in two ways: enter the public service, unless of course take, or be elected to deputies of different levels. In this case, it is definitely better to join the party.

To achieve a goal, you must choose the right to choose the political system. If you are ambitious, full of ideas, and most importantly, you wish to influence socially political life in the country, region, city, village, then it is worth seriously thinking about becoming a member of the party.

If you are satisfied with everything that happens in the country, fully agree with the line that the ruling party is oppressed, then join her ranks. If, on the contrary, we will not get it all what is happening - think about it to join opposition parties. But in this case, you risk getting into disfavor to the current power and not only. The close attention of the power structures is provided to you. Remember, those who are at the helm, gratefully clung to him and just so will not be treated.

Before paying preference to any party, ask her ranking, pay attention to activity, learn the charter, the biography of political power leaders, software tasks, go to the party site. Analyze the electoral history (results of past elections). If you seriously dream of a political career, you should not choose outsiders of the previous electoral race, a low rating party, as well as political asil, promoting violence and one-day parties. There are parties operating systemically, and those that are created or showing activity only before elections.

One-day parties are good because, creating under the election campaigns, or for shares, can be well funded. You can replenish your budget, working at the headquarters or by taking part in public events, unless of course the leadership of the temporary party "will not heazme", the amount relying to you. The political responsibility of such parties is extremely low. They forget about them very quickly.

If you seriously think about the political career, choose the famous parties. At least here you can get experience and inside to understand what a party is. Stable and responsible politicalsil have party offices. The structure is well developed throughout the country, public receptions work.

Pluses of entry into the party

  • The presence of a party ticket makes it possible to be included in the electoral lists of different levels. However, it is not worth prolonged that the ordinary parties will be a candidate for deputies.
  • The strategy and tactics of the election campaign builds headquarters, you follow their recommendations. If you have no experience in conducting election campaigns, without people who know, do not achieve success.
  • In the event of failure in the election, the collective responsibility is not as annoying for the loss, in contrast to when you are trying to be elected by self-nomination, i.e. without a party ticket.
  • The election campaign is funded centralized.
  • Raises your personal self-esteem. You feel involved in something big and important.
  • The ability to solve personal questions, especially if this is the ruling party. Among the "harmful" officials who prevent you from living, will definitely have one-party, ready to substitute his shoulder to colleagues.
  • Solid and consistently working parties tend to train their members. Conduct seminars, trainings, public events, where you always have the opportunity to "light up", to get acquainted with the right people.

Constant legal assistance, as in solid parties there are always many people with legal education.

Minuses of entry into the party

  • The risk that with the arrival of opponents to you may be pressure. (If you are a manager or businessman).
  • Upon joining the party, you voluntarily agree to the processing of your personal data. Provide full information about yourself and family members: autobiography, work path, etc.
  • For spent party money during the election campaign, you will definitely have to keep a report.
  • An existing intrapartery hierarchy that will not allow a simple newcomer to jump on the top of the iceberg. The right to be in high cabinets need to be earned.
  • For failures in the work there is a collective responsibility.
  • Becoming a member of the party, you accept the rules of the game of this particular political force. Your opinion is important, but not so much to change the internal page regulations because of it.
  • If you are a wealthy person, it is possible that you may be asked to finance individual party projects.

General recommendations for party ticket holder

Regardless of which party you are a member, weigh all your actions and statements. Do not violate the law.

Entering into the party, you become a public person, respectively, carry out moral responsibility for your behavior. Any ugly trigger to lie down the spot for the whole team. If you are not a team man - create your batch.

Before making a decision, in which party to study, examine information about existing party systems, get acquainted with the history of the creation of a party, leaders, ideology. She must be close to you. Otherwise, risks to be disappointed in the actions of the elected political passing, and you will endlessly look for the opportunity to get closer to another party flow.

Remember that "rations" do not like. Analyzing, think, do not take hasty decisions.

Party ticket "United Russia" - what gives the document in 2020

Citizens of Russia interested in public life in the state are trying to figure out what the party card gives in 2020. "United Russia" is the largest political party operating since 2001, whose leader is de facto is Vladimir Putin. Its members have party tickets, so ordinary Russians want to know what privileges the owners of this document are used.

Public opinion is common: to live happily and happily in Russia, it is not necessary to participate in political struggle, burden themselves with party obligations. But, in practice, members of United Russia give citizens some privileges, not officially announceable.

What privileges are used by the owners of the party ticket "United Russia"

Since the Political Paradise "United Russia" is the most numerous and main on the territory of the country. It is probably why it is believed that the main privilege of membership in the party is the opportunity to build a good career on a political field. Inside the batch, many different vacancies, much more than in opposition fractions.

Party ticket can provide an opportunity to get the status of a people's deputy. True, it is quite difficult, because the members of the United Russia party have certain connections, there is a loyal attitude towards each other, therefore, help colleagues at the party to occupy major positions.

According to some data from journalists, the former and current United Russia told that the party ticket allowed them to get some benefits. According to them, an ordinary person who is not consisting in this political party is difficult to obtain some privileges, because its party contributions, influence, and in general, the importance in the party is too insignificant. But, if a person, the owner of the party ticket, has a good business that brings a good income, then it can have in the so-called "mug of interests." A large businessman is easier to make the right dating within the party, and he will have the opportunity to develop himself in entrepreneurship, in politics.

An ordinary person who entered the United Russia, who received a party card, has the opportunity to participate in special meetings, for example, during local elections. Also membership in this party allows you to successfully pass an interview in employment, especially if the employer is a member of the United Russia party.

In the United Russia, they told why it is worth entering their party

Members of the United Russia called several reasons for which it is worth entering into their party. In the booklets, the booklets are indicated:

  • One-party chances may noticeably improve their lives;
  • Party membership is stability, constancy, because people consisting in it do not change their beliefs;
  • Party members acquire like-minded people;
  • Party members have the opportunity to assess the actions of the current government;
  • Only United Russia can influence the country's political course;
  • In the party there are many interesting people and useful ties.

Citizens who have party tickets "United Russia" in 2020, in fact, confirm their confidence party leaders, have connections with respected people.

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