17 region is what city in Russia

Region 17 - Republic of Tuva

Region 17

Region 17: Tyva Republic

Main city (administrative center): Kyzyl

Distance from Kyzyl to Moscow: 3658 km in a straight line

Tyva Republic Square: 168604 km²

Car area code: 17

Car area code: 17

Federal District: Siberian

Economic region: East Siberian

Region flag: Flag of the Republic of Tuva

Coat of arms of the region: Coat of arms of the Republic of Tuva

Timezone: MSK + 4 (UTC + 7)

OKATO code: 93

Big cities: Kyzyl, Kaa-Khem, Ak-Dovurak, Shagonar, Chadan, Kyzyl-Mazhalyk, Turan

Municipal areas:

Bai-Taiginsky kozhuun
Barun-Khemchik kozhuun
Dzun-Khemchik kozhuun
Kaa-Khem kozhuun
Kyzyl kozhuun
Mongun-Taiginsky kozhuun
Ovur kozhuun
Piy-Khem kozhuun
Sut-Khol kozhuun
Tandinsky kozhuun
Tere-Kholsky kozhuun
Tes-Khem kozhuun
Todzha kozhuun
Ulug-Khem kozhuun
Chaa-Khol kozhuun
Chedi-Khol kozhuun
Erzin kozhuun

Republic of Tuva on the map of Russia - region 17

17 region on the map of Russia

Neighboring regions of the Republic of Tuva - region 17

Altai Republic - 04 region

Republic of Buryatia - 03 region

Republic of Khakassia - region 19

Krasnoyarsk Territory - 24, 84 and 88 regions

Irkutsk region - 38 and 85 regions

Mongolia: Aimak Bayan-Ulgiy, Aimak Zavkhan, Aimak Uvs, Aimak Khuvsgel.

Republic of Tuva (Tuva)

The Tyva Republic is located in the geographical center of Asia in the south of Eastern Siberia, in the upper reaches of the Yenisei River. The length of the territory from north to south is 420 km, from west to east - 630 km. The Republic of Tyva borders in the south and southeast with Mongolia, in the northeast with the Irkutsk region, in the northwest with the Republic of Khakassia, in the east with the Republic of Buryatia, in the west with the Republic of Altai, in the north with Krasnoyarsk edge. The main river is Ulug-Khem (Great Yenisei).

The Tuva Republic is one of the few constituent entities of the Russian Federation where Russians constitute an ethnic minority and the most "independent" republic with an active nationalist movement.

It was formed on October 11, 1944 after the Tuvan People's Republic entered the Soviet Union. Until February 26, 2002, the Republic of China put forward its claims to the territory of Tuva, which considered it a part of Mongolia. After the August putsch, on August 28, 1991, the Tuva ASSR was renamed by the Supreme Soviet of the republic into the Republic of Tuva. It was also enshrined in the Russian Constitution of 1978 (as amended in 1992).

In the current constitution of the republic in 2001, the names "Republic of Tyva" and "Tuva" have become equivalent.

Republic of Tuva on Yandex map - region 17

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