What is better group or public page?

Hello dear readers!

Did you know that all your efforts to gain popularity on social media can be in vain? It is possible that you are the one wasting time and money trying to find new clients for your business!

And all why?

Yes, because they chose an inappropriate habitat for themselves. This is what I would like to tell you about: about the habitats of organizations, companies, musical groups, hobby groups, etc. in the world called the Internet.

Let's figure it out together, which is better a group or a public page?

In contact with

It is not surprising that first we will talk about the most popular social network in Russia. The social network Vkontakte is an excellent platform for advertising and finding new potential customers, as well as for meeting interesting people.

Vkontakte is becoming more and more popular every day, and not only Russian citizens use it. In addition to individuals, a huge number of online stores, beauty salons and training centers have special accounts in this network in addition to their own websites.

And absolutely everyone is faced with a number of questions:

  • What is a group and public page?
  • What are the features of their creation and use?
  • What is better group or public page in VKontakte?


First of all, it is worth understanding what a group in VKontakte is and what a public page is.

Group Is a place where people with specific interests can communicate with each other. This is such a circle of interests. Many people choose this particular form of existence for their store / salon / studio because they are simply used to it. Groups have existed since the birth of Vkontakte, they are already like family to many.

Public page - this is a completely different matter. It was the publics that were created to promote the brand. The information posted in them is official, all content is dedicated to a specific person or organization.

Creation and use

Already from the definition, the answer to the question: which is better for sales, a group or a public page, suggests itself. It becomes clear that the group and the public are two completely different things, they are created in different ways and the whole process of serving them is also different.

Public page

Before you create a public page, you need to decide what exactly you will promote. There are four options to choose from:

  • place or small company;
  • company, organization or website;
  • interesting person or team;
  • a work or product.


After the choice is made, you can proceed with the design and direct creation of the public.

Its important feature is that absolutely all public information is available to absolutely everyone. Even people who do not have a Vkontakte account will be able to familiarize themselves with the content of the page.

Information on the public wall is posted only on behalf of the administration, on behalf of the organization itself, although subscribers can offer their news.

Despite the fact that you cannot invite your friends to public, there are many effective ways to find an audience.

You can “tell your friends” about a public page or pay for advertising your public on another public page.

You can also take advantage of targeted advertising that will bring you real interested potential customers.

Thanks to this little explanation, it's easy to guess which is better for an online store, for example , group or public page, and which is more suitable for the club of aspiring poets.


A group on VKontakte is created in one click. You do not need to choose between different types of groups, you immediately start creating it directly.


As in the case of a public page, information in a group can be seen by every user on the Internet, but only if you want it. Your group may be closed and there may be only a few members of it. In this case, only subscribers will see the information in the group.

Unlike a public, a message on the wall of such a community can be left by all users, with certain settings .

In addition, moderation is conducted not on behalf of the group, but on behalf of each of the admins separately. That is, in this case, we are seeing more personal communication.

You can invite friends to the group, but intrusion with your community is not always appropriate. In addition, each contact user can hide the list of groups in which he is a member, which makes it difficult to promote the community.

What should you choose?

What is the best way to create a VKontakte group or a public page? To answer this question, you need to understand what you really want?

If your goal is to create a cozy place where people with similar interests will gather, then a group is what you need. But for finding clients, a public page is better. (opinion) .


If you want to find clients or just interesting people from other countries, you just need to use Facebook and decide for yourself the question of which group or Facebook page is better.

As in VKontakte, the social network Facebook provides the ability to create groups. But is it worth it? Maybe it's better to limit it to a page? Let's figure it out. As in the case of VK, we will deal with it in stages.


Facebook group - everything is simple!

As in VKontakte, they are created exclusively for communication. People with certain interests share their experiences, impressions and thoughts.

Facebook page Is a public open space. It contains information about a specific person, team or company. It is on the page that it is most convenient to place information about the brand.

Creation and use


The group has a number of additional functions that the page lacks.


For example, having a Facebook group, you can send letters and invitations to events in bulk, but no more than 5000 participants. This limitation makes it impossible for groups with a large number of subscribers to use the feature.

And if your goal is several tens of thousands of people, then this function will hardly seem tempting to you.

The group cannot use the applications, which is a significant disadvantage.

However, as a group administrator, you will be able to control its members.

The group can be: open, closed and secret. You will decide for yourself who exactly will become a member of your community.


The huge advantage of a page over a group is the ability to use applications. They will make a huge number of possibilities available to you. But, unfortunately, you cannot invite someone to participate in a certain event from the page.


But, being the owner of the page, you will be able to use advertising widgets, groups cannot. All information presented on the page is available to absolutely all Internet users.

What should you choose?

And again we return to the question of your goal. Do you want many, many clients? Then create a page. Otherwise, a group is fine for you.


In addition to VKontakte in Russia, another social network is particularly popular. This is Odnoklassniki. There you can also advertise your business.

Many people ask the question: what is better than a group or a page in Odnoklassniki?

In this social network, unfortunately, there is an opportunity to create only your own group. AND page in Odnoklassniki it is, first of all, a personal account. As in VKontakte, it is intended for personal use and for posting personal information.

Group in this social network is divided into two subgroups: for business and for hobbies.


It is in groups that people find important information for themselves, share ideas and thoughts, or choose products / services.

How to promote?


The page on Odnoklassniki can be promoted in different ways. For example, you can manually increase the number of friends and classes. Add strangers yourself as friends and hope that they will like your posts.

Of course, you can cheat them, but in this case your "success" will be very shaky and empty. After all, "inanimate" people are winding up who will definitely not buy anything from you.

You can also use various promotion applications. For example, put many classes for different users and wait for them to go to your page.

By the way, one of the main advantages of Odnoklassniki is the class, which combines the usual like and repost.


As with VKontakte, you can simply invite your friends to the group. This is the easiest way to gain an audience, but you should understand that not everyone will want to join the group and the number of your friends is not infinite.

Also, you won't be able to invite more than 30 people per day. You can also pay for your reposts in other groups, which will bring you a lot of new followers.

Targeted advertising is also available to groups on Odnoklassniki.

What should you choose?

Group only!

A page can be the starting point for promoting your business. But it is not as comfortable as the group. If you want to find like-minded people, you need a group. Just at the very beginning of its creation, it should be indicated that this group is for communication.

On this, perhaps, I will end and say goodbye.

I really hope that I was able to help you with your choice.

I still have a lot of interesting and useful information for you, but I will share it next time.

So stay connected! 😉

The question of how the group differs from the VKontakte community worries many users of the social network. Each user in VK can create a community for communication, dissemination of information or promotion of goods and services. In the process of creation, the social network asks to determine the type of future page. This can be an event, group, or public page. If with the first view everything is more or less clear (the event community serves to organize a seminar, training, concert and invite the maximum number of participants to it), then a lot of questions are concentrated around the group and the public page.

What situations is this community suitable for? What are the benefits they have? And how to choose the right type? Let's take a closer look at these issues in this article.

What is a Group and a VKontakte public page

A public page, which in common parlance is often called Public, is an official page for disseminating information about a product, service, personality, brand, company. In addition, the public page can be dedicated to some thematic segment: hairstyles and makeup, cars and motorcycles, child development, etc. The source of information here is the creator or administrator of the community. He can also enable or disable the ability to comment by subscribers.

A group is understood as a community where users are united by interests and can freely exchange information. At the same time, groups can be open, closed or private, which allows you to customize the community to the needs of the target audience.

Advantages and disadvantages of groups and public pages

Groups and publics have their own advantages and disadvantages, which, as a result, determine the choice of the community in a particular situation.

Pros and cons of the VK public page

  • Public content is completely open to all users of the social network.
  • Only the owner and administrator have the right to post posts. Subscribers can only offer news or comment on existing entries, if the page settings allow it.
  • Photo albums, videos and discussions are located on the right side of the screen.
  • Within the public page, you can create an event.
  • There is no fresh news section, but you can add a wiki page.
  • The public page is not suitable for storing files and documents.
  • There is no option to invite friends.
  • On each personal page of a VK user there is a block of Interesting pages. The public page logo in this block provides additional subscriber traffic.

Pros and cons of the VK group

  • There are three types of groups: open (content is available to all users), closed (adding to a group is carried out by a user request), private (joining a group is possible only at the invitation of an administrator).
  • In a group with an open wall, users can post themselves. However, it is possible to close the wall. Then only the administrator is responsible for adding records.
  • Audio recordings, videos and photos are located under the news at the top of the screen.
  • The group is not suitable for creating events.
  • In the corresponding section of the group, you can publish the latest news.
  • The Documents section can store files that are important to the functioning of the community, including text documents and spreadsheets.
  • There is a special function for inviting friends to a group. At the same time, it can be used not only by the administrator, but also by any participant. This contributes to the rapid promotion and traffic growth in the community.
  • Despite the fact that on each personal page there is a block with groups, even the presence of a group logo in it does not provide increased attention of other users.

Differences in promoting a group and a public page

It remains to consider what is best for selling goods and services online. Group administrators can use the Invite Friends button, which greatly facilitates the promotion of the community. Public pages are deprived of this opportunity.

Attention! One person can send no more than 40 invitations per day. Such restrictions were introduced by the social network and are valid for all users without exception. To use this tool effectively, experts recommend working with multiple accounts.

The main advantage of a public page for promotion is its visibility on the personal pages of subscribers. A logo with a name and description in the Interesting Pages section is an excellent unobtrusive advertisement for every community.

In turn, the group name is placed in an unstructured list under the user's personal information. As a rule, no one pays attention to this block, and even more so does not take a special interest in it. In addition, in the page settings there is an option to hide this block.

Now let's touch on user activity. Obviously, it is higher on public pages, since this format is directly aimed at mutual PR and promotion. It is also possible to achieve the same high level of activity in a group, but it will take a lot of effort.

It should also be noted that at the moment among users in VK there is a stereotype about the obsolescence of groups. It is believed that groups are already going out of fashion, and they are being replaced by public pages. In this regard, users often subscribe to public pages, avoiding participation in groups.

Thus, there are many differences between the group and the public page on VKontakte. They relate to both the structure and functionality of communities. These differences also explain the difference in promotion and monetization strategies. However, the end result in any case depends on the professionalism and experience of the administrator, his patience and perseverance, time and financial resources.

IT specialist and advanced VK user. I registered on the social network in 2007.

Do you know how a group differs from a public VKontakte page, or do you think that there is no difference? Many users, registering a site, do not hesitate to click on any of the proposed subspecies, not focusing on the goal they pursue from creating a community. However, if you delve into the difference between a public page and a group, it becomes clear that they function under completely different conditions.

Public pages on VK appeared later than groups; most people still do not really understand what their advantages and disadvantages are. In this article, we will take a closer look at how a group differs from a public VKontakte page and tell you which one is better to choose for different types of activities. Also, you will learn how to register communities and what difficulties you may face in the process. Additionally, we will tell you how to transfer a VKontakte group to a public page, by the way, this action is performed, literally, in two clicks.

What is a VK group and public?

Before figuring out what is the difference between a group and a public VKontakte page, let's define each of the concepts.

  • Public page Is the official platform for promoting a brand, association, famous person. Conducted on behalf of the promoted object, it is completely open to all users of the social network.
  • Group Is a platform that unites people with the same interests. Here you can communicate and ask questions, post posts on a common wall, take an active part in the life of the community. At the request of the administrator, you can make it open or closed.

How do they differ from each other?

To understand what is better in Contact - a group or a public page, you must clearly know how they differ from each other. We propose to understand in detail the intricacies of this issue.

  1. The principle of access to content is different. The public page does not allow you to hide the content, either partially or completely - all its information is available to subscribers and visitors of the site in full. Only confirmed members of the association have access to the group's materials.
  2. The way of forming the list of contacts is different. Any user can become a public subscriber, without the need to submit an application; members of the group are accepted only after the request is submitted and approved. The admin of the first community cannot edit his list of subscribers, the second one is free to delete and add members.
  3. Subscribers of the public page in VK do not have the opportunity to post on the wall, but can choose the "Offer news" function. The administrator himself, at his discretion, decides whether to post this material. Anyone can post in the group, but the admin is free to impose any privacy settings on this option.
  4. The interface and the arrangement of the sections are different: in the public page there are only two blocks "Information" and "Pinned post", in the group community you can add the block "Fresh news". The "Discussions" tab in the public is located only on the right side of the page, his opponent's location is allowed to change. By the way, don't underestimate this block. Many communities have spun up by creating discussions. The main thing is to approach this issue correctly.
  5. Some features differ. In the group type, you can upload documents. In the public page, it is allowed to indicate the date of creation and use the "Events" function.
  6. If you are the admin of a public, you will not have the option "Invite friends" (in the group it is), but there is a similar analogue - "Tell friends". By the way, this aspect, in view of its importance for promotion, very clearly demonstrates how one type differs from another.
  7. The location of the sections in the subscriber profiles is different. You can see the public pages to which the VK user is subscribed directly from the main page of the profile, but you will have to go to the groups separately.

Thus, we have analyzed the concepts of a group or a public page on VKontakte, which is better for you to decide, but be sure to weigh all the pros and cons, study how they differ from each other.

What is the best choice?

You now know what a public page on VKontakte is, and now let's consider in what cases it is recommended to stay on this type of community:

  • If you want people to subscribe to you voluntarily and you don't like intrusive invitations;
  • If the composition of the audience is not important to you, you will not be able to control it;
  • If you are ready for the fact that all your materials and records from VK will be visible to absolutely all Internet users;
  • Unless you want other people to be able to post on your wall.

Public is ideal for promoting a brand or maintaining a famous person's account. This type of community is somewhat similar to an open profile on Instagram - you share your life, people follow you, follow the news. You cannot remove members of such a community, all your activities are freely available.

So, what is better to create, a group or a public VKontakte page, let's consider in which cases the first option is more suitable:

  • If you want to be able to restrict access to materials or hide content;
  • If you need to control and edit group members;
  • If it is important for you that community members can write on a common wall;
  • If you have many friends in your personal profile who will be happy to support you, you will need the "Invite Friends" button, which is only here. This is the first thing to do - add people to the group (friends and all kinds of strangers).

The group allows you to create your own cozy little world in which the administrator is the king and God. All of its participants are united by a common interest and it does not consist solely in the desire to follow the activities of the owner of the community. There is more life and communication here, people constantly come into contact and interact with each other.

Subtleties and nuances that you should know about

We hope that now you understand how a public page differs from an open group in VKontakte, and you know which type is better to lean towards. Also, you should know the following points:

  1. It's okay, if you initially chose the wrong type of community, you can always change it. Right on the main page, under the avatar, find the "More" button, which reveals additional options. There is a button “Translate” - click and change. The moment of transfer to one side or the other is no different;
  2. The translation function is available only once every 30 days and works only in the desktop version of the site;
  3. Only community owners (not admins) have such an opportunity, namely its creators.

Well, the difference between the group and the public Vkontakte page, if the first is of a closed type, is very large. In turn, if the group platform is open, it rather strongly resembles a public one. The final decision is made by the owner of the page, based on the characteristics of his activities, the chosen promotion methods, and personal preferences. When in doubt, we recommend testing both types of sites to better understand how they differ from each other. As the saying goes, everything is learned by comparison!

group or public

Which is better: a public page or a VK group

Before using any platform, you need to figure out how best to do it. Many Internet entrepreneurs try to use groups or public pages on VK to attract new customers or promote their ideas.

Group or public page - that is the question. We will answer the question.

Group or public?

Groups have existed since the inception of contact. Perhaps that is why they are still surpassing the popularity of public pages (they are public pages). And almost everyone who comes to social media to achieve their goals tends to create a group.

Of course, nothing prevents you from immediately creating a group and a public and leading them together. But this will confuse users a little, so it's best to focus on one thing. Only first you need to find out on what.

I'll make a reservation right away that if you work in the segment B2B(business to business), you may want to consider Facebook - the audience there is more "business", and the competition is still less ... But VKontakte, with skillful use, is capable of a lot.

So what are the differences between a group and a public? Let's go in order.

public ili gruppa

What is the better group?

The group in VKontakte fully lives up to its name - it is suitable for groups of people. Man by nature strives to be part of a community. Some do not admit this, considering themselves anarchists. But anarchists are exactly the same group. It's even ironic.

The community (aka a group) can be driven by some common goals or interests - music (jazz lovers) or politics (people holding similar views). Therefore, it is better to choose it for those who want to achieve close contact with the audience.

The group is better suited for:

  • Self-service online store. Because there is a little more functionality, and you can also make a beautiful menu so that users can more easily find what they need. Most salespeople do this now;
  • Activities you love. That is, you can publish posts about how you do what you love;
  • Earnings on affiliate programs. In your posts, you can mention some services;
  • Beauty salons and hairdressing salons. Despite the fact that publics are more suitable for business, for some reason groups come more into this area. So it is with wedding photographers and florists.

public ili gruppa

Why is public better?

There are not as many public pages as groups, but that does not mean that they are less effective. In fact, most entrepreneurs don't need to build a community, but a public page.

Publics work well for companies, celebrities, products, and bands. That is, if you want to promote in social networks of toothpaste or a cafe, you need to create a public.

Public is better suited for:

  • Directions of traffic to the site. Because the group is a more independent unit. Members of the group may never go to the site, even if every post contains a link to it.
  • Advertising sales.
  • Sales of info courses. But here the situation is the same as with stores - if you have a website that sells, create a public one. If sales are only in VK - the group.

public ili gruppa

Promotion of groups and public VK pages

We figured out the goals, now let's look at the promotion. For some, it may seem that it is harder to promote a public than a group, because you cannot invite friends to a public. Therefore, you cannot get any initial number of subscribers by simply throwing invitations to all your contacts.

But this does not mean that it is impossible to advance. For example, the public VKontakte page is completely open. That is, absolutely anyone can see everything that is on the public page. And in groups, some albums or functions may be limited.

In addition, any VK user can hide the groups in which he is a member. Therefore, no one obliges him to tell his friends about you or invite someone to the group. But publics (they are displayed in the column "Interesting pages") cannot be hidden. Therefore, the chances that someone will subscribe to a public page after seeing it from a friend are greater.

The rest of the promotion methods are similar - advertising, interesting posts, contests, etc. Best of all, of course, word of mouth works. There are no fundamental differences - what is suitable for a group is also suitable for a public.

But there is one "but" - the groups are ranked somewhat better in the search results. So you should consider this.

Functionality of public pages and groups

If you have not yet decided which is better - a public page or a group - then let's take a closer look at the functionality of publics and groups. In groups, each member can access some part of the group. That is, any user, if allowed in the settings, can add recordings, photos, videos or audio recordings. Because of this, the audience of the groups is more involved in the process.

In public, the opposite is true - only administrators can add entries and everything else. Regular subscribers can only comment and like. And even if the administrator wants to write a post, it will be sent on behalf of the public (you can leave a signature).

Another aspect is privacy. Although those who are going to promote do not think about any privacy, because it is better for them when information about them pops up wherever possible.

Public pages (that's why they are public) are open to absolutely everyone. And groups can be made closed. That is, users will only be able to view or add information to them if they receive an invitation from a group member.

Public (public page):

  • open for all users;
  • any user can suggest news, admin approves ;
  • discussions, a photo communities and audio recordings are on the right side;
  • there is an opportunity to create an event in the community;
  • no block fresh news ;
  • not documents ;
  • can't invite friends to the community ( special button);
  • a link to the page is located for each subscriber in the block "Interesting pages" ;


  • may be open , closed and private ;
  • discussions ,a photo communities and audio recordings are at the top;
  • can't create events ;
  • there is a block "latest news" ;
  • allows you to store documents ;
  • inviting friends to the group works great;
  • a link to the group is located for each subscriber under basic information ;

Our choice

In one of our projects on teaching thinking tools and working with beliefs, it's time to work with the VKontakte audience. And the question "What is better to create - a group or a page?" stood in front of us. The target audience is fans of self-development who have run into the bar of their income and cannot break it; or they reach growth, but roll back, losing the heights won with difficulty.

Objectives set:

  • more than 10,000 group members in 6 months;
  • going out to sales in the amount of more than 100,000 rubles per month after 6 months;
  • receive more than 10 reviews from course / training participants per week;
  • increase the number of clicks on affiliate links by 500+ people per month.

To achieve our goals, we decided to create a group. At the same time, once again check in practice which techniques and tools work and which do not.

The next article in the series - choosing the name of the group. In it, we calculate the frequency of keywords, analyze competitors, generate a list of options and take on one of them.

Summing up

If you are woken up in the middle of the night and asked: "Group or public page?", You will be able to accurately navigate in a specific situation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, you always need to think before doing.

Anyway you can once in 30 days to change the type of community (change public to a group or vice versa) , so you can test and determine which is better for a public or a group in practice.

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Public page or group - which one to choose?

When creating their own VKontakte community, almost everyone asks themselves the following questions:

Group or public page VKontakte, group or public VKontakte

  1. What is the difference between the types of VKontakte communities?
  2. Which is better: a group or a public page?
  3. What type of community should you choose for your business?
What types of communities exist on VKontakte

The social network VKontakte offers the following types of communities:

  • Group
  • Public page
  • Event

Group or public page VKontakte, group or public VKontakte

What is the difference between these three types of communities? Let's figure it out together.

Public pages (publics)
Public page or group - which one to choose?
  • All materials open and you cannot close the page.
  • There is no function "Invite friends", which makes it difficult to advance at the very beginning of the project.
  • There is no News block, the so-called MENU (although it can be created by workarounds).
  • There is no main album above the news feed.
  • A discussion block cannot be pinned over a community wall.
  • Users can leave comments on posts and topics in discussions, but they cannot leave their posts on the wall.
  • Public readers can suggest their posts using the "Submit News" button.
  • The public page is displayed in the "Interesting Pages" block on the users' pages.

Public page or group - which one to choose?

  • The group can be opened and closed. If you have plans to create a closed club of interest, then create a group.
  • The group's functionality makes it possible to invite friends.
  • The discussion box can be docked over the group wall.
  • There is a MENU block and you can create your own mini-site using the wiki markup. This is especially true for those entrepreneurs who do not have their own website. Many entrepreneurs do not even suspect that the functionality of VKontakte allows you to do this.
  • There is a location string, but no community creation date.

Public page or group - which one to choose?

This type of venue is great if you are going to organize an event - a webinar, master class, meeting or concert.

The event is always tied to a specific date and before it is held, all participants receive a reminder of the upcoming event.

Creating an event is almost the same as creating a group. A huge plus is that to promote it, you just need to fill the event group with the necessary information about the upcoming event and use the "tell friends" button to notify your friends about it.

The disadvantage of this format is the loss of audience after the event itself. Of course, there are ways to "drag" subscribers from the event to the main community, but part of the audience will still be irretrievably lost.

So what should you choose? Professionals are divided

Here, as they say, how many people - so many opinions. For example, Damir Khalilov, one of the most famous SMM specialists in our country, believes that a group is best suited for business, and he writes about this in his book "Marketing in Social Networks".

At the same time, Dmitry Rumyantsev is a real professional in promotion on VKontakte and the author of the book “Business Promotion on VKontakte. New Practices and Technologies ”, on the contrary, recommends creating a public page.

So what should you choose? My personal opinion

I will also express my opinion on this matter. In my opinion, you should choose a group if you want to focus on communication between subscribers.

Simply put, if it is communication in the community that you consider very important for the development of your business, create a group. Since it is in the group that the discussion block attracts the attention of users and it is possible to organize active, high-quality communication in it.

In the "Business Online" group I have created 12 discussion topics and I want the discussions to catch the eye of the people who enter my community.

If content is more important to you, then feel free to choose a public page. Thanks to the "Interesting Pages" block, your community will be easier to promote and gain new subscribers faster.

My little secret

And at the end of the article I want to reveal a little secret. Even if I understand that the public page is more suitable for the project, I still create a group. Why am I doing this?

Everything is simple here. When a community is created from scratch, it is usually difficult to get the first subscribers. I do not recommend launching paid advertising if there are only 10 people in a group. People are very reluctant to join such small communities.

This is where I actively use the "Invite Friends" button. And I must say, she helps me out a lot. Using this button, I can easily recruit the first hundred subscribers to the community in 7-10 days.

Before launching paid advertising, I just transfer the group to a public page and that's it. Then I work already in the public 🙂

If your community has less than 10,000 members, then you yourself can transfer the group to public and vice versa. But remember that the technical limitation allows you to change the type of community no more than once a month.

If you are one of those people who are better off seeing 1 time than reading 10 times, then I have recorded a video tutorial especially for you. In it, I show in detail with examples how the VKontakte group differs from the public page. Use for health

I wonder what type of community have you chosen? Write in the comments!

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Group or public page on Vkontakte. What's betterMany people engaged in active Internet activities or business on the Internet sooner or later think about opening a community for their business on social networks. Vkontakte is one of the most popular social platforms in the CIS and has almost 500 million users.

However, there is one nuance that everyone faces when creating a community. What is better to create a group or a public page on Vkontakte? This is what we'll talk about.

Group or public page on Vkontakte

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Let's try to consider this issue from all sides.

What are groups and publics for?

As mentioned earlier, the essence of communities is to bring together people with the same interests. So, among the groups and publics, communities can be distinguished:

  • With "memes", that is, with funny pictures.
  • With videos. There are many different videos, such as movies or funny cat videos.
  • Communities of popular people or companies. For example, various banks, youtubers, show business stars and so on.

Also, the administration of such pages has income from advertising posted in the community, which explains the large number of them: many think that they can easily make money on advertising, but they are wrong.

The difference between a public page and a VK group

If you want to create a community, you first need to figure out what are the differences between a public and a group:

  • A public page, unlike a group, does not imply hiding information on the Internet, so you cannot make a public with limited access, unlike a group, which can be set to “by request” or even “by invitation”.
  • The differences on the community wall are that in the public page, the user will never be able to write anything on the wall himself, but will be able to offer news to the administration, which will edit and post it. In a group, you can adjust the limitation of the wall by opening it completely; limit only to comments; close completely.
  • Community sections. So, in public pages there are only two sections: a fixed entry and information. But in the group, you can also create a wiki page that you can use and edit using various HTML codes.
  • You cannot remove subscribers from a public page, whereas in another type you can do this.
  • Sections may have slight differences in titles, and documents are available only in a group.
  • In the public page, you can add an "event" section that allows you to notify subscribers about an event.

Features of "Groups"

Group - a platform with a specific topic, where people with similar interests gather and discuss news or topics of concern to them. Basically, this type of community is chosen to create fan groups (TV shows, films, games), online stores, cafes, and the like. It just so happened that the groups were on the social network from the very beginning.


  • The ability to customize the privacy of the community. You can make an open, closed and private group. What is useful for groups with narrow focus;
  • The ability to invite friends or other users to the group;
  • Any user can write in the community, but his post will not be shown in the general feed;
  • Ability to create your own wiki menu with additional pages;
  • Group members can be allowed to add a variety of content ranging from photographs and audio recordings to creating new discussions;
  • Groups have a button "Interesting first". It is designed to sort out the best content.


  • Problems finding a group on another user's page. For example: your friend told about a group that contains information that is important to you, but you forgot its name. The friend has treacherously disappeared from the network, so you cannot ask her name. As a result, in order to find it, you will have to look through the name of each group;
  • There is no way to create events in groups; Group or public page in VK

Features of "Public Pages"

A public page is a community that is mainly created to create an official platform for a brand or famous person. Basically, public pages dryly convey information or company news. That is, public pages are mainly created for the official communities of companies or brands, famous personalities, as well as news or humorous pages.


Group or public page in VK
  • Function "Suggest news". Any member can write an article or news item for the community. Then, after approval by the administrator, the post is published by the user and displayed in the general feed;
  • The ability to create "Events";
  • You can create a group menu in a pinned post on a public page;
  • The list of publics is displayed in the "Interesting pages" block on the user's page; Group or public page in VK


  • There are no privacy settings, all information on the public page is open to each user;
  • There is no function "Invite a friend";
  • You cannot create separate wiki pages to supplement the page information.

What's better?

You should understand that with all the differences between these sites, they have a lot of similarities. Vkontakte does not limit the basic functionality of communities in any way, including:

  • Community messages;
  • Section "Products";
  • Applications;
  • Dynamic cover;
  • Money transfers;
  • The ability to create "Live broadcasts".

The choice between a group and a public always depends on the purpose of creation and target audience, as well as on the intended development strategy and audience engagement.

Most of all in our eyes for doing business groups are appropriate , for information activities and infotainment communities are more suitable public pages.

This and much more is available both in groups and in public communities. In addition, it is always possible to transfer a public, to a group or a group to a public page. But be careful, because such a transformation can only be carried out once a month. We hope this article was helpful to you.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page


The group is best suited for discussions and associations of interests , it can be made closed or even private at any time, you can invite friends to it.

The public page is more convenient to publish news on behalf of a company or a famous person , it cannot be closed and is displayed for each of the participants on a personal page (in the block "Interesting pages" ).

But this is only an official position. In contact with ... You have the right to use the type of community that you like best and best suits your tasks, and our article will help you decide on this.

Profile display

List of groups hidden in the general profile information. To see it, you need to click on "Show detailed information" ... Private groups do not appear in this list. In addition, users can hide their entire list of groups through privacy settings.

All public pages to which you are subscribed, displayed in the profile under the block with friends, and this list cannot be hidden in any way. This is partly the reason for the dominance of publics over groups: people see interesting publics on friends' pages and subscribe to them too - which creates a natural increase in the audience.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page


Groups are of three types of closedness:

Open ... To become a member, just click on the button "Join the group" ... All content is available even without an introduction. All participants can invite friends.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

Closed ... Membership applications are approved by administrators. Only admins can invite friends. Before joining, you can write a message to the community, as well as familiarize yourself with the name, description, status, avatar, cover, contacts and a list of participants. The rest of the content becomes available only after the approval of the application for membership.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

Private ... You can get into such a group only at the invitation of the leaders. Before joining the community, nothing is visible but words “This is a private community. Access only by invitation of administrators " .

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

Public pages in this regard are equivalent to open groups. All content is available even without a subscription. But no one can invite friends to them.


In groups, you can turn on the mode "Open wall" ... On such a wall any user can write an entry , and it will be seen by everyone who enters the group. However, such entries do not appear in the news feeds of the group members.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

In public any user can suggest entry , and admins will be able to publish it on behalf of the community with the signature of the author at the bottom. Before publication, the proposed post is not seen by anyone except administrators, and after that it gets into the news feeds of subscribers.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

User Content

In groups "Open" there can be not only a wall, but almost all sections. With the appropriate settings participants will be able to add photos, videos, music and documents , create photo albums, discussions and wiki pages .

In publics, administrators can allow users upload photos to specific albums - that's all ... Users themselves cannot add anything else. No documents in public generally.

Wiki pages

In groups wiki menu included in paragraph "Materials" и displayed at the top of the community along with a pinned record and description.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

In public there is no formal wiki menu , however, nothing prevents you from creating wiki pages and attach them to records, as we do. We talked about this in more detail here: vk.com/page-2158488_44438479

Seats and check-ins

In group management, you can specify a location. It will be displayed in description ... People who will be near the specified location, when creating a new entry and attaching their location to it, will be able to select your group as point to mark .

In the public, you can specify immediately several places ... They are displayed in a separate block in the right column on the page. However, unlike groups, you can check in in these places only through the community itself.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

How to prevent commenting

In group management on the tab “ Sections »Make a wall "Closed" .

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

In managing the public page on the tab “ Comments (1) »Uncheck "Comments included" .

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page


The most noticeable visual differences between groups and publics are in the tab "Sections" community management: groups there simply have more options.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

In the list of user communities, the topics under the names are indicated for publics. For groups - the type of group ( open , closed or private ).

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

The people in the group are called members. On the public page - by subscribers. The button for joining the public is called "Subscribe" , and to the group - "Join the group" or "Apply" at the closed ones.

If the community does not have a text address, the link to the group will say club ###, and on public - public ###.

When creating a public page, it is proposed to indicate the type of page: company, organization, person or product.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

In managing the public page, you can indicate the date of creation organization or date of birth of an individual - depending on what type you specified when creating. This information will be displayed below the description - where the groups display the location.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

After subscribing to a public, you can immediately add it to a specific news list.

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

As you can see, there are not so many differences between groups and public pages. But if you have already created a community, and now realize that you have chosen the wrong type, you can change your mind by clicking on the button "..." and selecting the item "Convert to page / group" ... It's worth noting that this feature is only available to the community creator. If for some reason you cannot change the type, contact in support of .

What's the Difference Between a Group and a Public Page

Group or public page: how is it different? what's better?

group or public?
group or public?

I decided to make out a simple comparison…. So which is better public or group?

If this post is useful to you, we will be grateful for the likes or reposts.


Group - for discussions and associations of interests
Public page - to publish news on behalf of a company or a famous person.

Choose the type of community that best suits your goals.


Group - can be made closed or private. Public page - always open.
group type
group type

Location of the wiki menu

Group - Next to page information on a separate tab.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 3
Public page - In place of the pinned record.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 4

On the public page, the menu is immediately visible to users (although you need to double-click on it for it to work), and the menu is initially hidden in the group. To get into it, you need to go to the "Menu" tab.

Profile display

In my opinion, this is the most IMPORTANT difference between a group and a public

Group - To see the groups to which the user is subscribed, you need to click "Show detailed information". But they are not always visible: if the group is private or the user has hidden their display in the privacy settings, you will not see them. And it's hard to find and search.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 5
Public page - The public pages to which the user is subscribed are under the block with friends, and this list cannot be hidden in any way. Frequently visited public pages (3-5) are visible on the side of the page in interesting pages. And this is free advertising….
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 6

People see interesting public pages on friends' pages and subscribe to them. With groups, this happens less often due to their less successful location and privacy settings.

Invite friends

Group - You can invite friends

Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 7

Public page - Can't invite friends

You can invite friends to join your group. To do this, go to "Community Management" - "Members" - "Invitations". Public pages do not have this function.

Posts from subscribers

In Groups you can turn on the "open wall" mode. Any user can write a post on such a wall, and everyone who enters the group will see it. However, such entries do not appear in the news feeds of the group members.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 8
In public Anyone can suggest a post, and admins will be able to publish it on behalf of the community and signed by the author. Before publication, the proposed entry is not seen by anyone except administrators, and after that it gets into the news feeds of subscribers and this is another "+" in favor of the public.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 9

If you need post moderation, it's better to create a public one.

Community type change

A public page can be transferred to a group. And vice versa. But this can only be done by the creator of the community. Changing the community type again is possible only after 30 days.
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 10

User Content

In groups "Open" can be not only a wall, but almost all sections: photos, videos, music and documents, photo albums, discussions, wiki pages.
In public administrators can allow users to upload photos to specific albums - that's all. Users themselves cannot add anything else.

Want a lot of user generated content? Then a group is more suitable for you. In public, users can only upload photos and offer posts for publication. But in most cases, this is enough.

Seats and check-ins

In management group you can specify a location. It will be displayed in the description. People who will be near the specified location, when creating a new entry and attaching their location to it, will be able to select your group as a point to mark.
In public you can specify several places at once. They are displayed in a separate block in the right column on the page. However, unlike groups, you can only check in these places through the community itself.

If you have an offline business and your visitors check-in frequently at your establishment, you might want to go with a group. If there are not enough check-ins and you realize that this function does not bring you the desired result, you can always change the type of community.

Now you can draw conclusions and I hope it became clear to you what is best for you ... a group or a public! I advise at the initial stage to create group , in order to be able to invite friends. Then transfer to PUBLIC. Now publics are in trend. They are displayed in interesting pages, and this is an additional source of traffic, and free)

P. S. Perhaps these are not all the differences. Write what I missed in the comments. )

Good luck and prosperity to you! Your SMM Puzzle!

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If you need a group design or promotion, write to the message of the community or PM. I will be happy to help you)
Group or public page: how is it different? which is better ?, image # 11
What is better group or public page and what are their differences

Welcome to the blog inetsovety.ru. Activity in social networks can play into the hands of every user without exception. The main thing is to have the desire to start your own business, and be patient. VK publics and groups are especially popular today, attract new subscribers, and thus bring good income to their owners.

But not everyone knows how these concepts differ from each other. And the differences between them are, moreover, very significant. A person who decides to "start" his own profitable page in this popular social network needs to know about them. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the question of what is the difference between a community and a Vkontakte group, and which of them is better and more profitable.

What is a community, what are its features, and how does it differ from a public?

Before considering the question of what is better to create Vkontakte - a public or a group - we will consider the features of each of the pages.

A group is a page that brings together users according to their interests and hobbies. It allows participants to lead discussions, exchange information, communicate and create interesting topics for discussion, add content, etc.

On a note. Many users are interested in how the group differs from the Vkontakte community. In fact, there are no differences - they are one and the same. But the public is completely different.

Thus, the best way to create a community is when a person wants to establish close contact with the target audience. Private or any other Vkontakte group - what is it? This is a multifunctional site where you can:

  1. Create and promote your virtual store, and sell various products. The main criterion for how a Vkontakte group differs from a public page is its broader functionality. Thanks to numerous tools, the community founder can design a menu that is convenient for each client. This explains the fact that the majority of sellers give preference to communities over publics.
  2. Do what you love and share your accomplishments with others. When asked which is better - a group or a public page to highlight your hobbies and interests, the answer will be unambiguous: of course, a group. Here you get the opportunity not only to share the little joys of your life, but also to find like-minded people.
  3. Earn money on affiliate programs. By mentioning the services you need in your posts, you, as a group owner, can earn additional income. This is another answer to the question of how a group differs from a public page - a public. In the second case, this method of part-time work is impossible, and further we will consider why.
  4. Offer your services as a specialist in a specific field of activity. Of course, in this case, an enterprising user should not be prevented from knowing what a Vkontakte public is. After all, it is he who is more suitable for promoting your own business. But since we are talking about self-employment and self-promotion, the group is quite suitable for a promising master.

How you can make money on Vkontakte, follow the link https://inetsovety.ru/sposoby-zarabotka-v-vkontakte/

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Types of communities in VK

There are 3 types:

  1. Open. Any user of the social network can join such groups - there are no restrictions.
  2. Closed. Before joining the community, you need to apply. At the same time, the user should be prepared for the fact that the community administration can first ask him a few questions. The application is accepted or rejected by the administration. Therefore, the user is accepted or not accepted into the group.
  3. Private. You can join such groups only at the personal invitation of the administrator.

Another question - what is a VK offer? An offer is nothing more than a Submit News button. It is available to users of a specific community, which is also one of the answers to the question of how a group differs from a public page. In the second case, users do not get this opportunity from the developers of the social network.

In other words, being in groups, users have the ability to add interesting information - text, media files, interesting articles, etc. This is much more interesting than just viewing the news feed of the selected community.

An example of a Vkontakte group design

In groups, people are more involved in the creative process and can fulfill their potential. It is also more interesting here from the point of view that users can find new friends with the same interests and outlook on life.

Thus, unlike a public page, a community on Vkontakte or any other social network is more suitable for communication, discussion, creativity, commenting and dating. Although running a private business through a group is also quite possible.

What, then, is a public on VK, and what opportunities does it open up to users? There are significant differences between a group and a public page, which we will explore in detail below.

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Public - what is it, how does it differ from a group and why is it needed?

What is a public page on VK, what are its main features, and how does it differ from the community? There are much fewer publics on the Internet than groups. This is due to the fact that they provide narrower opportunities, and are mainly suitable only for running your own business on the Internet, promoting a certain brand or company.

For instructions on creating a public, see the link https://inetsovety.ru/kak-sozdat-pablik-vkontakte/

What is the difference between a group and a public page in VK

Let's take a closer look at what publics are in social networks, and what opportunities they open up to users:

  1. Getting more visitors to the site. In VK, publics are used mainly by people who have their own website - business or personal, but profitable. To promote the resource and its promotion, a constant flow of visitors is required. So, the main feature in the question of how a public differs from a group in contact is precisely this. The group is not the main tool for promoting a resource or brand, since it does not have the means and tools for this. And the public, on the contrary, has them, so people who have decided to seriously start a business should think about creating one.
  2. Sale of info courses. There are pitfalls here. So, if the sale will be carried out through the official website, then the public VK page will be an excellent option. If the user wants to make sales only within the social network, then it is better to create a group.

On a note. A notable feature of publics is that they are open not only to users of a particular social network. They can be seen by absolutely all users of the World Wide Web. By driving a query into the Google or Yandex search bar, the user may well get to the right page promoting a certain product, brand or company.

Another difference between the two concepts is that in public all posts on the wall of the page can only be made by the administrator. Roughly speaking, the user can only keep track of the news without taking part in any events. And if in groups, even with their narrow focus, there can be publications on different topics, then in public it is impossible: all posts must clearly and accurately correspond to the purpose of its creation. That is, if the public page was created for the sale of Pharmacy cosmetics, then the girls will not find information about Mary Kay cosmetics here.

Therefore, if you can decide which is better - a group or a public in contact, just think carefully about why you need another page. If you just want to communicate with interesting people, make new friends and share your joys in life with others, then the community is the best option for you. If you seriously intend to build a successful online business, then, nevertheless, it is better to stay on public.

Best regards, Victoria - blog inetsovety.ru

If on VKontakte (how to send a message to yourself in VK read here) you communicate with friends and read interesting news, then it makes no difference to you who publishes this news: a group or a public VK.

But if you decide to start promoting your own business on VKontakte, then it makes sense to figure out how a group differs from a public page. The differences are not noticeable at first glance, but they will greatly affect your promotion strategy.

We will analyze the TOP-7 of the most important differences between the group and the VK public in this article. And the choice is yours.


Difference 1. Publicity

The public is always open for VK users. Public is a public page.

But the group can be open, closed and private.

Let's look at the differences:

  • An open group is visible to any VK user. If a person likes the content, the topic of the group is interesting, he can become a member of it. The open group is displayed in the VKontakte search.
  • Participants come to a closed group only upon application if the administrators have approved the application. A closed group is displayed in the VKontakte search, only its posts are not visible to those people who are not members of the group.
  • Access to the private group is possible only at the invitation of the administrator. A private group is not displayed in the VK search and is not shown by a direct link to this group, if the user is not a member of the group.
Conclusion 1. If you want to make a community for a narrow circle of people, your choice is the VKontakte group. The public is always open and accessible to everyone.

Difference 2. They join the group and subscribe to the public

Therefore, there are participants in the group, and subscribers in the public.

The difference seems to be small, but there is a lot of confusion with it.

The group can also have subscribers. These are the people who signed up for the group's mailing list. In this case, the subscribers of the group may or may not be members of the group at the same time.

Are you confused yet? In public it is even more difficult. Public subscribers can be subscribers to the public newsletter at the same time. And they can only subscribe to the public without subscribing to the newsletter. Or subscribe to the newsletter without subscribing to the public.

In any case, we have subscribers, you just need to understand what exactly people have subscribed to.

Conclusion 2. There are participants in the group, subscribers in the public.

There are always subscribers in the mailing list. Subscribers to the mailing list can join or not join the group, subscribe or not subscribe to the public.

Public subscribers can be subscribed or not subscribed to its mailing list.

Difference 3. Who can publish posts

In the public, only administrators on behalf of the community can publish posts.

There is an opportunity for participants to "Submit news". Public subscribers can offer their publications or news to administrators, and administrators, if they wish, edit and publish them on the wall.

Public administrators can motivate subscribers to offer their news for publication. For example, in a training public, you can invite subscribers to tell about their cases. Subscribers - free advertising, administrators - interesting content. It is beneficial to everyone.

In a group, either only administrators or all members can publish news - depending on the group settings.

You can make any section of the group open, and members will be able to independently publish materials there without moderation.

The group wall can be open, limited or closed.

The group wall in VK can be open, limited or closed

  1. Open wall - any user can publish a post without administrator permission.
  2. Limited wall - only comments on posts are possible on such a wall.
  3. Closed wall - comments on posts are not allowed.

Sections in a public can be turned on or off. Included sections are displayed for public subscribers, disabled ones are not.

Sections in the VK public can be turned on or off

Public comments can be enabled or disabled. This rule applies simultaneously to all sections of the public.

Public comments can be enabled or disabled

If comments in the public are enabled, but we want to disable them for a separate post, this option is available in the post settings.

You can turn off comments in the public in the settings

In a group, sections can be Enabled, Disabled or Limited.

In a VK group, sections can be Enabled, Disabled or Limited

Conclusion 3. If moderation of posts before publication is important to you, create a public community. If you are ready to allow members to self-publish content without verification on your part, the group is for you.

At the same time, in the group, the possibilities of participants for placing content are flexibly configured.

Difference 4. Location of the Discussions section

The Group Discussions section is at the top, while in the public, by default, it moves down to the right.

The Discussions section of the VK public is located on the bottom right

If you want the Public Discussions to be on top, you can arrange it. The sections that you have designated as the main or secondary block will be displayed in the public at the top.

Move the Discussions section in the VK public

Is it possible to make the Group Discussions section so that it appears on the bottom right? No you can not. But if you really want to, then you can.

We do the next feint with the ears.

We create a public. We include in the public section Discussions. He appears at the subscribers on the right. After that, we transfer our public to a group. The Group Discussions section remains on the right.

Personally, I think this is the most appropriate place for the Discussion section: in plain sight, but not above the community posts. Above the posts should be placed conversion elements, newsletter subscription, for example.

As a result, Group Discussions look like this:

The transferred section of the Discussions in the group in VK looks like this

Conclusion 4. For most businesses, the best place for the Discussions section is at the bottom right. In public, it is there by default. The group will have to apply some clever methods.

Difference 5. Ability to host a wiki menu

Previously, this was the determining factor in favor of the choice of the group. Currently, the wiki menu is rarely used. It was replaced by a built-in menu and longreads.

The group has a section "Materials" where you can make an interactive menu using wiki markup. There is no such section in the public.

But both in the public and in the group, if desired, you can make an interactive wiki menu and place it in the form of a pinned entry.

Conclusion 5. Both in the VK group and in the public one can make an interactive wiki menu in a pin, but at present this functionality is not relevant. It is better to place a selling post in the fastener.

Difference 6. Different approach to promotion

You can invite friends to the group. It would seem: cool! But this opportunity is rarely used.

You can invite friends to a group in VK

Reason 1 - not the fact that your friends will be happy if you invite them to your group.

Reason 2 - in the settings of many VK users, there is a ban on invitations to groups.

There is no “invite friends” function in the public page. Instead, there is an option to “Tell Friends”, then a post is published with a link to the public page.

Conclusion 6. At the initial stage of group promotion, you can use the “invite friends” function, but only your real friends who want to support your project will come to your group. Don't count on wide coverage.

Difference 7. Free coverage

Publics are displayed for active subscribers on their personal page in the “Interesting Pages” block, thereby increasing free coverage. They are under the block with friends, and this list cannot be hidden in any way.

An important nuance. If you have hidden members of your public, then in the block “Interesting pages” your public will not be displayed.

The groups are hidden on the user's personal page in the “Show detailed information” tab. If you wish, you can hide information about which groups you are subscribed to from outsiders.

Conclusion 7. The public community makes it possible to get free subscribers by placing them in the “interesting pages” block. This is a good opportunity and should not be neglected.

Optionally, once every 30 days, you can optionally switch one type of community to another and back.

Let's summarize.

If a community is created for a narrow circle of people, and you don't want to see outsiders there, we definitely make a group. Closed or private.

In order not to manually approve each application of a new member, you can first make the group open. After the group is recruited, for example, for a training master class, we make the group closed and conduct a master class in it.

After holding the master class, we make the group private so that competitors in the search will not find our master class and do not set up advertising for its participants.

If we create an open community to promote a project, my choice is in favor of a public one.

Reasons: free coverage by showing on personal pages of subscribers, the Discussions section on the right (an important detail), the ability to create content with the hands of participants (if they are offered this and justify the benefit).

Remember that the choice between a public and a group is not forever. Optionally, once every 30 days, you can optionally switch one type of community to another and back until you have accumulated 10,000 members.

If there are more than 10,000 members in the community, then the decision on the transfer is made by the technical support of VKontakte at your request.

Best regards, Olga Filippova specially for the proudalenku.ru project

Online earnings marathon for beginners

I invite you to my new Marathon:

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This is a test drive of a remote profession, it is designed for beginners. It will be especially useful for those who have long dreamed of making money remotely, but do not know where to start. I suggest starting with a marathon!

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See you in the marathon! Best regards, Olga Filippova

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